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The WWE is the biggest sports entertainment business in the world today. Larger than life superstars have been apart of this company, entertaining fans for decades. The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has been around since the 1970s. It was not until the 1980s when Hulk Hogan came to the scene and began to attract fans with his 24 inch pythons, California golden look and Hulk like strength. Since then, the WWE Universe has evolved drastically. The likes of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and so many more WWE superstars, have helped bring the company to a world-wide sensation. The WWE currently airs its weekly broadcast shows of Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live on Tuesday nights, in more than 150 countries. The WWE currently is involved in many charities and foundations. It is not just the company, the superstars are a big supporter in them as well, such as Boston Shriners, Dana Faber and many more. The WWE has a 24/7 network, available on any tablet or tv where live events are broadcasted along with other past events, matches or tv shows. The WWE has evolved in more ways than one. The smash mouth, people through tables mind-set of the 90s and early 00s has changed to a more role model and family oriented experience that we currently see in todays broadcast. The WWE is a big advocate for equal opportunity, where they recently have activated more female superstars to the roster, started to incorporate their own matches that they originally were never given an opportunity to compete in. For example, over this past year, the WWE fans have witnessed the first ever female Hell in a Cell match, the first female ladder match and the first female royal rumble. The WWE has many positive aspects to its company, other than just an entertainment business of wrestling.




Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 7.30.24 PM.pngThe WWE currently has over 38 million people who follow and like the page. On the page, you will see news updates of the matches from the weekly broadcast shows. Links to superstars pages, interactions within the community, superstars in the gym, superstars training along with classic matches and memorable moments. There are many people commenting on posts with predictions and ways they would make the company better. There are also a lot of other positive and motivational posts along with negatives depending upon who the superstar is in the post. There is a post conducted every few hours. Very active account. Currently, the profile picture is the logo of the WWE and the cover photo is of WWE Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins.




Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 7.30.44 PM.pngThe WWE twitter is very similar to the WWE Facebook page. Same cover photo of WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins. There are over 10 million followers, over 194 thousand tweets, only following 378 others which are mainly the superstars of the WWE. The WWE twitter tweets roughly three times an hours, just about every hour. Very similar to the Facebook page, you can find clips of superstars staring in other events or shows such as The Today Show or Total Divas. You can also find match highlights, memorable moments and promoting other superstars pages.


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Much like the twitter and Facebook pages of the WWE, the page is very active and has the same profile picture of the WWE logo. There are over 14 million followers, over 16 thousand posts and only following 230 people (mostly WWE superstars). Here, you will see a lot of the same material from the twitter posts and Facebook posts. Updateson live matches, past matches and future events. Here is more of a platformto show off the actual work of wrestling, where as twitter and Facebook promote more charitable and public interactions along with wrestling. For instance, the past five posts, on instagram were all wrestling shots, from the past few days of superstars.


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Just like most major companies, the WWE has its own website. Just like its social media accounts, you will find various blogs, videos and pictures of recent and past events. Here you can access WWE Shop to buy any and all gear to match the WWE Superstars. You can access statistics of your favorite WWE superstars as well. It is also promoting the WWE Network, with a schedule and time for its shows. You can find various news on superstars and trending stories. This official site also allows fans to purchase tickets to events near them.


The WWE does a great job broadcasting its content to the world in various ways. Facebook live, WWE network, standard television/cable and also live updates on twitter and instagram. I think the pictures and content is great. The posts of the superstars in action are very cool memories for the fans to capture along with the superstars. All social media keeps the audience informed with what the company is doing. They post social moments of the superstars in public to show they are real people and not just a character. The WWE promotes positive in the world and shows it through their social media sources and in return encourages others to be positive. What is also good is that each social media is marked as verified, meaning exactly what it says. Each social media is basic and simple to understand. Motivating posts keeps fans on their feet, interacting with the WWE universe is a great tool utilized here and most importantly, its easy to find because they all have the same logo, which is not very hard to misinterpret.


The WWE is a business. It is promoting its superstars and company which is wrestling entertainment. Every post is something to do with in ring wrestling. There are more inring wrestling posts than other content. My suggestion would be to have a better balance of individual superstars within the community and their life, along with the positive charitable work done. I personally think it is great the direction is going. It is using its income and superhero like characters to push positivity in this world. I would want to see all that more online to broadcast. I feel by doing this, it would be able to get more fans. Not everyone knows about this style the WWE is going to. A lot of people still believe it is the demoralizing of women, the blood baths, the violent tendencies and sexual content. It is not that now. The business did a 180 degree turn to make it watchable for kids of all ages. The superstars are some kids heroes, proving that statement is Make A Wish Foundation. I think there should be more promotion on this than just that of in ring material to gather a broader fan base. Other than that, the WWE seems to be doing a fantastic job. They keep the fans updated online, their sites are easier to navigate, at all hours of the day are posts. They maintain a world wide fan base and announce any pertinent information about the company as far as superstar updates, injuries shows and locations.



Case Study #4: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a former football star at the University of Miami back in the 1990’s. After having a short lived career in 1995 in the CFL, Dwayne followed in his  fathers footsteps and became a larger than life sensation in the World Wrestling Federation. From 1996-2004 The Rock was the face of the WWE. From 2004 to current he has been known as a part timer. The Rock went on after his full time wrestling career to become an actor and producer in Hollywood.  The Rock has stared in movies such as Walking Tall, The Rundown, Gridiron Gang, Pain &Gain, Fast and Furious 6 and many more. His most recent project is he is the producer and star of HBO’s hit series Ballers.



The Rocks facebook has over 58,000,000 followers on his public page. Inside his Facebook, you can find posts about his projects and upcoming movies. Inspirational posts, workout videos and more. There are public photos of himself, on set, in the gym and just goofing around. It is a public figure page which means anyone can visit and view it. There are also links to his youtube channel, instagram and twitter. His last post was on March 6th of this year talking about his new movie Rampage, set to be released in April 2018. It had over 22,000 likes and over 1500 shares. He has links to his under armor page for his collection line of “Project Rock” apparel.


For the most part, the rocks Facebook page is active. A lot of positive posts of what he is working on in hollywood. He keeps it professional to an extent, theres no political views shared or posted it is strictly his work and what he is doing currently to keep his fans updated on his professional life.



The Rock joined twitter in 2011. His twitter also lists his birthday (May 2nd). He has over 21000 tweet and 12.7 million followers. The Rocks Facebook and twitter are nearly identical with the same posts, profile pictures and inspirational tweets. His most recent tweet was today (April 1st) wishing all his fans and followers a happy easter. He appears to be relatively active on twitter with either a post or retweet every few hours.  @TheRock. He has over 1700 photos and videos he has posted as well.

The Rocks twitter is very professional and active. He posts a lot about his projects and interacts with his fans very regularly. He keeps it professional but he also jokes around to  keep everyone entertained.



The Rock has the same profile picture in his instagram as he does for his Facebook and twitter. He has over 102 million followers with 3400 posts. His most recent post was yesterday (3/31/18) promoting his new movie set to release later this month. The movie is called rampage. A lot of his posts are him conducting business meetings, on set to whatever project he is doing and the gym. In his profile, it just says his username (@therock) and the word “gratitude”. There is also a link to the under armor website, with his collection line of “Project Rock” apparel.  Every post he has, there are almost guaranteed over a million likes per a post.

I would not really change much of the rocks instagram page. It is very professional, he interacts with his fans very well by updating them on projects and uploading videos speaking directly to them.



In conclusion, I could not find much wrong with The Rocks social media pages. He is very professional, all his pages are practically identical. He is a humble guy who works hard day in and day out. He makes a purpose to interact with his fans as much as possible and keep them updated day by day to let them know how valuable they are to his success as a movie star and producer.

Case Study #3


Josh McDaniels to stay in New England

by Paul Perillo

Topic: Coach McDaniels to stay in New England after 2018 season



There are multiple pictures of Coach McDaniels on the top of the screen on a slide show. There is a big header outlining how McDaniels is staying in New England for another season. There is a small picture of the author and his title and role of this article in the top right hand corner of the page. There are also some pictures from twitter with hashtags talking about this topic.  There is a comment section and a like section along with other news stories related to the New England Patriots . There are ads for miscellaneous stuff, links leading to other sites that are also talking about this subject.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 9.44.41 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 9.45.12 PM.png The webpage is easy to follow. There are several pictures and tweets separating the written paragraphs. The slideshow of pictures throughout the website keeps the reader interested and gives the mind a break from reading a lot.  Like I mentioned, there are several other sources noted throughout this blog to emphasize the shocking story. Josh McDaniels is the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots. Leading up to the Super Bowl, he verbally committed to be the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Shockingly, right after the Super Bowl he announced he was going to stay with the Patriots in his position of Offensive Coordinator. This sent ripples through the NFL about the back stabbing between the two organizations and pure hatred between the two. The other tweets and notable mentions on this blog go into talking about the rivalry and how this just adds to it.

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Overall this was a good blog. The visual was good, the use of other sources relating to the topic was good as well.  This was a very vague topic, so for this blogger to utilize different websites and social media to emphasize the shock of this, was pretty good. There was not much to write about because it was more of a informative news alert but  I thought considering what he was working with, the author did very well. I would like to have seen a little more back story written though rather than just links of videos.

More with Less?

Lean and mean is the old time saying in reference to being in great shape. For the most part, most people would like to be lean and healthy with muscles. Guys want the big arms and chest while females want the tiny waists and defined shoulders. In the aspect of body building, these are what competitors strive for so when they are on stage, they look lean, dry and vascular. For the average person that just wants to look good on the beach, it is the same concept. The old body building styles of lifting would say to lift heavy with more weight and less repetitions. If you wanted to be big, the more stress on the muscles the more they will rip apart and grow. Over the years, like everything in this world, research has proven that theory to be true however, more harmful to the human body. Think about it, a 500 pound bench press a lot of tension on the muscles. Yes, the muscle fibers will break down and then rebuild but what about your elbows and shoulders? That is a lot of stress on those joints to be doing for an extended period of time. Today’s style of lifting has a lot of coaches pushing for more repetitions with less weight. The stigma with this is that you won’t gain any size, which is generally what guys want. A lot of females use this style of lifting, which makes males not want to utilize this style. However, the more repetitions with lighter weight, is doing the same thing as lifting heavy weights. It is putting stress on the muscles where they are breaking down still, but now there is more blood flow through the veins and muscles so it’s not as much stress on the joints and the vascularity aspect is there too. I have lifted both styles and I can honestly say, as cool as it is to say I can lift heavy weight, I feel better lifting lighter and I feel more muscle fatigue and stress (in a positive way) than lifting heavy. A lot of people do not believe that light weight, more reps can gain muscle. It does depend on the goals of the weight lifter. More repetitions will build endurance while heavy weight less repetitions grow strength. At the end of the day, a variation of both ways should be done to shock the muscular system for best possible looking results.