Digital Footprint of a Dangerous Woman


At the young age of 24 and standing at a mere 5 feet tall, Ariana Grande has captivated the world with her powerful voice. While she began her career at the age of 15, acting in the Broadway musical 13, but she did not hit it big until the following year. Her breakout came in 2009 in the form of acting on Nickelodeon in the shows Victorious and Sam and Kat. Ariana released her first album, Yours Truly, in 2013, and has subsequently released two more studio albums, My Everything and Dangerous Woman. Her music has made her a household name across the globe. Grande is also known for her passion about charitable work and activism, a strong advocate for equal rights for women and the LGBTQ population to name a few. Especially of note was her strength and support during the terrible events of the Manchester bombing at one of her concerts. Grande cares deeply about her fans, who call themselves Arianators. She makes sure to connect with them on a personal level through various social media platforms.


Social Media Overview

With millions of followers across all of her social media profiles and tens of thousands of posts, Ariana has a large digital footprint. Utilizing her social media, Grande likes to personally interact with her fans as much as she can. She is most active on her Twitter and Instagram profiles, posting more sporadically on YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. In addition to her social media profiles, Grande also has her own website with music, videos, images, news, tour information, and her official merchandise.

Analysis and Evaluation


Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 8.39.23 PM

Ariana regularly post updates and interacts frequently with her 57.1 million followers on Twitter. Her profile picture is a promotional shot from her line of clothing partnered with Reebok. Her banner image is promoting her latest album, Dangerous Woman, and the accompanying freshly completed tour. Her bio includes references to her songs as well as a link to her Dangerous Woman Tour. Many of her tweets are linked to her posts on Instagram, promoting her latest works and sharing moments with friends and family. Grande routinely thanks her fans and sends them love through general tweets or by replying to specific posts.

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Many of her other tweets are just random thoughts or snippets of what she’s doing or thinking at the time. Overall, Grande does a great job of keeping her followers up to date with what she is involved with, and also interacting with her audience and spreading love. Even with 57.1 million followers, she still manages to personally take the time to reach out to as many as she can. While I think that is it good that her Twitter is connected to her Instagram so her fans don’t miss anything, for those who follow both accounts it can feel less personalized and repetitive.


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Grande is the third most followed user on Instagram with 117 million followers, close behind to Cristiano Ronaldo’s 119 million, while Selena Gomez takes the cake at 132 million. Though she has yet to post since New Year’s Eve, Ariana posts frequently, sharing snaps from her tour, music, promotion, but also time spent with family and friends, vacations, and other peeks into her personal life.

Her profile picture is Ariana with a gray wig and her bio simply states Dangerous Woman and shares a link to her own line of emoji’s. While she does include some promotional posts, they are still personalized as they are either her work, music and videos, or her collaborations, arianaxreebok and arimoji. The majority of her posts are insights to what she is up to recently, whether that be on tour, dressing up with friends for Halloween, FaceTiming her grandmother, or various selfies. All of her posts appear to be created by her personally which is why I believe she consistently gets millions of likes on every post, she creates a real connection with her fans through her pictures.

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Grande does a good job of posting consistently with a good mix of what she is working on and insights to her personal life to keep her followers interested. She could continue to improve her Instagram by interacting with her audience more. Perhaps reposting images from fans, creating contests, or posting her own pictures or videos of interactions with fans. Doing this would further reinforce her love for her fans and help to make them feel like she notices and cares about them.


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Ariana’s YouTube Vevo page is like a typical music artist’s page with music videos, lyric videos, and videos of live appearances and performances. She only has about 75 videos on this page, all with a professional impersonal feel. Each video links all of her social media pages in the description box as a way to get connected as well as a link to where to purchase her songs. Grande surprisingly also has a personal YouTube page that has been active since 2008. When she first began posting it was before she hit it big.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.53.13 PM.png

Many of the videos are silly skits she made with friends, and her singing covers of songs. Once she had her breakout on the music scene, her videos started feeling more like the ones on her Vevo page, less personal and more of a focus on her music. She used to post frequently on this page, however her latest video currently is from a year ago. While her YouTube page is successful in providing her music to her fans, she has very little audience interaction. Since she started producing music as her main focus, she seemly stopped posting any type of personal videos for fans on this page. I think that the change to more professional definitely needed to occur, on the other hand, she could’ve cultivated a more intimate connection with her fans has she kept up with her videos.


Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.55.51 PM.png

Similar to her YouTube page, her Facebook is more of a professional page to promote her music and other work. All of her posts are impersonal, just highlighting new projects from Grande. Even her about page provides limited personal information, just stating business information about her as a musician. Though her posts obtain tens of thousands of likes and comments, Grande has very little fan interaction. She does not reply to any comments from what I can tell, and she does not try to engage with them through contests or by asking them questions or anything along those lines. This profile is definitely effective at highlighting Grande in a professional light in her work as a serious musical artist, however the only personalization to the page is that it is linked to her Instagram page and thus has some personal pictures from that. Her Facebook page does its job, but it is not her most effective social media platform to promote Grande as both a brand and as a person.


Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.55.27 PM.png

Grande periodically posts on Snapchat, but is not an avid user at all. Snapchat is probably her least used social media platform of them all. When she does use it, she will post promotional images or just silly videos of her day. Some days she will post numerous videos throughout the day, and other times she won’t post for weeks. As she tweeted back in 2015 when she first got the app, she wanted to use it to connect on another avenue with her fans but she does not like the platform at all.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.05.15 PM

Even though she does not use it often, when she does I think that it is effective to show fans in a more casual way Grande’s personality and what she does on a day to day basis. I think that people have mixed feelings about Snapchat as it is a casual simple way to communicate and show your everyday life, but if thousands of people are looking at it, you can become paranoid about what they will think about your daily life. I feel like this might be why Grande does not like the app as she wants to maintain some privacy and less judgement in her life.


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Overall, I found that Ariana Grande is very successful across her social media platforms. She does a great job of posting up to date information that will keep her followers interested. While she is not as active on some platforms, collectively they all work together to form Grande’s brand as a musician, activist, and person. Although they are effective, I think that Grande could greatly benefit from increasing her fan interaction. She does an excellent job of this on Twitter, but not on any of her other profiles. Not only will she make her fans feel more engaged but she will be able to reach a broader audience and develop a more dedicated following. Making fans feel like they are being seen and providing them with a way to connect with other fans will further improve the effectiveness of her social media profiles. On another note, I think that she could greatly improve her digital footprint by either deactivating accounts that she doesn’t use often, or begin utilizing all of her platforms more effectively. Through this, Grande will be able to take advantage of all the different benefits each platform provides, not only getting her work out to more people, but improving her connection to her target audience. If she is able to better reinforce her relationships with her existing fan base, she will then be able to further cultivate a larger following.



The Digital Footprint of the Most Followed User on Instagram


Beginning her career at the age of 9, Selena Gomez is an actress, singer, producer, and philanthropist. While she is well known for her acting and musical pursuits, she has been a longtime supporter of UNICEF, becoming their youngest ambassador. Recently, she has also been an outspoken voice to raise awareness about the chronic auto-immune disease, Lupus, which she was diagnosed with in 2012.

To connect with fans, Ms. Gomez has numerous social media profiles. On Facebook, she has acquired over 61.8 million likes on her page. Her Twitter profile (@selenagomez) is not far behind with 56.2 million followers. Selena follows only 1,261 people and has around 4,339 Tweets. Most impressively, since she is the most followed user on Instagram (@selenagomez), Selena has amassed over 132 million followers. She has posted 1,406 pictures and follows just a mere 37 people, having recently gone through a sort of cleanse of her profile.


FacebookScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 1.47.40 AM

Although she is known for more than just her songs, her Facebook page is more business oriented, dedicated to her musical artistry. Her profile picture and cover photo are both from her latest music video, Wolves with Marshmello. Many of her other images and posts are pictures and videos from promotions for singles, as well as albums, and different campaigns she is a part of.

Though the posts are from Selena’s account rather than reposts, they seem impersonal, most likely generated by the PR people on her team. She does include some behind the scenes clips for her fans, but many of her posts don’t have a real personal feel, providing a look into who she really is or what she does outside of making music or acting. Even under the Personal Information section in the About Me tab, the information written is in an interview like format rather than something written by Ms. Gomez herself.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 2.23.21 AM

To reinforce that her Facebook is more just used as a professional musical profile, the other main tabs on the page are Tour Dates, Official Store, Events, and Music. Moreover, she does not appear to interact with her fans in the comment section of her posts or notes. The comments are countless, but for the most part they do appear to be positive.

Her Facebook generally, is effective at promoting her musical pursuits and the business of her brand. On the other hand, it has a pretty impersonal feel, to improve she may want to update some aspects of her profile as well as post more personal updates about her life rather than just campaigns. Additionally, finding more ways to engage her audience as she doesn’t appear to converse with them much at all on Facebook.

TwitterScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 1.48.19 AM.png

Similar to her Facebook, her Twitter profile and banner image are pictures from her Wolves music video. Moreover, her bio is short, just detailing where you can find and buy her latest singles, and that she is based out of LA. Likewise, many of her posts are by Selena herself, video clips and pictures from her latest campaigns and music. She does have a few retweets, but they’re also all regarding projects or events she’s a part of, like the AMAs or Billboard honoring her as their woman of the year. Her Tweets do still have a professional tone to them, however they seem to be more authentically written by Selena herself. She does interact with her fans through replies, quoting their Tweets, typically going through spontaneous sprees of responding, and she also has some posts encouraging fans to send in pictures or enter contests to win some of her products.

Much of her page has a positive feel, I’m certain she also receives a lot of negative comments but she chooses to not support that on her page. She gets tens to hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets on every single one of her posts, her most popular one recently being her cover on Billboard magazine for her Woman of the Year honor.

Overall, her Twitter is successful as another platform to share her projects with her fans. Obviously it would be hard to respond to all of her fans all the time, but Selena does a great job of continually sending out new information and checking in and interacting with her fans every now and then. She could further improve the success of her Twitter by varying the content that she shares on Facebook versus Twitter more. Additionally, increasing interaction with her fans, getting them involved more and having a more casual personal communication with them, which is very easy to do based on the very nature of how Twitter is set up.

InstagramScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 2.26.42 PM

As I mentioned above, Selena Gomez is the most followed user on Instagram, beating out the next closest person, Cristiano Ronaldo, by more than 13 million. Selena recently went through a revamping of her profile, changing her profile picture to an image of her mom and unfollowing around 200 people. Her bio includes a link to her latest single and the words, “By grace through faith. Also Will and Grace is life”. Her most popular post, with 10.4 million likes, was the one where she told her fans why she had been out of the lime light recently, about her battle with Lupus, and her life saving kidney transplant.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 12.48.51 PM

Her most popular video, with 26 million views, is her post wishing Taylor Swift a happy birthday. Most of the tens of thousands of comments are positive, fans sharing their love, while others are begging for Selena to notice or follow them. There are a few negative comments interspersed, but they are few and far between. Her Instagram appears to be where she garners the most likes and comments, as correlated with this platform being her most followed.

Her Instagram is where she posts the most frequently and the most personal insights into her life. I think her Instagram is so successful as she posts a good balance of images from her various projects with images that show who she truly is as a person. She includes pictures with family, friends, and fans. Selena’s Instagram is definitely the social media platform she is the most personal with her fans, as highlighted by her most recent post of her childhood home.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 1.12.32 PM

While I understand the need for privacy, I think she could further improve her profile by posting more pictures with little insights to her life behind the scenes and more fan interactions. Moreover, she went through a down spell with her health recently, so as she gets healthier, hopefully it gets easier and she becomes more open with her fans.


Across all platforms, Selena does a great job of promoting who she is, the work she does, and what she stands for. While she garners the most comments and likes and posts more personal things on Instagram making it more appealing, Twitter is where she has the most causal interaction with fans. Her Facebook seems to be the least used; the posts are about recent projects, but the rest of her page is in desperate need of an update. Overall, her social media presence demonstrates Selena is a caring person who is trying to use her voice and platform to make change. She could improve her fan interaction over every platform, however it is a hard balance between making connections with your fans and keeping your privacy.

Nomadic Matt: A Review


An interesting blog I came across was one created by Matthew Kepnes, a 36-year-old travel connoisseur, best-selling author and blogger originally from Boston. His website, titled Nomadic Matt, is home to numerous blog posts, travel tips, and resources. Coinciding with the rest of the site, the blog posts focus on personal experiences with a nomadic lifestyle, different adventures and tips from himself and others, and all things concerning travel. As an aspiring world traveler, his blog provides a great starting point to travel smart and encourages you to set your sights high.

Analysis: Content and Audience Interaction

As a whole, the blog is very aesthetically pleasing to read. His layout is clear and easy for users to navigate. The menu is well organized and though it provides numerous links to other areas of the site, is not overwhelming. The design is fun but clean, keeping it interesting enough to attract viewers and readers, but not so much as to distract them from obtaining the desired information.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.53.58 PM

The title of the page and subsequent posts are simple but captivating to grab the attention of visitors to the site. There are search bars in the header and footer of the page, making it easy to find your way back to what you are looking for if you get stuck. Moreover, in the footer there are links to all of his social media profiles, as well as links to his about me, community, media, and travel pages. His about me page is straightforward, separated into subheaders about who he is, what he does, and how he got there. As he highlights in his about page, everything posted is authentic, with no sponsored content or paid for trips, therefore, all pictures and recommendations of places have been personally taken or visited by Matt himself, or a guest columnist. The high quality personal pictures create a more human connection between Matt and the readers of his blog, explaining the large loyal following he has amassed over the years.

At no surprise, the majority of the blog content regards travel. Matt’s personal travels, helping others fulfill their travel dreams by traveling cheaply, travel tips and wisdom, and experiences he and others have had along the way. His three most popular posts highlight his mission first explained in his about page. The posts explain why he lives the lifestyle he does, how others can travel in a cost efficient way, and why he does what he does and encourages other to try it too.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.00.09 PM.png

As mentioned earlier, what makes Matt’s site so unique is that none of the content is sponsored. All of the awe-inspiring pictures and videos are taking by Matt himself, or guest contributors. I found this to be an area Matt does extremely well. Although he holds contests and other things to promote fan interaction, it is impossible to hear from each person individually. Having such personal pictures really demonstrate Matt’s desire to have a real connection with readers. Rather than becoming a mass business, he continues to provide raw real content that many people appreciate.

In addition to his blog page, Matt also includes a page about getting started, travel guides, and resources. This is another area where Matt is extremely successful. He not only inspires readers with is posts and images, but he helps to empower them to begin adventures for themselves. He provides all the necessary information for those who don’t know where to begin and tips on how to “travel. better. cheaper. longer”.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.20.12 PM

He encourages audience interaction, being the support they need to go out on their own adventures. Moreover, he holds contests to highlight and take time to appreciate members of his audience and the amazing things they themselves have been able to achieve. Readers are also pretty active in the comments section of his posts. The number of comments typically range from as few as 10 to as many as 60, with Matt himself responding personally to some. To further encourage interaction, there are links to his social media pages on a floating side bar and at the bottom of every page.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.11.42 PM.png


Overall, I found the blog to be very successful. It is not only easy to view content, but it is extremely user friendly as the site is clear and easy to navigate. There are links to other areas of the site with related interesting information and everything is simply categorized. He has significant interaction with his audience, encouraging them to go out and live their best lives. An area the blog could improve is providing readers with more personal content about Matt himself. While he did so in the early stages, he now focuses more on other people’s adventures. Although this is compelling content, Matt needs to maintain the close personal connection that garnered him such a large following in the first place. He needs to make sure he doesn’t forget where he came from, even after 8 years.

Teeing Off: Getting into the Swing of Golf

How does someone suddenly become interested in golf, largely considered one of the most boring sports in the world, after playing intense contact sports for years? The day I graduated high school was also the day I retired from competitive sports. Having played since I was the ripe age of 4, at 18, I was suddenly at a loss. Sure I could play intramurals once I got to college, but it wouldn’t be as serious, it would just be for fun. I sought a challenge, a means to focus my energies from outside distractions and relieve stress. That’s when I really found golf.


My dad had been playing for a while, going with his friends a couple times a year. He had showed me a couple tips here and there but I never really had the time to be fully committed to learning a new sport.

While many people may find golf to be quite boring to watch, I find that looking into the complexities and the high level of skill and technique required to not only hit the ball the perfect distance, but also at the right angle is impressive. Now I am nowhere near “good”, believe me, but I enjoy every time I learn something new or get to practice my skills.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.39.14 PM

Golf is not only an interesting hobby and sport, but the very nature of it promotes critical thinking and a way to socialize. Whether you play 9 or 18 holes or other fun variations of it such as TopGolf and virtual simulations, golf is an activity where you can spend quality time with others, relieve some stress, and challenge your body and mind. There are always things you can work on to get better, and it gets people outdoors and keeps you active. You can’t beat spending quality time with great people, doing something fun in the beautiful outdoors. So, if you haven’t yet, you should take a look into trying golf!