An intro to ColourPop


ColourPop is a Los Angeles based makeup cosmetics. They were founded in 2014 by Seed Beauty, they have a great reputation for their cruelty free, and affordable products. Colourpop believes in giving people the latest trends with their luxury formulas at a cheap price. “We’re dedicated to creating the best possible products in every shade imaginable for our loyal ColourPoppers & ColourPopettes.”


ColourPop prides itself with their positive messages in each order sent out. In addition they keep up with up to date trends. People are able to try out their products with zero commitment because of its cheap price.


Social Media Presence overview

ColourPop uses a few social media platforms:


  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat


Analysis and Evaluation



final 1

ColourPop’s online shop is like any online makeup cosmetic shop, however, ColourPop includes their best selling items, their new arrivals, makeup looks for inspiration, as well as featured photos from people who have tried their product on their website. While scrolling through their website, it showed a variety of makeup all for a wallet friendly price. They have collaborated with different public figures and makeup artists such as Jenn Im, Alexis Ren, Kathleen Lights, Karreuche, and many other people.



final 5

ColourPop has 1,586, 482 followers and 1, 582, 836 who like their Facebook page. They are definitely a strong growing industry. Their page is  mixture of fan videos, photos and promotional posts. Each post consist of a video or a photo which is usually from a fan showcasing certain items, such as their matte lip stains and their super shock eyeshadow. Their most recent post is a promotion for five new lip shades and a holiday lip restock. Underneath is a video of someone applying a vibrant lip color. They also do a good job crediting the creator of the video’s Instagram and specifically what shade and what type of lip stain they used.


They tend to post about five to six posts a day, trying to maintain a moderate amount of interaction with their fan base. Several of their post have approximately 180 to 600 likes. Most of the time, they post about their products as well as ask a question in their posts to interact with their audience. Every now and then they reply back to people questions to those regarding their makeup. Their most recent response to someone was on January 16th.



final 4

Colourpop has 744k followers while following 99 people. Their content is extremely similar to their Facebook which includes people who have tried out their products and posted them online. This is to be able to connect to other fanbases besides Instagram and Facebook a means of reaching out to their customers new and existing. They get ten to one hundred retweets and one hundred to one thousand two hundred likes/favorites. They tend to promote their products on each social media platform.



final 2

Colourpop has 5.5 million followers while following 70 people. They post product, fan photos and videos often shown with their product being worn or taken a picture of. Most of their content promotes their variety of products and even the trailers show the consistency of their products to help those interested in purchasing from their company. Whenever they post an Instagram photo, they do not discriminate however they post everyone of whatever gender, race, and skin color or pronoun they are. I think it’s very genuine how they post anyone on their instagram because it creates loyal fans to keep coming back for more products. They post everyday about four post a day and they often times reply to people more on Instagram. The way they connect with their customers is definitely more than what other brands would do.



final 3

ColourPop’s Youtube has one hundred thousand subscribers. Their videos include promotions to their products, behind the scene collaborations with other makeup artists, how they make their products, test swatch videos, and how to achieve a look with their products. Their most recent upload was three days ago and another upload six days ago. From scrolling through their videos, it seems that they do upload frequently.


Their recent uploaded video, “Get The Look: Girl on the Go” has 5.4K views and was posted three days ago. Their videos range to get around 7K views to 80K views. Their views seem to fluctuate on and off depending on the videos they release. Comments are open for everyone.


Their most watched video “Swatch Party: No Filter Concealer” has 76.5k views and was posted five months ago. Concealer shades have been a huge controversy on many makeup cosmetic companies. With colourpop’s only fifteen shades, this sparked viewers to see if this company made a variety of shades for their skin which is why they have such a high count of views on this video.




ID: ColourPopCo


ColourPop’s snapchat is the major social media platform where fans are most likely to be the first to see what products are out next. While many other companies stick to swatches or giveaways. However, ColourPop does it all and is in constant activity showing their fans brand new products, unboxing, news to exclusive sales. Personally, they are a positive entertaining brand to follow.


They take their fans behind-the-scenes scenes in the company and even share their best giveaways. Many of the things done by ColourPop is for the consumer, which is why they are an up and coming brand. The brand has been getting more and more popular each day especially in my social circle.


Summary of My Analysis


Their Social Media Platforms are all common in each their own way. Their posts are often advertising their products. It’s important to advertise yourself on all platforms as to reach a new audience. Their audience would be anyone including both sexes who would be interested in trying cheap, quality makeup products.


Digital Footprint


Personally, I had been following ColourPop Cosmetics on Instagram since they had first launched their website. In addition to purchasing directly from their website. After that I had seen their Facebook and today I landed on their Twitter page.


When I received their product, they included my products in tissue paper as well as a cute personal message.

Digital Footprint

When googling ColourPop, their official site shows up, then their Twitter, ColourPop at Sephora from Sephora’s site, ColourPop’s instagram, their Facebook, a site talking about the company’s best products and then the colourpop twitter hashtag.


The rest of their search results bring up articles about their company. These are good sites for anyone who wants to purchase items or anyone who wants to be kept up to date with new product releases. Their Instagram and Youtube are both great platforms for marketing because they contain more than what they put out to social media. If a viewer did not like a tutorial they viewed on ColourPop’s personal Youtube they can view other videos of people who made up their own different makeup look. Moreover, I enjoy that ColourPop does not discriminate race when posting representatives for their social media.


Commendations and Recommendations


ColourPop consistently post similar posts across each platform and they have a fun, positive tone to it. They use a lot of fan based and beauty based fans who genuinely enjoy their products which is an aspect to their company that they should pride themselves in. They do a good job in posting frequently as well as engaging with their audience whether it’s questions about their products or questions regarding their shipping and handling.


Their Facebook presence needs to be engaged more. They have similar posts as they do on their other social media platforms, however, they should engage and post live videos to their following on there. Moreover, they should post more videos on Youtube where they do unboxing videos as well. If they are able to show that on their Snapchat, it would be help posting on Youtube since not everyone has a Snapchat. These tie in with posting consistent content on all of their social media.


To improve their social media presence and digital footprint, they should continue posting photos of people who have done their own rendition of a makeup look. It’s always a learning experience when you see someone doing makeup in a new and creative way. It would be great to see people who don’t have a high instagram following as it is and it would be nice to see people who don’t have more than a thousand followers being reposted. It is great that Colourpop shares such a positive energy with their audience, and it would work well on their future followers/customers.


ColourPop’s digital footprint is consistent with their posts on social media platforms. They are an amazing company, and have a great reputation. They are greatly interactive with their fan base while providing a college student affordable product.



HANGTW- Case Study #3


One blog that caught my attention was Hang T. Nguyen’s blog ( . Hang is a New York City based blogger who focuses on fashion and beauty, lifestyle, travel, home and collaborations.Nguyen’s first post was published in September of 2016. Her self titled blog, “HANGTW- LIVE VIBRANTLY” is a simple, minimal white blog that shows easy to navigate buttons for each topic she writes about.


The general layout of her blog Hangtw- Live Vibrantly is divided into two columns. She uses easy to navigate buttons, and keeps it minimalistic with a white background and black font. Once someone goes on to her blog, they would see the title to her blog which says “HANGTW” in capital letters as well as her social media links and a search bar on the other side.

The header simply shows her most recent post. In this case her’s is titled “Advice: Lessons learned in 2017” with a ‘continue reading’ button. Below her header, she divides each section depending on several interest and includes an About Me page. The footer shows the pictures of each recent post she’s made including a few of her popular posts.

Nguyen’s about me shows a photo of herself and talks about her blog and explains what it’s about, “Hangtw, a self-titled blog, explores ways to add a quality of depth to our everyday lives via a multitude of facets, from fashion, to culture, design, and personal development. All with one question in mind: “How can I live a self-fulfilled and meaningful life?”. Moreover, she added a quick autobiography of herself and her success that she achieved. We learn that, “Hang T Nguyen (pronounced “WEN”) is a developer, designer, photographer, and lifestyle blogger born and raised in Kansas City, MO.  After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, Hang moved out to the east coast to pursue her ideal career. While clocking in and out; working the the 9-5, Hang found the concept of life being a checklist that everyone zombies their way through terrifying. There has to be more to life. That’s what sparked the ethos behind this blog.” Below this, she has three links to her Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. After reviewing this specific page of her blog, her audience can say that her work is professional. She does not drag her about me on, and she keeps it quick to keep readers wanting more.

The blog is divided into two columns, both on the left and right side which begins from her most recently post, all the way down to her first post. The very top of the headers includes the topic for each content, which says “Fashion and Beauty, Lifestyle, Home, Travel, About Me, and Collaborations. The left and right hand columns includes each topic that she writes about and the date that each post has published. In addition, they show pictures of the author of the blog, as well as pictures the author has taken.

The blog footer includes her About Me, her social media platforms, her few popular posts and pictures from her recent posts and lastly her copyright information.


A few of the topics she writes about include:

  • Moving Forward in 2018
  • Lessons Learned in 2017
  • Holiday Outfits in 2017
  • Classic Looks with Converse
  • Punk Rock Inspired Outfit

The bloggers advice post, “Moving Forward in 2018” was liked thirty one times, and commented on twice. While he fashion and beauty post, “Holiday Outfits 2017” received 21 likes, and three comments. All in all, all of her post have the same average likes and comments on them.

Each of her blog post includes a featured image that her or her boyfriend have taken, and a quick title below it. Moreover, they each contain a few images pertaining to the topic. From the images she uses to her title and body post, each are simple and easy to look at. Each photo is taken by herself or her boyfriend. However, none of her blog posts contain any videos.

At the end of Nguyen’s blog, they religiously contain product details, who the photographer is for the image, a message to encourage people to like her post, the number of people who have liked her post, links to her social media sites, her related posts, her about me and a box to submit comments.



Hangtw- Live Vibrantly is an aesthetically pleasing, simple, easy to read blog about fashion, lifestyle and travel.

The layout of the blog is simple to navigate with self explanatory buttons informing the reader of what each topic is about. The simplicity of the blog posts makes it easy to navigate and allows the reader to pay attention to what her topic is about without any distractions. It would be useful for the blogger if she included a widget that informed her how many people were reading the post.

The blog does a good job keeping the blog aesthetically pleasing while being able to inform readers.


Jenn Im (Clothesencounters)



Jenn Im also known as Clothes Encounter is a Los Angeles based Youtuber in sunny California. Personally, I have been following her since she was still attending college. This was when her Youtube channel was made with her friend, today she does her channel by herself. Since then, I had always been inspired by her fashion sense, her personality and her positive outlook on life. Jenn Im has various social media platforms. She has a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Her Facebook link is and currently has 433,343 people who have liked this. Her twitter link is Jenn has been on Twitter since July 2009, and has currently made 7794 tweets. She currently has 130 thousand Twitter followers however, Jenn Im follows 341 people on Twitter. Apart from her Facebook and Twitter, she also has an instagram at Im has 1.6 million Instagram followers and follows 700 people. She currently has 2,413 Instagram posts. On top of being a Youtuber, Jenn Im also owns her own clothing brand called Eggie which she occasionally promotes on her social media platforms.




While reviewing Jenn Im’s Facebook page; it includes a picture of herself, and her cover image is the same exact image she uses in her end credits of her Youtube videos which are polaroid pictures of her and her dog. Her ‘about’ tab shows shows her Youtube URL and that she is a labeled as a “public figure”. In addition when “see all” is pressed, it provides more information. There is a link to her management and her gender, which is female. All of her posts contain all of these once it is scrolled down. Her Facebook posts are a mixture of her own original posts made on Facebook as well as linked photos from her instagram to her other social media platforms.

Aside from all of the other integrated posts, she includes Facebook live videos to show that she does try to interact with the people who follow/like her Facebook page especially. She can improve by posting more original posts on her Facebook because most of her photos and posts are from Instagram.Jenn Im allows her audience is to comment on her posts as well as like them and review her page. Most of her feedback is positive however negatively, very little are people picking at her flaws on her looks.




Jenn Im’s twitter shows a picture of herself and the same image she uses in her Youtube Video. Her bio says, “Pixels on your screen” as well as a link to her clothing brand Eggie. From viewing her Twitter it is difficult to discover what her most popular tweets are. Most of her post contains photos and videos linked from her Youtube and Instagram. Every now and then Jenn Im tweets, and they are not many retweets. Her retweeted posts come from her subscribers/fans who have a twitter. Her tweets often times are motivating and positive and sometimes pun related. Furthermore, there are many tweets asking Jenn for fashion advice, since she makes videos called “What would Jenn wear?” where they ask her on Twitter and she answers them through the video.




Jenn Im’s profile is a personal profile which includes her promoting her clothing brand as well as allowing her followers to get a glimpse of her life. Her bio is simple and sweet. She includes her name in both english and in Korean text, her city, her clothing brand, and her email as well as a link to her Youtube channel. Personally, I do not think there is much to improve because she does a good job with her instagram. She informs the audience and makes sure she tags what she’s wearing. She has a nice instagram feed that isn’t too distracting for the eye. It’s a mixture of photos of herself, selfies, food, her clothing brand pieces and scenery. Moreover, her feed is very bright and colorful. While scrolling through her Instagram comments on her photos, I noticed a very positive outlook. Jenn Im receives nothing but positive support in her comments. Some of her comments acknowledges her success, some share stories of inspiration and some others compliment her.



Jenn Im is more successful in interacting with her audience through Instagram compared to her Facebook and Twitter. As a Youtuber, Instagram is an easy social media platform that allows her to be sponsored by other brands, post updates on her own brand as well as doing the same on her channel. Additionally, it would be easy for her to reach out to people on other platforms when linking her posts to her other social media. After reviewing Jenn Im’s social media, I noticed that she keeps her platforms very professional. Each username is the same and all of her posts are similar and she keeps it professional. Today, Jenn Im continues to inspire me creatively, and fashionably. She deserves all the positivity that comes her way.

Stranger Things (Introductory Blog Post)

Stranger Things is a sci-fi Netflix series made up of two seasons about the unfortunate events of a boy who goes missing. When Will Byers goes missing, the whole town of Hawkins, Indiana are all frantically worried which creates fear throughout the town. Will’s mother Joyce, his brother Jonathan and his friends Lucas, Dustin and Mike are all on the search for Will. Stranger things occur after another until Eleven, the girl with the shaved head comes to town.

This television series is hands down one of my favorite television shows, because it is set back to the 1980’s. In fact, I binge watched this for hours on end. Everything is retro-esque, yet it seems so real to the time. The outfits, the music, and the haircuts are especially one of the thing’s I loved being able to see in the series. In season one, it is set in 1983. Will’s friends Lucas, Dustin and Mike all have this outgoing, quirky personality which create the humor in what we see as a bit of a dark series. The kids live their lives playing Dungeons and Dragons, BMX bikes, being bullied by the jocks, and most importantly, chasing after paranormal occurrences.  I love being able to watch each character grow in both seasons. In addition, the show has a handful of suspenseful moments. As the suspense grows, the audience watches the love triangle while the other character experiences his first love. The Upside down is what I personally enjoyed learning more about. It was another dimension the government had been hiding from them. Eleven is one of my favorite character because she symbolizes girl empowerment. Even though Stranger Things is indeed suspenseful, it’s thrilling at the same time. The strange events do get stranger, and I just love watching this series unfold.


Stranger Things Summary


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