The Rock



“Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?” Dwyane “the Rock” Johnson was born on May 2 1972 in Hayward, California and is now one of the biggest celebrities on the planet not just his massive physical size but because of his recognizability. The Rock has done a lot in his career from playing college football, to professional wrestling, to the top of Hollywood’s movie industry.


The Rock would be a third-generation professional wrestler after growing up watching his grandfather Peter “High Chief” Fanene Maivia and his father Rocky Johnson but initially wanted to try a career in football. Attending one of the top football schools in the country, the University of Miami or better known as “The U”, Johnson had sites on a probable NFL career until a back injury would rob him of the opportunity. After a failed comeback attempt in the Canadian football league Johnson started to follow his family’s footsteps into professional wrestling. Initially signed under the name “Flex Kavana” it didn’t take him long to establish him self as a character and eventually change his name to “the Rock.” The Rock would become one the greatest wrestlers in WWF history and rivaling the most popular wrestler of all time Hulk Hogan. After winning the WWF world heavy weight belt six times Johnson decided it was a good time to take his wrestling success and translate it in to an acting career. After his cameo appearance as the scorpion king in The Mummy Returns sparked his own sequel action movie and proved he was able to handle a lead acting role. Since then Dwyane Johnson has starred in multiply high budgeted films like the San Andreas and the Fast and Furious movie series. Currently Johnson starred in the new Jumanji movie and is the star and producer of a comedy drama on HBO called Ballers. The Rock is all over social media promoting his show and movies but also promotes other activities like shooting a promotion for the NFL playoffs or his Under Armour photo shoot. He also posts annoying videos of him giving either work out or general life advice and is very preachy about how he goes about his life. The Rock uses Facebook, twitter, and Instagram very often but even has a YouTube channel and his own application through iTunes.

Social Media Platforms:


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The Rock’s Facebook page doesn’t have the start date listed but appears to have been up for multiple years. His page has received 58,142,402 likes from fans around the world. The Rock is very active on Facebook making at least a couple of post a day usually promoting a project he has upcoming or of him working out trying to inspire others to be as fit as him. The about me section is mostly links to his other social media platforms but he does have a quote from Vince Lombardi, “We will be relentless in our pursuit for perfection. We won’t ever be perfect – but in the process we will achieve greatness.” This quote speaks to how the Rock brands himself as someone who is always pushing to improve themselves. The Rock doesn’t seem to interact with fans directly on Facebook but hundreds of fans comment on all of his posts.


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Twitter is probably the Rock’s most active social media page, since joining in February 2011 he has sent over 20.7 thousand tweets and has amassed 12.4 million followers. The Rock typically posts every day at least a few times between similar promotions as his Facebook page and thanking fans for their support. Most of his recent posts are him retweeting positive fan posts about his new movie Jumanji. People all have similar reaction on threads all being in shock as if being retweeted by the Rock was the same as winning the lottery. He also seems to interact with his friends or other celebrities like a post involving the WWE’s Stephanie McMahon mentioning the Rock’s movie Moana in one of her own tweets. Besides that, most of the content that is found on his Facebook page can also be found on Twitter.


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The Rock’s Instagram is the most popular social media platform by far with over 99 million followers viewing his 3,321 posts that come in pretty much daily. His information section is a link to a video about the Rocks star on the Hollywood walk of fame and his acceptance ceremony. The post all consist of him working on different projects, with fans, working out, or giving an inspirational speech for his followers. The same content can be found on both his Twitter and Facebook pages. His recent posts include him shooting a promotion for the NFL playoffs, promoting his new movie Jumanji, pictures from his recent Under Armour work-out-photoshoot.


Last year the Rock launched his own YouTube channel where shares his own original content in videos. Videos are mostly comedic poking fun at the Rocks personality are spoof involving a project of his. He also has some more serious videos trying to give people inspiration or personal information about the Rock himself. His channel has over 2.7 million subscribers and his most popular video “Rock Reacts to his First WWE Match” has over 17 million views. He posts a couple of videos a month but it appears to be his least trafficked social media platform by comparison.

Phone App

The Rock even had his own iTunes application for a little while. It was called the Rock Alarm Clock and it was an alarm clock that was synced up to the Rocks own alarm clock on his phone. Users had the choice to set their own wake up time or you could set it to the Rocks wake up time which was typically 4:00 in the morning. There are different options for the alarm its self from the Rock yelling to him singing you awake. Big twist with this application is that there is no snooze button so you have to get up to stop it.

Digital Footprint

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The Rock uses social media very well in keeping his followers up to date with his activities. He uses the main three social media platforms of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote his upcoming and current projects as well as form of advertisement for his sponsors. Its easy to see these advertisements in his Instagram more than rest because products or brands can be seen being used by the Rock such as Under Armour or Ford. The Rock thanks his sponsors and fans in almost every post. I would suggest that he makes his different social media pages aa little more induvial from each other. It makes sense that he wants his content to been seen by as many viewers as possible but many end up seeing the same exact post on the different platforms. Perhaps he should change the wording in the different posts to give them more personal feel. Also for all the post from fans he could throw a comment on some of them and not just retweet them. I personally don’t care for the Rocks approach on social media. I feel like he’s trying to project how great he is because of his life style and work ethic and wants his followers to share the same experience. His preachy videos don’t inspire me to do much more than wish for the days when the Rock was just a great wrestler. With out a doubt one the physically biggest stars on the planet but also one of the larger social media presences.

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Barstool Sports Case Study #4



For this case study I chose to do Barstool Sports because I’m a follower of their social media and they have used social media to grow into an emerging into a legitimate media outlet. The Barstool Facebook page ( boast an impressive 1,716,244 page likes. The @barstoolsports account has been active since March 2009 and the founder of the site actually bought stock in twitter. Their twitter has 1.05 million followers and follows just 532 accounts and has sent out over 63 thousand tweets. Their Instagram page has 6,049 posts and over 3.5 million followers while following just 57 accounts.


The Facebook profile picture is the classic Barstool Sports logo that has been around since the site was started. The patriotic themed logo is an old Microsoft clipart image of a red stool encircled with white stars with a blue background. The cover photo is a collogue of past barstool content including the major barstool personalities all shaded blue with their slogan “Viva LA Stool” in bold white lettering in the middle. The about me section is treated like a joke with a link to the online store and their mission statement being “to the moon.” Their page is filled with original content videos first at the top. These videos range from their online baseball show the “Starting 9” to their very popular “Rundown” where the major Barstool personalities discuss current events usually to do with sports or pop culture. The Rundown was actually given a testing week being aired on comedy central at midnight on Comedy Central. Their posts are shared, liked, and commented on thousands of times so it difficult to pinpoint a specific post more popular than the others. Most of the videos posted are sent in by fans or “soolies” as they are referred to. These videos are usually about sports and drunk fools doing something stupid. They also repost links to their actual blog site of their popular articles daily. Barstool sports follows four other pages one being their own page The Barstool New Network. The others include Youtube star Latarian Milton, Felger and Massarotti a Boston sports radio show, and Anastasia Ashley a female professional surfer. Knowing the history of Barstool this is actually pretty funny and not as weird as it looks.


The Twitter page is very similar to their Facebook page because it is updated extremely frequent and has a ton of traffic from followers. The profile picture and banner are the same two pictures as the Facebook page of the logo and the collage. The bio just like on Facebook is short and sweet with a quote from founder Dave Portnoy “By the common man for the common man” with their popular hashtags #VivLAStool and #SaturdaysAreForTheBoys. Their page is flooded with pictures, videos, and retweets from both Barstool employees and page followers. The Barstool personalities are very active on Twitter especially during football season and communicate with fans and followers consistently. The page stays up to the minute with content that appeals to their fan base which is not for everyone.



The Barstool Instagram page is very similar to the Facebook page and the Twitter page. Sharing a common profile picture of the Barstool logo. Like the other pages their bio is very short and to the point. The entire bio says, “Visit the Barstool store” and provides a link to access their online store. The videos and pictures posted are all the same ones on the Facebook page and the Twitter page. The most popular posts currently are of various football fans reacting to the games this weekend. Most of their content might not exactly follow online etiquette but that is part of what has made their pages so popular among high schoolers, college kids, and young adults. Like on Twitter the comments on post involve Barstool personalities and fans interacting with comments related to content they regularly post or have talked about all most like inside jokes with friends.



I think that Barstool Sports has excelled in its use of social media over the years and with the recent emergence of Instagram their popularity is only going to continue to grow. At first comparing the three different social media pages I thought it was overly repetitive with the display and posts. I think the consistency of their posts across social media is actually a good thing. This allows fans of the blog to keep up with the different personalities in real time on what ever social media platform the user is most comfortable with. I personally read the blog and use Facebook but am fully aware that they are heavy Twitter and Instagram users and now through this class I am now exposed to those platforms. Barstool has been able to monetize social media and grow their business into one of the fastest growing media outlets in the world.