King Kylie ♥

♥ Kylie JenneIMG_1803r was born in Los Angeles, California to reality star Kris Jenner and famous athlete Bruce Jenner. Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner grew up on reality TV on the show Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s. She is a half-sister to Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, and Robert Kardashian. Since the show, she hkylie cosmeticas become a model and entrepreneur. In 2016, Jenner launched her individual company Kylie Cosmetics which sells her famous lip kits (lip gloss and lip liner). Since the initial launch day of Kylie Cosmetics she has expanded her brand to selling other makeup products such as eyeliners, highlighters, and eye shadow pallets. In addition to maintaining her brand, Kylie has also shared that she will be premiering her own reality show, Life of Kylie. The show will be based on her daily life surrounding her friends, dating relationships, and the hard work she puts into her overall brand. In the trailer on E, Kylie says, “I feel like a lot of people have misconceptions of who I am.” ♥

twitterOn Twitter, King Kylie can be found by searching @KylieJenner. She has a little under 21 million followers, 20,809,942 to be exact. Her frequent activity on twitte
r consists of her tweeting 12,021 times and posting 2,033 videos and pictures. Her tweets involve her interacting with her fans and also talking about her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics. She reminds her fans of launching and restocking dates.

On Instagram, Kylie gets more intimate for her fans. She posts media daily on this platform. She has 93.6 million followers, and has posted roughly 5161 times. IMG_1802Her media consists of images and videos of her family, best friend Jordan, and her daily life. She also used this platform to promote her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics. She posts media of her new color swatches she is releasing and other celebs wearing her brand. Her posts typically receive over a million likes and comments. However, she doesn’t directly interact with her followers through Instagram.

KFBylie’s Facebook page and the media that she shares is very similar if not identical to her twitter platform. She has 19,611,803 followers and 19,747,463 people like her page. Her activity on this Facebook consist of 1,960 timeline photos, 16 profile pictures, 67 mobile uploads, and 4 cover photos. She posts to this account a couple times a week. She interacts with her fans by posting media, there are no signs of her directly networking with any fans on this platform.

After running a google search on Kylie, I found news articles, blog posts, images, and her social media platforms. First were news articles about Kylie, then followed her social media platform links. Underneath her sgoogleocial media were links to her makeup site, Kylie Cosmetics, then a link to her official site. The rest of the links underneath were all blog posts regarding king Kylie. Kylie’s digital footprint does not contradict her branding. She represents a popular and prosperous brand while being tied in with her sisters in the E show, Keeping Up with The Kardashian’s but also branching off by herself.

Ms. Kylie Jenner, only nineteen years old, seems to be doing so well with the world at her feet. I follow Kylie and am frequently reading news articles of her accomplishments and future projects. Out of the whole, Kardashian clan I seem to relate with Kylie the most. I feel like a lot of young women my age may feel the same way. With whatever life has thrown at her over the past years, she seems to move forward and maintain positivity. There is nothing I could recommend to Ms. Jenner to improve on. She is King Kylie.

“Kylie Jenner.” A&E Networks Television, 21 Oct. 2016. Web. 15 May 2017.

Case Study #3

khloe.PNGKhloe with a K

For this case study, I have chosen to compare and contrast Khloe Kardashian’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I adore all of the Kardashian’s but I am frequently checking for updates on Khloe’s profile because I find her posts the most relatable. All her profiles promote positivity.   

Khloe Kardashian is essentially known from her family TV reality series, Keeping Up with The Kardashians. She also has her own show Revenge Body where she helps contestants transform their body and encourages healthy living for her viewers. Aside from her role on reality TV, Khloe is a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She has a denim line Good American and has published several best seller books. On social media, Khloe is persistently posting and updating her online profiles.  

Khloe Kardashian’s Facebook profile is She currently has 18,611,951 likes. On Twitter, Khloe’s username is @khloekardashian. She has 23.4 million followers and follows only 314 twitter users. She has tweeted 54.1K times and joined twitter on April 2009. Last but not least, Khloe uses Instagram under khloekardashian. She has 64.9m followers, while following only 152 Instagram accounts. She has posted to this account 3,037 times.  

Facebook Analysis

Looking into Khloe’s Facebook account in more depth, the content of the page is advertisements promoting Keeping up with the Kardashians. The season just started about two weeks ago, so it makes sense. Her other posts are news articles about her and her sisters that she shared. For example, yesterday (3/26/2017) at 9:56 AM she shared an article from titled, 15 times the Kardashian-Jenner clan absolutely slayed at the NYFW. Her profile picture is her turned looking back wearing a pair of jeans from Good American. You could analyze her profile picture as an ad for her denim line. Her cover photo is a picture of Khloe and her sisters promoting the new season of KUWTK. Under the about tab, KhIMG_1385loe shares her birth year, 1984, and her website You can also find a direct link to her twitter account and app. Recently, the most popular timeline posts are video previews for the upcoming week’s episode of KUWTK. All of Khloe’s posts are created by her and her company. Aside from posts, Khloe shares pictures, links to her other websites, and workout tutorials. This page liked 12 other Facebook pages including her family’s profiles. Overall, the page layout is good. It is constantly updated with new posts. Also, you can easily access all Khloe’s other media outlets. There is great audience interaction. The most recent post of Khloe’s has 1.2K reactions. Overall, the reactions are positive. If I had to choose an area to improve, it would be more personal status updates.  

Twitter Analysis

On twitter, the content is similar to the posts seen on Facebook. However, Khloe retweets a lot of fans media such as pictures and clips from KUWTK. Khloe’s main picture is a IMG_1387picture of her sitting on a countertop smiling with an adorable hair style. However, her banner photo is the same as the cover on Facebook. Her bio is very limited with just a link to her website and app. Most of Khloe’s posts contain media such as pictures and videos. Similar to Facebook, her popular posts are the clips from upcoming episodes of KUWTK.  Her tweets are written by her and her company. Altogether, this profile is good. It is updated daily with relevant posts. The audience interaction is overall positive. I do not see Khloe directly responding directly to tweets, however she does occasionally retweet fan art. It is the most interaction I have seen with Khloe and her fans yet. For improvement, I would suggest that they share different content than what’s shared on her other profiles.  

Instagram Analysis

Finally, on Instagram Khloe’s picture is the same one she used on her Facebook account. Her cIMG_1383ontent, pictures and videos, are similar to the ones she shared on Facebook and Twitter. She shares pictures of herself and her family. Also you will find videos of her working out and clips from her snap chat. Her bio is a direct link to her app. Also, she shares her Snapchat user name. I have found that her most popular posts are the video clips from her family’s’ reality show, KUWTK. All in all, this is my favorite platform to follow Khloe. I feel like she shares different content on this media than the others. On every post, there are over 500K reactions. Unfortunately, there are both negative and positive reactions from Instagram users.  

In conclusion, Khloe Kardashian is the most successful in interacting with her Instagram audience. On Instagram Khloe has 64.9 million followers, almost double of Twitter. As I mentioned earlier, I think Instagram attracts the largest audience because she posts different content. Whereas, Twitter and Facebook posts are almost identical.  

Case Study #2



The blog I chose to analyze is a female’s beauty and fashion blog. The Beauty by Bel is the title of the blog, written by my favorite beauty blogger, Carli Bybel. The theme of this blog is to gain expertise in beauty and fashion. Carli splits her posts up between fashion trends, makeup and hair tutorials, and tips for skincare.


The layout of The Beauty Bybel is organized pleasantly with a header and footer. The header, which is very simple, introduces the blog with the title. There is also a magnifying glass symbol that allows viewers to search the entire blog. The scheme of the blog is black and white. Underneath, you will find the main menu. There are several links that categorize the material in the blog, into specific topics.
Just below the main menu, there is a slide show of 4 different videos featured by Carli. The entire post is not displayed, just a featured image, category, title, the date the video was posted.
Following the featured videos, the blog forms into three columns of blog posts you can access. Like the featured videos, the posts display just a snippet of what each post entails. However, these posts do have a comment section. Each post shows the number of comments left on the post. Furthermore, these posts have share links to social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Pinterest.
The first horizontal column there is only two posts and the third is an image saying, “Welcome to my blog!”
The blog footer is also simple. It presents direct links to all of Carli Bybels social media accounts; Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The content of this blog are posts that help woman to feel better about themselves. Carli records videos of herself doing her makeup, so others can learn as well. She records carli2.pngherself doing her morning and nighttime skin routine, so other woman can maintain blemish free skin. One of my favorites is when Carli goes shopping and show’s all the new merchandise she bought. This type of video is called a fashion haul. For viewers, like me who love Carli’s style, I can copy Carli’s outfit ideas.
Once you click into a post, the featured image is shown with a paragraph written from Carli concerning the post. The image is usually a selfie that Carli takes of herself. Also in every post, is a video of Carli from her YouTube page.
Below her focal post is a comment section where the audience has an opportunity to interact with Carli. The average amount of comments Carli gets is around 40. The more popular posts are the fashion haul posts. The least popular posts are the hair tutorials.
There are social media sharing buttons on every post which suggests the author strongly encourages readers to subscribe to her other outlets of media.


This is a very organized informative blog for women of all ages. This blog is very entertaining as well as informative. It illustrates step by step beauty tutorials that anyone can do. The layout makes the posts easy to navigate and find what you are searching for.  Carli Bybel is a beauty queen, which makes her the perfect fit for this beauty blog.
The blog certainly has its strengths and weaknesses. The author presents herself very well, which attracts the type of audience she wants. The blog’s style is inspiring and effortlessly captivating. The only thing that could be improved is I wish there was an about me page. On Carli’s other social media pages, she talks more about her background and her interest in beauty blogging.

A must watch series!

Welcome to my first blog post! ♥

If you have ever had an account on Netflix, I am sure you are familiar with the best show every made, Shameless. The show is a dramedy about a family of five neglected kids Fiona, Lip, Ian, Carl and Debbie. Plus, their alcoholic father Frank Gallagher. Fiona, the oldest, takes care of her sisters and bruntitledothers because her parents drink excessively and use drugs. She represents a strong woman figure that holds the family together while enduring the life of a typical 25 year old. Lip is a genius but suffers destructive traits from his parents. Ian is a gay teenager and struggles with bipolar. Carl is a sweetheart but is always getting himself into crooked situations. Debbie the second youngest in the family has a daughter and is trying to figure out motherhood. Last but not least, Frank Gallagher. Although his character drives your mad you have a soft spot after watching what he undergoes daily. The show takes place in the west side slums of Chicago. You watch this family suffer day after day and they are still so cheerful. As I mentioned before, it is a “dramedy”, half drama mixed with comedy. It is relatable to a lot of families with parents of this sort. You naturally admire Fiona’s strong female role. Although this family is broke and their living situation seems undesirable; you can’t help but fall in love with their family dynamic. If you haven’t tuned in yet, you sincerely should. You won’t regret it.

If you are still not convinced, click here