Barstool Sports (Final Project Perrin)

    Introduction: Barstool Sports is a blog/podcast/video site that was created by Dave Portnoy AKA El Pres. Portnoy started the company in 2003 when he became tired of being stuck working for people inside of a cube. Portnoy started of the site as a paper edition that he would hand out for free outside … Continue reading Barstool Sports (Final Project Perrin)


Why I Love Sports (late introductory post)

Sports is more than a hobby for me, it is quite frankly my favorite thing out there. I live and die for sports. I understand that my statement may seem a little crazy to some, but for me it is the absolute truth. Growing up as a young child, my father would have a bat … Continue reading Why I Love Sports (late introductory post)

Case Study 3 Frankie Midnight. Frank " Frankie Midnight" Fleming is a sports blogger. Frank is the owner of his own website which is called "sports encyclopedia" and he is a recurring blogger on the site Barstool Sports. I will be focusing only on the blogs that Frank does for Barstool simply because they are limited to … Continue reading Case Study 3 Frankie Midnight.