Universal Orlando Resort’s Digital Footprint

Universal Studios Orlando is an entertainment company that is part of the Universal Studios Company. It includes two theme parks, hotels, a water park, a huge shopping district call Universal City Walk, and six hotels. It is designed for families of all ages and has been a formidable opponent to other parks in the Orland, Florida area such as Sea World and Walt Disney World. The fact that it is in the same city as these other resorts makes their social media footprint as important as ever. The more people that they can reach means more visitors and more revenue for their company.
As a frequent visitor to all of the Orlando area theme parks I can say that over the past few years there has been more and more visitors to the area than ever before. Most of these people come with a plan already in mind. It is for this reason that Universal Orlando has got to reach these people long before they even get into the area. The best way to entice these crowds is through all of their social media platforms. So back in 2015 Universal Orlando opened a Social Engagement Center to help them cover all of the bases.

Social Media Presence Overview
Universal Orlando uses a variety of social media platforms:
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Youtube

Analysis and Evaluation

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Universal Orlando Resort’s Facebook page is followed by roughly 2.5 million people. The page mostly consists of video and pictures that even include some written is Spanish with an English translation. This can even reach many more followers. The resort posts anywhere from one to three times a day. Most of these posts have thousands of ‘likes’ and hundreds to thousands of comments. A lot of the comments include people ‘tagging’ family and friends saying that they want to to visit. Of all of these posts none of them had been answered by personnel from Universal Orlando Resort.
Most of the posts on their Facebook page are advertisements for the rides, shows, and hotels found throughout the resort. Being that it is so close to the Christmas holiday season, a time when millions visit the Orlando area, Universal chose to include holiday happenings like shows and parades. They also used characters such as the Incredible Hulk and Minions to appeal to the crowds of fans that follow these characters.


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The Twitter page for Universal Orlando Resort has approximately 536 thousand followers with 64 thousand tweets. The entries that these followers see are videos and pictures. These portray a lot of the rides, shows, and hotels that are found throughout the resort. The Twitter page also includes park hours which are helpful when planning a trip. Some of the pages were also in Spanish with English translation; this goes a long way in reaching more people. The resort posts these tweets a few times every day. These posts end up with at most 200 ‘likes’ and have very few shares and even fewer comments. As with their Facebook page, Universal does not reply to comments on their posts.
The majority of the Twitter posts are advertisements for the theme parks, water park, and hotels that are on Universal’s property. They graphics are hyped up to make people want to visit when they are in the area. Popular characters such as Minions are also used to draw people in. The people that enjoy these characters usually want to enjoy interactions with them as well and Universal pushes the fact that their resort is the only place to find these characters.


The blog for Universal Orlando Resort is found on its main web page. It consists of a post that is posted every few days. The posts consist of videos and GIFs and are related to all things that are located at the resort. The subjects include the hotels, the rides, the water parks, and even the food found throughout the resort.
Each post on the blog has a some, but not many, comments. Universal does not respond to any of these comments. Also included at the end of every blog post are links to other blogs that are related to the original one. This is great if you are doing research on a certain topic and are looking for as much information as possible.

The Instagram page for Universal Orlando Resort has 1306 posts and 1.1 million followers. It has many pictures of all things Universal. It has pictures of Harry Potter and Butterbeer along with pictures of their hotels and rides. They are all great advertisement and they make the viewer want to go to experience all the wonderful things that they have.
Each of the pictures have thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Although Universal Orlando does not respond to the comments many people comment on each others comments. This is a great way for people to connect over a love of the same things.

The Youtube site for Universal Orlando Resort is loaded with videos from across the resort. These include videos of rides like the Fast and Furious and Shows such as the Macy’s Day Parade. They feature music, lots of lights, and even some loud sound effects and music. They certainly grab the attention of the viewer and make them want to watch.
The other thing about the videos of Universal Orlando are the way they appeal to children. One can assume that since Youtube appeals to the younger generation Universal realizes that this is a great resource to use to attract visitors. If kids watch and want to go then parents can’t be far behind.

Digital Footprint
If you search Google for Universal Orlando Resort you have to pay close attention to the results that the search returns. The reason for this is that there are so many different entities of the Universal Studios companies and you have to be careful to pick the specific one that you are interested in.
In my Google search of Universal Orlando Resort the first website that shows up is the main page for the resort. After that are entries for their Twitter and Facebook pages. This is followed by a Wikipedia page about the resort and then there is a travel website with advertisement to book travel. Then immediately following that was an entry for the general web page for Universal Theme Parks; this includes all of Universal’s parks throughout the world.
The Google entries on the following pages for the travel website Expedia and also a fan page for Walt Disney World. This was followed by many, many websites that advertise travel. This is important because of all of the visitors to the area. When the travelers do research into their trip they will be connected to the Universal Orlando Resort and hopefully they will feel the need to visit during their trip.
Commendation and Recommendations
The digital footprint of Universal Orlando Resort is wide spread. It covers all of the major platforms including blogs, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. All of the posts include pictures and videos of the rides, food, and hotels that are located within the resort. There are also many comments made by followers that tag their friends on the same platform. This is great for business because if the many people are tagged there is a greater chance that more people will see it and visit the resort. This can be considered a great form of networking.
If there were one flaw that I see it’s that they post the same exact posts on each platform other than their blog. The reason this is, in my opinion, a flaw is that if most people follow them on each of the platforms, as many people do belong to more than one, then they see the same advertisements over and over again. When I look at their pages I would like to see different content on each. This way I will see more and want to go even more. Although I see the reason that they duplicate their posts I believe that most people are on more than one platform and would benefit from seeing different content on each one.
If I were to make any improvements it would definitely be adding different content, related to the same topics, to each platform. This way readers would not get bored with the same posts over and over again. As the use of social media continues to grow and digital footprints become even more important I believe that the content needs to improve. It needs to become more interesting to keep the reader/viewer’s attention. I also believe that Universal needs to have employees that respond to comments, this would also make it more interesting.
Universal Orlando Resort has a an interesting connection to social media; they both are meant to entertain. This gives Universal and all other entertainment venues that use social media a leg up when it comes to advertising. They are using one type of entertainment to promote their own type of entertainment and they are doing it for virtually no price. If they had to advertise on television or in print then it would cost a lot of money. Although they pay people to post to their sites they can post as much as they like at not cost. It’s definitely an advantage that they cannot afford to lose.
My love of all Orlando theme parks draws me to the internet. I love watching the videos and the advertisements and they make me want to continue to attend. As for the reason that these theme parks use social media to advertise I say it is mission accomplished.









The Disney Chef is a blogger about all things Disney but mostly about the food found at Disney Resorts. The Blog is written by a woman named Jerusha and she loves Disney so much that she wants to share it with others. Her blog address is http://www.thedisneychef.com/. If your a huge Disney fan like me that has withdrawls from the moment you leave the resort then she is a must read. Her blog will give you a little piece of what you are longing for.
When you log onto The Disney Chef you will instantly see fan favorites from Disney. If you are truly a fan you will instantly notice the brightly colored Tie Die Cheesecake from the Pop Century Resort or the fabulous, can’t live without, Dole Whip from the Magic Kingdom. The pictures alone draw you into the blog so if you are note familiar with the images I described don’t worry, you’ll see what I mean. They will make you want to take a vacation immediately.
As you continue on you have a chance to read about the author, Jerusha. You will learn that she loves Disney World and has visited there at least 13 times. No where near the 40+ times I have visited in my short life span but impressive none the less. She explains that so far she has over 200 Disney recipes and millions of views. It is clearly her passion and it shows throughout her blog.
Jerusha is married with small children and she is excited to share her love of all things Disney with them. She shares that her favorite rides include The Haunted Mansion and Soarin (two of my favorites as well) and that her love of running has spurred her into running Disney marathons. Her favorite Disney move is The Little Mermaid and Ariel is her favorite princess.
Next on her blog is a recipe index and a tab with vacation tips. Her recipes include Mickey Waffles and Chocolate Peanut butter Sandwiches. Two items that you would love to make over and over once you have returned home from your vacation. Travel tips include the Ten Best Ways to Spend Snack Credits (included with the Disney Dining Plan) to a review of Disney’s Pop Century Resort. The resort features many large icons from the second half of the 20th century that spark the imagination of the child inside each one of us.
Although the blog has many followers there doesn’t seem to be a lot of responses to the posts themselves. They are however Pinned and re-Tweeted hundreds of times. This leads me to believe that others, like me, just go to the blog to grab recipes or see what new items Jerusha has published and not so much to interact. The blog is a great source of information.
As previously mentioned, the photos on the blog are amazing, especially if your a Disney Foodie like me. The colors are rich and the depth of the photos make the food look amazing. And although the pictures may make the food look difficult to prepare the recipes are certainly easy and explained. They make you want to run to the kitchen to start cooking (or take a trip to Disney World if you’re like me!).
In analyzing  The Disney Chef blog I didn’t find too much that I would change. I think that the depth of her blogs and her supporting pictures are excellent. I think that she hits a home run when it comes to reaching those that love Disney World Food and the experiences that come with it. The only thing that I think that she could do a better job at is reaching out to people that may not know that Disney is great place for a foodie. Maybe she could explain a little more about the food so that she would make these readers appreciate the food as much as us Disney fans. Over all I think that she does a fantastic job.
Now, if after reading my last blog and this, you don’t realize that I am a Disney FANATIC, then you probably never will. Happy Eating!!

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Do you need a vacation? I certainly do. I know, I’m young and I should have lots of energy and I shouldn’t be tired. I hear that from my parents all of the time. I get it. They work 40+ hours a week and they run a house and are raising two young men; they get tired. But, guess what? I get tired too! I wake up early every day and get my brother to school, then I get ready for school. I attend class four days a week and then I have two on line classes. On the weekend I don’t get to sleep in either because I work every single one. I NEED a vacation.

Where would you go on vacation? I know where I would go. Disney World of course! Who wouldn’t have fun watching humans run around in 100 degree weather in furry suits hugging thousands of people? Those people must need a vacation too.
I want to go lay by the pool in the warm sun and then head to the parks for the rides when it cools down. Rollercoasters are definitely my favorite. The more insane the better. I usually end up riding them by myself because the rest of my family is scared of them. They don’t know what they’re missing.
I also need a vacation to Disney World to eat. If you love to try different foods and tastes then this is the place that you need to go. There are so any different types of cuisines that I never have enough time to try all of them. At home I eat the same things over and over; at Disney I have the variety. You can even eat at different places together. You want Japanese and I want French? That’s ok we can each eat what we want; I love having that choice!
I know that doing all of these things really isn’t resting and getting caught up on my sleep, but, they are all things that I enjoy. When I go there the rest of the world and all of it’s problems disappear. And, even though I hate to admit it, I do enjoy spending time with my family; they are goofy and crazy but that’s what being away from home is all about. And in case I didn’t tell you, I really need a vacation now!


Disney Worlds Digital Footprint

The Walt Disney Company is one of the most recognizable brands in the entire world. Their presence in the entertainment industry is nothing short of amazing. They have theme parks, an move production business, and animation studio, stores, and many more divisions. And because the company is so popular and recognizable it makes it a perfect candidate for all forms of social media. For the sake of this project, because every division of the Walt Disney Company has their own social media following, I am going to concentrate on Walt Disney World. The resort in central Florida is my home away from home. To think that one man, Walter E. Disney, came up with an idea of an animated movie, crazy for his time, and turned it in to an entertainment giant is truly unbelievable.
On Facebook, the company’s username is WaltDisneyWorld and they have 15,650,926 followers. On Twitter their username is @Waltdisneyworld and they have 2.8 million followers and 20.5 thousand tweets. On Instagram, their username is Waltdisneyworld and they have 6.1 million followers with 1,038 posts. And to think, this is just one small division in their vast empire. Their social media footprint is almost beyond belief.
Walt Disney World’s Facebook page is definitely a reflection of the Disney World that I have come to know and love. It’s profile picture is just a shadow picture of the symbol that everyone has come to associate with Disney World, Cinderella Castle. It’s Facebook page picture is actually a video advertisement for Pandora, The World of Avatar. This is a new section of the Animal Kingdom theme park that has great new rides and entertainment. The Disney Company invested a lot of money in the new section of the park and by using social media and bringing awareness to it they can draw millions of visitors each year. In the “About” section there is more advertisement for Disney World including all that there is to explore while there.
The posts on the Walt Disney World page are mostly videos and pictures. They are basically all advertising for different parts of the resort. It is designed to make people watch and look and then want to go. It also appears to be geared towards both children and adults. There are videos of their animated movies for children and pictures of the International Food and Wine Festival. All of the posts have thousands of views and many have thousands of comments as well.
All in all I like the the Walt Disney World Facebook page. It is informative and, for a Disney nut like me, it is exciting. The only thing that I would like to see is more of the behind the scenes kind of material. I get that Disney doesn’t want to lose the “Magic” but curios minds like mine would love to learn more about how my favorite place works.
Walt Disney Worlds Twitter page is almost exactly like it’s Facebook page. Almost every tweet from the company is exactly the same as it is on Facebook. There are animated videos geared towards children and information on The International Food and Wine Festival for adults. The Disney Company has always been very protective of their brand and always wants to keep a consistent message. Because of this, I’m not really surprised that the pages are almost identical, including the profile pictures; they are trying to keep their brand message consistent.
The real big difference that I see on this page is that the number of likes is much lower on each post on the Twitter page. Also, Walt Disney World’s tweets have been retweeted many times but they have never retweeted a tweet from anyone other than another division of their company. Again, I believe that this is how they are being protective of their brand. As far as comments go I find it somewhat surprising that I could not find any negative comments on any of Disney’s tweets. There were response to Disney tweets that were asking specific questions and they were being answered by WDWToday. The assumption is that this is also investigation it is Twitter page with live updates from inside the parks.
On Instagram Walt Disney World 6.1 million followers with 1038 posts. The profile picture is again the same and consistent with that of their Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is what helps make it recognizable to anyone that woulD want to follow the company.
Walt Disney World’s Instagram page has mostly pictures of all of its’ parks and resorts. It also has many pictures of favorite characters such as Mickey Mouse and Olaf. Each picture has hundreds of comments and thousands of likes. There is however no response from the Disney Company on any of the comments. Each picture also has hashtags of many of Disney departments that are associated with each picture. The pictures are all very bright and relevant to Disney in the world today.
The five most recent pictures are mostly of Halloween and the International Food Festival that are both being celebrated in Disney World this month. The comments on these pictures are all pretty much positive. They are people that have either been there and already enjoyed these places and activities or people that will be going this week before the Disney decorations turn from fall to Christmas. The people’s comments alone are free advertisement for Disney World; when other people read them it makes them want to go there and enjoy the festivities as well.

Of all of the social media pages that Walt Disney World has I can honestly say that Instagram is my favorite. I say this because when I log on and see all of the pictures of the place I have enjoyed since I was little I get extremely happy. It makes me want to go there immediately!(I guess Disney’s social media advertising works!) I find this totally interesting because on the other social media pages Disney has much more advertising with videos that are created to make you want to visit. To the more than regular visitor all I need to see is the pictures without the extra “noise”. However, as far as Walt Disney World’s social media presence it would appear that Facebook has the biggest reach. This is where most of their followers are and where they are reaching the greatest amount of people. It would seem that so far Facebook is its biggest win.
Disney’s social media footprint is huge. It is to the point where one Disney entity is commenting on their Disney entity pages. As some people say that Amazon is taking over the world, after doing this assignment, I feel like Amazon has to take the world over from Disney if it wants to conquer. The social media pages from Walt Disney World alone are a lot of free advertisement for them and I believe that their social media presence will only continue to grow as more platforms are introduced to the web. This will reach even more people and will continue to grow their attendance numbers at the Walt Disney World resort.