Case Study #3 – Blog Analysis: Lavendaire


Blog Title: Lavendaire

Author: Aileen

Blog Topic: Personal Growth + Lifestyle Design

Check out her blog here!


Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 3.22.17 PM.png

When first looking at the Lavendaire blog you get an over view of all the content. Like most blogs Aileen’s most recent post is shown at the top of the blog page. Aside from her blog posts in chronological order, you can also see her featured video for the moment in the top right, followed by the link to her podcast. Below those are category groups for her blog posts, for example “creativity,” and “mindfulness.” She includes widgets to subscribe to her blog with your email which a great tool to keep people coming back. Continuing down the page, we see links to her five most popular blog posts which are linked below for you guys to check out!

At the bottom of the blog page and in the footer Aileen keeps a lot of information! She includes links to all her social media platforms, as well as some of her most recent posts from her instagram, that typically correspond to blog posts she is putting up that day. Also, at the very top of the page we have links to every aspect of the Lavendaire website, which includes; “About, Blog, Videos, Podcasts, Resources and Shop.”

Who is Aileen?

Content Analysis:

On the Lavendaire blog, all posts revolve around personal growth and lifestyle design. A lot of articles pertain to changes you can make in your life to push you towards your goals. There is also a handful of posts that pertain to organization and planning to make your life easier. Under her lifestyle design category on her blog, one of five categories there are blog posts about stress relief, self love, reducing waste, how to stop wasting time and even how to meditate. If you dive into her creative category of her blog she has posts about gift ideas, editing photos, recipes, room decorating and even a post about how to find creative inspiration. The more popular posts revolve around personal growth, which I left links to earlier in this post.

Mostly every blog posts has both photos and an accompanying video on Aileens YouTube channel. All the photos and videos Aileen uses are created by herself. Following her on Instagram, I always see her having another photo shoot or setting up for another filming day. She even recently went to New York for a YouTube creator camp to learn and connect with other content creators.

If we dive deeper into the blog posts themselves we can analyze at a deeper level. Personally, I believe the blog post titles are extremely compelling because I can relate with Aileen. She always felt like she never knew what she wanted to do and she wanted to make lots of changes for herself and by creating Lavendaire she can help people like me who are in the same boat. So, when I see a blog post like “50 New Years Resolution Ideas For 2018,” I am extremely intrigued and want to see what she will be working towards next year and see if any of them will apply to me!

Audience Interaction:

When analyzing a few of her blog posts I noticed that she does not have a comment section on every post, only I certain ones that I’m sure she feels will spark a conversation. However, when looking at the posts with comments, Aileen is responsive and is sure to at least say thank you! However, on each post there is social media sharing buttons to allow followers of Lavendaire to share the individual blog post. When looking at the last five blog posts, only one was shared. The post was shared on Facebook 24 times and there is one comment on the post as well! The blog definitely promotes that people follow it by putting the follow widget on every page you visit on Lavendaire.


Overall, the Lavendaire blog is fantastic and does a lot of things perfect. The layout is simple and easy to navigate. Aileen posts on the blog frequently and organizes them into categories that are very appropriate for her blog topic. She promotes the need to follow her blog and creates intriguing posts that are sure to catch her viewers attention. One of the only areas of opportunity I see is making the format of each blog post identical to contain a comment section. Aileen does a great job of interacting with her followers, but if they don’t have the option to comment on the post she is unable to interact and can’t see their feedback.




Final Project – – Morphe Brushes


What are Morphe Brushes?

Morphe Brushes is a Los Angeles based company that makes high quality make up brushes at an affordable price. The company launched in 2008 with releasing just their brushes, but the journey didn’t stop there. Morphe continued to release affordable makeup, such as eyeshadow pallets, fake eyelashes, pencils, face products, and lip products. They haver a large online following and social media presence. They convey a few messages to their audience, but it can boil down to the simple fact that makeup is a one size fits all, and they push you to challenge your creativity and dare to create beautiful looks. You can learn more about the brand here! Below is an image of their website!

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 10.30.27 PM.png

Social Media Overview:


Username: morphebrushes

Followers: 5.6 million


Username: @morphebrushes

Followers: 391.4 K


Username: Morphe Brushes


Page Name: @MorpheBrushesCosmetics

Likes: 412,589

Followers: 414,815

Analysis and Evaluation:


Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 10.07.55 PM.png

Above you can see an overview of the Morphe Brushes Instagram. This is the social media platform where their presence is the largest. On this page the company posts both photos and videos, but mostly photos. The company features their own images as well as beauty gurus and company supporters that use their products to create beautiful looks. The company posts on the site approximately 5-7 times a day. This is an incredible amount of posts for Instagram! However, although they have a great following and post frequently, their interaction with their followers is nonexistent. After scrolling through multiple posts, there are tons of supporters raving about the brand, but no thank you’s from the company themselves.


Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 10.19.08 PM.png

Moving on to Twitter, we can see the branding is the same across multiple platforms. Similarly, and differently from Instagram, on Twitter, Morphe Brushes posts photos, videos, as well as text! Their following on Twitter is nowhere near as large as Instagram, but the brand still uses it quite frequently. Morphe Brushes posts every few days, but is still quite active. On Twitter, there is still no direct interaction with their followers, however we do see some form of interaction by means of retweeting tweets that mention their brand, or images that followers post that tag the brand, as we can see in the screenshot provided above!


Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 10.27.28 PM

Continuing on the Morphe Brushes social media train, we make a stop at their Pinterest, which they are not very active on AT ALL! Their followers on Pinterest total a whopping 3,255 people. The last time they were active on Pinterest was about a year ago. Pinterest is not as influential of a social media platform like Instagram, but I feel is a major area of opportunity. They could create inspiration boards by color, or season and even products. It would give them a platform to organize their content and products in different ways. And one can guess, that just like many of their other social media platforms, there is no interaction with their followers. One thing I did find interesting was that their Pinterest is still linked at the bottom of their home page on their website, yet they are not active on the platform.


Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 10.29.20 PM.png

And last but certainly not least, we make a stop at Morphe Brushes Facebook page. Their activity on Facebook is surprisingly high! The page has 412,589 likes and 414,815 followers. Recently, the company has been posting frequently, about once a day and in previous weeks about 3-5 times a week. Their posts mainly include images and links to their website, or promoting similar brands and products suggestions. Again, the branding is consistent on this platform, with their holiday collection being featured in their header which is appropriate for this time of year, especially since its limited edition! And of course, we can’t forget to mention how there is still no interaction with brand supporters on this platform. This seems to be a trend across all their platforms and is definitely an area of opportunity and growth.

Overall Social Media Use:

On top of the four social media platforms that I discussed in detail, the brand does have a Snapchat, which you can add them by username: morphebrushes. Seeing as I just added them while doing this project I can’t see any of their posts, however from YouTubers that I follow I know their presence on Snapchat is large and they post multiple time throughout the day. While doing my research I did find it interesting that they do not have their own YouTube channel, yet they endorse multiple YouTubers. The most influential platforms for them include Instagram and Snapchat. Platforms for the brand that really need improvement and attention include Pinterest and Facebook. Facebook is not as crucial, strictly based on the demographic that is familiar with the brand, however we have already discussed the opportunities that are available with Pinterest.

Digital Footprint:

When searching for “morphe brushes” on Google a TON of websites come up (i.e.,, and Aside from the websites that come up we see multiple shopping links to their products. There was also a handful of articles that linked back to the original Morphe Brushes website. There were not any magazine articles or reviews that popped up about the brand. It mainly consisted of ways to purchase their products.

Commendations and Recommendations:

How Can Morphe Brushes Improve Their Presence?

Overall, Morphe does a great job at posting actively and keeping their branding consistent which are some of the most crucial parts in regards to social media presence. However, it is clear that they favor some platforms over others, especially Instagram. Besides Instagram I feel all their social media platforms could be improved. One major area for improvement is interaction with their followers. The only site that had a little bit of interaction is Twitter where they retweet from followers and supporters. In addition to what they do great and where they can improve the company represents a large variety of people and really want to embody that mindset of makeup is a one size fits all. As a young company they are off to a great start and I am interested to see where their social media goes as their brand explodes!



Case Study #4- Tati Westbrook



For this assignment, the celebrity I chose to analyze is the YouTuber named Tati Westbrook. Tati is a major influencer in the beauty industry due to her YouTube channel where she posts hauls, tutorials, product reviews and comparisons, and so much more! She has a major following across all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Her Facebook can be found here! Her Facebook has only a mere 290,684 likes. However, on her other social media accounts, such as her Twitter and Instagram, we see a large increase in followers. We can assume this is because her target demographic is probably somewhere between ages 16-28 and most people in this age bracket are more inclined to use Twitter and Instagram. On Tati’s twitter @GlamLifeGuru we can see she has 379,000 followers and only follows 356 people. She has 16.3K tweets and joined Twitter in December of 2010. Lastly, on her Instagram- glamlifeguru, she has one million followers and follows only 424 other accounts. She has posted 1,188 times! Here are links to her social media accounts, I would definitely check her out!

Facebook- Glam Life Guru

Instagram- glamlifeguru

Twitter- @GlamLifeGuru

Snapchat- TatiWestbrook


On Tati’s Facebook we do not see a lot of content. For the most part, the only things she posts are the thumbnails and links to her newest YouTube videos. Her profile picture below is what you see when her page pops up!

Tati Westbrook Facebook Profile Pic

You can see that her makeup is spectacular and it personifies her personality, happy and playful! Her cover image is a collage of multiple images from her YouTube videos, which gives a little preview to what topics she discusses. To learn more about her, under her “about” tab, we can find the link to her YouTube channel, as well as an email to contact her. The little bio includes that she is addicted to makeup and uploads on YouTube. Like I previously mentioned, the most popular posts on her timeline are links to her latest YouTube video. All of the posts are originals by the celebrities, with no reposts. Also, Tati only follows five other pages. Things her page does well is promote her YouTube to increase views on that platform. On the other hand there are a few areas of opportunity, such as posting more, reposting from other pages, liking similar pages (such as other beauty YouTubers or makeup brands), and especially interaction between her and her followers. Some of the most recent posts on have between 15 and 30 comments and Tati hasn’t responded to any of them.


Moving on to Tati’s twitter, we have a completely different view of what she does. One major improvement compared to her Facebook page is her content. She still posts links to her YouTube videos, but there are also tweets about what she is doing, quotes, and includes pictures, videos, and retweets from other accounts. When you go to her Twitter you will see the profile picture, which I provided below!

Tati Westbrook - Twitter Avi

Again, her profile picture features her perfect makeup and flawless smile! Her banner features a close up image featuring a sketch of lips. Her bio is simple and sweet and includes that she is a YouTuber and her snapchat username. Most tweets are written by Tati, but she does retweet from other users. Also, similar to Facebook, her interaction with her followers is slim to none. However, more people comment and like her tweets compared to Facebook. i feel this is a missed opportunity for Tati to be able to connect with the people that adore her. Some of the things that Tati does well on Twitter is tweet about multiple different topics and doesn’t just promote her YouTube. Also, she posts more frequently and retweets from other accounts. Compared to Facebook this is a great achievement because on that platform she only liked five other pages. Still a huge area of opportunity is the interaction between her and her followers like I mentioned before.


And last, but definitely not least, we have Tati’s Instagram! It features the same profile picture as her one used for Twitter, which I provided above. Included in her bio is “YouTube: GlamLifeGuru ✨ Snapchat: TatiWestbrook 💋 New Video >>> AUGUST Favorites & Hate it’s ,” which is similar to her bios found on both Twitter and Facebook. Her pictures that seem to grab her attentions are the images that just feature her, and not a product, place, or other individual. The pictures featuring her receive between 76,000 and 141,000 likes. This is just analyzing handful of her recent posts. If you look back a few months her posts were receiving between 45,000 and 80,000 likes. So, it is clear that recently her popularity has gone up, which can be tied to a new friendship between her and another YouTube who is well developed and liked, his name is Jeffree Star! On her Instagram, the things she does very well is; provide quality photographs, posts a variety of content (photos and videos), and post frequently. However, a bad quality of her Instagram, is once again the lack of interaction with her followers. On her most recent Instagram post, Tati received almost 2,000 comments, and it appears she didn’t respond to any of them. Besides that her Instagram is very well put together and professional.

Overall, it looks she is not successful on any platform, in terms of interacting with her audience. If we talk in terms of likes and comments, than her most successful platform would most definitely be Instagram. Here she has the biggest following and her audience comments and tags her A LOT. Once again, as if I can’t stress it enough, it is a huge missed opportunity that she does not interact across these platforms. Of course. I am still a huge fan and will watch all of her videos, seeing as she uploads every single day. But, as one of her followers I expect way more from her in terms of interaction. I’ll end this blog post with one of my favorite hashtags that her followers use, alongside one of her recent Instagram posts!

Tati Lipstick.jpg