Final Project: Britney Spears


Britney Jean Spears is an American pop singer legend that took the music industry by storm at the turn of the millennium. Born on December 2, 1981, Spears is originally from Kentwood, Louisiana and none of her family members were in the music industry before her. When she was a child she performed in theater, television shows and various acting roles before she got her big break and signed with a very popular 90’s record label. One television show that Spears was well known for as a child was, “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club”. She was chosen for the cast at eleven years old after having already been denied once. This ended up being a blessing is disguise because the cast this time around included other stars before their start such as Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and actress Keri Russell. Britney Spears’ first album, “Baby One More Time” put her on the music industry’s map in 1999 and she gained international attention in 2000 with her second album, “Ooops!…I Did It Again”. Shortly after, she went on to date the very popular Justin Timberlake of international boy band, NSYNC, and the couple gained tons of attention from all different sources of media.

Britney Spears’ career was not only very successful, but full of controversy since she had many personal issues. Her relationships with Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline having been dirty break ups and also her infamous mental breakdown in 2007, gained her so much attention from tabloids and from the public. Over the years, Britney began to act out due to her intense work schedule and lack of privacy causing her to marry one of her childhood friends in Vegas, it having lasted for only two days, among other odd behavior. Britney Spear’s life story and career has definitely been entertaining to say the least, which is why she is one of the most well-known music icons of today. 1000509261001_1086612957001_Bio-Biography-Britney-Spears-LF1

Social Media Overview of Britney Spears:

Instagram: Britney Spears Instagram

Facebook: Britney Spears Facebook

Twitter: Britney Spears Twitter

When you look at Britney Spears’ Instagram page, you immediately notice that she has 17.2 million followers and that she is only following 86 accounts back. The account is also a public profile. There is a simple plug in the description of the page for one of her shows coming up and it advertises that the tickets are now on sale with a link to her website where you can buy them. I guess Britney Spears doesn’t need that much explaining when basically everyone in the world knows who she is! The Instagram account has 1,823 posts and is blue check mark verified. There being so many posts, I only scrolled through the recent ones which included photos of her performing, videos of her interacting with fans, photos of her kids and even a few videos of her working out. I think her Instagram account is a great way to get to know her because other social media pages mostly just include text and not that many videos.

Britney Spears’ Facebook page is a like page that is also blue check mark verified with 39,430,880 likes. The cover photo is of herself with some text promoting her newest tour locations and dates. Her profile picture is a fashion shot of her getting out of a black car wearing a red dress. On the page there is a description with multiple links to her other social media sites and her websites. There are photos and posts that talk about her tour dates and her overall lifestyle. Britney’s Facebook page is not as personalized as her Instagram account and is mainly business focused. It is very straight to the point and overall is a very informative page.

Spears’ Twitter account is public, is blue check mark verified and has 55.2 million followers with the account only following back 391 thousand. For celebrities, Twitter is the mainly used social media page which is why it makes sense that of all her social media pages, this account is following back the most people. There are 5,213 Tweets and a bio that states where she lives, how long she has been active on Twitter for and has a promo for her new album Glory. The page also lists a link to one of her websites. There are 1,011 photos and videos, mostly of her family and herself. Her posts are personalized and of all her social media accounts, I believe it is actually her posting on her Twitter and not just her publicity team.

2017 britney spears

It is no secret that Britney Spears’ peak was over ten years ago and that she is aging. My only critique of her social media platforms is I wish they would post more natural, unedited photos and videos of her. I also wish they would participate in some sort of “throwback Thursday” and post more of her earlier work. I think it would be good for her image and career to remind people why she is one of the best of the best in her industry. I also think her Instagram page should be following way more than just 86 accounts considering she has millions of followers. The fact that her Instagram page is following so few accounts while she has so many followers, makes her seem stuck up, which is never a good image for anyone.

Britney Spears’ Best Song and Music Video of All Time

Overall, Britney Spears’ digital footprint has a lot of influence on all social media platforms. Her being one of the biggest superstars in the world, her pages are one of the most followed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Whether it be herself or her publicity team, I personally believe that they have done a good job at making her accounts reflect who she really is and what she is all about. Her music is iconic and most of my generation grew up listening to it. Spears has inspired new up and coming artists, dancers and actors all around the world and continues to entertain to this day.


Case Study #2

Daily Cup Of Yoga Blog



I absolutely love the popular yoga blog called “Daily Cup of Yoga”. The author of this yogi blog is listed as a man named Brian and there is actually a whole section of the blog titled “About” that you can click on to see how the blog got started and to learn more about it’s author. As you probably guessed it….the blog is everything yoga related! When you first see the blog, you can immediately tell that someone has put a lot of work into creating it. There are many topics you can click on at the side of the page and at the top of the page there are topics that you can click on and view. There are also photos, social media links, advertisement links that are related to yoga and even health tips. The header/title of the blog itself is the first thing that you see on the page, it is hard to miss. In the “About” section of the site, it states that Brian was in law school when he discovered yoga. He states, “Yoga was kind of one of those things that caught me by surprise”. It seems as if he stumbled upon yoga and it turned into his lifestyle and ultimately a very popular blog! Daily Cup of Yoga is a very interesting blog that can keep any yogi entertained for hours. There are many links, widgets, photos, videos and clickable things to explore. The header and footer of the page is simple and yet it catches your eye immediately. I think it is the size of them that makes it so noticeable. I personally think that is a good idea because it will never confuse the reader as to what blog they are looking at and they will be able to easily tell if they accidentally navigated away from the original page. Also, the audience can participate by commenting on most posts on the site. Allowing the audience to participate and be involved in the blog like this is imperative because it allows their voices to be heard and they will want to keep visiting the blog. The audience can also leave suggestions for the author and their email address so they can receive notifications of updated posts and other information, such as if the blog created a new social media page to follow. The social media links are at the right of the page and are extremely hard to miss. As you already know, when you click on those social media links, they navigate you to the Daily Cup of Yoga social media pages. I think having this on any blog is a great idea because it creates more traffic and gives even more information about it. For any popular brand/business, promoting through social media is crucial and very necessary. Overall, Daily Cup of Yoga is a great yoga blog that is an ideal image of what a professional, successful blog should look like!

Introductory Blog Post: Melissa K.

I have always been interested in television and entertainment! Since a young age, I loved to perform and always wanted to be involved in the performing arts. I started with dance classes when I was in elementary school and I trained in various types of dance. Ballet, Jazz, tap, hip hop and pointe….just to name a few! I had my first ballet recital when I was in the third grade and from the moment I stepped foot onto that stage, I knew performing was what I wanted to do. My mother realized I  had a passion for dance and performing after that and she placed me in a well-known dance studio that was local to where we lived. This is where I had my first real dance performance. I call it a performance and not a recital because it was so much more than just a recital. It took the majority of the school year to prepare for and the costumes were mostly hand made by the woman that owned the studio. You really could not find those costumes anywhere else! The performance was held in a huge, professional auditorium at a close by, well-known university and not just at the local elementary school gym. These dance performances through the studio were my first entertainment experiences ever. From day one, I knew I was meant to be in the entertainment industry. I danced all throughout middle school and high school and the skills I learned in that dance studio are skills that I still apply to my television jobs today. Although I never became a professional dancer, I am still a performer and a professional SAG-AFTRA actor. Those skills I learned from being in those dance performances are skills that I still apply to auditions, on camera work (such as speaking into a camera/interviewing someone) and to every day life. There are many skills that I learned during those dance performances, but one always sticks out above the rest. That skill would be having confidence. I call confidence a skill because we all have our good and bad days, but it takes skill to be confidence in front of an audience regardless of which kind of day you are having. Center Stage Dance Scene

Why is confidence in acting so important??