Final Project: Home Depot

Introduction The Home Depot is a home improvement retailer. It was founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. They are the world's largest home improvement retailer and have over 2,200 store across North America. They have a website where you can order anything to do with home improvement or schedule an appointment for … Continue reading Final Project: Home Depot


Case Study #4 Dunkin Donuts

Since I spend a lot of time at Dunkins and on social media, I decided to do my analysis of their brand on social media; combining both things I am addicted to. Their page has fifteen and a half million followers and roughly the same amount of people also like their page. On twitter, … Continue reading Case Study #4 Dunkin Donuts

Three Ways I Deal with Stress

Being a daughter, wife, mother and student has been quite a journey for me. It has not been easy. My daughter has anxiety and depression and both my sons have ADHD. My little one is also on the Autism spectrum. Last June, my mother had a stroke so she camt get around or take care … Continue reading Three Ways I Deal with Stress