Final Project: Microsoft


Microsoft Corporation is a American technology company that develops, manufacturers, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and services. Microsoft focuses on the development and implementation of software used in computers and on the Internet, and also develops consumer electronics that include the software they have developed and created.

Microsoft Corporation’s headquarters is located in Redmond, Washington. The company was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 1975 where they developed and sold coding software for their microcomputers. Soon after, the company began to dominate the consumer and personal computer operating system marking with their graphical operating system, Microsoft Office.

Social Media Presence Overview

Microsoft Corporations social media platforms:

Analysis and Evaluation


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 6.25.56 PM

Microsoft’s blog, which has a new post almost every week, if not every other week, consists of articles and blogs involving any sort of influence, or advocacy Microsoft has partaken in in society and in the technological world. The blog has articles that speak of how Microsoft has further advanced or is planning to advance in the future. There are also articles about Microsoft’s innovations and its plan to become a more sustainable company, or help homes becomes sustainable.

The blog has a series of different blog concentrations, such as, their “AI Blog” that focuses on how Microsoft can change society, or in particular, in the Decoding the Immune System blog, corporate vice president of AI Research created an article about how Microsoft’s research department has found ways to use Microsoft software to decode the human immune system and diagnosing diseases.

Another type of blog concentration is their “Microsoft on the Issues” blog where there are series of articles talking about politics, laws and regulations, and also public worries where Microsoft gives either advice or their input from Microsofts Council. For example, in their blog post Microsoft’s Council for Digital Good, this blog posts help readers understand the risks of certain ways of using the Internet and how to stay safe and away from potential Internet dangers.

The blog, like stated previously, is updated almost every week, if not every other week, and has a series of different bloggers, whether that being journalists and publicists from Microsoft or presidents, vice presidents, chiefs and/or managers creating these articles and blogs personally.


Microsoft has 1.35 million followers on Twitter. Their content is a mix between tweets pertaining the company, its software, its products, and also of their employees, likewise to their likes, retweets, and their replies a well. Their Twitter content mostly are about anything involving the company. Whether that would be links to their blog, links that will redirect the reader to their website, and any sort of marketing or advertising about their current, past, or future consumer products and software.

Their Twitter, though seems very professional, their retweets and likes of articles and tweets about their employees makes their account seem very friendly. They also post pictures from conferences and panels, giving the reader a quick look into what these events look like to those who are curious. Instead of the account being mainly about business and having a stoic and professional setting, their account seems friendly and usefully informative.


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 6.29.06 PM

Microsoft has roughly 12.5 million followers on Facebook. Their posts are a mix of videos, photos, and blog posts that redirects the reader to their various other social media sites the company has. Every single post on Facebook has a photo attached to the post with very little text. The text that is included is very brief and gets to the point, letting the reader know what the post will be about if they are interested in reading said post in entirety.

On their Facebook page, there seems to be more posts pertaining humans rather than posts being mainly about Microsofts products and softwares. Many photos on their page are of smiling people or of people in general, giving the page a more friendly and welcoming feel. There seems to be a post multiple times within a single week, almost every other day there is a new Facebook post. All posts garner a large number of likes and comments and also shares.


Microsoft has almost 5 million followers on their LinkedIn profile. Compared to their Facebook page, the posts on LinkedIn are more professional and business oriented. They do have posts similar to the ones on their other various social media sites, however, the LinkedIn posts, are different in terms of sophistication and professionalism. Their are multiple posts throughout the day and each post receives an impressive amount of likes and comments per post.


Microsoft has 487,202 subscribers on their YouTube channel. The channel has a number of videos and, to make things easier to navigate, the channel’s videos are categorized by playlists. These playlists include videos such as children creating software and decoding software with Microsoft products, podcasts, innovation series, and videos with everyday Microsoft employees. One video the channel has, is a quick 1 minute video that showcases Microsofts Garage Reality Room that the company has created and added into their headquarters to discover new ideas and innovation.

Though the YouTube channel posts consistently either daily or weekly, the videos do not garner a large amount of views or comments. Their older videos have garnered almost 50k views per video, whereas, their current videos do not exceed 2k views.


Microsofts Pinterest page has a very small number of followers, a total of 8,031 followers, which is, compared to their other social media sites, a substantially low number of followers. Their pins are mostly technology related and are of photos with Microsoft products showcased in them. There is not much on their Pinterest page though they have a large number of individual boards, the sheer amount of different boards is overwhelming and makes the reader not want to browse through the accounts pins.


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 6.29.44 PM

Microsoft has 1.5 million followers on their Instagram page. They mostly post photos, and add in a video every now and then. Similar to their Facebook page, almost all of the posts on Instagram are of people and hardly of Microsofts products. Their posts consists of photos and quick descriptions of influential leaders, such as the photo listed above, and of trending photo’s and hashtags that they also include in their posts. Their posts receive over 10k likes consistently for each post and also receive many comments, however, Microsoft very rarely replies to the comments.

Summation of the Analysis

Depending on the demographic their social media sites attract, their posts vary with being either friendly, creating a connection, or being professional and revolving around sophistication and merely stating facts and information. If the demographic of their followers is of a younger crowd, their posts are more about human connection and modern day worries and concerns. However, if their demographic is of a older generation, their posts are more professional and business oriented, or mainly states facts and information.

Digital Footprint

The first result when searching “Microsoft Corporation” on Google is their website, The next result are articles and news related to Microsoft. Followed by their Wikipedia page, then their NASDAQ information, and lastly the products and services provided by Microsoft.

While going through the next few pages of the Google results, their social media sites pop up such as their blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest page. Related searches to the company also pop up, such as their gaming consoles and other software’s and companies Microsoft has acquired over the years.

There are many articles about Microsoft, mostly being of their current and future products and services they are creating and also of the successes and/or failures the company has experienced.

The results that come up are very informative and not biased in terms of not just positive articles and results are showing up, articles about the company’s failures and things they can work on as well also show up in the search. The information that comes up is beneficial to those who are curious about the company and are interested in learning more.

Recommendations and Commendations

Microsoft knows their demographic well and what tone of voice they should use depending on what social media site they are using. They are informative, professional. Involved, and are willing and able to make a human connection which makes the multi-billionaire company not as intimidating or money and business generating and oriented as people perceive it is to be.

Microsoft has a number of various social media sites and it seems as if the company can do away with some that do not garner much attention from the public. Their current social media sites, which they utilize very frequently, such as Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, and their blog have great results in terms of web traffic, whereas, their other sites, such as Pinterest and LinkedIn, do not garner the same amount of web traffic when they are compared amongst one another.

To improve their social media presence, the company should focus on the sites where people are most active and where their followers and subscribers are active as well in order to have a consistent social media presence.





Case Study #4: Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caeser

Daniel Caesar is a 22 year-old Canadian soul and R&B singer and song writer. Caesar debuted into the music industry in 2015 with EP albums “Praise Break” and “Pilgrim’s Paradise” and also non album singles “Japanese denim” and “Won’t live here”. Caesar quickly rose to fame through his soul-full melodies and lyrics portraying his lost love and heartbreak. With his smooth baritone voice, soft acoustics from his guitar, and his lyrics filled with remembrance of a love he’s desperate to never forget, Daniel Caesar quickly rose to top as one of the best soul and R&B artists of our time.


  • # of Facebook likes: 73,074
  • Facebook URL:
  • # of Twitter followers: 169K
  • # of Twitter users the celebrity/company follows: 601
  • # of Tweets: 2,396
  • Date the celebrity/company joined Twitter: September 2013
  • Twitter username: DanielCaesar
  • # of Instagram followers: 341k
  • # of Instagram users the celebrity/company follows: 844
  • # of Instagram posts: 278
  • Instagram Username: DanielCaesar

Facebook Analysis:

While looking through Daniel Caesar’s Facebook page, the first thing you notice is how simple his page is. The profile picture is of Daniel sitting in a car in his signature red, black, and white striped leather jacket. The image header of the page is the album cover of his most recent album, “Freudian”, (which is the photo featured in the beginning of this blog).

As you go through the various links within the page, apart from the standard “About me” section, there is also a “Tour Dates” section that lists Caesar’s tour dates and the cities/countries he is performing in. Beside these tour dates, is a link that redirects the reader to the website where they can purchase the tickets or find more info about the venue, costs, and times of the event. The “About me” section has a list of all social media sites Caesar has, such as, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, his website, and info regarding his hometown and his agents information as well.

Most of the posts on the page mainly revolve around Caesar’s upcoming world tour. There are a few posts of his local performances and events but mostly every other posting is of the world tour poster that lists the days, times, and places he will be touring in. These world tour posters are posted often due to the page updating the public on which events are sold out and which event are not. This is beneficial for the public due to being able to be kept up to date on what shows still have tickets available for purchase.

The page also has videos from his YouTube account of either his music videos, clip teasers, featured videos, and recorded performances. The photos on the page mainly consist of his album cover photos, tour date posters, and miscellaneous candid photos of Daniel Caesar. The photos and videos are taken professionally and bear no meaning behind them other than being a photo off of the album or a professionally taken photo with odd props and flowers.

A downside to the page, though informative, lacks any sort of interaction between artist and fan. There is no sign of communication between Caesar and his fans which is disappointing. While browsing through the comments on his page, many fans have expressed how his songs has helped them go through break-ups, depression, and overall hard times in life. However, there is no comments or replies from Daniel Caesar responding to his fans. Or personal posts from Daniel that don’t consists of photo’s or videos.

Twitter Analysis:

Compared to his Facebook page, Caesar’s Twitter page is much more personal and engaging in terms where Daniel Caesar posts, likes, reTweets, and replies to Tweets sent to him. His Twitter photo is the same photo used in his Facebook page. From posts alone, it seems as if his Facebook page is controlled by the talent agency he is in or his agent whereas his Twitter is more so controlled by Daniel. Due to how lacking in personal posts on Facebook is very obvious on how personal the posts on his Twitter page varies between the two sites.

His Twitter account does have odd posts here and there of his tour poster and album cover, however, compared to his Facebook page, it is not as repetitive. There is a brief biography that mentions Caesar’s talent agency, which is not listed on his Facebook page, and also he has a saying he often mentions when being interviewed, “up from the basement,” a saying that shows his roots. Daniel started creating music from his basement and often repeats that saying to remind himself to stay humble through the success.

While going through his Twitter page, due to how recent Daniel has debuted, he has a small number of Tweets, photos, and also followers. Caesar has only Tweeted roughly around 2,400 tweets and has uploaded no more than 150 photos. Surprisingly though, even with how new of an artist Daniel is, in the recommended/suggested people to follow drop down menu, listed is a wide variety of immensely popular and well known artists. Artists that have a similar sound, genre, and style as Caesar.

Compared to his Facebook page, I feel as if Daniel connects more with his fans and other artists on Twitter. He likes and retweets posts pertaining himself or of artists he enjoys and his replies seem more personal due to what he comments, such as, a heart emoticon, words of advice, or a reply showing his gratitude. I would prefer to see Caesar show as much effort and attention to his Facebook page as he does to his Twitter. Not everyone has Facebook and/or Twitter so it will be beneficial for Caesar to be equally as active on both accounts to be able to reach markets that do not have either sites.

Instagram Analysis:

While going through Daniel’s Instagram, from the posts alone, it is very obvious that Daniel is in control of this account more personally, just as how he is in control of his Twitter account. His posts consist of his album photos, photo’s taken of himself professionally, however, compared to his Facebook photos, there is a large number of photos clearly taken by Daniel himself, photos with other artists or fans, and also random and miscellaneous photos of people, things, or objects that interest him.

Just as every social media site, Daniel uses the same photo consistently. Daniel probably did this to make it easier for his fans and the public to find all of his social media sites due to the use of the same consistent photo. Just as his Twitter, the description on his Instagram is completely alike, which makes it more evident to how Daniel is in personal control of his Twitter and Instagram account.

From his photos, rather than focusing on marketing his upcoming tour and album, his photos are more personal and, in ways, shows the human side of Daniel. While being personal through Tweets and replies on Twitter, it seems as if Daniel if being more personal through his photos on Instagram. Though he only has no more than 300 posts on Instagram, each post taken by Daniel or of Daniel, is a small glimpse of the human side of Daniel, who posts things of his liking and interest.


In conclusion, from his social media sites, Daniel’s Facebook page seems more business and marketing oriented. There is no connection or communication between Daniel and his fans on his Facebook page. It seems as if his agent is in control of this page and Daniel has no real personal connection or responsibility he feels he has to fulfill on Facebook. However, when comparing his Twitter and Instagram account to his Facebook page, Daniel is more active and communicates more with others on Twitter and Instagram.

On his Twitter account, Daniel Tweets things that are obviously not tweeted by his agent, he replies to tweets sent to him, replies to tweets that interest him, likes tweets, and also tweets either generic or oddly bizarre tweets that are very obviously from Daniel. His Instagram account of very similar in content as well.

On Instagram Daniel has a small number of posts revolving around his world tour or album photos and mostly has a number of posts of himself, taken personally, or of things of his interest. There are a few self taken pictures of Daniel with others, photos he as reposted due to merely liking them, and photos he has taken of things he finds interesting or odd enough to post.

Like stated previously, I’d prefer if Daniel was more active on his Facebook page just as how he is active on Instagram and Twitter. Though Twitter and Instagram is a more used social media site for celebrities and artists, there are people who do not have access to either Twitter or Instagram and have to use Facebook. With how marketing orientated and how minimally active Daniel is on his Facebook page, this can cause some of his fans to not like how he connects with his fans. Overall, I’d prefer if Daniel was more equally as attentive and active on all social media sites rather than just two out of of the three.

Blog Analysis: Young Adventurers


Young Adventurers: Liz, a normal girl living her biggest, messiest dreams.
Young Adventures is a travel blog curated by 28 year-old Liz, who, and this is quoted from her blog, “… [is] a normal girl living her biggest, messiest dreams.” Liz has spent the last 7 years traveling abroad, mostly on her own, exposing herself to new adventures, new sites, and meeting extraordinary people.


Blog Layout

The structure of Young Adventurers: Liz, a normal girl living her biggest, messiest dreams, has a very sleek and minimalistic design where the background for all pages are mostly white where grey and teal are her focal colors throughout her blog. For each individual page on her blog, Liz has various different header images that are have a slight holographic feel to it which helps capture the attention of her readers. She adds in photos she has taken herself at every destination she’s traveled to.


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.19.06 PM

Liz’s blog icons consists mostly of pictures of the destination or topic around that specific which compels the reader to read her blog posts due to the quality of her pictures. She captures the attention of her readers from her compelling photographs as a way of showing the reader the sight they will see when traveling to the same area as she did.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.20.22 PM

The headers in each individual page on her blog are incredibly simple and consists of a very simple yet beautiful photo and as you scroll down, either a series of even more so beautiful photos fill your screen and as you browse your cursor over the image, the title or purpose of that specific blog immediately transitions over the photo in a simple white font overlapped upon her signature teal colored hazy background bordered by, yet again, her favorite colors, a single lined white border followed by a single lined teal border.

Through navigating her blog, each link either directs the reader to a separate page or has a drop down list showing the reader, in this case specifically when scrolling over the destination link, shows a list of countries she has visited which will then direct the reader to the blog dedicated to that specific country.


Liz has a series of links that specify what and to where the reader will be directed and also gives the reader insight to what they will be directed to. While navigating through her widgets, you’re then greeted by pictures, to what seems to be repetitive and a trend throughout her post, and has very little text within the blog itself.

From her posts alone, Liz mainly posts pictures of her destination and will only say very little of ant sort of context behind the photo itself. She adds in simple suggestions of where to go and what to do, but mainly, her blog posts, and her blog itself, seems as if it is more of a pictorial blog, or a photo sharing site.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.44.49 PM

While browsing through each individual page, Liz has her various social media sites hovering over to one side of her webpage and also towards the very end of her blog posts to remind or suggest to her readers and viewers to go onto her other social media accounts. However, the constant pop-up’s of her social media sites is more so of a burden than it is helpful.

Also, when browsing through her blog posts and web pages, when browsing towards the end of each page, Liz has a small informational area that introduces herself and her reasoning behind the creation of her blog. It also has a few links that are of her most recent blog posts that the reader will be redirected to, plus it includes any featured stories and a search bar for her readers to utilize if they are looking for something specific within her blog.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.55.02 PM

In continuation of her blog posts in entirety, Liz’s About Me page is also similar in ways where she has little text and many pictures. Liz essentially overwhelms her readers by having a number of photos within each blog post and throughout every individual page and has very little text. The photos, though beautiful, are a distraction and get in the way of the blog itself. There is very little to read and the reader must scroll through her posts endlessly in order to read any sort of content within her page.


Young Adventurers: Liz, a normal girl living her biggest, messiest dreams

is incredibly visually appealing. Mainly due to the layout of her blog, the simplicity with the same handful of colors, the fluidity of the navigation within her posts, and mainly, the appeal of her self taken photos from the places she has traveled to.

However, though her information and useful and her photos are breathtakingly beautiful, her blog posts are very mediocre in terms of content and lacks any sort of personal connection and emotion that the reader can either feel through the post itself or form while they are reading the posts.

Liz appeals to a more visually compelled and visual drawn audience than an information based audience. She uses a series of photo’s to showcase her trip and uses very little text to describe her experiences. For those who would rather have more of a glimpse, and essentially a frame by frame play of her trip, Liz’s blog is a perfect match for them. However, for travelers who want to read about the actual experiences and gain informative insight of any future or current travel destinations, sadly, Liz’s blog is incredibly lacking in that aspect.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Have you guys ever had a dream awakening epiphany before? I did, and let me tell you, this realization pushed me to limits and boundaries that both equally terrified and excited me. One night, as I am mindlessly laying in complete darkness and solitude in my dungeon, aka my bedroom, I realized I have never left or ventured out from the state of Massachusetts. Okay, that is somewhat of a lie because I occasionally, and when I say occasionally I mean every other day, travel to New Hampshire to shop (and I am very sure all of my fellow Massachusetts citizens do this as well because of how NH is a no tax state).

Any who, back to this epiphany, I realized that I need to get out more. I am a young 23-year-old young adult who lives comfortably in the suburbs of Andover who has a somewhat decent paying job and has friends who are somewhat crazier and more so eccentric than I am, which is honestly very surprising (them being more crazy and eccentric, not the whole idea of having friends but that’s also really crazy too, who would be friends with someone who would rather nap all day? My crazy friends apparently thats who).

Okay, I am getting terribly sidetracked. Let’s continue! So any who, around 3 am that night-morning, I created a list of places I wanted to visit. To make things easier, I made a list of places in New England, eastern Canada, along the East Coast, and basically any major places or cities that were easily accessible through car, train, or bus. I created this very concise and detailed list, all together there were about 26 different cities and towns I wanted to visit, and slowly but surely I was able to visit 20 out of 26 places. And let me tell you, from someone who would rather stay home and very far away from other people on the road, or people in general, that is a huge milestone for me.

As I visited these breathtakingly beautiful places, I had another realization. I love traveling! I love going to new places, seeing different landscapes, buildings, clock towers, roads, whatever is unfamiliar to me was so strikingly beautiful and awe inspiring! Out of all of the places I went to, the most memorable place I visited, which was not on my list, was Puerto Rico. The island of Puerto Rico is by far the most magnificent, exotic, and overall enchanting place I have ever been to. As an impromptu vacation, my best friend and I booked a 16 day vacation in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico being where she was originally born and raised and we had the best time of our lives (cheesy, I know). The island has so much history, so much poise, just so much to offer and every day I was shocked at how painstakingly beautiful this island was!

While my stay, I visited many towns and cities, castles, historical land marks and islands, however, the traditional, historic, and rustic feel and appearance of Old San Juan was my favorite place. The pictures below, which unfortunately I was so absorbed with basking in the beauty of the island, I did not take much pictures so the pictures below do not do this beautiful island any justice!

From this trip, I came to realization to how lucky and blessed we are to be able to travel different towns, states, and countries and be exposed and experience things that are so beautiful and different to what we are used to. I had a newfound appreciation and passion for traveling and vowed to myself that I will continue to travel and admire the endless amount of various places I am willing and able to travel to.

Due to my lackluster skills in photography and my very limited number of photos. Sadly the photos I have on this blog are the most decent pictures I took with my Iphone while on vacation. In order to not scare any future travelers and adventurers away from my mediocre photos, I have included some amazing blogs, videos, and featured images of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico!

Here is an amazing video of Old San Juan created by the talented Lonely Visions, a homegrown travel documentary YouTube channel. Check out their video below:


Meet Cassie, a blogger, wrote an amazing little trip report about her time in Old San Juan. During my flight to Puerto Rico, I read her blog and was even more convinced on wanting to visit this quaint little town! Check out the link below!