Once Danny’s Donuts, Now Denny’s


An Intro to Denny’s

Harold Butler and Richard Jezak opened a donut stand in 1953 and called it Danny’s Donuts. Today it is known as Denny’s which is a franchise of diners that are found throughout America. The boast themselves as being “America’s Diner.” This franchise has been open for over 60 years now. The diners serve breakfast anytime and is always open 24/7.

Denny’s Social Responsibility according to their website… “As a neighborhood diner, Denny’s is committed to giving back to local communities through many programs, including No Kid Hungry, Hungry for Education, the United Way and countless local programs all aimed at making the world a better place. Denny’s team members get involved in their communities by volunteering their time, making charitable contributions, serving food to those in need and helping raise money for local schools, churches, hospitals and athletic teams, to name a few.”

Social Media Presence Overview

Denny’s is present on multiple social media platforms including:

Analysis and Evaluation




Denny’s blog is provided by the platform Tumblr. It seems to be catering to a younger demographic. The blog delivers original slapstick posts that are about the company. These posts seem to be based off popular Tumblr posts that get the most likes and re-blogs. The blog currently does not have a display for the number of followers. The blog incorporates all three of photos, videos and text. Most of them being personally photo-shopped. The blog seems to have one post a day that at least keeps a presence daily. Interaction with customers and followers does happen often but its more on a weekly to monthly basis.





Denny’s has 1,315,201 people who like the Facebook page. It currently has 1,255,344 followers. Again, the post is a mashup of videos, photos and text. The post usually has text to accompany the photo or text to help inform on the photo or video. This text usually also has a hyperlink that links you to the exact deal or post on the original site. The company does seem to post every couple of days as opposed to daily. The customer interaction is lacking with almost no questions answered in the recent posts’ comment section.

The recent post is an animated Christmas short entitled A Breakfast Carol, with the food being brought to life as characters.





Denny’s has 425.2 thousand follows on Twitter. The content on Twitter is mainly text with occasion videos and photos. Most post again like their blog is catering to a younger demographic to gain likes and re-tweets to turn that into advertisement for the company. There does seem to be a lack of the use of hashtags on the posts. The company twitter usually posts daily with an occasional response to followers once per week.

One example is the recent post of the post suggesting the idea of trying to build a booth blanket fort which has 480 re-tweets and 2.2 thousand likes.





On Instagram Denny’s has 207 thousand followers. The Instagram page is mainly consisting of photos with an occasional video. These photos are mainly slapstick photo-shopped photos that are once again targeting the younger generation. There doesn’t seem to be any use of hashtags. The posts usually promote deals coming along with the date and new items coming to the menu. The company Instagram posts every couple of days with an almost no response or interactions in the comments.

One of their recent posts includes a photo of a reindeer with bread for a nose tagged “Rudolph the Bread-Nosed Reindeer,” which has 17,930 likes.




Denny’s has 32,394 subscribers YouTube channel subscribers. The channel also has 19,744,634 total views. The platform only includes videos. Their videos include trailers, commercials that appeared on television, and short videos for special deals. There are not too many uploads on a frequent basis, but on a weekly or monthly basis. There is no interaction of response to the comments.

One of their latest videos entitled Snack For Santa, has 1,718 which is a short commercial for a free pecan or pumpkin pies with every $20 order.





On their LinkedIn page Denny’s has 17,898 followers. The posts here have links to their deals, newsletter and recruiting events that is linked to the main website. There only seems to be photos accompanying text. The posts seem to be every few days. This platform is different from Instagram or Twitter which it should be because it is more professional.

Summation of My Analysis

Their social media platforms presence ranges from slapstick leisure to professional. Posts are usually targeting millennials to gain popularity on the internet to use it as another means of advertisement. Then on LinkedIn it becomes professional to gain new employees.

Digital Footprint

The first hit when searching “Denny’s” on Google is dennys.com. The next hit is Denny’s locations. The third hit is Denny’s Twitter page. The fourth is Yelp reviews of the nearest locations. The fifth is Yellow Page locations, numbers and hours nearest to me. Sixth is the Wikipedia page.

The rest of the hits on the first page bring up their Facebook page, their YouTube channel, and their LinkedIn profile. These are good results for more information about Denny’s.

Commendations and Recommendations

Denny’s maintains a consistent message of posts across most of their social media platforms. They are fun and slapstick with lots of original images, which seems to be aimed at millennials. Which is a tactic that they use to try to get their posts to go viral for more advertisement.

The video frequency needs to increase. They have some great original photos, but the audience needs more than just photo-shopped photos. I think that for new posts Denny’s should find a balance for regular photos and videos targeted at a broader audience. Whatever they decide, it should be to promote their services in a more professional way. As a franchise that deals with families they should be creating social content for everyone in the family. If you pigeon-hole yourself into one demographic it can be difficult to try different posts. It can also put off other customers that believe you don’t handle your company in a professional manner.

To improve their social media presence and digital footprint, they should continue to cross promote. Though the interaction with customers on all platforms could use a lot of work. There needs to be questions answered in the comments. The comments that are given out tend to be jokes which is fine but not helpful. Maybe even have a specific Denny’s Customer Service account on all platforms to redirect questions and concerns so that they are answered. Denny’s would be very effective if their future clients see those relationships through social media.

The social responsibility page on their website that displays how their impact in the community is not enough. One way you can help prove to your customers that you are following through with your social responsibility is to display it on social media. If your customers feel a certain establishment does not deserve a donation of money than you would have a chance to hear that.

Denny’s has a statement of wanting to be socially responsible and are doing alright but could do better in terms of audience interaction, broadening their audience and displaying the actual good social deeds on social media.









Amazon: Social Media Smile or Frown


The company I chose to view their social media usage is Amazon. You can find them on Facebook by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/Amazon/. The page currently sits at 28 million likes. The site can be found on Twitter by searching @Amazon or here: https://twitter.com/amazon. The company on this platform has 2.69 Million followers. In comparison, the company is following a mere 152 users. The company has made 26 thousand and counting tweets. These numbers are all from Amazon joining in February of 2009. On Instagram Amazon can be found by the username @Amazon or clicking here: https://www.instagram.com/amazon. Amazon has 1 million followers on Instagram. The company is following more than they do on Twitter, following 338 users. Thus far, the company has made 1,742 posts on Instagram.



Amazon on Facebook uses is company’s logo of a smile that also doubles of a delivery arrow. The cover photo features a new line of wireless Bose headphones and speakers. The cover photo also includes an embedded hyperlink that encourages you to “Shop Now.” The about tab is broken down into neat sections the first being Business Info. The Business Info section lists the founding date of the company which is July of 1994. Next, would be the Mission section here it lists the company’s mission statement. Which is “Our vision is to be Earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” A Contact Info section follows, which just lists the company website:

http://www.amazon.com. Next section is More Info which has three subsections the first being the About section that establishes it is the official Facebook page of the company Amazon. It describes the service provided under the next subsection Company Overview that states “Online shopping from the earth’s biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes, jewelry, tools & hardware, housewares, furniture, sporting goods, beauty & personal care, gourmet food & just about anything else.” Then the last subsections titled Products which informs that Amazon has dozens of product lines and a full list can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/site-directory/. It includes it is a retail company as well. The last section Story it informs of milestones including when it was founded, when Amazon reached one million customers in 1997 and most recently the AmazonSmile and Kindle Fire HDX launches.

Most post receive a lot of feedback whether that be positive or negative. The most popular recent timeline posts include one that has a video of Oprah announcing her favorite things with a link from Amazon to be able to purchase it directly on their website. Another one includes a teaser and link to behind the scene video of the making of Maroon 5’s latest album “Red Pill Blues.” All posts are created by the company and includes some sort of media that includes either a picture or video and sometimes both. The post also always includes a link to the official website. This is good for audience interaction because it gives the audience exactly what the post is talking about whether it be in picture or video form with a follow-up link that directs back to the website. There are other likes but only of other pages that are owned by the company. This can be a drawback as customers might not know what other companies, organizations and people the company likes to support. This page also includes a community portion which encourages inviting and interacting of those that like, follow and use the page. The company also does a great job of responding to customers questions that can be lost in the comments of posts.


The Twitter page of Amazon includes the same main logo of a delivery arrow that delivers as an arrow. The cover photo is the same Bose headphones/speakers of that in the Facebook one. This can be a positive for the audience in the ability to determine the same accounts. The bio includes: “Official Twitter of http://Amazon.com. Contact @AmazonHelp for customer support. Seattle, Washington. 13.2M Vine Loops. Joined February 2009.” The most popular tweets seem to be that of the moments of last year’s Christmas that celebrates pets for sleeping in empty Amazon boxes, ordering on Amazon in your pajamas and the appreciation of same day delivery during the holidays. Again, all posts seem to be made by Amazon. The only retweets are that of other parts of the company’s posts. The “like” section seems to be used for audience interaction with the redirecting of questions to @AmazonHelp. All posts include a picture or video. The interaction could be improved as their does not seem to be any retweets of customers. The customers are still retweeting and liking their posts and Amazon is responding to tweets directed at them but no retweets of customers. The only likes and responses to customers seem to be from a positive feedback standpoint which should include negative feedback as there is some not acknowledged.


Amazon’s Instagram page includes the standard company logo for the profile picture. The bio section simply includes: “Amazon Your place for #allthethings! amazon.com.” The most popular posts include that of announcing new abilities of the Alexa with a funny video that shows how to use it and deals for products like ties for pets in a photo. Amazon does a good job responding to questions in the comments even though ask for people to direct them to their help page. But, the interaction could be improved because there is no “re-grams” of people’s post which encourage more customers to tag Amazon in their posts in hopes of their photo or video making the main page.



On Facebook, Amazon seems to be making more of a digital impact compared to the others because it enables an actual community segment for others to interact not only with the company but others. The more appealing is Instagram because they can promote and display things in a more aesthetically easier way with links. Though their audience on all three platforms could be improved as there does not seem to a promoting of customer feedback in the forefront of the pages.

Blog Analysis: Film Babble


The blog I chose to analyze is the blogging site Film Babble. The specific use of the blog is to review indie films and Hollywood blockbusters by Daniel Cook Johnson. The first post that will appear is the author Daniel Cook Johnson’s latest review of the movie Blade Runner 2049 (Denis Villeneuve, 2017).                                                                                        The web address is here: http://filmbabble.blogspot.com



The header is a nice custom picture for the blog which makes clear your reading the Film Babble Blog. The first title is straight forward and gives you an idea of what exactly the author will be covering. The tagline of the first post “Now playing at multiplexes from here to the off-world colonies,” catches the reader’s eye to excite them for the blog post. Other than inside the post the bio for the author is “Film Babble Blog is written, produced and directed by: Daniel Cook Johnson – A Triangle area, N.C. based writer. His work has appeared in The Chapel Hill News, The Raleigh News & Observer, and Independent Weekly.” The menu is halfway down the page on the right hand side of the page which reads as the Film Babble Blog Archive. The widgets can be found almost at the bottom on the right that only include a widget for PayPal to support the blog and a widget to bookmark the blog. At the top right below the bio there is a Twitter link to follow the blog on Twitter. There is also a link to email the author under that one. After that there is a link to follow the blog on Facebook. The footer consists of a copyright and the theme type which is simple. The “About Me,” is found after clicking the hyperlink of “by Daniel Cook Johnson.”



The blog consists of simple theme of a white backdrop and black lettering. It is a straight forward display with not too much distraction. Though there could be improvement for a sleeker theme that incorporates more intriguing features. There are photos on almost every post which ties into each post topic. These photos seem to be of film stills not personal taken photos. There does not seem to be to many videos or trailers.

The titles are well comprised. They are well thought through and compelling to click on and not confusing. There doesn’t seem to be a portion of titles that are most popular. There should be a section of popular posts the audience think are Mr. Cook Johnson’s best so new members can get an idea of his best work.

The “About Me” section includes his photo, name, gender, and location which is Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The Introduction which is the same as the bio. There is information on how long he has been blogging which is since May 2002 and profile views which is 5,766. Lastly it includes Mr. Cook Jonson’s favorite movies, music and books.

There are sponsors for the blog which enables the audience to see different companies that support the blog. There is also a section on other blogs that are friends of the author. This enables the audience to be able find blogs that might be of similar interest to them easier.

The Audience Interaction could be improved greatly. There could be a poll to see which movies the audience they would like to see reviewed along with the others Mr. Cook Johnson intends to already review. There are very little comments even with the comment section. This could be changed by encouraging readers to give their thoughts below whether in agreement or opposition. The blog does have social media links. Though the blog posts do not have any sharing buttons to be able to share each post. This is a negative because if you enjoy the blog post or want others to read it there is no way to share it. Also, there does not seem to be any other encouragement to subscribe to the blog.



         In conclusion, the blogging site Film Babble has a straightforward theme. This theme could be improved for a sleeker theme that incorporates more intriguing features. There are social media links and sponsors. The author’s bio is clear and easily viewed at the top right. The blog posts have intriguing titles that make you click. When you do click you are met with the post accompanied with a film still within. Though there is no trailer from the film which is a drawback because you may not have heard of the film being released or anything about it at all. Another thing that could be improved is the Audience Interaction. There could be a weekly poll to see which film the audience would like for Mr. Cook Johnson to review. Also, the site should include encouraging readers to give their thoughts below whether in agreement or opposition. The blog site should add sharing buttons for the blog posts. Another thing is there does not seem to be any other encouragement to subscribe to the blog. The blog is intriguing with informative posts on the which movies to see next yet lacks Audience Interaction that could grow the audience.





A Monopoly Game in 1814

From the minds of Peaky Blinders (2013-present) the next cinematic underdog on the small screen is Taboo. It is a co-production from BBC America and FX Networks which is written by Tom Hardy and his Father, Chips Hardy. The series is set for a second season likely in 2018. The first season saw the eight-part series, set in 1814, begin with James Keziah Delaney (Tom Hardy) returning to England after twelve years in Africa following the death of his father and as the war with the United States is nearing its end.

Tom Hardy as James Keziah Delaney (Picture: BBC/Scott Free Productions)

The first we see of his character it is at his father’s funeral as his mere appearance frightens everyone as he was believed dead after being on a ship that had sunk. During the burial, he murmured strange words as he painted his face with red dust. Delaney comes home not expecting to inherit anything other than what he brings which is rough diamonds he has stashed, his father’s home and the possessions inside.

Delaney would come to find out though his father owned a sound off of the Pacific Ocean, called Nootka Sound. This sound had become immediately valuable because of the trading post it would give the United States or Great Britain after the war against each other in 1812. A company he once worked for has interest and he sets out to meet them. This company being the East India Company. The asking price is below what he would like and asks for a heftier price. The offer is denied and Delaney leaves without selling. As a result, The East India Company plot his murder. At the same time news of who is holding the rights to the land reach the King of England, the United States and others. Delaney must weave himself through multiple dangerous cat and mouse games in order to see if he can keep the monopoly he decides he now wants.

The new season is set to premiere sometime likely in 2018. The production value of the show including set design, props and costumes is great. The cinematography and directing are Oscar-worthy. The actors including Tom Hardy who plays James Keziah Delaney transform themselves into each character amazingly. I cannot recommend this show enough.

To read and see more about the show and the actors, click here.



Here is the trailer: