Aliens Exist, According to Tom Delonge’s Soical Media

Originally, I wanted to do this final on Leonardo DiCaprio.Since he is such a big celebrity, I figured he’d have enough on social media to cover in this final. Unfortunately, all his social media is more or less the same, and all he ever really posts are in regards to his environmental work. And while that is very nice for him, it doesn’t make for an interesting final. So, I decided to scratch that (Not really, I still have the doc on my google drive in case this goes belly up too). But, instead, I went with my second choice. Someone not as famous, but is still relatively big on social media and I know posts a lot.

Tom DeLonge.

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I am going to assume nearly no one knows who he is, and the rubric calls for a short bio, so here we go. Tom DeLonge is the founder and former guitarist and vocalist for the punk rock band blink-182. He is also a very big entrepreneur, with a long resume. Some of his work includes writing books, producing and directing short films, starting clothing companies such as Macbeth Footwear and Atticus Clothing, and most recently, connecting with aerospace companies to find proof of extraterrestrial life. (Yes, really)

Born on December 13, 1975, he was raised in San Diego where he took up skateboarding and music. Lots of his early life would go onto to inspire his future music, such as his parents’ divorce and struggling in school to fit in. He also has a had a lifelong interest in space and aliens, and firmly believes they exist. He played in a few bands before forming blink-182 in 1992.

The band originally consisted of him as lead guitarist and vocals, Mark Hoppus as bassist and vocals, and Scott Raynor as the drummer. Raynor eventually left and was replaced with Travis Barker. By 1998, the band reached mainstream success with numerous hits, as well as influencing many other bands, essentially starting the genre of pop punk.

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The band went on hiatus in 2005, and DeLonge started his second band Angels & Airwaves, which had a more spacey and mellow sound compared to the clashy fast-paced sound of blink. Blink-182 eventually reunited in 2009, but in 2015, DeLonge left to pursue other projects. He currently manages many business ventures, including To The Stars, a clothing and merchandise line also dedicated to conspiracy theories and extraterrestrial life. Oh, should I mention DeLonge has spoken out about having ADHD, causing him to overfill his plate with lots of projects? Just to help make a bit of sense of all his work.


Social Media Accounts


First up, his Facebook page. DeLonge only has about 601.7K likes here, but there is a lot of activity. His profile photo is of him playing guitar, but a shadow blocks his features making him all black, and a white light behind him reflects smoke. It is overall an interesting photo that would grab someone’s attention. As is his cover photo, the logo for his production company.

One of the first things you see as you scroll down is a video from a live stream, where he speaks about his most recent project with To the Stars, and aerospace engineering. Lots of DeLonge’s more recent posts have to do with this project, but like DeLonge, there is still a variety. Another recent video is playing acoustic guitar for a movie score he’s working on. Or a photo of the Pyramids, simply hashtagged #Earth. DeLonge also reveals he is working a script for a short film called Strange Times, which is also the name of a clothing line he runs. He even teases he may be returning to blink-182, but he’s done that before and it’s never true.

While I searched his comment sections, I could not really find him interacting or responding to fans. However, I did see lots of fans having discussions with one another. So as of lately, DeLonge has been using Facebook as a way to promote all the numerous projects he is working on. I know he has posted more about his music in the past on here, and even some personal photos of his dog and family. His Facebook content really depends on whatever he is currently caught up on, giving it a wide variety, and something for everyone.



I was expecting for Tom’s Twitter to have the same cover and profile photos on his Facebook, but it was a refreshing sight to see they weren’t. His profile is a black and white photo of him performing live, showing off his Macbeth Footwear shirt and guitar strap and one of his many commencing guitars. The cover, has bold red letters in all caps that says, “Private Information”, and below that, black lettering saying “Sensitive Document- Not Available for Public Consumption”. Since as of late DeLonge has been working with a lot of aerospace companies on confidential information, he has to boast about it somehow.

Tom Delonge only has 710.5k followers on Twitter, a lot for everyday folk, but for celebrities, it’s a tad on the lower side. But his activity on Twitter is anything but on the lower side. He is currently retweeting mostly, and it’s all regarding his project To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science in one form or another. But after a little scrolling, he retweeted something different. A throwback Thursday from his band Angels & Airwaves when they were recording their last album. He even responds to fans once in awhile, quoting their tweets so his followers can see their original tweet. There’s even a retweet of one fan’s picture of their Tom Delonge related merchandise. Not only does this show the fan Tom saw and appreciates their tweet, but it will also bring traffic to the fan’s account.

Scrolling through, you can catch on to the pattern of his Twitter page. He tweets a few times almost every day. There is a lot of retweets, but it all relates back to him and his work somehow. He lets his political opinions be known once in awhile, poking fun at the Trump family or stating he finds our “leaders ridiculous”. He’ll sometimes share random, humorous thoughts such as, “Soap is a nightmare, gets everywhere. No more showers” showing off the comedic side he’s always had. And he does often interact with fans or shares their art and pictures. There is definitely more activity here than on his Facebook. If I had to guess, this is his social media of choice.



Again, here he has a different profile picture than the rest of his social media pages. It’s the cartoon logo for his producing company. He has posted over 2,000 photos, 539k followers, and follows 293 other Instagrams. His description includes many of his projects, including blink-182, To The Stars, and Angels & Airwaves.

Like his Twitter, there is a big variety of what he posts, but as of lately a lot of it has to do with his space projects. But he does stir things up with humor, selfies, and teasing fans with him possibly working with blink again. He takes a lot of selfies, but in most of them he puts a funny caption or makes a silly face. There are a few photos of his wife or dog, and if he does share a picture of his two kids, he doesn’t show their faces. He again lets it be known here he doesn’t like Trump, but does also shares photos of things he does like, such as The Ramones or food and coffee.

Scrolling down as far as I could without hurting my thumb, I noticed despite him changing up his feed a lot, it all relates back to three things; his projects, his family and his humor. His promotional pictures will change with whatever he’s working on at the moment, and the family pictures change with their travels, and his humorous posts clearly come from whatever’s on his mind or the bizarre things he sees. But I will say it’s probably the most entertaining out of all his social media pages. I’m probably biased since I like going through people’s Instagram profiles, but with his, you never really know what you’re going to get.


Google Search

The first result that comes up is his Twitter, but we’ve already been over that. The first two news articles are about the possibility of a blink-182 “reunion”. Blink-182 is what DeLonge will always be most known for, even with all his recent crazy space projects. Die-hard fans really want him to come back to blink, which is why he’ll sometimes tease them with that. Whenever he does, many articles are typically written, but they’re always the same. The third and last featured article shown is from Hysteria Magazine, regarding him releasing supposed government approved the authentic proof of aliens.

His Instagram, Wikipedia page, and Facebook page all show up as results, but overall the first page is links to articles concerning him somehow. One from GQ is simply titled ‘Tom DeLonge Has Something Very Important to Tell You’, and my first thought is of course “Aliens”. I was right, kind of. It’s mostly about To The Stars, but it actually is a pretty interesting interview. He’s very insightful and the polar opposite of the frontman of a punk band that made numerous innuendos like he was in the early 2000s.

The related people sidebar include his former bandmates, his wife, and even the musician that replaced him in blink-182, Matt Skiba. Going to the second page, there’s a link to a YouTube video of a Joe Rogan podcast he’s featured in. It’s about forty minutes long, and mostly consists of him talking about working with NASA and how he firmly believes UFOS and aliens are real. It’s not as repetitive as you think it would be though.

Final Thoughts

Tom Delonge is very active on social media and does a great job of promoting everything he works on. He has a variety of his posts, so there’s something for everyone in his fanbase. On Twitter especially, he interacts with others, fans included. If I had to give him any recommendations, I would say tone down all the space project promotion just a little. It is probably what is consuming his life at the moment, but personally, I like seeing his humorous posts or photos of his travels with his family. It feels more personal and less like it’s trying to shove his work in your face. My biggest tip for him is to not hint at going back to blink-182 if he has no real plans. It puts fans in a frenzy like you wouldn’t believe and it’s all frankly unnecessary.

Overall, he does make very good use of social media. He never posts anything controversial and does keep his fanbase in mind. He justs need to cool it on the aliens.




Film Snobs- An Analysis of a Movie Blog

One of my most favorite pastimes is watching movies. Some people may view it as a mindless, brain cell killing activity, but to me, it is an art form. It is a way to get across social commentary and life messages without the audience even noticing sometimes.Genres like horror or action can get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping without putting you in any real danger. And when watching the right film, your life can be changed.

So for this assignment, I googled “blogs about films”, instead of clicking on the first result, I clicked on the second. Which happened to be The Movie Blog, a pretty straightforward name. While most blogs have some catchy title in an attempt to grab someone’s attention, this blog just stays to the point, which could also grab people’s attention. The url is also to the point,  The blog has multiple writers, which is clever. If you don’t like one writer’s opinions or writing style, there could be another that is right for your tastes.


The title is off in the top left-hand corner. The Movie Blog with the subheader The Official Home of Correct Movie Opinions. A little pretentious, but that’s the point. Avid movie watchers while want to see if the blog holds up to the statement, while people who are wanting to get more into films can be informed.

The front page has a changing box that displays some of the articles on the page, with a picture that fits with the topic. Next to it is actually an ad to go see Justice League, very fitting ad for the blog.

The front page shows numerous posts to choose from with pictures for each of them. It is very easy to navigate this home page. On the side, they have a link to their Facebook page, which not only has links to their blog posts but also videos of reviews.

While scrolling through the home page, I found an article with an interesting title, Why Liberal Studies is an Excellent Degree for Aspiring Filmmakers. Being somewhat of an aspiring filmmaker myself, I chose to read it. The author is Elliot Hooper, for a photo, there’s a man with shaggy greying hair with a film camera. Before starting the article, they have options to like and share the post on Facebook, which is pretty clever. The post was very well written. It was interesting, made insightful points and kept my attention. It was, however, relatively short and left me with wanting more out of it.

So I went up to the navigation bar and clicked on the Reviews section. I found a review for a film called Innuendo and since I had never heard of the film before (and I’m probably a perv)  I gave it a read. The post’s author, David Black, actually went to the premiere for the Australian made film and included photos he took at the event. After a little summary of his experience there, he did get into the review. Black did an excellent job of giving a synopsis of the film without giving too much away, and also paid attention to the filmmaking itself with I appreciated. At the bottom, there was a graph of different aspects of the film rated on a scale of 1-10. Things such as Acting, Screenplay, and Buyability.  I thought this was a cool add-on and gave more of a number visual of how good the movie is for those who just want to skim the actual review.

After this, I noticed the site had a little About Us page so I went to that. It was relatively short and to the point, just to give a gist of what the blog is about. At the end it does say “Hail Hydra”, and if I wasn’t such a superhero/Marvel/Captain America nerd, I may have been a little concerned.

They also had a Contact US page, which included the whole blog’s email address as well as each individual writers for the blog’s as well. They also had an email address that served as a suggestion box. While I was yet to have any suggestions it was nice to know they keep their readers’ opinions in mind and value them.

Overall, I enjoyed looking through this blog. All the writers knew their stuff and had intellectual but unique writing styles, which reassured the whole “Correct Movie Opinions” aspect. The navigation was all easy and the only way to get lost on the blog is by getting lost in the reviews and editorials. There was something for everyone. Whether you’re a movie snob like myself or just starting to realize filmmaking is an art form, you can find an article for yourself. I actually am considering going back to this blog sometime, and even liked their Facebook page. I’m gonna give this blog a seven out of ten, or two thumbs up.


Wake Up, Donnie

If I had to pick a favorite movie of all time, it would definitely be Donnie Darko.  I watched my junior year in high school when I was taking a film class and wanted to start watching less mainstream films. I don’t remember why I chose to watch this one, but I’m glad I did. I instantly fell in love with it.

The plot revolves around a troubled teenage boy named- what else- Donnie Darko. One night, he begins sleepwalking and has a vision of a man in a creepy bunny costume, Frank, telling him the world is ending in 28 days. From here on, he claims he has to obey Frank, doing all the illegal and wrong deeds he tells him to in order to save his life.

The film was written and directed by Richard Kelly, who was only 24 years old during production. It had a small budget of only 4.5 million dollars but was able to cast some big-name stars, including Patrick Swayze, Drew Barrymore, and Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead role. Due to the 9/11 attacks, the film was not promoted very much, and almost went straight to video. With the help of Barrymore’s production company, Flower Flims, they were able to get a limited theatrical release.

If I had to describe the film in one word, it’s confusingly-trippy (Ok, two words). The film definitely demands multiple viewings to have all your questions answered. While the overall premise is relatively simple, there are added plot points that include time travel, Donnie’s mental state, his first love, and one creepy motivational speaker. The best way to watch the film and understand it entirely is first watching the original theatrical cut. (It’s on Netflix) Then, the director’s cut which includes more detailed scenes and cutaways to help explain the film’s rules and plot points. If you’re still confused, there’s a website that explains everything as simple as possible.

There are some dark imagery and morbid elements, but I wouldn’t consider it to be a horror film. It fits more along the lines of a psychological thriller. Donnie is a flawed character who I will admit, is a little asshole at times, but he is still very humane and wants to be a better person, which helps the audience to root for him. The film has something to offer for everyone, in my opinion. If you don’t like the creepy Frank mask, you will enjoy the innocent relationship between Donnie and his girlfriend Gretchen. It’s also fun to try and spot all the actors that were either already famous or went onto to being famous. Some names include Ashley Tisdale and Seth Rogen.  And if you’re an odd 1980s lover like me, you’re in luck. The film takes place in 1988 and features some of the best and cheesiest pop music of the decade.

So go ahead and fall into a tangent universe (makes sense once you watch the film) and check it out.

Stephen King’s Social Media Accounts

For my celebrity, I am going with Stephen King, since I am a big fan of his work and know he is very active on social media.

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When visiting his Facebook page, the first thing that stands out is his cover photo. It is a promotional picture for his latest book, Sleeping Beauties. Whether it was his idea or not, it is a great marketing scheme. Not only is it an interesting photo, it is the first thing you see when you visit his page and informs you about his new book. His profile photo is a picture of himself, holding a guitar. I remember as a kid I always thought since King is a horror writer; he’d be some creepy looking, overweight man with black eyes and a wart on his face. But then when I saw him for the first time, my first thought was “He looks like a Who!” So now that is still one of the first things I think whenever I see him. He doesn’t look like the kind of person who would write scary stories. But he is always scowling, to make himself more intimidating. My guess is he is a holding a guitar in this photo to show he was other interests outside of writing.

King has an ongoing joke where he refers to his dog as “Molly, AKA the Thing of Evil” When in a reality she is a harmless little corgi. He’ll share statuses or pictures of her with some sort of comedic caption, such as stating her hero is his character Pennywise the Dancing Clown or that she is planning an evil rampage. It’s a fun way for him to share personal things about his dog while sticking to his horror trope but also having some fun with it.

Both of King’s sons, Owen King and Joe Hill, are writers too. On his Facebook page, he recently has been sharing articles, photos, and statuses about their work. Again, it is a clever tactic, because this way he gets to share how proud he is of his sons while also promoting them. King will also share articles about his work or interviews he’s done. His has a very engaging audience as well. Unlike other Facebook pages, he does not have people try to sell something or tagging their friends in the comments sections. They are a lot of fans responding to whatever the post he made. There are also people simply talking about how much they enjoy his work. Overall, King’s Facebook page is mostly for promotion with a hint of personal things, and lots of engagement with his fanbase.

King’s Twitter page is a whole other story. He has 4.1 million followers on there, despite his profile being somewhat bland. He has no cover photo, a simple headshot for his profile picture, and his bio simply says “Author”.  Like on Facebook, he shares tweets and photos of Molly AKA the Thing of Evil, but other than that, the content is completely different. Here, King shares his personal thoughts, many of which are about politics or the Red Sox. There are two things one can very clearly learn about him just by reading his tweets; he loves the Red Sox and hates Donald Trump. King constantly tweets insult or complaints about Trump that for a brief amount of time, Trump actually blocked him! King also retweets others who share his views on politics and addresses current events.

There are still some promotional tweets thrown in there. They must be copy and pasted from his Facebook page though because many of them are reiterated word for word. King does, however, retweet some more original posts for promotion as well, such as tweets about his sons’ work or his books that were recently made into a movie or show.

Checking his “Replies” section, he also does respond to some of his fans’ tweets to him or other celebrities like JK Rowling. It is refreshing to see him interact one on one with some of his fans. With the number of followers he has, he obviously can’t reply to every single person who tweets him. But it is still nice to see him take some time to try and respond with a few of them. In conclusion, King’s Twitter is a lot more personal than his Facebook page. And he certainly has a lot to say about Trump.

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King’s Instagram seems to be his least used social media page. He has the same profile picture as he does for Facebook, and only follows one account; the page for the most recent adaption of his novel It. Here, he only has 739k followers as compared to the millions on Twitter. His bio reads “The international best-selling author’s official Instagram” and has a link to his website. King only has 46 photos on his profile. And there are big gaps between when he posts. His first handfuls of pictures are from 2013 when he was on tour for his book, Doctor Sleep. Then there’s more from 2014 to promote Revival. King didn’t post anything for nearly three years until August 25, when he shared a Molly AKA the Thing of Evil photo. Other than that, many of his pictures are promoting something. Whether it is his sons’ work, the show based on his trilogy Mr. Mercedes, or his latest book, he does not seem to use this account as often.

King uses his social media pages for marketing very well. On Facebook, his has a good mix of promotional and personal, Twitter is mostly personal, and Instagram mostly promotional. My guess is he has the most control of his Twitter, while his other pages are helped run by publicists and managers. Overall, he is using social media very well and also lets fans know more about him on a personal level.