Observing Joe Rogan’s Social Media Presence

Joe Rogan is a well known comedian, actor, TV star, podcast host, and retired martial arts fighter. He does it all and he does it all pretty well. Rogan has a huge social mejoedia presence because of his widespread success. Firstly, Rogan’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/JOEROGAN) surpasses 1.5 million likes and followers. His Twitter handle @joerogan has a whopping 3.15 million followers, while Rogan himself only follows just over 3,600 other users. Rogan has 38.5 thousand tweets ever since joining way back in December of 2008. Rogan’s Instagram @joerogan has 2.1 million followers with 2,866 posts and he follows 1,324 people. Joe Rogan certainly has a huge following on social media.

Joe Rogan’s successful Facebook page is filled with interesting and incredibly diverse content. Followers will get used to seeing around 3-4 posts daily. He often posts about deep and controversial subjects and tries to challenge others’ philosophical outlooks. This results in a strong engagement with Rogan and his followers. However, the majority of his posts are comical or promotional for his stand up gigs. The Facebook page’s picture and banner both promote Rogan’s stand up work. On his main page, Rogan likes other Facebook pages that further promote his projects, podcasts, and overall brand. I believe that he has proven to be more than capable of advertising his own brand through his Facebook pages.

All of Rogan’s Facebook posts have a certain “wow” factor to them. If not, they will make you laugh or buy tickets for his next upcoming show. Either way, scrolling down the Facebook page is pleasant: the images are often striking, the videos make you watch them through, and the feedback is prevalent on every post. It is hard to criticize what Rogan could do better, because he has nailed his Facebook page on so many levels.


Joe Rogan’s Twitter @joerogan is a huge hit on the social media platform. His 3.15 million followers would support this claim. Rogan’s profile picture is a clean head shot of himself while his profile’s banner is promoting the same stand up special which his Facebook page was advertising. His bio consists of a clean summary of himself as well as links to his Facebook and personal website. Just like his Facebook page, Rogan’s twitter is incredibly diverse in material spanning from videos of drunk Russians fighting to theory crafting of dimensional time and space. Rogan’s interest in science causes him to retweet many mind-boggling scientific articles, but his sense of humor leads him to also push a magnitude of hilarity on his twitter.

Rogan is not afraid to engage in controversial subjects, and we all know much of twitter is made up of marshes filled with scummy interactions. However, Rogan engages with other twitter users  on a level and intellectual playing field; he shows professionalism and open-mindedness when communicating. Very rarely does he come off as pretentious and unequivocally biased in his opinions. I believe this leads to a greater respect and following base on twitter for Rogan. Much like his Facebook page, Rogan seems to have mastered Twitter. His activeness, excellent brand promotion, diverse content, and professionalism mixed with personality all combine for a great Twitter account to follow.

Joe’s Instagram @joerogan is yet another successful social media platform. Followers often witness 4-5 posts a day from Rogan’s Instagram. His Instagram bio is very similar to his Twitter bio, but it instead only promotes his latest stand up tours. Rogan loves animals, so his profile is filled with amazing photos of nature and wildlife. These tend to be his more successful posts, getting around 60-100 thousand favorites each. In comparison to Rogan’s other social media profiles, his Instagram seems to be the least interesting of the three. This may just be my personal subjectivity, but much of the interesting things Rogan posts on his Facebook and Twitter cannot be summarized with just a photo or short video. Also, some of the photos Rogan uses on his Instagram are not as professionally shot as they could be.

joe-roganThe content which Joe Rogan posts to his social media followers has no bounds. This diversity has lead not only to more of a following, but it has also lead to an engagement on a more personal level with Rogan and his fans. Rogan is unfiltered and speaks of the many topics and interests he has constantly filling his mind. Rogan’s unique personality is what makes him so appealing, and studying his Twitter activity is one of the best ways to get to know him. To complement the content he posts, Rogan shows a mastery in weaving his social media accounts and website together to build an iconic personal brand name. Of all the social media platforms he uses, I believe Rogan’s best qualities are highlighted on his Twitter account. Twitter is a very interactive platform, and Rogan loves to engage in meaningful conversation. Rogan also loves to spread staggering amounts of mind-altering information, and there’s no better way to do that than to tweet, retweet, and react to articles on Twitter.

Hockey in Massachusetts

Hello, I’m Danylo and I love hockey. Massachusetts is one of the most prestigious hockeyimage10 states, so growing up here influences your taste in the sport from an early age. As many remember, Boston’s National Hockey League team, the Bruins, won the Stanley Cup in 2011 with their impressive three-game-sevens run. Their recent success helped reignite the passion people of Massachusetts have for Hockey. This passion, however, is not a recent development. The Bruins have a rich 100-year history and hold the title of one of the most storied sports franchises in existence. Similarly, many schools in the Boston area also have plentiful, illustrious pasts. The B’s have managed to win the prized Stanley Cup six times since the beginning of the NHL in 1917. It is hard not to love Hockey, and it’s even more hard to not love the Bruins if you live in Massachusetts. Just take a look at this recent beauty from Brad Marchand last Tuesday against the San Jose Sharks:

Yea, it’s fun. (more videos from Bruins YouTube legend dafoomie) Anyone who has watched even a sliver of Boston’s 2011 or 2013 Stanley Cup runs knows that hockey is not comparable to any other sport. Lets look at baseball, for example. Many baseball players often miss weeks on end because of bruised fingers. In Boston’s 2013 playoff run, Patrice Bergeron played with a broken rib, a punctured lung, a separated shoulder, and torn rib cartilage. Gregory Campbell of the Bruins used his body to block a scorching slap shot in 2013. Despite shattering his fibula, Campbell remained on the ice for almost another minute to help kill off the remainder of the penalty kill, playing with unimaginable pain. Sacrifices like these are common in the sport, especially in the playoffs. Not sure if there are athletes that exist with more heart than hockey players. There is a reason Massachusetts kids grow up to love the sport; the heart, soul, and passion that professionals like those of the Boston Bruins bring out on the ice every day is unbelievable. It’s inspirational. Cliché or not, we can all certainly learn a thing or two from the sport.