We Rate Dogs

WeRateDogs is a twitter account created on November 15, 2015 by a college named student Matt Nelson. Before he created WeRateDogs on his personal account he would write some jokes and one day at an Applebees with his friend he asked his friend to rate his food and Matt thought “what if I made an account that rates dogs?”. On his personal account he made a poll asking his followers what they thought and 87% of them said yes to the idea. And on that day WeRateDogs twitter account was born with this first post. Today the account has a little over 4,000 tweets and close to 2 million followers. In the past few years, the WeRateDogs has brought smiles to millions of people around the world, dog lovers and non dog lovers alike.

WeRateDogs started off on just Twitter but has soon since grown and created multiple social media accounts to connect with more people and in different ways. This company has expanded itself all over the internet. It has multiple accounts on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (@weratedogs), it’s own website and even it’s own game app! It’s truly amazing to see how far one account has gone in just about two years.

The Twitter and Facebook account are very similar in what is posted. Mostly, especially on the Twitter account, the pictures of dogs that are “rated” are posted. On occasion there are a few updates about the company, it is rare to see updates on the Twitter account. While on the Facebook account there are a lot of updates about the website since the Facebook page is mainly for the webstore.

The Instagram is used strictly for pictures of the “rated” dogs. On occasion on the Instagram page you can find a few pictures of new products on the webstore. The Snapchat is used by the creator of WeRateDogs to share pictures with funny captions of his own dog. Although he must share the Snapchat with a few selected people because some days someone might “take over” the Snapchat account and share their dog or puppies who are adoptable.

The website for WeRateDogs is the store for the company. They sell many different kinds of t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, and hats. A lot of the things that are sold on the site have designs that have different jokes that have been on the Twitter account.


This t-shirt in particular was a response from the Twitter account to another Twitter user who criticized them for their ratings being inaccurate and ridiculous. Which being inaccurate and ridiculous is what the whole account is for.

This company is doing a great job at what it’s original goal was, to entertain people and brighten peoples days and share funny and cute pictures of dogs. The one problem I have is the amount of advertisement they do for their products on their Snapchat and Instagram I think that should be left to their Facebook page. Other than that I absolutely adore this company. I have been following this account for a while and will follow them forever because of my love for funny/clever captions and my love of dogs.



Case Study #3

I did my case study on again, my favorite Youtuber Olan Rogers. He creates a variety of different kinds of Youtube videos such as, stories, sketches, day in the life, even a few vlogs. He has now started working on a cartoon show that will play on TBS. He is very active throughout social media which is good starting off as an internet celebrity. Even with his busy schedule with creating a television show he is still very interactive on social media with his fans.

On his Facebook page it shows a nice fun picture of himself for his profile picture, the cover photo is a picture of his soon to created cartoon show which he is mainly focusing on showing the year it is planned to be released as well as the television station it will be released on, TBS. His about me page is very straight forward, it states basically what he is, a director, storyteller, actor and the two companies he owns Olan Rogers Supply as well as The Soda Parlor. Every post on Olans Facebook is created by him, I believe it is rare when I see him repost something on Facebook it is always his original content. His pinned posts are usually either his most recent videos or any new updates in his life or about his new show that he wants people to know about. Majority of his posts on his page have photos or videos in them. They are either a photo with a caption or he posts about a new video he has created. Most of his posts are either silly photos of himself or updates about new things happening. The audience comments constantly on his posts and he always responds to at least the first few comments after he posts it or the ones with the most likes. I think his Facebook page is very well done I enjoy that it is very authentic, you know that if you get a reply on a comment it is actually him and not some assistant responding for him.

On his Twitter page it shows a picture of him which was drawn by a fan of his. The banner is again like his Facebook cover photo although it just shows the title of his new show “Final Space” and underneath the station it will be on, TBS. His bio shows the same information as his Facebook about me. He states what he does, director, actor, storyteller the two companies he owns and this time adds in that he’s the creator of the Television show “Final Space”. His pinned posts are usually the same as his Facebook pinned posts. Either his newest Youtube video or any important information he wants people to know and get access of right away. His posts are filled with again the same as his Facebook both pictures and videos. Either silly pictures with funny captions, updates about what is going on or his latest Youtube videos. He always writes his own tweets although he sometimes will retweet someones tweet either something he liked or something someone has said about himself. His interactions with fans through Twitter is greater than his interactions on Facebook he communicates a lot more with fans through Twitter. I have even had a few of my Tweets either liked or retweeted by him.

On his Instagram page it shows a picture of him which is the same one drawn by a fan as the one on Twitter. His bio is a very short and is the same description as the on on Twitter. His posts are filled with pictures and videos of himself he doesn’t seem to do so much of interacting with his fans on this platform. Everything from his instagram can be found on his twitter as well.

The social media platform I think he uses better than others is his Twitter account. He updates a lot more often and his interactions with his fans are more genuine than his interactions on any other platform he uses. I think the quality of the posts he creates on Twitter are a lot better than on his other sites even though he can only use 140 characters he does a better job on here than he does on Facebook even.

Case Study #2


The blog The Girl With Arthritis (http://arthritisgirl.blogspot.com/) is a blog written by my friend Elizabeth. She has been on blogspot since 2010 and made her first post in 2011. She is a 20 year old art student who documents her everyday life and the struggles of living with Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis.


The blog is very simple with two columns, using very complementary colors for the background, title and font. The title of the blog and the header is a nice blue color while the background is a nice light coral color that gets darker as you go down the page. The icon for the page is a self portrait, which is just an outline of herself with a pink background.


The header is very simple it has the title and an extremely tagline that is quick and straight to the point “A Teen with Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis.” it shows you exactly what the blog is about in very few words.


The footer is also very simple in the case that it doesn’t really exist. It shows a “Home” button to send you back to the most recent posts and an “Older Posts” button to view previous posts.

In the middle of the blog is the main column which features the blog posts. The most recent post is featured at the top followed by six previous posts. The full posts are shown, they each have their own title to clearly distinguish each individual post. At the top and the bottom of each post you can find the date on which it was posted. As well, along the bottom you can see a link to view comments on each post, as well as a few buttons to share on different social media platforms.

On the right side of the main column is a small column which shows a little self portrait drawn by the author, which is just an outline of her. Underneath the picture is a little blurb about the author and a link to her profile on blogger. Below that it shows her link for the blogs Facebook page which also shows how many people have liked the page. Following the Facebook link is a box to enter your email to follow the blog along with a search box to search the blog for content. Following those two boxes is the blogs archives showing each year since the start of the blog and how many posts from each year. And finally at the end of this side column are the followers of the blog and a little button that says “Follow” so you can choose to follow the blog as well.


The content of the blog is mostly limited to text. There are a few pictures used in some of the posts but not many. A few posts do have some pictures in them but not a lot. The links to other pages are very empty of information. The followers of the blog do comment and interact on the page the posts. The author of the blog also leaves her email so people can contact her to either contribute to the blog or have her work on something for them.


This blog is really well done for a first time blogger. Although there are a few things that could be worked on such as posting more frequently or having a schedule in which posts would come out. It would be a lot easier to keep readers engaged if posts weren’t sporadic. Another area to work on is more tabs on the header. There are only three (Home, Contact Me and My Favorite Blogs) maybe adding more such as a tab for the most popular posts or more of an about me page with a paragraph with a little more of a background to getting diagnosed with arthritis and where she’s at now. More tabs would also maybe make it look less empty at the top. A final thing would be to add more information to her profile or the description on the side column. Other than that it is a decent blog with some quality posts on it.

Olan Rogers

Olan Rogers is a Youtuber who makes comedy sketches and tells different stories about funny interaction he has had in his life. He has been on Youtube for a very long time, since 2008 he started his career with a group of friends making comedy sketches called Balloon Shop, now he has a channel on his own.542241210

He is my favorite Youtuber and one of my favorite people on this planet. He’s not my favorite because of the content he creates, although he puts up some amazing content, he is my favorite because of the kind of person he is. Olan is the most genuine Youtuber I have ever watched, he is very honest and true with his fans. He is also one of the only Youtubers I’ve watched who hasn’t sold out or anything by doing things such as advertising a product they don’t use just to make money. The only thing I think I’ve ever seen him advertise were his sweaters from his website and that was just one small silly video.

Olan is a very hard working man who has started with just telling stories and doing little sketches with friends and his cat to now creating a cartoon that will be played on TBS in a few years. It is amazing how he has started from nothing and now is creating a television show. I remember the first video I saw of his that made me start following him, it was just a goofy story about his odd story about his experience in a Target restroom.

He has made it so far on his own without any help from companies. He has received many chances to advance his career but he said no because he didn’t want to get there by being just handed a television show or a book deal he wanted to work for it and earn it himself. I really respect Olan Rogers as a person I’ve been following him since 2012 and I will follow him for a very long time, because he inspires me to work hard for what I want and no matter what other people say, do what I love.