Case Study #3 – Ashy Bines



I have chosen to do case study #3 on Ashy Bines. Ashy Bines is an Australian health and fitness Icon. She is known for her down to earth personality, her want to help others achieve their fitness goals, and her dedication to her followers, family, and close-knit group of girl friends, she calls her “Squad.” Ashy Bines has created a following worldwide with her presence on social media and her passion to help women who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle but, lack the motivation and support they need. Ashy offers this support and has created a forum that allows girls with similar goals to connect with each other. She has an active presence on social media forums such as Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook, and YouTube. She also has started her own line of clean treats and even active wear called Toned by Ashy Bines. She continues to stand apart in the fitness world with her Booty challenge, Abs challenge, and Bikini Body Challenge that comes equipped with everyday workouts, meal plans, and daily webinars to exercise both mind and body. Her public presence has also grown as she has done fitness tours called the Booty Tour and most recently her Squad Tour, this way she can reach women all over and meet and connect with the people who follow her. Ashy Bines has no doubt been successful in creating a community of women who want to achieve a common goal, to live a healthy lifestyle and too support each other.

ABBBC, Web banner


Ashy Bine’s Facebook image is very interesting. When looking at her official Facebook page you will see that she promotes her active wear line Toned by Ashy Bine’s in her header. Her profile picture is of her in a swimsuit showing off her athletically fit body type. The majority of the post on her Facebook looks to be promotional but there are also some posts that are clearly original and personal to her, such as thank you posts, and posts about her son Taj, or her friends. Most of the posts contain pictures of videos that are connected to links to her programs or her YouTube channel. If you click on her about you will see some of her interests including food, traveling, and animals. In her about she is described as a “27 year old personal trainer from Gold Coast Australia” and “wife, mother, and lover of everything health and fitness.” Though this is her public figure page, She has other pages that are more excusive. These pages can only be accessed if you are a member of her programs. I am a member of Ashy Bine’s World Wide Squad, so I have access to these pages. I am part of both the World Wide Squad forum and the Boston Squad forum. Since Ashy Bine is not as popular in the US or more specifically in Boston, the Boston forum page is not as active as the World Wide forum. The World Wide forum for Squad is very active. People from all over the World are members and post on this forum. Ashy is also active on this forum and does live chats as well as answers question and interacts frequently with members through this forum. There are nearly 15,000 members of the World Wide Squad. Also added to this forum are workouts articles and meals. It is truly a community feeling and Ashy continues to stay active in it.

Because Ashy does not a have a huge twitter following, I have chosen to talk about her YouTube Channel and Snap Chat. She has a very active YouTube Channel and does videos about her life, food, and workouts. Ashy Bine’s Raw is her weekly Vlog that shows what she does day to day. She has 5 season of this show and shows no signs of stopping. She has 86,000 subscribers! Raw allows ashy to connect on another level with her follows and allows them to truly be able to see what a day in the life of Ashy is like. Raw is funny but also shows the ups and down that life throws her way! It makes you laugh and cry. Another thing that allows Ashy to connect with her followers is Snap Chat. Ashy has a very serious presence on Snap Chat. She snaps nearly everyday and all day. Sharing what she is doing, giving a life talks, or showing off he baby boy Taj. This really is where she thrives!


Ashy’s Instagram contains many different things. Her post range from promoting brands she loves to photos of her and her friends to quotes to food and more. She stays very positive here and posts things that are bright and happy. Ashy’s profile picture on Instagram is her in her Toned by Ashy Bines line of clothing. Ashy has 857 thousand followers on Instagram and follows 436 people. I think her Instagram bring out a combination and balance of her business and personal side. She includes things in her bio such as her Snap Chat, her business email and a link to her Squad Program. She promotes not only things she loves and her brands but also her friends and family businesses. Another thing that is important about Ashy’s presence on Instagram, much like her other accounts, is that she is active. She is personally responding, or so it seems, so girls who comment and post. This is something she really prides herself on. She wants to have a connection to her followers so they feel like she is listening. She says she takes time frequently to respond and read on her social media accounts especially Instagram and Facebook. Her following is very responsive as well. They are eager to thank Ashy as well as ask her questions. Her responses show this is not a one-way conversation.


I think Ashy’s strongest points on social media are her marketing and her interaction with her fan base and followers. She provides a genuine face to the public, which is one of the reasons why she is so successful. I think in terms of communication Ashy Bines in best on her Facebook forum first and then Instagram. Recently, she has put a lot of her time and effort into her Squad forum and did a 2-week Blackout on social media to focus on it. This was not only a good decision for those who participate in Squad because it means more Ashy time but also for her business because it drew in those who were not in the forum to join. Overall, I believe Ashy has been very successful in her social media presence and that it had benefited not only her but her fan base as well.


Skin Sympathy

imagesRecently, I have become extremely careful about what I put on my skin and have taken the initiative to educate myself on what is best for my body. It has almost become an obsession for me, but it should be. We only have one body in this life and how we treat it reflects in the way we look and feel.

When I was younger, I was frivolous about what types of cleansers, lotions, and makeups I used. I didn’t know what a sulfate was or what chemicals were lurking in the attractive, brightly colored cosmetics that were so popular between my friends and me. Even later when my mom switched over to natural cosmetics, I still didn’t buy into it. I didn’t understand why I should change my whole beauty routine. I though a lot of people use the brands I used and I wasn’t seeing an unfavorable results (or so I thought), so why should it matter what products I use. What I didn’t know was that the results I was getting from the products I was using weren’t all that great. In fact, my skin was suffering.

I finally came to my senses, about a year ago, after a terrible rash started spreading down the underside of my arm. After several doctors visits, hundreds of dollars worth of prescription creams, and my skin turning green, I couldn’t take it any more. I told my mother I would try anything to find a solution. My mother, who has been telling me for over a year, “don’t put anything on your body you wouldn’t eat,” was thrilled. After throwing away pretty much every beauty product I had, I began to grow a new and improve collection of products. Within even a few days, there was a visual difference in my skin as a whole and eventually my rash disappeared completely. I felt confident and like myself again. Even more so, I was dedicated to treating my body with respect and learning new things for its benifit.

I want to share with you some of the products that were life changing for me, in effort to invite you to join me in a movement of Skin Sympathy. So here are 3 of my favorite products:

Origins Salt Suds Foaming Body Wash


This is the minty scented body wash that ultimately  saved my right arm a year ago. It not only smells delicious but makes your skin feel fresh and clean. Origins products are amazing and the company is proud to use plant based products.





Lush Sympathy for the Skin Hand and Body Lotion


This is MY FAVORITE lotion, by far. It smells like bananas and its super soft. My skin feels instantly moisturizer after using this. Lush is also a company I highly recommend. They hand make their cosmetics and they are all made from great ingredients.

French Green Clay Facial Detox

I recently started using this clay mask for a detox once a week. This mask is amazing and while it does leave your face red for about 5 minutes after you use it, the mask really makes an improvement in your skin. I use the Life-Flo brand but any French Green Clay mask will work as long as the ingredients are just the clay and nothing else.