How big is Nike?

The company that I choose to research is the Nike company. Nike is the most dominant
sports apparel company currently. Nike’s competition includes Under Armour, Adidas, Puma, and Anta. Nike also owns other branches such as Jordan, Hurley, and Converse. They have deals with the NFL, NBA, and 95 college teams as well. Nike also have NBA superstars such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, And Kyrie Irving to shoe deals. Other brands such as Adidas and Under Armour have their own NBA sponsored athletes and shoe deals, but none are as lucrative as Nike contracts. With all of these sponsorships it is easy to understand why Nike has such huge following not only on their social media services, but it also shows why they are so dominant. Nike also reaches out to all followers on all social media platforms and try be as convenient as possible for their consumers.



Nike has numerous amounts of Facebook pages and these pages are separated based on
sports, gender, and location. The Nike Facebook page can be accessed through the link. The account is making its way to 30 million likes on its main page. Since Nike has all of these followers as soon as they make a new product or have a sale on certain products the followers are notified as soon as possible about these products and sales are happening. Also unlike the other pages Nike advertises all of their products on this page. All of Nike’s other posts are video advertisements or photos of popular athletes with inspirational quotes to relate to its consumers. If a follower see a product that they would like to purchase they can click the Nike link to order online, find the nearest store to their location, or lastly just order through Facebook. With all the information that Nike has provided for their consumers it is easy for their consumers to buy whichever products they would like.


33,300 tweets, follows 153 people, 7.32 million followers, Joined November 2011.

Nike also has a several twitter accounts similar to Facebook and with all these accounts
Nike advertises that newer products and their new sale items. Nike joined twitter back in November of 2011 and Nike has a total of 7.26 million followers. Nike’s Twitter account is filled with photos of shoes with links that bring you to their online store to select a size and color if applicable. There is almost 5,000 post of different types of shoes for their followers to purchase which is an insane amount. On the Under Armour twitter there are more post supporting their followers in doing marathons. Under Armour also shows off their athletes working out or making a difference in the community. Although Under Armour maybe sending out a more positive message Nike has built a more loyal fan base
and they have such a big and noticeable brand. With all of the diverse accounts it is easier for Nike to advertise the appropriate products to their consumers which in returns brings in more money for Nike.


75.5 million followers, 917 posts, follows 136 people.

Nike also has a Instagram with a total of 75 million followers. Their instagram shares the
same post as Facebook and unlike Twitter there is no link to purchase any of the products, but it seems as though Instagram is more for advertising purposes and a way Nike to find common ground with their consumers as far as with hobbies, lifestyle choices, and idols who could be celebrities or athletes. This is a good technique to build customer relations and if any sort of break of character will not affect them as much as it would another company. With all of the photos that are posted and seen at once through Instagram it is more likely that their consumers will see a product that they like and make a purchase. These are the techniques that Nike uses through their Instagram accounts.


With all of these social media accounts it is easy for Nike to reach out to their fans and
notify them as soon as possible. Also with all of the links that they leave people can buy
whichever products they want immediately. What is incredible about all of Nike’s social media accounts is the fact that they are able to consistently update the numerous amounts of accounts that they have not only on one, but numerous amounts of different forms of social media services. It is because of this continual loyalty to their consumers that keeps their consumers pleased and coming back for future products, this also keeps their product in mind if they do not buy anything. With all of these techniques Nike will continually be the top sports apparel company for years to come and will only grow to become bigger and stronger against any and all of their competitors.


New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are a National Football Team who have a huge following amongst all of their social media accounts. The team was originally named the Boston Patriots from 1960-1970, then the team was named the Bay State Patriots for the 1971 season. Then the team was named the New England Patriots and have had that name until this day.  In the year 1994 Robert Kraft bought the team and since purchasing the team they have been to eight Superbowls and won 5 of them. Since all the success of the team has come under his ownership Mr.Kraft is regarded as the best owner in the league and in league history.

Some of the reasons why the Patriots will continue to expand their social media fan base is through how the NFL is continuing its expansion into Europe and into Mexico. As these barriers are broken down more people will continue to flood into all NFL teams social media accounts. Also the way that the Patriots distance themselves from any controversial topic such as the Aaron Hernandez situation they just apologized and avoided any possible back fire from anything that he could have done. The social media accounts also stay away from any sort of political or controversial topic in the news media. With these expansions and the teams professionalism are the reasons why social media expansion is inevitable.

Most of the team success has come from the signing of head coach Bill Belichick and Drafting Tom Brady. Bill Belichick joined the team during the 2000 season while Tom Brady was drafted out of the 2000 NFL Draft. In only his second year in the league after Drew Bledsoe suffered an injury Tom Brady led the Patriots to their first Superbowl victory. With Belichick and Brady the New England Patriots have always been Superbowl favorites. It is because of their success on the field that has led to the team having the most social media followers on twitter and Instagram and the third most on Facebook behind the Steelers and Cowboys who are first. These three franchises have had a lot of success in their history which has led to them being so well-known and so widely excepted on social media accounts.

Social Media Accounts

The Patriots have numerous amounts of social media accounts.








The patriots Twitter account has almost 4 million followers and over 42,000 tweets. The posts are a mixture of videos and photos. Their cover photo advertises the upcoming game. Some photos advertise products with links  that can be bought from the patriots official store located at Gillette Stadium. The videos are one on one interviews with players or videos to hype up fans about the game coming up. When it is the off-season the patriots announce all of their latest signings and releases from their roster. The Patriots actually have the most twitter followers amongst all the NFL teams.




The New England Patriots Facebook account has over 7 million people who liked the page and about 6.6 million who follow the page. Similar to Twitter the Facebook cover photo advertises the upcoming game. The Facebook account also shares the same post as their twitter account. Unlike their twitter account from their Facebook account people can go from the Facebook account to their official online store to buy products. There is even a web show as shown in the picture which brings fans behind the scenes to learn more about the players or the work that is done so that the players and coaches can take the field as well as the strategies and techniques used to play. There are also links to their other social media services such as Twitter and Instagram. Overall their Facebook account have the most followers due to the fact that it is the oldest form of social media from the current list.




The New England Patriots Instagram account has a total of 2.8 million followers. unlike their Facebook and Twitter account the New England Patriots Instagram account is more for entertainment purposes. A majority of the post are in-game pictures and final scores of games throughout the season as well as pictures of the players at practice. There are videos too on the Instagram account, but they are one on one videos of the players giving a shout out to the fan base and other videos are to hype up their followers. Also just like Twitter the Patriots have the most followers amongst all the NFL teams. With their huge following on Instagram the Patriots organization can continue to use this account to try to bring the community closer together.



The New England Patriots YouTube account only has 26 thousand subscribers. The account  is filled with interviews with the players after games and during the week. Another video series that they have online is their Sights and Sounds of the Game which is sponsored by BOSE. Also there is another video series with Bill Belichick in which he breaks down plays from the most recent game. Lastly there are videos of memorable moments from the Patriots past years. With all of this great content it is shocking that the Patriots YouTube account only has 26 thousand subscribers.


The New England Patriots Snapchat has videos of players doing drills during practice during the week and during game day the clips will show them walking to the stadium or the arena. The Patriots also used their Snapchat to wish their players a happy birthday. Also Snapchat is used to helps fans also see what happens behind the scenes as far as photo shoots and preparing for interviews. Contract signings are also posted to their Snapchat stories to show fans the newly acquired players to the roster. The one thing that separates Snapchat from all the other social media accounts is the fact that they have special filters and different types of texts that can be used for all the other videos and photos.

Overall Social Media posts

Overall the New England Patriots have a great core of social media accounts and they have a large number of followers across all of them except for YouTube. The audiences are not only hardcore Patriot fans, but people who genuinely love the sport for what it is. As time goes on the number of people across all of these Social media accounts will continue to rise as younger people get involved with social media. Also as social media because more relevent in households around the world the Patriots organization will be able to market their products to more people across the world.

Digital Footprint

When you first search for the New England Patriots the first thing that comes are the scores from the most recent game. Second articles related to the team from news sources such as ESPN, Bleacher Report, and Fox Sports. Also links to their social media accounts and team pages on sports news websites are seen when you search for the team. The teams official website is also among the links. The Patriots social media accounts are all used for damage control. When Aaron Hernandez was found guilty the Patriots used their social media accounts to let their fans know that if they own a Hernandez jersey you can get the jersey exchanged for another jersey.

Commendation and recommendations

The New England Patriots social media presence is a large one and most likely and new forms of social media come out they will most likely continue to expand onto those new platforms to interact more with their fans. This expansion at this time is important because of how successful the team has been and how social media recently has expanded immensely. Also the interaction between fans and companies has become more important than ever. The New England Patriots are always continually posting fresh and new content which makes them relevent. This fresh content not only includes videos, but pictures from players and coaches.

One thing that the New England Patriots could do to improve their social media presence is by possibly using Facebook live with some of the coaching staff and players answering questions from fans. Secondly the YouTube subscriber number can increase easily to 5 million this can be done by the social media manager posting new video to YouTube then immediately sharing it to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the caption subscribe for new content. Also with So many personalities on the team such as Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Rob Gronkowski the Patriots can give them their own original show or have them post personal content of what they do to YouTube. Julian Edelman has his own YouTube channel where he makes burgers and shakes and invites other players to eat with him and talk about the sport they play. Tom Brady on the other hand has been more involved with doing commercials and skits on Funny or Die, so trying to get him to do a short and promote them on not only the Patriots social media accounts, but his own should be no problem.

Tom Brady keeps adding to his legacy weekly.

Over this past season, Tom Brady has played some of his best football of his whole Career. Although the team’s record and does not reflect his all of his hard work there is more to the game of football then one man’s effort. For someone who is 40 years old, Brady looks ageless in only throwing 2 interceptions this whole year while other Quarterbacks such as Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees have all thrown 2 or more interceptions. What is different in Brady’s case is that his number one receiver in Julian Edelman tore his ACL in a preseason game and all of these other quarterbacks have all of their Wide Receiver Cores intact.

Some other factors that make this season even more special are the fact that other options that Brady had last year like Malcolm Mitchell and Martellus Bennett are not available.Malcolm Mitchell is not available due to a knee injury and is expected to miss the whole season. Martellus Bennett, on the other hand, left the team for a more lucrative contract with the Green Bay Packers.


With these voids in the offense, the Patriots had to quickly adjust first by trading for Dwayne Allen from the Indianapolis Colts to replace Bennett. As far as Edelman and Mitchell the Patriots traded for Phillip Dorsett of the Indianapolis Colts and are now heavily relying on of Brandon Cooks, Chris Hogan, and Danny Amendola to make plays for them.

Tom Brady is no stranger to a situation like this in the 2013 season the Patriots were depleted of their Wide receivers. First with Wes Welker leaving the team to join the Denver Broncos for more money. Danny Woodhead had also left the team for a better deal with the San Diego Chargers. After that Brandon Lloyd asked the team to be released to take a year off from football which the Patriots allowed. After Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder. Rob Gronkowski also played 6 games until being injured by Cleveland Browns safety T.J Ward. Even with all of these issues the Patriots finished the season 12-4 falling 16-26 against the Denver Broncos in the AFC championship. It seems as though no matter how bad the roster is Brady can just make anyone work well within the system.