King Kylie


While I may not personally be her biggest fan there is no denying the success and huge media presence that Kylie Jenner has made. At 20, she is the 8th most followed user on Instagram and is quickly on her way to becoming the wealthiest of her siblings. Her makeup line which sells out in seconds every time she releases a new product, is worth $420 million with reports predicting it to be worth $1 billion by 2020. While their TV show launched them into stardom, each Kardashian-Jenner family member has taken the reigns when it comes to their social media presence and Kylie is one of the best. Her username is the same throughout all of her social media outlets: KylieJenner.

Social Media Presence Overview:

Starting off with Kylie’s main social media platform, with a whopping 100 million followers on Instagram, she is a huge presence on the site. She only follows 125 people, mainly being her siblings, other famous friends, and any page related to her beauty line. She posts both pictures and videos of herself, either professional shots or selfies and videos with her friends out and about. She posts many pictures and video clips related to her beauty line, and she will also promote her beauty line with herself wearing the products, or doing beauty tutorials. While lately amidst pregnancy rumors she hasn’t posted anything (her last post was on Christmas Day), before that she has been posting daily or every other day, sometimes multiple posts at once. She never comments back to people or interacts with her fans in any way on Instagram, one thing some of her fans are offended by.

Twitter I would say would be her next most used social media platform. She has 24 million followers on this site, and follows back 1,162 accounts. She tweets mainly self promoting things, about herself and mostly her makeup line. She will tweet day-to-day thoughts or observations, but Twitter for Kylie is a huge business promotion opportunity. Her tweets show new products, new launches, and advertises her pop up stores. She tweets and retweets multiple times a day, however she has taken a break from this as well, her last tweet being on January 5. On Twitter she is more likely to interact with her friends, however she only will retweet things that are promoting her products. She will retweet someone raving about her new makeup, or talking about the Kylie truck which is a pop up store on wheels, painted pink. She will retweet positive reviews, and mainly things that are going to positively promote herself or her brand.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 1.36.48 PM.png

Facebook is her other social media outlet, that is a lot more impersonal. It is almost solely about her makeup brand. Like Twitter she posts about new product launches, restocking, and makeup reviews. She doesn’t post anything about herself personally on this website. She did make a status about the outcry of her makeup brushes and the cost of them, $360 for a set of makeup brushes. And people were very upset about it, and she addressed that on her Facebook saying that she fights for the lowest possible prices. She has 20.5 million likes on Facebook and 20.4 followers on her page. The content of her page, as I mentioned before are of her makeup line predominately and a few modeling picture of her mixed in as well. She will post on Facebook every few days, but like the rest of her social media, she hasn’t posted since Christmas Day.



When you enter “Kylie Jenner” in a google search, 26 million results show up. The top stories are: “Kylie Jenner using Tyga for attention”, “Top five conspiracy theories about Kylie Jenner”, and “Kylie Jenner NOT using Tyga for attention”. Her life is a constant stream of gossip columns, speculations, and criticism. The top results under those story headlines are her Instagram and Facebook page, and under that her Wikipedia page. Her name cannot be mentioned without a million pregnancy rumors. There has been speculations that Kylie has been secretly pregnant for months, that she has already given birth and is in hiding, and that she was her sister Kim’s surrogate. She has had what looks like baby furniture delivered to her house, that a picture from a helicopter captured. She hasn’t been seen in months, and no one in the family has confirmed or denied the pregnancy. So the gossip blogs are buzzing with questions, involving her ex Tyga once again.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 1.49.39 PM.png

Analysis and Evaluation:

Starting with Instagram again, Kylie Jenner uses this platform as a more personable, typical 20 year old. She posts pictures of herself, her friends, funny videos and makes herself seem like a normal person, albeit a very rich one. She has little to no interaction with her friends, I have never once seen her comment back to a fan, unless its to a fellow celebrity. This is probably because of the overwhelming amount of likes and comments she must receive on a daily basis. As far as her personal brand, and being “Kylie Jenner”, Instagram is how I think she maintains her fame. She posts artsy pictures of herself for her fans to fall in love with, and maintains an active role on this site. She posts about her makeup line but that is not what is predominantly on this page. Her Instagram is about her and promoting Kylie Jenner as a person. To keep herself more relatable and interesting, I think that her usage of Instagram for more personal pictures is a great way to keep the fans happy.

Twitter is a slightly different story than Instagram. She mainly uses Twitter to promote her company. While there is nothing wrong with that, the content is a little more dry, you can only look at makeup products for so long. However from a business stand point, Kylie is doing a great job. Twitter is the place to go when you want to know about her next launch, what new products are coming, and if you live in Calabasas, where her next pop up store is going to be. She will only tweet and retweet positive reviews and feedback about her makeup line, which while not being totally honest is good product promotion. If you went to her Twitter only, you would think that her makeup products are God’s gift to the earth.

Facebook is pretty much just like her Twitter profiles, except there is no fan interaction at all. She promotes, and that is about it. People comment like crazy under her posts, but she never answers any of them. The only recent personal post she did, as I had mentioned earlier was about people’s reaction to her very overpriced brush set. She posted a few other brush sets to justify her pricing, and explained that she understood and would try to work on another synthetic brush set that would be much more affordable.

As a whole Kylie Jenner is a fantastic business woman. While being extremely self-centered, she promotes her brand day in and day out and works very hard to continuously release new beauty products in her line. And the success has shown in her $420 million company, and the fact that she can’t keep her products in stock for more than a few minutes at their release. Her social media usage as a whole centers around her makeup, which is her passion. And it all was methodical, she got lip injections at a very young age and people were obsessed with her lips, and the controversy around them. What better thing to do but to start selling lip sticks and lip liners to get lips like Kylie? Those were a huge success, and the makeup brand grew from there, and her social media outlets show this success and growth. Honestly I don’t see much she could improve on social media wise within reason. Of course answering more of her fans would be nice to see, but the amount of negative feedback the entire family receives, for her mental state I don’t think it would be wise to read through many of the comments. Plus she receives millions of comments and tweets, responding to them would be daunting. She could Tweet more about herself, or things she finds funny, or meme pages, making herself seem more personable, but that would take away from all of the makeup self-advertisement.

Kylie’s digital footprint is something different entirely, and centers much more on her personal life than her success. All the news articles bring her ex boyfriend and current boyfriend into every post somehow, and it focuses much more on gossiping about a 20 year old girl instead of focusing on any success she has had. While Kylie is not my favorite celebrity, and I find her self-centeredness cringe worthy sometimes, there is no denying she is business savvy and smart. Her entire “pregnancy” has also skyrocketed her into more fame and everyone on every celebrity news and blog is talking about whether or not she is pregnant. And it would not surprise me if she released some new product or makeup line around all of this because her name is everywhere on the internet right now.





Kim Kardashian West

For this case study, I picked the “Queen of Social Media” Kim Kardashian. I thought she would be one of the best celebrities to use because of how active she is on all social media sites.

Starting with her Facebook, Kim Kardashian West: Her bio is “Public Figure in Los Angeles, California. Her page has 30,108,982 likes, and 29,205,079 followers. 67 of my own personal friends like this page. Her profile picture is a glamor shot of her face, with heavy makeup and a high ponytail. Her cover photo is a pale pink banner, super simple. Her about is “where I’m meant to be”. In general her About page is pretty bare, not much detail with that. This pages main focus is her many pictures of herself. She has 4,127 Timeline Photos and almost all of them are of her or her many beauty products. All the Timeline posts are of her, her children, or her beauty products as well. She doesn’t repost anything or promote any sites except to her own website: KKWBEAUTY.COM. The only pages she follows are of her sisters, her show, and the network her show airs on. She could try to improve her Facebook page and maybe even make more money or her page more personable by reposting videos or funny clips. Her most recent post was two days ago and it was an artsy picture of her new perfume. It got 6,000 likes and 55 shares with 187 comments. I went through a few of her pictures comments and there is a pretty consistent trend in her comments. A lot of the comments say that her perfume is amazing but then there are many comments that are racist and bringing up her past, as well as criticizing her parenting.

Her Twitter has the same pale pink banner, with a different paparazzi picture of her with platinum hair. She has 58.3 million followers, she’s following 129 people, and she has 25.5 tweets. On her Twitter she is much more personable and interacts with a lot of her fans, but only if they’re talking about her. If they draw a picture of her, someone had a manicure with her face on it, someone made a collage of her outfits she will comment on it and/or retweet it. She reposts a lot of her makeup products, promotes her show and supports her siblings. A lot of her tweets contain pictures of herself, or her products, she promotes her makeup artists and hair stylists and her skin doctor/plastic surgeon will use Kim in videos to show off skin care. Every single one of her tweets is viral basically; she gets hundreds of thousands of retweets and favorites. Her twitter is very aesthetically pleasing and has a color scheme and with most of the pictures and videos match or are color coordinated. I think that as far as her Twitter she is doing everything right, she interacts with her fans and promotes herself to her millions of followers.

Instagram is Kim’s biggest social media outlet, her username is kimkardashian. She has 106 million followers and 4,090 posts. She posts many modeling pictures and her artwork nudity pictures as well as her many paparazzi pictures. She also has a color scheme in her pictures here as well, a lot of rose gold colors. Her makeup looks are beautiful, her clothes and wigs are always perfect. She posts many pictures of her children as well. Her bio is just a link to her beauty line. One of her most recent pictures got almost 2.5 million likes and thousands of comments.

She uses her social media to promote her products, her TV show, and supports her siblings and the Kardashian brand in general.

Case Study #3

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is sell things online. I love making money, and to be able to do so while sitting at home is one of my favorite things in the world. Poshmark is my favorite site to sell my clothes on. Anything I think I have that is of any value, I put it online. I Googled blogs about Poshmark and came across a blog called Diana Elizabeth, written by none other than Diana Elizabeth. The title of the blog post is “how to use Poshmark to sell your closet.” The article I read talks about her success with looking through her closet and deciding what she can part with. The web address is:

The blog itself is very visually appealing, simple white background with professional pictures of the author, her home, her garden, and every other aspect of her life. The layout of the pictures you can tell are very well planned out, and styled to fit the simple but trendy theme of her entire blog. She most recently did a tour of her friends 1930s “Boho Farm” home and personally I think it looks like an explosion of color. I am much more simple in my decorations, but even though the style is different I can still appreciate how beautiful the pictures are and how they were taken as well.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 6.06.56 PM

The title of the blog is, as I mentioned above, Diana Elizabeth, and underneath her name is “efficient living + simple style”. Under that on the home page are the menu options in red lettering: “Home + Garden”, “Lifestyle”, “Travel”, “Style”, “Beauty”, “Videos”. Being a plant lover, I clicked on “Home + Garden” and was brought to something straight out of Pinterest. Her pictures and life look almost too perfect. Every picture shows her in a trendy outfit, surrounded by beautiful house decorations or a lush green garden. She is beautiful, her house is beautiful, her garden is beautiful, her cooking is beautiful, and she’s everything that I am not (lol). One of the posts is a Nora Mattress review, and at the very top she said she was collaborating with Wayfair and received the mattress in exchange for an honest review. I went to her “Fall Home Preparation” article to see what her tips would be and the entire article was just various ads for different cleaning products. I went through a few of her blogs and in every single one that I saw was a link to an ad for a type of product, or a link to someone else’s blog or website. In one of her blogs she was asked if she makes a living off the blog alone and she said yes, she is able to pay her bills and afford her life style from the blog alone, but that came from hard work. I can definitely see how difficult a blog is to make. Hers is beautiful, she needs to have a talent for taking pictures, an eye for arranging said pictures, an eye for web design, creativity for making up the content of her blog, and she needs some business savvy for the multiple partnerships she has.

I went to her About Me page to learn more about this picturesque blogger, and right off the bat it seemed like she was born to be a blogger. She had been writing about her life since she was in first grade, in a 17-diary collection. She got her B.A in journalism and went to Hollywood to start a career in entertainment T.V but she went back to Arizona shortly after and started a graphic design boutique. She says that the blog is her way of combining her 3 passions- writing, marketing and photography.

From the posts that I read myself, she never says the words “subscribe here” which is refreshing in the day and age where that is what every media star chokes down people’s throats. Her entire blog is very visually appealing and I like the simplicity of the layout. It is very easy to navigate and the menu options are pretty straightforward. However the entire content of the blog is slightly boring to me. The pictures are appealing, but the writing is like every other blog I have ever been on. A picturesque stay at home woman who cooks perfect meals and makes her house look like Pinterest. I wish there was more humor, something that would keep me wanting to read more. While I am aware she makes money this way, the ads in her articles are overwhelming. Almost annoying to read in some of them and it made me wonder if any of the things she was writing were actually her words or just ads she was being paid to write.



If everyone worked at a doggy day care, the world would be a better place

One of the few things in this world that will bring me joy no matter what mood I am in, is a dog. Especially a puppy.

While I favor some breeds over others (mushy faced dogs hold a special place in my heart) a dog is a dog, and I love them all.

Because of this, I work at a doggy day care.

For years I worked in the restaurant industry, dealing with awful customers and terrible hours and slowly but surely lost faith in humanity, and I hated living that way. I knew I needed to change, working somewhere I hated was not the life I wanted to live.

So, I sat down for a moment of reflection and thought to myself, what makes me happy? And dogs immediately came to mind. Working at an animal shelter (which I have tried) would be depressing. Where could I work where the dogs are happy and have homes?

~Doggy Day Care~

And low and behold, there was one 30 seconds up the street from my house that I never realized was there.

Now don’t get me wrong, working at a doggy day care is NOT sunshine and rainbows like everyone thinks. I post pictures and videos on my snapchat and everyone comments about how jealous they are that I get to work with dogs all day. And yes, for that I am thankful. However, it is a lot of blood sweat and tears that people don’t realize.

Put 20-30 dogs in a room, no matter how large, there will be dog fights. I have worked there for a year and know all the dogs personalities and who they will and won’t get along with. But sometimes just like humans, dogs have bad days and get into moods. This results in a fight, and yes there is blood, yes I have been bitten, it can get ugly!

However, as much as I want to cry with the stress and aggravation, the dogs will look at me with those eyes and I melt. I scoop them up in my arms, even the ones that weigh more that I do, and just hold them.

Here is Duke and I. He is a French Mastiff and weighs over 100 pounds already and is yet to reach is first birthday 🙂


The job itself isn’t always fun, and the people I work with are difficult, but when I quit one day I will miss those dogs like they are my own children.

One of my favorite YouTube stars, James Corden tried his hand in my day to day life and it is hilarious:

If everyone worked in a doggy day care, there would be less anger, less sadness in the world. People would be better and more responsible dog owners. And people would learn to love unconditionally like only a dog can.


^ One of my all time favorite dog quotes, that I try to remember in my day to day life