From Business Suit to a Bathing Suit

As a young college girl seeking new opportunities, I would just LOVE to be able to drop everything I’m doing this second to travel the world. Doesn’t it sound amazing to live in a bikini all day and not worry about anything except where your traveling to next? Sounds good to me! But a girl can dream…right!? This is me in Mexico, wishing I was still knee deep in turquoise water!FullSizeRender

Anyways, after some exploring on the web, I came across a really awesome blog about a young woman who has decided to throw every aspect of her professional life in the garbage and decided to travel for a living. The Blonde Abroad is a blog written by a young California girl named Kiersten. Like many, she was taught that she needed an education, a high paying job, to get married and have kids to live a full and prosperous life. But not long after graduating from college with Honors and accepting a position at a popular financial firm in LA did she discover that this wasn’t what she wanted to do. Since then, Kiersten has traveled to over 50 countries, volunteered her time in undeveloped countries, and is now living the life that makes her heart happy. To make this blog a young womans’ dream come true, Kiersten also blogs about fashion, photography and travel tips from her experiences. Check her incredibly awesome blog out HERE!

The blog caught my eye not only because of my deep love and passion for traveling and seeing the world, but also because of it’s unique layout. It’s bold, creative and to the point. She wrote the posts in a. way that has very limited information on them, but also gives you, the reader, the option to read more about what she is talking about if you choose too. The title of the Blog which is A Blonde Abroad should make someone think twice about it. Once you open the blog, a pink backdrop appears with a slideshow of videos and pictures from her trips appear. The layout of her information tabs make it easy to navigate and find information. She offers both blogs and vlogs (Video Blogs) from her travels, which I think makes it more interesting and gives people an option if they don’t like to sit and read. Her “about me” page is short and sweet for people not wanting to know her life story, but she does give the option to read her full story down below.  All pictures and videos taken are from her, not from a different source which makes the reader feel more connected and intrigued! If your traveling on a budget, she’s got a tab for that! Or if you want to learn more about volunteering in undeveloped countries, she can help with that! She covers many different topics ranging from food, to fashion, and festivals and a little of everything else that falls in between.


She has a layout of 6 different tabs at the top of the blog. One for Destinations, Travel Tips, Activities,  Interests, Shop and FAQ’s! After clicking on a tab, it directs you to another page on her blog that gives a little information about each thing. The graphics used on the posts are interactive, meaning they look like their calculating numbers when showing you where she has visited in her travels! My favorite part about this blog is the “Popular Articles” section on the homepage. Check out a few of my favorites below!

  • If you need some assistance on what to pack in a carry on bag,  Click HERE
  •  Looking for some guidance on where to travel in your 20’s?? Click HERE 
  • Want to travel the world or book a vacation and don’t have anyone to go with? No worries, travel Solo! Heres some of the Safest Places to travel as a solo female

As a whole, she seems to really encourage her readers to share her stories and experiences, but also take them in for themselves. The blog gives the opportunity to share the posts and articles on various social media platforms, and also gives the opportunity to e-mail just incase! I feel as if this blog is more of a read-only blog, and not to share. I wish I had known about this blog earlier because it gives so many tips on how to budget, pack and also safety steps to take when traveling alone. She has created a tab on the blog that shares the sites her work has been featured in, including The New York Times, Travel + Leisure and Forbes! Check the rest of her Press features out HERE. 


I normally don’t care too much about the author, but her story is unique in a way that makes me envy who she is, but in a good way. I feel like as a young woman, she stands for a lot and she also stands for the young women who are told on the daily that they need a degree to be anything in this world. Not only is she proving that theory wrong, but she does it in such a way that makes it seem normal. After all the violence and terror in the world, reading this blog gives me comfort in knowing that I am a woman and I can do what so many men do as a living, travel the world and be safe at the same time. She has proved that even after quitting her job at a prestigious Finance company after graduating college with honors, she is still a successful female making a living on her own. This blog means more to me the just a travel blog, it shows me that I can’t be defined by a single piece of paper or any amount of money a job position can offer. Do what makes the heart happy, or else you’ll be stuck doing something that doesn’t pay yourself back. Do what you love, and love what you do! 

As a blog, it does very well at giving insight on what to look for when planning a vacation and some ideas of what to do while on the trip! I think this blog would be great to incorporate into a business program and show it to both young men and women equally. You don’t have to be female to travel solo and enjoy what the beautiful world has to offer, but it might be more fun to show everyone how successful a young woman can actually be! If there was something this blog could do better, it would be to promote the work and articles better, as I have never seen them shared on social media. The only reason I knew about this blog was because I googled Top Blogs about Travel, and this was the third on the list!

I look forward to taking her tips and putting them to use one day soon! Catch you at the beach!



Staying cool during a New England Summer

Living in New England can be quite the task… sometimes it’s mid-June and the temperature is 47 degrees. Or, it could be Christmas Eve and it’s 78 degrees! Either way, it can be hard to find some fun and exciting hobbies to keep you busy during the summer months.

As a child growing up in a small town, it was really hard to find something to keep me busy that didn’t involve getting dirty. I never really liked hanging out around the house and watching TV. I always found something to do outside, whether it involved making mud pies to sell to imaginary people, or trying to dig up a bunch of worms and put them in a box to show my parents. When I started dating my now boyfriend of three years, I discovered a side of me that I never knew existed. After the summer of Graduation in 2015, we decided it would be fun to buy a cheap jet ski and drop it in the nearby lakes and rivers. So, that summer, we went out and bought our first Jet Ski and have not stopped riding every since! There’s quite a thrill and an adrenaline rush when your jumping waves and dodging water on what seems like a never-ending lake. Being able to spend my days soaking up sun, in a bikini, with good friends on the Margate Sandbar is my kind of day! IMG_6566Over the past three Summers in New England, I think it’s safe to that our favorite place to bring the Jet Ski is Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. It’s about an hour and a half drive from where we live, but the drive is nice and relaxing, and theres lots to see on your way up! To say the least, the Lakes Region in New Hampshire has natural beauty that I really can’t describe. In my opinion, there is nothing like spending hot summer days on a gorgeous lake with good friends and food! To see for yourself, check out the Lakes Region HERE!


A few of our favorite spots include:

  • Meredith Town Docks- Meredith, NH (Slight fee of $20 to use the public boat ramp during the summertime, but guaranteed fun and there is no set time you must be out of the water due to closing of the ramp…it stays open all the time)
  • Gloucester, Massachusetts (There a public boat ramp located behind Gloucester High School). We ride through the water and pull up close to shore on Good Harbor Beach
  • Merrimack River (Lowell or Chelmsford, MA ramps) Sometimes it’s nice to get out of work on a Tuesday at 5:30 and load the Jet Ski to drop it somewhere close to home since it stays light out till 8 PM!
  • Mascuppic Lake – Tyngsboro, MA (Always such nice people who live on the lake, with warm water that is refreshing after a hot day! Just watch out for lots of wildlife and birds that also visit the lake. We have come across a family of swans who are VERY protective of their young)
  • Beaver Lake- Derry, NH ( Beautiful lake that isn’t too far, but just far enough away to get that New Hampshire feel)

Check out our favorite spot in New Hampshire HERE.

If your not really into water sports of any kind, theres tons of other things to do around the Lakes Region that don’t include water! When were not spending the day soaking up the rays in our bathing suits, we enjoy casual lunches or dinners, and some shopping as well. If your a person who likes to dress up and go out for nice dinners or cruises, there is plenty to do for you also! During the day and night, the M/S Mount Washington offers spectacular scenery views during a nice cruise around the lake. If you’d prefer a train ride, the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad offers an extensive range of times for a quiet and enjoyable ride around the lake. If your the shopping type, the Weirs Strip has quite the selection of little gift shops and arcades, which is ideal for all ages. If you’d prefer to watch the sunset from the top of a mountain, or enjoy the outdoors instead of shopping, be sure to check out the Castle in the Clouds in Moultonboro, NH. For more information on things to do around the lakes region, click HERE.

I hope you are able to find something to keep you cool and busy during the hot summer months that are yet to come here in New England!