Laugh Hysterically and Breathe Comfortably With Poo-Pourri

I was introduced to Poo-Pourri years ago, and always thought that it was a pretty funny but intelligent concept.  After researching companies that “did social media right“, I was surprised to find this company up top on the list.  I was instantly intrigued and decided to further research.  I found myself laughing so hard at the video below that I instantly decided to throw a curve ball and examine their online presence and how it affects their company.


Poo-Pourri is a fragrance company based in Dallas, TX that sells an essential oils blend that you spray into the toilet before you go creating a film on the water locking in your “Stank”… Exactly what it sounds like.  In 2007, after 9 months of trials, Suzy Batiz and her husband Hector started manufacturing her natural alternative deodorizing product that was the foundation of today’s $300 million  company.

Prior to the release of the Girls Don’t Poop advertisement above starring Bethany Woodruff , they mainly advertised by word of mouth.  This is how I came across the product.  It was featured in many small Louisiana boutiques (pootiques as the company calls them) and became really popular quickly.  The Girls Don’t Poop video targeted mainly women, and quickly went viral.  It was the beginning of their journey mastering humor to market their product!

In her short bio, Suzy Batiz states,”All around us, people are increasingly breaking free from conformity and convention, yet we still allow silly taboos like bathroom odor to hold us back. Poo~Pourri changes that. Poo~Pourri shows how one effortless shift in your routine and mindset can create a positive transformation. Poo~Pourri liberates you from toxic thoughts and ingredients, and inspires you to confidently own your throne! Besides, you’ve got more important crap to worry about!”  She also did a pretty interesting interview with Dallas News, that is definitely worth the read.  It gives insight to how she broke the ice with humor and decided that social media was most effective.


The Poo-Pourri company does a phenomenal job marketing themselves.  Their photos and graphic designs alone are above most other companies.  All of their platforms have a light, clean, and effective presence.  The company utilizes Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Website, Blog, and Pinterest.  They all have consistent color schemes and fonts while utilizing Bethany and her classic blue dress to market.  Poo-pourri certainly lets their presence be known and somehow avoids the obnoxious over-posting.



When opening this particular company’s webpage the firs thing that you see is the following video.

After you get a good laugh in and scroll down.  There is immediately a visually appealing banner that gives you the option to order now.  I think that is a great touch, because it gets straight to the point.  This is probably why most viewers would be visiting this webpage and it erases the chaos of having to figure out where to click to order.  Below this banner, there is yet another simple but creative graphic demonstrating their stink-free guarantee.  “Own your sh*t Spritz 3-5 sprays into the toilet bowl on the water’s surface. Proceed to #2 as usual. The natural essential oils create a barrier—trapping odor under the surface.”  This is the phrase captioning their graphic followed by another order now button.  Next, you have the option to shop scents and add them to your cart, followed by their best sellers, and gift sets available.  I absolute love that I haven’t had to leave this main page once to do any of these things.  You also have the option to subscribe and save on 3 different packages.  Coming to the end, in all caps you see “LET’S TALK CRAP” #poopourri followed by a toilet paper roll with links to all of their social media accounts on each square.  This was my favorite part.


I think they do a great job with puns, have a visually satisfying approach and provide all information necessary to advertise their product in a fun and rewarding way.  The bottom of their page gives many other options including shopping tabs, help tabs, legal, and how it works which includes tons of cool links including their blog.


Screenshot (9)

The Throne Diaries is surprisingly a pretty neat blog.  As usual their graphic team does a phenomenal job.  You have the option of clicking on 5 different sections of the blog.   Bathroom 2.0 is where they post beautiful bathrooms that they compare to their advertised scents, give tips on other uses, and also provide DIY crafts (with bathroom products) and tips for bathrooms.  Give a crap is the section that the company shares the charity work that they have completed or are in the process of aiding.  You have options to donate on their website to help the company complete their great objectives such as donating toilets, educating children, and natural disaster relief to name a few.  It’s Only Natural is where blog posts regarding your health especially your health pertaining to poop.  This is where you will find their most recent posts and tons of interesting articles!  Under the Lid is where they introduce their pootique of the week and various members of staff.  It is nice to put a face to the beautiful graphics and funny writing that this company puts out there!  Uninhibited Fun is filled with clever articles, news regarding the company, and words of wisdom.  I think that the blog is a great addition to their webpage.  There isn’t a way to comment on the posts so there’s no interaction between the company and audience, but you do have the option to share their posts.


On Twitter, you immediately see a creative banner staring Bethany holding all of the different scents of poopourri and a graphic quote saying, “Spritz before you go and no one else will ever know”. The twitter page has 9,648 tweets, follows 2,146 followers, 15.8K followers, 22.1K likes, and 1 list. Most of their posts contain photos and videos.  They retweet fan’s tweets, and reply to those who tweet them directly.  Poopouri does a great job with post frequency and content, but they don’t seem to get much fan interaction despite having a decent number of followers.

Screenshot (5)


This is the video that plays in the company’s Facebook banner.  Here you will find the same content as twitter for the most part.  There are clever jokes, solutions to stinky problems using their product, art, and advertisement.  They do such a great job using these platforms.  On facebook, there is so much more fan interactions.  Each post has hundreds to thousands of likes, comments and shares with tens of thousands of views. This, to me is amazing for a bathroom spray. The facebook page has 230K likes and 227K follows.

Screenshot (7)


Screenshot (10)

On Instagram, the company has 1,955 posts with 17.3K follower while following 1,257.  Majority of the posts here were also featured on twitter, facebook, or both.  Most posts are pretty artsy using herbs, flowers and other natural products that the company features in their products.  Here, they don’t receive as much interaction with their audience, but still seem to get around 100 likes consistantly with only a few comments.



At first, I thought pinterest was an odd tool for this company, but changed my mind after looking at their boards.  Their marketing is tied into all of their boards. They have 2,628 pins with 3,010 people that follow their account while they follow 765 others.



This is where their marketing magic happens.  As I mentioned above, their marketing began here on youtube and is still just as effective… and hilarious.

Their most recent video above got 252 comments, 2K likes and 122 dislikes.  In the world of youtube, you may think well that’s not super impressive, but it was viewed 5,493,069 times.  For a toilet spray that is beyond impressive.  The poo-pourri channel has 89,517 subscribers.  Each video reaches their audience and gets a good amount of audience interaction.  They have learned what their audience likes and have done a great job marketing their product that way.  This is the center for the rest of their social media platforms!

As A Whole: 

I think that this company’s digital footprint speaks wonders.  The have taken the fact that everyone goes to the restroom and made it work for them.  They have mastered the use of humor throughout their brand.  I have never seen advertisements anywhere other than online.  This in itself lends credibility to the company’s ability to utilize these platforms.  Poo-pourri does a commendable job on staying true to their branding strategies.  I have said it before, but the fact that a company whose product is simply a new take on bathroom sprays can market as effectively through social media as they have is extremely impressive.



I think this company is doing everything so well.  They put themselves out there on every recognizable platform.  They do a tremendous job with every detail:  the layouts of their multiple platforms, incorporating ingredients into their imagery, use of puns, writing, humor, consistent color schemes.  The list goes on.  My only recommendation would be that they try to engage with their audience more.  While having such a good understanding of their audience demographic and what it is they desire from the company, I don’t think that there is enough interaction on some of their platforms.  In order to improve this I feel that they should maybe do give-aways or engage them by asking questions.  I also think that use of a celebrity to join Bethany would be an interesting twist!  This would encourage comments and possibly share-ability bringing in a larger audience.  Overall I have to say Poo-Pourri is doing a great job with their use of social media and making an impressive digital footprint!


All of my references are linked throughout the blog.  I received most information through the Poo-Pourri website itself!






It’s Britney B!*C#!!!


I can remember being 8-years old trying to memorize Britney Spears dances with my softball teammates.  The only thing we loved dancing to more was N*SYNC and we all know how that ended!  Britney, for those that live under a rock, is known for being the Queen of pop.  I am a 90’s Baby and most in my generation undoubtedly love(d) Britney! She was actually raised in Kentwood, LA which is about 2 or so hours from where I am from.

Most of us recognize Britney’s start as being The Mickey Mouse Club alongside Christina AguileraJustin TimberlakeRyan Gosling, and Keri Russell. After the show was canceled, Britney returned to the scene a few years later as a member of the girl group Innosense.  She left the group that year and became the sensation that we all know today.

Her first Single, Baby One More Time (first album also), took Britney to instant fame.  It isn’t very frequent that you find an artist’s first track released nominated for a Grammy!  From there she has released 9 studio albums, got married twice (once just to have sex) and remains unmarried now, gave us many tabloid headlines, went freaking nuts in 2007, had many hits, a couple flops, acted a bit, toured the world, and most recently ended her 4 year residency in Las Vegas.  As for what is next for Britney, who knows, hopefully it includes Boston at some point!!!


As you can see, Britney Spears has 39 million likes, 36 million followers, and 123 of those followers are my friends on Facebook.






On twitter, Britney Spears has 5,365 tweets, follows 389K people, has 2,490 likes, 56.6M followers, and has been a member since 2008.


insta On Instagram, as you can see, she has a much smaller following with 18.4M followers, following 86 people, and 1,939 posts.


Britney spears uses the same photo for all of her profile and cover photos.  Her profile photo is the same photo that I used as my featured image, and the cover photo is another photo with tons of pink hues.  She shares the same photos, for the most part, but I will analyze each platform separately.

Facebook- In the about section, you can see that Britney Spears was born on December 2, 1981.  Under contact info her website is listed: and under story her links to instagram, twitter, youtube, tumblr, and official store appear.  Below contact information you find more information stating her genre (pop), hometown (Kentwood, LA), record label (RCA), about (album and ticket info), current location (Los Angeles, CA).  There’s also a milestones section which spans from birth to 2014 when she released her lingerie line and new perfume.

Majority of her posts on Facebook tend to be photos, mostly of her alone, with her boyfriend, or with her boys.  She seems to do a lot of candid photos and shares her advertisements for her shows and products. While the photos seem to be posted by her or someone rather close to her, her page doesn’t “like” any other pages.  I think her page is actually very well put together.  It incorporates many different parts of her life.  So as a fan, you are able to see her, her kids, love life, home, vacations, promotions, and more.  I would say this is very personable.  She lays much lower these days, so it may be dull in comparison to the life that she once led drawing in a smaller following because people love scandal.  It is unfortunate that her wall isn’t able to be posted on, but that makes plenty of sense on her part.  Her posts would be overlooked and unnoticed by all of the posts of her fans.  Her fans seem to really interact positively, which is surprising from looking at other celebrity pages.  The number of trolls is surprisingly minimal and mainly consists of fans asking for new music and tour date confirmation.  Overall, I would say it is maintained very well.

Twitter-   Twitter seems to be the platform that Britney uses most!  Most of her posts  seem to be original posts rather than retweets.  The content is mainly the same as facebook with a few more photos and videos of the same nature.  1,102 of her tweets are photos and videos which are certainly her most popular tweets.  The videos posted are actually a bit cheesy and vein.  In addition, you can also see tweets replying to fans and other celebrities such as Ellen, Miley Cyrus, and her sister.  I would definitely assume that she moderates twitter herself.  It is nice to see that she engages her fans here rather than on facebook where it is all one way without responses on her part.  Once again the interaction is all rather positive, some a bit vulgar, but positive!  There are always thousands of likes and retweets with hundreds of comments; the most result from photos of only her.  I think her twitter page is run even better than facebook.  She posts frequently, engages fans, and tweets things that her following is interested (her).  Great job on her part!

Instagram:  Britney spears posts very little exclusively to instagram.  That being said, she does have the smallest following here with the harshest critics.  There are way more negative posts here telling her that they are waiting for a grown up Britney (not untrue) some day, she looks like she hasn’t taken her makeup off in months, and she looks old and tired.  That is just in the first few photos. There is still a large amount of positive comments, but those were the first negatives that I had seen.  Again her bio only says “Thank you Vegas” and links you to her website.  With nearly 2,000 photos posted, I think that she does a great job here as well sharing her life with her following.  She has posts that range from food to family to relationships to performances.  Again, quite a few of the videos she posts are really cheesy and borderline awkward, but I think that may just be her personality.  Here, her most popular posts seem to be those of her alone and some including her 23 year old boyfriend.  He seems to be nuts about her and does some really special things.  Her audience seems to really enjoy posts relating to that.


Overall, I think that Britney Spears does a great job managing her social media.  She makes it as personal as possible, and that’s what her fans desire.  She seems to take most to Twitter where she has her biggest following.  She does a better job interacting with fans here than on her other platforms.  Even though she has a bigger following on twitter, I think that her Instagram is the most appealing.  She seems to share more personal photos and videos here, which as a fan is what you desire.  You want to see what these celebrities actually do day in and day out, and she does a wonderful job sharing her life.  No surprise there!



If Only We Were all Saving Country Music…


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Growing up in the south, there aren’t many things more sacred than true authentic country music.  We spend Saturdays with Classic Country Saturday Night and many other nights enjoying many many many festivals filled with all things country.  Country music has made a turn in the last decade or so.  It is a rare occurrence to hear true country.  Kyle “The Triggerman” Coroneos created the blog Saving Country Music to present the major issues with today’s country music.  His blog is much bigger now than his original Free Hank Williams III blog therefore he is not the sole author and actually has a number of bloggers that aid him.


The layout of this blog is extremely simple.  There is nothing visually drawing you in.  Instead when entering their site you see a dark drab background with a small logo image in the left corner.  Below the image there are 7 menu items in white.  These include home, about, mailing list, live, contact, charter, and advertise.  Next, you will see orange widgets for Twitter, Facebook, google+, and Instagram.  Below the widgets is a small stream of what I believe is advertisements followed by the actual blog posts.  Scrolling down past the most recent posts,  there are more options such as categories, recent comments, blogroll, and “more from saving country music” which seems to be older blog posts that got a good amount of attention.

Paraphrasing, The Triggerman is the editor, creator, and head writer of  His writing has inspired songs by major artist including speculation of Taylor Swift’s “Mean”. He has been quoted and interviewed by many credible sources such as The New York Times and featured on a podcast from Wide Open Country.  In addition he is a published author and has written for many other sources.  They go into much more depth in a quite humorous way in the about section if anyone is interested.

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The content of Saving Country music is just that.  Triggerman and his fellow bloggers are passionate about restoring country music and exposing the crap that has become country music today.  The posts here aren’t worded with catchy titles and don’t post many photos, but they come with a punch.  Each article is wonderfully written and that doesn’t come as a surprise after knowing Coroneos background.I think that it would definitely be an improvement to break-up the text with more images for better digestion.  That being said, they do choose great photos and videos when using them, but I would love to see more!

There is now a swarm of pop country which changes country music as it was known and love.  This draws a wider fan base, but discourages those who love the raw, classic greatness that country music already was.   There is a whole section of blogs titled “Down with Pop Country” filled with posts regarding  the overtaking of pop country.

While these aren’t the only blog posts, they certainly are the most popular.  These are what draws people to this blog.  You can click on any of the posts in this section and clearly see the interaction of the audience, most of which seem to agree with the postings.

Embed from Getty Images

While the setup here allows for easy audience interaction on the site, it doesn’t make sharing easy which could lose them potential audience.  The set up of the blog seems more matter of fact.  Other than the mailing list link, there isn’t the usual Like, share, and follow urgency.  In a world of social media, accessibility to sharing should be just a click away.  For an accomplished blog, I’m rather surprised by it’s simplistic and almost ancient approach.  I didn’t take time to view the social media presence of Saving Country Music, but maybe this is where the more modern touches come into play!


This blog does such an amazing job presenting it’s point.  You can observe the passion that this team feels towards country music with each post.  The writing is fact based when relaying news with the perfect amount of self reflection and opinion.  While bullying is “Mean”, here I feel that it may be justified.  Country music was once written about things you related to such as love, heartache, pride, friendship, and so much more.  Over the years, that has deteriorated to shape today’s music that focuses on objectifying women and parties or completely losing the country sound.  Triggerman does a great job of making readers aware of these problems.

Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum Hosts Medallion Ceremony To Celebrate 2017 Hall Of Fame Inductees Alan Jackson, Jerry Reed And Don Schlitz : News Photo

I wouldn’t consider the blog perfect because it definitely has it’s flaws.  Like I previously stated, I would love to see more photos or videos.  The website could also use an overhaul.  The design is very drab and not very user friendly.  Navigation is certainly doable, but it does leave you wishing for more organization. Overall, I would definitely suggest those who love true country music to follow their posts for quite a few laughs, debates, causes and great stories.



Top 5 Reasons That I Wish Mardi Gras Was Year Round!!

Mardi Gras… It is once again that time of year.  What is technically a one day celebration becomes 2 months of bliss when you are a Louisiana Native.

I looked forward to Mardi Gras each year, so moving to Massachusetts has definitely made the heart of summer dull and COLD!!!  While I jealously watch my friends enjoying all of the festivities, one thing catches my eye each time.  My reason #1

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KING CAKE.  If you have never had it, you are truly missing out! It should definitely be available all year round! Other than it’s pure deliciousness, King cake actually has a pretty cool history.

Reason #2 comes as no surprise if you have any slight knowledge of Mardi Gras.  The parades.  The are months of parades in all regions of Louisiana.  Ranging from crazy topless people to families to people chasing chickens… yes chickens.

I think that the biggest draw in of Mardi Gras is the family element.  My entire extended family gets together and has tons of fun in the process!!!  It is surely a bonding experience for everyone, no matter how old or young!


Let’s not forget the Mardi Gras Balls!!!  I was raised in the Lafayette area and we have quite a few.  I actually have a close friend of mine that runs what is considered the “fun” ball because of it’s laid back, party heavy atmosphere!

If you haven’t gathered the common theme here through all of these things, I will use it as reason #5.  THE PARTY.  When I think party I think of all of the different elements dished out throughout Mardi Gras season.  Great FOOD, MUSIC, CULTURE, & PEOPLE.  Alcohol or no alcohol, you are guaranteed to have a great time!

So, If you are considering doing Mardi Gras in Louisiana…. DO IT!  Don’t reconsider.  Any area you visit is so rich in culture and surely won’t disappoint!

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Added Bonus…. It’s Crawfish Season too!