Kylie Jenner Digital Footprint


Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. She has accomplished more and made more money at the young age of twenty than most people will in their entire life. The show Keeping Up With the Kardashians is what brought her into the public eye and gained her such a large following. Since then, she has starred in a spin off show, Life of Kylie, and also launched Kylie Cosmetics, a makeup company. Her beauty products are popular because people want to be able to say they wear the same makeup or use the same brushes as Kylie Jenner.


Social Media Presence Overview

Kylie Jenner is big in the world of social media. She has very large followings on all of her social media accounts and posts frequently to keep her followers engaged. People are drawn to her posts because it gives them a glimpse into her life that they would not otherwise see. She uses her Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts very often to keep fans updated on her life and her business.


Analysis and Evaluation

The social media account Kylie has the most followers on and uses the most is her Instagram account, @kyliejenner. She recently reached 100 million followers on here. She posts on this account every few days or once a week to keep her followers engaged and up to date on her products in stock and new product launches. She tends to post more when a product is being launched. In addition to product posts, she posts selfies, pictures from photo shoots she does, pictures from her daily life, and ads. She has tens of thousands of comments on each of her posts, but does not seem to respond to many if any at all.

 Screenshot (57)

Kylie uses her snapchat, @kylizzlemynizzl, a lot too. She posts on here a few days a week, and on the days she posts snapchats there are often a lot of them. She posts pictures and videos of what is going on in her life on her story such as her dogs, her meals, and her best friend, Jordan. Additionally, she posts sneak peeks on new products that have not yet launched and swatches the colors so her followers can see the products before they are available to buy.


Kylie Jenner’s twitter @KylieJenner has 23.8 million followers currently. She tweets a few times a week. Most of her tweets are about her products launching. She tweets a lot about products launching or restocking, and also retweets tweets from her business pages to her personal Twitter page. She does acknowledge her fans on Twitter and will retweet them when they get a one of her products and tweet about it.

 Screenshot (58)

Kylie Jenner’s Facebook is a page where people can like and follow, but not friend her. Over 20 million people have liked and followed this page. Her posts on this Facebook page appear to be the exact same as her tweets. It looks as though she copies and pastes whatever she tweets and makes a post of it on Facebook right after. She does not appear to respond to fan comments on Facebook.

Screenshot (59)

Kylie Jenner is one of the top social media users in the world. She has one of the highest followings on both Instagram and Snapchat. Kylie’s digital footprint is quite extensive. When you google her name, her twitter account and some tweets come up. Additionally, her family pops up. Right now, all of the Keeping Up With the Kardashian fans, and even other people, are anxiously waiting for Kylie to announce her rumored pregnancy. This rumor has been going around for months, and articles about this pop up close to the top of a Kylie search.


Commendations and Recommendations

I think Kylie’s social media present is impressive. She always talks to her followers, especially on snapchat, and addresses them as “you guys” making the story viewers feel like she is talking directly to them. Kylie’s audience is young, like her. I think she does a great job being able to communicate with them on their platforms of social media. I think she could post more often to increase traffic on her pages. She also would get a lot of credit if she responded back to a bunch of her fans on different posts across all of her social medias. As someone who has been in the spotlight since she was in elementary school, I think Kylie is doing a great job of giving fans a glimpse into her life while still maintaining her privacy.







“College Football Kingdom” Analysis


I chose to analyze the blog that a friend of mine runs. As an aspiring sportswriter, he writes about college football on his blog, His name is Evan Rose and the title of the blog is “College Football Kingdom”. This blog is where he offers his predictions about the upcoming college football games, as well as analyzes the games from the previous week and gives his opinion on what happened.



The blog is laid out nicely. It is simple, being only one page that you scroll down. The newest posts from the most recent weeks are at the top, and the older posts from earlier in the season can be read as you scroll further down the blog. Every week, he posts a chart of the upcoming games for the week. In the charts, he includes who is playing in each game and his prediction on who will win each game, along with what he thinks the final score of the game will be.


The header of the blog is located right at the top in bold, clearly stating what the title of the blog is. Right underneath it says, “predictions and analysis for the 2017-2018 season”, leaving no confusion to what the blog is about and what you will be reading. There are titles to each blog post that are also big and in bold so you can clearly tell what week you are looking at. The fact that all the posts are in order from most recent to the original posts make it fairly easy to not get lost. As soon as you get on to the page there is a large picture of a football field with a tiger eye in the middle. The picture is bright, colorful, and very appealing to look at. It looks professionally taken, giving the view the impression that the blog will be credible and interesting.


When you get to the top of the blog there is an “About Evan” section on the right-hand part of the screen. This tells you about the author and gives background information about his life. This section includes the fact that he is studying to become a sportswriter and hopes this blog will attract a following. This is good to see right away because you know right away this is not a professional looking to make money, so not to believe exactly everything he says but also to know he is passionate about what he is talking about.


One thing the blog does seem to struggle with is there is not much of a menu, the top right hand corner of the page has only two options. One says “home” and that just reloads the page to the home page where you just were. The other says “contact” and opens up an email to the author so you can write to him. I think it would be more effective if there were options to view some of his older pieces or view more material other than just this season’s work.


The blog also contains some social media links to the authors accounts. Both to his Twitter account and his Instagram account. That is a good thing because if you like his content, there are more ways to interact with him and keep up with his work. However, the location of these links are less than ideal. They are all the way at the bottom of the page below every single one of his posts. It takes a lot of scrolling to get to the links, and not everyone who visits the blog will scroll all the way down to the bottom.


Some of the more popular posts on the site are the charts that he produces every week with the predictions about the games coming up that weekend. However, there does not seem to be much interaction with the author by the readers although there is a comment button right next to the post. More viewer interaction would help the readers get in touch and build a stronger bond with the author. The author does not encourage people to subscribe to the blog or follow it in any way, he simply asks they come back each week. This could be part of that problem as people may forget and not be able to receive any reminder.



This blog seems to be well laid out for the most part. It is easy to navigate, and contains a lot of information that someone who is into sports would really enjoy to read. The blog is visually attractive and easy to interact on if someone were to want to. There are several recommendations that I would make to the author such as adding more of a menu, relocate the social media links, and look for a way to encourage more viewer interactions. I think this blog is a great read for people who are interested in college football, and a good place for them to see who won each game. If the blog had more interaction, I think the author and readers could form a great bond over their love for college football.

Jessie James Decker


Jessie James Decker is a country singer and the founder of a clothing line, Kittenish. She is married to Tennessee Titan wide receiver Eric Decker. The two have a daughter, Vivi, a son, Eric Jr., and another baby boy on the way.

Jessie James Decker’s Facebook page,, has 1,013,818 likes. Her twitter account, @JessieJDecker, has 602.9K followers, and she follows 51.6K people. Jessie joined Twitter in March 2009 and has 21.4K tweets. On her Instagram account, Jessiejamesdecker, she only follows 299 people, but has 2.7M followers who love seeing her 3,122 and counting posts.

e and j



Jessie James Decker’s Facebook profile picture is her album cover photo. Her cover photo is the same picture, but more zoomed in to only show her face and has the title of her album on it. Under the “about” tab on her page, Jessie James Decker (JJD) has links to her other social media accounts, her manager’s information, booking information, and her career information with links to get her album and clothes.

JJD’s most popular timeline posts are photos of her kids. Her promotional posts about her album seem to have the least amount of likes and interaction. The posts made on her page seem to be made by Jessie James Decker herself as they are the same as her Instagram posts, which she manages herself. Her page also likes Facebook pages that belong to various country radio stations.

I think Jessie James Decker could improve her Facebook presence and interaction level by posting more worded statuses instead of just reposting the same pictures on her other platforms. If she posted occasionally to interact with her fans, that may help her get a higher following and number of likes on her posts. However, of the interaction JJD does get on her posts, it is very hard to find negative comments on her posts. Most comments are positive, uplifting, and loving.


Jessie James Decker’s Twitter profile is similar to her Facebook profile. Her profile and banner photos on Twitter are the exact same as her profile and cover photos on Facebook. JJD’s bio says “I pee in the shower” and includes her album title, the link to purchase her album, and some of her business information.

Similar to her Facebook, JJD’s tweets are the same pictures that she posts on her Instagram. Although, she does retweet tweets that have to do with her and her album that she herself has not tweeted out. Again, the tweets that get the most amount of likes and retweets are tweets of pictures of her kids, and the tweets that get the fewest amount of likes and retweets are the tweets about buying her new album.

JJD produces her own tweets and retweets things she feels fit to her timeline. If she wanted to improve her interaction on Twitter, she could tweet more worded tweets instead of just pictures.

People do tweet at Jessie James Decker, and she sometimes responds or retweets them, depending on the subject of their tweet. The tweets she responds to or retweets are usually tweets that have to do with her new album or contests she has regarding the album. Sometimes, she also retweets or responds to tweets she agrees with. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people retweet JJD’s tweets every time she tweets. For professional purposes, I’m sure, Jessie James Decker responds to or retweets positive things only and keeps negativity off of her profile.


Jessie James Decker’s Instagram bio lists the things she does for work and what she is known for such as “singer/songwriter/designer Founder of @Kittenish and Bless your hair”. Her bio also contains her latest album and the link to purchase it. JJD’s profile picture is a nice headshot of hers from the photoshoot for her new album, Southern Girls City Lights.

JJD posts a variety of pictures on her Instagram including business posts, promotional posts, pictures of her living her life, food posts, and pictures of her family. The most popular photos and videos on Jessie’s Instagram are the photographs she posts of her family. I think Jessie’s posts would all get absurd numbers of likes if they all featured her family or food instead of promotional and business posts.

After scrolling through Jessie James Decker’s Instagram, it is clear how much her fans love her and love her posts. On four of her last five posts, I saw nothing but positive an loving comments. However, one picture she recently posted of her kids had the comments turned off. That could be for many reasons. She could have turned them off because the post receive negative comments, or she could have simply been protecting her children.


Jessie James Decker is definitely more successful on Instagram. Instagram is the social media platform where she has the most followers. Also, the majority of her posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter are just the pictures that she posts on her Instagram. JJD seems to be best at posting pictures, which is Instagram’s only usage. She also uses her Instagram story to post the meals she is cooking for dinner or what she is doing with her day. She seems like a more fluent Instagram user than any other social media platform.


Healthy Eating

At the age of 16, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, meaning my body reacts poorly when I eat gluten. Due to this disease, my small intestine is very damaged and now has trouble absorbing nutrients and digesting many foods.

I was recently put on a whole food “diet” which means all the foods I can eat are gluten free, grain free, lactose free, all natural, and have no added sugar. At first, it was horrible, but now I’ve learned different ways to flavor foods other than drowning them with dressings and condiments.

Many people have trouble sticking to a diet. To me, if you refer to it as a “diet” it sounds temporary. When people say “I’m on a diet” it’s a way they are eating temporarily for a period of time to lose weight, then they will go back to eating whatever they want. Making a lifestyle change to eat healthier is better than a diet, but also makes it easier to stick to. Change your eating habits for the better, but it is okay to occasionally eat a meal that is not necessarily healthy for you because your next meal will be healthy.

Two of my favorite foods included in my new whole foods lifestyle are eggs and sweet potatoes. I love that they can both be prepared a variety of ways and eaten for any meal. Some of my favorite snacks are trial mix (without the m&ms unfortunately), fruit, or larabars, which are easy to grab and go in a hurry! I especially love bananas and all natural peanut butter on top of plain yogurt.

One of the hardest parts about eating healthy is that healthy food is hard to take on the go and can take longer to prepare than unhealthy foods that can often be quickly made in the microwave. Meal prepping on Sunday nights has helped me to have meals and snacks that are already cooked and ready to grab and when I get home from class or work.

Although harder than eating junk all the time, healthy food can be very tasty! It may take some getting used to, but in the long run, you will feel 10 times better. Without all the junk in your system, it functions better, and you will have more energy. Eat better, feel better!