“Be kind to one another”


I have decided to look at Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen DeGeneres is an American Comedian, Television Host, actress, Writer, and Producer. She was born on January 26, 1958. She is married to Portia De Rossi.

Ellen DeGeneres is a host to her own TV shows called the Ellen show. Which is one reason why she become famous, she also is an actress in some of the most famous like the Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory in both movies she played Dory.

Ellen DeGeneres’s branding that she is trying to get across to her fans or audience, is be kind to one another. She is all about helping others in times where they needed it or just being kind and I love that and its true you need to be kind to one another, you never know what the other person is going through.

Social Media Overview

Ellen DeGeneres has a wide variety of social media. She has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or what she calls it Ellen Tube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Vine. Some of those Social media accounts we didn’t talk about in class but will mention them briefly. Lets now look at each social media account.


On Ellen’s Facebook page there are 27,208,064 people like her page and she ahs 26,067,387 people follow her. On her page it seems to be that she posts a lot of pictures and videos with captions. It all seems like she posts often, as in more than once a day. But it doesn’t look like there is much interaction with her fans, her fans post comments on her posts but she doesn’t seem to reply.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 1.55.22 PM.png


If you want to find Ellen on Twitter, her twitter name is, @TheEllenShow she is following 36.1K users on twitter and she has 67.5M followers. On her Twitter page she posts photos, videos and tweets! She does add people to her tweets and hash tags. She posts daily or more than once a day, which is good it keeps or her fans up to date. She doesn’t seem to have a strong fan interaction by tweeting back to them, just adding some people into her tweets but they seem to be people that have been on her show or other “famous people”.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.03.34 PM.png


There seems to be two instagram accounts on for Ellen and one for her Show. If you would like to just follow Ellen, her username is Ellen_Degeneres, that instagram account has 230K followers and she is following 31 people. This account is more just picture’s of Ellen her self. She rarely posts on this account and there is no fan interaction. The Ellen Show instgrams username is theellenshow, this account has 45.1M followers and she is following 290. This account is pictures and videos of her show, and she posts almost daily on this with barely any fan interaction.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 12.01.01 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 12.01.12 PM.png



Ellen posts on YouTube about her show, but she also has her own channel called Ellen Tube. On YouTube she has 19,727,169 subscribers. On YouTube she posts videos that happened on her show, with barely any fan interaction, but she seems to post daily, sometimes more than once. Her Ellen tube is videos, about her show or fan favorites or just some she didn’t get to show on the air. Check out her Ellen Tube today! http://ellentube.com



On her Tumblr page, she post videos and photos with captions, she doesn’t post on Tumblr often and shhttps://www.pinterest.com/pin/234679830554968398/e has barely any fan interaction.


On her pinterest page she has 489K followers and is Following 35 people. On her pinterest page, she makes pins of different things, she doesn’t post often and she has barely any fan interaction.


On her vine page she has 3.8M followers and 414,515,416 Loops. She post videos of short clips, she doesn’t not often post on vine, and she has barely any fan interaction.

Digital Footprint

When doing a basic Google search of “Ellen DeGeneres” you can certainly find a lot about Ellen. What I found was that is a comedian, and a basic little bit about her, her height. I also found pictures of just her. We know if you didn’t already know that she has her own show. You can see her different social media pages, her more popular ones like Facebook and twitter. Some of the movies she is in like, Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory. Some Quotes she says, you can also find some of her recent nominations, like MTV Movie and TV award for best host. You defiantly can find a lot about a persons digital footprint.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.30.38 PM.png

Analysis and Evaluation

I believe that Ellen is doing a great job on each of her social media accounts; she posts often on the big ones like the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. She is constantly posting on her social media accounts and keeping her fans up to date. Her post are funny and there to bright up anyones day. The other ones she doesn’t post a lot on, but I personally don’t usually use those ones like Tumblr, Pinterest and Vine, I think they have slowly faded there way out of the popularity on social media. I think her digital footprint sticks to her brand of being kind to one another because her digital footprint doesn’t show anything bad about her and keeps the positive things there to show you what she is all about.

Conclusion and Recommendations

One thing as I have already previously mentioned she does an excellent job with posting on social media and keeping her fans up to date on what she is up to. One thing I think she isn’t doing to well is the fan interaction on all her Social media accounts, she could do some more with that, but maybe that’s just her way of branding her self by not commenting back to all, but if you do tweet or use social media to her, she may mention it on her show or somehow get in contact with you, so maybe that’s her way of her fan interaction. She might be trying to distant her self from her fans more than staying connected with them. I think I would recommend to maybe comment her have more fan interaction, other than that Ellen does a great job at using her social media to create her brand and her self, and for enjoyment to make the social media pages that follow her happy and not all about the killing stuff that has been going on social media! I recommend you all go follow Ellen because her posts are bound to brighten up your day!


Case Study #3


I have chosen to do this on Tom Brady. Tom Brady is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots. He was born on August 3, 1977, in San Mateo, California. He was drafted by the New England Patriots in sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft, and has since won 5 super bowls. He is married to a supermodel, Gisele Bundchen.


Lets first look at Tom Brady’s Facebook. Tom Brady has 4, 397,764 likes on his Facebook Page.

After searching twitter for Tom Brady I have not seem to find one for him. They all seem to be fake accounts but after doing more research, Tom Brady started off with a facebook and later did a thing where he had a hat with the snapchat logo, instagram logo, and twitter logo, to then reveal what social media account he would get next. He then decided on an instagram account. I found that interesting way for him to reveal and to deceiced what time of social media account he would open next.

Finally lets take a look at his Instagram page. His Instagram user name is tomBrady. Tom Brady has 2 million Followers and his following 7 people. He has posted 51 photos/videos.



Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.59.49 AM

Lets look at his Facebook page in a little more depth. His content of his Facebook page is very picture/video oriented and lots of football posts of course because he is a New England legend. His profile picture is a picture of him with his New England Patriots jersey and helmet on it almost looks as if it is him cheering/screaming after a game. His cover photo is a play of him and his Patriots players getting ready for a game.

The about me tab on his Facebook page doesn’t have much there but it has a few things like, his gender: Male. And when he was born August 3, 1977, The official fan page. On his about me tab he also has some milestones, some of them being 2010: Tom sets NFL record doe consecutive home wins. 2009: Tom sets franchise records. 2008: Tom is named NFL MVP and Athlete of the year. There are so many more but there is just a few. There isn’t much stuff on his about me tab but there is some general information.

Tom seems to have a lot of popular time line posts, because he tends to put pictures and or videos up rather than just words. All the posts I saw were photos and or videos, and some of them had links to them, to click on. The posts are created by Tom Brady and not shared or reposts from someone else. I didn’t seem to notice if he liked any other pages or not. Something that Tom does well on his Facebook page is he posts photos and videos of what is going on rather than just blocks of words. Something that he could improve on was adding more to his about me tab, like fun facts or something his Team mate Rob Gronkowski (GRONK) has a lot of stuff in his about me tab but, not to much personal stuff that could cause problems.

 The audience of Tom Brady’s Facebook page does interact and comment on his posts, and after reading some of the comments they all seem to be positive comments from the audnience. Which to me is awesome, no negative comments. Some to the posts had thousands of comments.


Finally, lets look at Tom Brady’s Instagram account, my favorite social media platform. Tom’s Instagram profile is simple, he doesn’t have a lot in his bio, and he posts but not and over amount just enough. His profile picture is a picture of him with his Patriots jersey on and eye black with a smile on his face, kind of looking in the other direction. In his bio it just says “Tom Brady TB12perfoamncemeals.com”

Tom Brady has many popular photos and videos because he is a important part of New England, but the photo that had the most likes was a picture of him and his family after winning the super bowl, Captioned, “My Everything” this photo had 664,184 likes. (posted below) The video that had the most views was a video of him announcing that the Tuesday after the super bowl was a national holiday so that we could all attend the Patriots parade. This video had 3,434, 417 views. Mostly all of his photo’s or videos had large number of likes and views which makes sense because he is a celebrity to New England.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.57.53 AM.png

Something that could be improved on his Instagram page was like his Facebook page he could add more to his bio, rather than just his name and his performance meal website. All that is great because a lot of people now want to be on his meal plan to get fit like him. Something that he does well on his Instagram page is he post photos/videos to keep is followers up to date but he doesn’t post like 7 a day, maybe one a day and another a few days later, he isn’t over crowding his followers.

On his Instagram page the audience does participate and comment on his stuff, after reading some of the comments they all seem to be positive. Just like on his Facebook page. There are thousands of comments on his photos/videos.


I would have to say that between Facebook and Instagram Tom Brady is more successful with interacting with his audience. Both social media platforms have similar photos/videos with thousands of comments that are all positive. The social media platform I would have to say is more appealing is instagram, I say this because one I love instagram, and it’s easier to use. On his Facebook he puts photos/videos rather than posts with words and not picture. So to me that just like instagram again because its about posting photos/videos.

Case Study #2


The blog post that I found was My body (and Her Body) is Not Your Measuring Stick By Nia Shanks. I found this blog at lift like a girlThe blog topic is mostly talking about that how other peoples body isn’t your measuring stick and shouldn’t make you feel worse about your self or better about your self.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 8.24.46 AM.png

I choose this blog on fitness, of course because like I mentioned before I enjoy working out and listening to other people’s fitness journeys to inspire others. I really liked reading about this topic because most people see a “gymnast” like mentioned in the blog and say I want to look like that, but everyone’s body is different shapes, sizes and we gain and loose weight in different areas. But she did mention some measurements that do matter some being, the quality of your life, how you feel and move, your energy levels, blood markers, your confidence level and your physical/mental strength. This blog was really interesting and I enjoyed it.



The general lay out of lift like a girl is a single column blog with a header and footer; it uses  black background with pictures for the home page and then white for the background on the other pages and white for the blog posts. But the home page is black with a picture of her on then a button that says click to learn more and it takes you to the about me page.


The header is simple it starts off center with her name “ Nia Shanks” and just below the authors name it has a Menu button that takes you to all different parts of the page, like a Newsletter, Start here, Articles, About, shop and login.

On the about me tab it starts of by talking about her blog posts about fitness, and then has a section of quotes of what others are saying about her fitness blogs, then a little section that talks about her.

The footer is simple to and has an email spot to sign up and get her news daily and her social media accounts to follow to also get the latest updates. Also the footer is not white it’s a change in color to hot pink.


 The articles button allows the readers to easily see the most recent articles that Nia Shank posted. Her latest article that was posted was How can you get back dimples with exercise? Her latest article I just mention has been shared 372 times on Facebook. Wow that’s a lot of shares for one article. The article I enjoyed reading on My body (and Her Body) is Not Your Measuring Stick has been shared on Facebook for 1.0k times. Now that’s a lot of shares. I have noticed that her articles are most popular shared on Facebook and have limited comments.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 8.26.17 AM.png

Each blog post contains a featured picture with a title, but also has several photos inside the blog. Most of the photos have simple captions to them. I also noticed inside the blog posts that there was a lot of hyperlinks that reference something she says or takes you to another one her blog posts.

I have noticed at the end of her blogs there is no call to action or place to really comment but there is a place to leave your email address to subscribe to her blogs. It also has social media information on the shares, you can also share the blog your self if you choose.


The Lift like a girl is a visually pleasing, well-written blog about helping achieving your fitness goals.

I found that the layout of the blog was pretty easy to navigate and it clearly informs the reader about the topic of the blog. Although there was no place for readers to leave there comments I think it would be great for Nia Shanks to add a spot to leave feedback if they tried something she said or something so you can see how others are handling what she is saying. I also think that she could make her blog more with buttons on the sides of her article, but I did like all the pictures and the hyperlinks added in to click on them for more information.

The content of the blog is visually appealing and very well informative. Shank clearly is an expert on the subject of fitness. I like the catchy blog titles she uses to try and grab the reader’s attention. She also has the buttons on the bottom of the blog posts to share the blog to your social media account, but on the home page under about me she tries to get you to follow her social media accounts from going from white background to hot pink background the hot pink background is totally grab my attention as a reader.



Hi, my name is Michaela Canfield. For a quick little fun fact I love elephants! In my free time I like to go to the gym and workout. The gym I go to is Tewksbury sports club. When I go to the gym I do cardio every other day, which normally includes the elliptical, or hills on the treadmill. On the opposite days I life with either my sister or best friend. I normally switch of the body parts I lift but try to do exercises that involve two different types of motions because you burn more calories that way and it makes the exercise more Challenging.

In the middle of my lifting work out with dumbbells and a kettle bell.

On days I do cardio I try and incorporate abs into the end of my cardio. One of my favorite abs exercises to do is the reverse crunch, or inclines crunches. On nice days like it have been the past few days I like to go out side and go for runs. I normally run Horn pond in Woburn or do sprints then walk then sprints around Wakefield Lake. (the featured image is of the view of Wakefield Lake)I love working out with friends and all having apple watches, to challenging each other to do more and push your self to beat what your friends are doing. Everyday I try to reach new records to feel great about your self and I try and motivate others to join in on the fun. You can always find some type of fun in exercise if you find the positives about. The only negative thing that I found about working out is the day after if you challenge your self to a higher weight you’re a little sore the next day but its totally worth it and if you look on the bright side you did the exercise right if you sore. To end this let me end it on a motivational quote, “Don’t wish for it work for it” #Fitness #WorkHard #NeverGiveUp