Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


“The Rock”

Dwayne Johnson is a man of many talents, he started off as a college football player is now a producer, actor, semi- retired wrestler from where he got the name “The Rock”, and he also does a lot of motivational speaking, activism and charity work. In 2006 Dwayne founded his charity “Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation” which works with terminally ill children. At the age of 45 he’s received 10+ awards and honors, and has starred in more than 35 movies from comedies, cartoons and action movies.

Social Media Overview 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram


Analysis and Overview


Dwayne’s Facebook states he is a Public Figure with 58.5 million followers. His profile picture is of him and his cover photo is a picture of his most recent movie “Jumanji” his profile has about 5+ posts a month. Most of these posts are photo shoots,movie releases, commercials, sneak peak videos or motivational gym videos. His most recent post is a sneak peak video of him making a commercial for the Patriots vs Jaguars AFC game on Sunday!





Dwayne Johnson joined Twitter in February 2011 and has 12.4 Million followers. His Twitter consists of things he retweets or of replies that he tweets back to fans. Also, his latest tweets are about his new movie “Jumanji” that just came out and was a big hit! Seem’s like Dwayne is very active on Twitter and good with his replies to fans.





On YouTube Dwayne goes by “The Rock” with almost 3 Million Subscribers. His videos are of Hollywood Premiers, interviews with him and other celebrities, workouts he does, his segment of “Rock Reacts” which is him watching all wrestling footage or movies of himself and giving the feedback he has now. The latest video was uploaded 3 weeks ago.




Dwayne’s username on Snapchat is therock, majority of his posts on him on the sets of movies or commercials, behind the scenes, motivational talks, or at the gym. He is always upbeat and happy in his videos on Snapchat.



Last but not least is Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram account @therock where he has 99 Million followers, making him the ninth-most followed user on Instagram! He posts up to 2-3 photos or videos every other day. Most of his post are work or gym related. He also posts a lot of videos of himself giving people motivation or speaking of how lucky and thankful to be where he is today. Captureiyih



Overall Dwayne’s Social Media accounts all give of the same message and energy- Motivation, work hard to play hard. The Rock tries to show everyone that if you keep working for it and stay motivated you will always get where you want in the end.

Digital Footprint

First when searching Dwayne Johnson on google a link of him on IMDb comes out which shows all his movies and roles. Second, Dwayne’s Twitter account comes up. Then you can find him on Wikipedia, his Instagram recent videos or pictures that have been posted of him. Also, there was a lot of links and websites talking about a New Musical in London that was inspired by the rock and even a few posts of how Dwayne Johnson may be thinking about running for President in 2024.


Commendations and Recommendations

Overall I think The Rock Posts enough on all of his Social Media cites to keep his fans updated and motivated. Instagram and Twitter seem to be used more often by The Rock with replying to fans or posting videos of him working out. Dwayne Johnson is a very well known person from being a wrestler, actor and Public Figure he’s very easy to google search or find out what his next movie role may be by just looking at his Social Media posts.


Quotes by Dwayne Johnson




Dwayne Johnson Strongly Considering Presidential Run in 2024 (EXCLUSIVE)







Social Media Usage

Kelly Gedick
Professor Bauer
Case Study #4



Katy Hearn Fitness

  • https://www.facebook.com/KatyHearnFitness/
  • 69,086 Facebook likes
  • Twitter username- @katyhearnfit
  • 86.4K Followers – Following 122 people
  • 25.2K Tweets
  • Joined Twitter January 2013
  • Instagram name – @katyhearnfit
  • 1.7 million Followers – Following 405 people
  • 2,259 posts

Katy Hearns Facebook page consists of her profile picture and cover picture of her doing a bathing suit shoot. Katy’s about me page is all links to her websites, gym, apparel and other social media accounts. Her description just says “Athlete” “Fitness Model” The page only has videos and pictures of Katy, most of the videos are her workout videos. The page doesn’t post much the last post was January 2nd. Also, the page does not follow anyone or connect with anyone. People comment positively on all of the posts but the page never gives feedback or replies to comments people post. All of Katy Hearns posts have 500+ likes or comments.

Katy’s Twitter picture is a selfie of her and her banner picture is her at the beach. In her bio it says “Storm child made of wild and flame. I walk fast and prefer to be dressed in all black. I’m super married” her bio also includes her Instagram name and a link to her fitness website. Her tweets are mostly her posting pictures, tweeting normally like anyone else, and promoting her app she recently created. She seems to reply or retweet most of the tweets fans tweet to her or about her. I scrolled pretty far down Katy’s Twitter page I found no negative tweets just mostly people complimenting her or saying how well they’re doing with the plans or meals she sells!

The Instagram bio has her website info, her winter challenge info, bite meals info which is her company that preps meals for people. Her last three posts are of the new app she just came out with for clients to purchase and use for workout and meal plans. Her main posts are always her at the gym, workout videos, her dogs, or her away on vacation. All of her photos and videos on Instagram have 20,000+ likes or comments. The comments on her posts are mostly all positive, people asking questions about the workouts or how she stays so fit. I believe she tries to reply to as many posts as she can but has so many followers and comments that it might be hard to keep up with.

I believe Katy Hearns most used platform is Instagram and most of her interactions are through Instagram. On this platform she posts, replies and interacts with her fans more. Also, this platform has her biggest base of followers. It makes sense that this is her most used social media platform because she can post videos of her workouts, and of her progress.

Case Study #3 – A First Timers’ Visit to San Diego



The blog I just read through was ” A First Timers’ Visit to San Diego” by a girl in her late 20’s that calls herself Noelle Across The Pond. In this blog Noelle had written about her first time traveling to San Diego (a place I have wanted to go myself for years now). This blog gave some great tips to anyone traveling, even made me want to read her other blogs about her travels.



When I first stumbled upon this blog the caption and pictures that had popped up had really pulled me in, made me think “I will be a first timer in San Diego, maybe I should see if there’s any advice within this blog.” In Noelle’s header she had wrote that it was her first time ever traveling to California, but she was lucky enough getting to travel with her two blogger friends that had traveled throughout California plenty of times. Noelle tagged her blogger friends in her header and also made sure to add the tags California, firsttimers, sandiego, and westcoast. With doing that hopefully her blog will pop up for anyone looking to travel that way. Noelle also did a great job with giving a visual of her travels with very good descriptions and pictures to go along with all her spots she made sure to stop at. Also, she ended her blog with a statement ” Have you been to San Diego? What was your first timers experience?” This made me want to travel there even more, and probably got some good feedback from other first time travelers.


Noelles blog had a great set up including plently of pictures, she used almost a check list type of writing to name all the places she had seen in San Diego. This for me made it easier to read and want to continue reading. I believe all the pictures posted were pictures taken by the blogger, some even had pictures of her and the close friends she went with. Throughout the blog Noelle also gave addresses where to find these places and even stated where she stayed and how she traveled throughout California. Noelle has 174 followers on her blog, and 16 favorites on this post which made it more trusting to read. There is a link that brings you to Noelles webpage that has all her past travels and posts about the ones shes looking forward to in the future. On her page it has plenty of pictures and info to help people travel on their own to these places. Stating that her “goal with this blog is to provide practical travel tips, first hand experiences, travel guides and honest reflections on life as a expat.” Noelle also has links to her social media accounts on twitter, instagram and facebook. She also includes down the side of her profile a few of her travel pictures that she posts on instagram.



I believe Noelle did really well making people feel like they should travel, and that its a great experience to see the world. Giving people that little push they might need to get out there and travel! People have posted to Noelles blog saying they enjoy her travel tips and cannot wait to read more. Noelle also has a link on her blog “Work with Noelle” where she gives her email address and twitter and facebook links, telling her readers she is always open to new experiences, places or restaurant telling them to feel free to contact her about them! I also found it really cool that Noelle had added a map of the world on her blog and shaded off all the places she has been with links to her blog about that place! Overall Noelle did awesome by adding the right pictures to give you and awesome visual of the area, and making it feel like you were reading a friend of yours blog, she made it very welcoming! Good luck to her or anyone else on their adventures!

Screenshot 2017-04-24 at 4.58.11 PM

Above shaded in blue are all the areas Noelle has traveled to!



 Noelle Across the Pond

Benefits of Weight and Strength Training!


Hello Everyone! I am some what of a gym freak! Bored? go to the gym. Grumpy? go to the gym. Sad? go to the gym. The gym is a sanctuary for a lot of people, put your  headphones in and just get in a good training session and you leave feeling like a whole new person. Weight and Strength training is a physical training involves using heavy weights or different type of HIIT workouts to push your bodies limits. HIIT workout stands for high intensity interval training. The list of benefits that come with strength training aren’t just physical benefits they are also emotional, health related or mental benefits.

Strength Training has recently become more common and continues to get more noticed everyday. I believe many people would feel and live a lot better if they had added exercise into their schedules. I always like to say ” A healthy body is a body in motion” we can’t just sit around and hope the best for our bodies, give yourself a little push and help your body stay healthy! Ever since I starting Strength training about 3 years ago I couldn’t stop. I realized what a positive impact it has made,  I feel healthier when I workout and eat right, I’m happier, less stressed and have a lot more confidence in myself. Safe to say I’m glad I gave myself the push to try something new.


You can read articles, stories and even research on how Strength training can better your health. I suggest getting out there and trying it you will see the difference and feel the difference for yourself! The main benefits of Strength Training is to better your physical and mental health. Training can reduce your stress, improve your self esteem. It can boost your mood, when working out the body releases endorphin’s which creates your happiness. This may even help someone who may be suffering from depression or anxiety. Working out can help cognitive decline, as we are getting older our brains are also getting older, working out releases chemicals in the brain that prevent degeneration of the brain that controls memory and learning.


The list goes on and on with benefits including, helping with anxiety, improve brain performance, sharpen memory, help increase relaxation and sleeping better. Working out can also help someone that may be struggling with addiction instead they will use training as their outlet!

Overall Strength and Weight Training is full of many health and mental benefits! I do it because I enjoy it and I also love the outcome of being happy healthy!

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