Final Project: Shay Carl & the Shaytards

Photo credit : INTRODUCTION        For this final social media analysis project I have chosen to analyze youtube social media celebrity Shay Carl. The reason I choose this youtuber is because he started off with a basic youtube channel and became a social media star on many different social media platforms. Shay Carl  is a … Continue reading Final Project: Shay Carl & the Shaytards


Case Study #4 Bark Box Bark Box Meme's give me life Overview For this assignment I chose the company BarkBox. While it is a legitimate company it’s run by many people and the content is hilarious. It promotes its products with funny posts. It includes a lot of customer photos with products. I’ve personally purchased products from this company. … Continue reading Case Study #4 Bark Box

Case Study #3 Analyzing Anna Saccone-Joly’s blog Anna Saccone Joly's intro photo: Credit Anna Saccone-Joly The first blogger I can remember gravitating to was Anna Saccone-Joly. Anna’s blog is titled “Anna Saccone Joly”. The website for her blog is Anna is a lifestyle, family, and beauty blogger. She also is a popular Youtuber. I started following Anna’s blog and Youtube … Continue reading Case Study #3 Analyzing Anna Saccone-Joly’s blog