Life in Two Paragraphs

Hello all!

It is not often that one is required to talk about oneself. I feel as if it’s something i have little practice in. But considering this is just an introduction i figure i can be brief. Starting from the basic straightforwards; My name is Nick Bunzick, I’m 22 years old and was born in Boston. I have one sister who just turned 29. My mother was born in London, England and grew up there and my father was born in Connecticut and raised between there and Queens, New York. For most of my life I have lived in the greater Boston area. However for two years of my life, ages 3-5, I lived in England. Two different locations in England actually. The first house was in a place called Burnham. We had a large yard and we lived right next to a levy and a set of docks. It was a beautiful place. The second place was in a town, of which the name escapes me, and in the house my nana and papa lived in. Although my mom thrived being back around her family it was difficult for my dad to integrate and find stability in the workforce. So we ended up moving back here to Lexington, Mass. A standard suburban town in which i grew up. Outlandishly entitled at its worst and boring at its best. Although now I’m out of my teenage years I tend to appreciate the environment I grew up in more.

My first time really living outside of Lexington, excluding my brief stint in England, was when I went to college at University of Maine. A place i would only spend a short amount of time in. I attended the school fueled by the pressures of “supposed to” and feelings like it was my only option. The continuation of this supposed-to path was when I became a business management major. This major basically went against my essence as a human and after one poorly graded semester I gave that up in search of a more creative outlet. That is when i decided to switch into theater production. Specifically set design. I would say this is when my first taste of production hit me. It would be where I would begin making a mental connection to what I wanted to do in the future; Film Production. After two measly years at Umaine I decided not to continue fooling myself and took a much needed gap year. A time of re-discovery of self and of my passions. During this year i wanted to follow a path that allowed me to express the desire to search what my interests are and figure out what potential career avenues I wanted to pursue. Middlesex ended up being my best option. A cheap alternative to most schools and it would also allow me to take classes that I found interesting and challenging. It would be here I would manifest my love for pop-culture into a communications degree. A two year long pursuit which started on the whim of discovery. This spring (2017) was my last semester at Middlesex. It feels satisfying walking out of here with an associates degree and even better than that a potential plan for my future. Im currently attempting to transfer to a school with a dedicated film program in which I can continue to explore my passions while also furthering my education. Im excited to see where I am by the end of this year.

As far as a summary of my life i could probably write forever. But this is intended as an introduction to self, and not as a life story. So i guess this would be a good transition to and end.