Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Social Media Case Study 3


The celebrity whose social media accounts I chose to analyze for this assignment is Dwayne Johnson otherwise known as “The Rock”. I chose this person for several reasons. Firstly, I am a fan of his and have enjoyed watching his career progress from a laughable “wrestler” to a respectable serious actor. Secondly, I enjoy and find useful his inclusion of, and many posts regarding fitness and exercise. Thirdly, I admire his attitude, motivation, appreciation towards his fans and his community service/involvement with different groups and interaction with his fans and followers. My other choice was Mark Wahlberg for mostly the same reasons however; I chose Johnson due to a higher level of postings regarding community outreach and fan-base interaction. “The Rock’s” social media account information is as follows:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DwayneJohnson/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf

  • Username: Dwayne The Rock Johnson
  • At the time of this assignment, Dwayne The Rock Johnson has 57,834,791 “likes” and 56,941,195 followers.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRock

  • Username: Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock)
  • At the time of this assignment, Dwayne Johnson has 11.1 Million followers; he follows 118 users/accounts, joined Twitter in February 2011 and has since made 17.7 thousand “tweets”.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therock/?hl=en

  • Username: therock
  • At the time of this assignment, therock has 81.4 million followers, he follows 172 users/accounts and has made 2,718 posts.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Facebook profile picture appears to be a current headshot type photo. His cover image is a banner ad for his upcoming HBO series. His page consists of a healthy mixture of professional promotional posts and photographs and posts of a more personal nature, career related or otherwise. As you would expect, he makes frequent posts related to his upcoming projects, at times adding an element of humor to the post. By doing this, he extends trailers, sneak peaks and behind the scenes footage to his fans; some of whom might not be aware of his upcoming work if they do not catch its advertising on regular television or internet ads.

Under the “about” tab, Dwayne The Rock Johnson lists limited information. He includes strictly links to all of his other social media accounts, his gender, the fact that it is his official Facebook account and also a small inspirational quote relative to his attitude and interests.

Most of his timeline posts are promotional posts for his upcoming film and upcoming premier of an HBO series. His posts general include photos, some of them include videos, links and other social media tags. Most of his posts appear to be original posts by the accountholder rather than reposts (although I’m sure there have been several reposts at times).  Other posts and quotes usually consist of photos of fan interaction or community service, posts and photos of he and his family or quotes he finds motivational or inspirational. It appears that the page “likes” about 20 other pages (listed), mostly career related or those of people he is acquainted with. I think one of the things the page does well is portraying him as a likeable approachable person who is appreciative of his success and apparently down-to-earth. I think one improvement that could be made is that the page could include at least a paragraph or so of a more personal nature, maybe a background or introduction of some kind in the “about” tab.

From what I have seen, his fan-base and followers are fairly interactive with he and his page. Most, if not all, comments seem to be positive in nature; praising his work and admiring his personable nature. Comments do from time to time include the occasional “troll” or posts from fake accounts unrelated to the original post completely.


            Dwayne Johnson’s (@TheRock) Twitter page consists mainly of up-to-date “tweets” regarding what he is up to as well as random funny quotes or postings that seem to be intended as entertainment rather than communication. His profile and banner image are the same as in his Facebook account, which creates great continuity, allowing confidence that the pages are related and created by the same source. Listed in the “bio” is simply his name, “Twitter handle”, the title “Chivalrous Gentleman”. His birthday (May 02), when he joined Twitter and two additional links directing you to his “Vine” page and his Underarmour Clothing page.

His “tweets” often contain images, links and at times, videos. He also “retweets” posts that are related to him or his work. Many of his posts are “retweeted” by other users or receive responses or prompts of some kind. He seems to respond to many of his followers to reach out to him however, like the Facebook page, I think adding elements of a more personal nature would benefit the page.


therock’s Instagram account contains interesting photos of his personal life, fitness routine and elements, his travels, behind the scenes snapshots of his work, time with friends and family as wells as snippets he finds humorous or advantageous for advertising. His profile picture is the same as his Twitter and Facebook (my OCD agrees with the consistency!), included in the “bio” is again, the title “Chivalrous Gentleman” and a link for the account of one of his upcoming films. I would say the favored photos on his account are those related to him on a more personal level. Everyone who follows him likes his work but they appreciate more, the look behind the profession, into him as a person. Like his other accounts, the posts are fairly interactive on both his part and that of his fan-base (an aspect that draws me to respect his work and values) and most, if not all, interactions appear to be positive in nature. I think the fact that the account has a healthy mixture of personal and professional is done well and given that it is Instagram, there is not much room for improvement as it is a limited informational platform.


In my personal opinion, I think Dwayne Johnson is most successful in Facebook. Although he has more followers on Instagram, he is able to connect and communicate with people on a more personal, specific and frequent basis using Facebook. Instagram is astonishing in the fact that he can reach over 80 million people in an instant with a single post, however there are few options for mutual conversation and interaction at a personal level. Being new, as I am, to social media, I find it amazing and interesting that people from every stature and location can so easily communicate and interact with either similar or opposing opinions and interests. I think Dwayne Johnson has an appropriate balance between humility and lavish, and professional and personal.

-Steve Q.