Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is 39 years old and was born on August 3rd, 1977 in San Mateo, California. Tom is the only boy in the family and he has 3 sisters. One of his sisters is married to former Red Sox third baseman and fan favorite, Kevin Youkilis. Tom is married to super model Gisele Bundchen and together they have one son Benjamin who is 8 and a daughter Vivian Lake who is 5. Tom has a 10-year-old son, John, with ex Bridget Moynahan. Tom is the star quarterback of the New England Patriots is considered by most people around the world as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). Tom has 5 Super bowl rings and 2 MVP awards. He has the most Super bowl wins out of any quarterback all time. He was drafted 199th in the 2000 NFL draft and skipped over multiple times by every team in the league including the Patriots. Six quarterback were picked ahead of him in that draft class. Not one of those other quarterbacks went on to do anything close to what Brady has done.

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Tom sells a meal pack called, “TB12 Performance Meals.” He is known for what he eats, how he keeps his body and mind right, and also the training he does to keep his performance on the field at the highest standard. The TB12 Performance Meals can be delivered right to your house. The meal pack consists of 2 servings per meal, and 3 meals per week. To purchase this meal pack you would subscribe to it and pay $78/week. While eating these meals you will see how Tom eats to stay in shape and keep his body fat and everything else perfect. I have never tried this, but from what I heard people now see how he stays in this good of shape at 39 years old. He takes care of his body and does everything possible to keep his football performance at the highest standard as he gets older. Most people do not play into their 40’s, but not Tom. He has stated multiple times that he wants to play well into his 40’s and I have no doubt in my mind that he will be able to.  I think the message he is trying to convey is about health and how to keep your body and mind in shape. His training and eating is fantastic for his body, but also keeps his mind sane. He does just enough training to make him feel right, but not put his body or mind over the top. I think the Branding of Tom Brady connects with people of all ages. For kids growing up he shows us how to stay in shape, keep training, and that anything is possible when we set our mind to it. For adults, he shows that you can still do things you did 20 years ago at the highest level if you keep your body and mind right. He said that he feels better and more mobile now than he did 20 years ago. Everything he is doing is paying off, and as a fan of the Patriots I couldn’t be happier.

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Social Media Overview

Tom never was into Social Media other than Facebook until the beginning of this year. He had a very famous and active Facebook page and then he made an Instagram. He does not have Instagram, Snapchat, or any other kind of social media according to him. When deciding whether to choose Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Myspace he posted a picture of himself on Facebook with the 4 options as hats in front of him. Millions of people commented on it and then Tom made the choice to join Instagram. A choice that Instagram must have been thrilled with. I am sure when he chose Instagram many of his followers made an Instagram as well. On Facebook, 4,406,369 people like his page. On Instagram Tom follows 7 accounts, and he has 2.2 million followers. He has 76 posts, but recently he has started posting pictures and videos more often. Most of his pictures have to do with family, friends, teammates, and the Patriots. He also posts photos of the TB12 Performance meal to show and sell to fans. I would say Tom spends the most time on Facebook. It was his first social media account and he posts statuses and pictures to that often. Sometimes I have seen him interact with fans as well, which is pretty cool for someone that doesn’t have much free time. Toms accounts usually only show locations when he is at an event or it has something to do with football. When he posts pictures of himself at home or with his kids privately they do not show locations. He mostly posts public place photos so people know where he is anyways. I think Snapchat is the social media that gives away digital footprint the most and he doesn’t have a Snapchat.

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Commendations and Recommendations

The things Tom does well on social media is interact with fans of different generations. Like I said previously, he connects with kids growing up right now and middle aged adults. He does it on social media and in the football clubhouse playing with teammates half his age. I think he is also making fans all over the world, including other states within the U.S. Most fans out of New England do not like him because of the success he and the Patriots have had, but if you follow his social media he is impossible to dislike. He likes to have fun with the social media accounts and gets his fans to laugh while doing it. I don’t think I’d recommend him to do anything differently. His Instagram and Facebook accounts are funny and serious. He posts the “TB Times” after football games that the Patriots won and other photos of just him as a dad. We see both sides of Tom Brady through his social media accounts. I love the way he runs the accounts and I think every follower of his does as well. Also, I am one of the people that think he is the GOAT…and it is hard to argue against if you disagree.


Stephen Amell

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Stephen Amell was born on May 8th, 1981 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is most known for his role of Oliver Queen on the hit television show Arrow. He has also made appearances as Oliver Queen on connecting shows such as Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. He made guest appearances on many other television shows, but nothing as prominent as these. Stephen does many things outside of acting. He is big into charity events and is largely involved with the charity called “Fuck Cancer.” He has had a few appearances within the WWE. He wrestled a match at the main pay per view, WrestleMania, and has been involved within a few Monday Night Raw’s. He and a lifelong friend started a wine company called Nockingpoint a couple years back and the company has been expanding ever since. He is married to model, Cassandra Jean, and they have one daughter together.


Facebook URL:
Facebook Likes: 5,431,387

Stephen Amell has a profile picture of himself with a sticker on his forehead that says, “I’m On Facebook Right Now.” This is a fitting profile picture because of how many live videos he posts and how much he interacts with fans on the page. As a celebrity, he receives millions of comments on whatever he posts. It is literally impossible to answer every single question fans post, but he does a very good job of answering as much as he can. I follow many celebrities and he definitely is the one who comments and interacts with the fans the most. His Facebook page is very straight forward and easy to navigate through. Down the left side of his page fans have a few different options to choose from. On the left side, he has: Home, Shop, Events, Posts, Videos, Photos, About, Likes, Instagram feed, and then there is a create a page option. Down the middle of the page is all those options in more detail and they show some of the examples from each option. Stephen posts a lot of videos from his trailer on the set of arrow, from his house or somewhere they are promoting Nockingpoint, and he posts a status about every other day. He posts a status called, “Meme Monday” or “Meme Friday” depending on the day. In the comment section of those posts fans can make memes of anything they want and then post them in his comments. Some people post random memes that have nothing to do with him, but most fans post memes of him with funny captions, or memes that have to do with Arrow. He then comments on a lot of them with his opinion on the memes. I think he does an excellent job with his Facebook page compared to other celebrities. I don’t see anything that I would change. He respectfully interacts with fans and ignores the ones that are inappropriate. On every page, there are fans that send negative or hateful comments. Some celebrities respond and some don’t. Stephen Amell is one of the celebrities that doesn’t really take in anything negative that is said.


Twitter username: @StephenAmell
Joined Twitter: August, 2011
Following: 400
Followers: 1.77 million
3,885 tweets

Stephen Amell is more interactive on his Facebook page compared to his Twitter page because of the Facebook live videos that he does. I think he tweets a lot more than posting statuses on Facebook, but his Facebook live videos he answers comments live and is on the video for a long time with fans. He tweets the most on Wednesday nights. He tweets during arrow and talks about scenes and what it took to film them. He doesn’t respond to fans much on twitter. I would assume this is because it is harder to see comments on twitter than on Facebook, in my opinion. From viewing his likes, he likes a lot of celebrities’ tweets, but not many fans tweets. I find his twitter profile picture pretty funny. It is him standing next to a woman who is squatting. Stephen Amell is watching her do a squat while she wears a shirt that says, “Squat like Stephen Amell is watching.” Although, I have no idea what the meaning of that is. For all we know it could have no meaning and was just to make the fans laugh. His header is just black.


Instagram username: @StephenAmell
Following: 164
Followers: 4 million
271 posts

I think his least used social media account is Instagram. Sometimes he posts more than one picture in a day, but sometimes he won’t post pictures for a few days or maybe even longer. He posts pictures and videos of himself, his wife and daughter, the arrow cast, him and his friends, and sometimes Toronto sports teams. In his bio, he has a link to his Nockingpoint wine website. This is for fans to get easy access and be able to successfully find and buy the wine and merchandise from his website.
Stephen doesn’t answer to fans on Instagram. He doesn’t answer to positive comments or the negative ones. I think he uses Instagram to just post pictures and videos. Other than that, I don’t see him doing much interacting throughout this social media account.


Stephen Amell interacts the most with fans on Facebook. Like I have said throughout this post, I believe it is because of the ability to do the Facebook live. He can answer questions from the fans who are watching him that second. He is on Facebook live for a good amount of time as well so fans enjoy it. I like how he blocks out the negative fans and focuses on all the positive comments. As a celebrity that must be really tough with all the attention.

Dirk Nowitzki Blog


My Journey to Optimal Health & Fitness ( is a blog written by Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks.  Dirk, an NBA all-star, Olympian, NBA Champion, and soon to be first ballot Hall of Famer writes about life growing up, the sports he played other than basketball, and how he keeps his body healthy while becoming much older in a younger league.



The layout of My Journey to Optimal Health & Fitness is a one-column blog with a header. This blog has a white background, but has colorful, expressing pictures of Dirk from when he was younger to him now. The header in this blog is very important to what this blog is all about. The picture is Dirk Nowitzki on a massage table being stretched by what I assume is the trainer of the Mavericks. In this header, we see Dirk with a smile on his face and hands behind his head. He is relaxed as he is being stretched out. We see this picture in the background of the title. The title is white so it doesn’t take anything away from the coloring behind it. Under the title, we see a sub header that tells us this blog is brought by Andrew’s Institute, Children’s Health Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.

Under this header, we are told that this blog is by Dirk Nowitzki and the date it was published on which is October 30th, 2015. Then, under that we have two options. We have the option to share this blog/post on Facebook or the option to tweet this story.


Throughout this blog, Dirk has posted past and present pictures. I find some meaning in each of the pictures being shown to us in the blog. In the first picture, we see Dirk as a young kid. We aren’t told what age he is, but if I had to guess I would say around 10 years old. The caption under this picture is “That’s a little Dirk and my first true love. Tennis.” This is the part of the blog where Dirk states that basketball was never his first love like most athletes say. Basketball wasn’t even his second love. He was playing tennis and handball up until he was 13. After a couple paragraphs about his first sports he starts to get into taking care of his body. When I first read this header, I immediately thought this whole article would be about stretching and the way he took care of his body. So, after seeing that first people and reading about the younger Dirk we finally get into how he kept in shape. Dirk grew up in Germany. He tells us that when he was growing up there weren’t any machines and Germany didn’t have lots of things going on. I took that as he had to find other ways to keep his body right and his muscles loose. After telling us about his stretching habit we see the second picture. This picture has two pictures of Dirk next to each other. On the left, he is standing and it is mid game and on the right, he is in warmups shooting a jump shot. I found the picture on the right interesting. It seems as if he is stretching with the ball right before he goes up to shoot. I never thought about it, but that seems like a good way to get your entire body loose and ready to rise and shoot. The caption under this picture is, “Here I am as a young rookie on the Mavs… and I haven’t aged a bit;).”

No wonder he looks so young, this was back in 1998 when he was a highly-touted prospect out of Germany and ended up being the best draft choice the Dallas Mavericks have ever made. The third picture posted is Dirk mid yoga session. In the blog, he states that as he has gotten older he has started to do yoga consistently. I would expect that as a professional athlete ages they start to lift less, and do more natural exercises and treatment to help keep the muscles loose. In his final picture, we see present day Dirk and of course, he is stretching. This just goes to show how much stretching has really meant to Dirk and how much it has helped his career prolong.


My Journey to Optimal Health &Fitness is an interesting and helpful blog. For athletes growing up this is the perfect way to help prolong and make your career last as long as possible. Getting through this blog is very simple and easy to do. Once we get to the blog it is clear cut and strictly about Dirk. I think he could have made it better, though. He could have added a link for questions or even an about me page where he could give some of his accolades that he has accomplished throughout his career for anyone who doesn’t know him. He also didn’t have any tags. The thing I really would have like to seen were some videos. I think showing a video of some exercises and stretches would have made this article even more attracting for readers. Dirk could have added a few things to make this blog more appealing, but he also has a lot on his plate with the NBA season and I think he skill on and off the court certainly makes up for it. All in all, Dirk made a very informative blog and I urge younger athletes to listen and try what Dirk was telling us.

Off-season of Fireworks

Wyc Grousbeck, owner of the Celtics, talked about off-season fireworks two summers ago. He made fans believe the Celtics were going big talent hunting and would get a marquee player to put the Celtics back into contention. For two seasons Celtic fans were wondering when that would happen. This past summer, it happened. The Celtics signed 4 time all-star Al Horford. Al is supposed to help put the Celtics back into championship contention. His play this season has fit in very well to what the team is doing and you can see just how much better they are becoming, but I think this upcoming off-season is the one that will put them over the top. Quietly Horford is putting up one of his best all around seasons, but the teams needs one more piece. So, Fireworks this summer? Lets hope so, and here are a few options.Al HorfordA few options I see are drafting college studs such as: Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, and Josh  Jackson. Markelle Fultz is my option out of these three. I see him as being the stud of the college game right now. He is a game changer and a fantastic combo guard. He play point guard or shooting guard. He can play on or off the ball. Can hit 3’s, score from mid-range, and has an array of moves inside the point. He also is fantastic on defense, which is what the Celtics take the most pride in. Fultz would come into this Celtics team and immediately fit in. He is a willing passer, defender, and overall team player. He could possibly become a cornerstone, franchise player for the next decade.

The guy I think will put the Celtics over the top is Gordon Hayward. I think he would be the fireworks Wyc Grousbeck was really talking about. At 6’8″ Hayward is one of the best guards/forwards in the league. He was an NBA all-star this year and has grown and gotten better each and every year, but my favorite part is the Celtics will not have to give up any assets to get Hayward. He is a free agent and although he will command max money, the Celtics have money to spend. He was also a former college player for Celtics coach Brad Stevens. Hayward would fit in immediately to the celtics and would put the celtics into championship contention like all us fans have been hoping for since the Big 3. Of course the Celtics could make a big blockbuster trade this summer, but I think signing Hayward and drafting Fultz is the best way to go. Hopefully I’m right.