Cardi B


About Cardi B

Cardi B born Belcalis Almanzar is an American hip hop recording artist and has a large presence on social media. Cardi started to gain popularity and attract attention on social media for talking about her life and stripping. She is know for her charismatic and unfiltered attitude and this shows in her music. Cardi B was seen as the “break-out star” on season 6 of Love & Hip Hop: New York. After her appearance on the show as a main character, February 2017 she signed a deal with Atlantic Records and released her debut single for Atlantic. “Bodak Yellow” reached number one of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, and beat Lauren Hill’s record for the longest lasting chart-topper on the Hot 100 for a solo song by a female rapper.

Cardi B attracts fans with her charasmatic personality and keeps them with her music. Her personality and the way she tells a story is what made her famous and people love her for her attitude. Her brand is her real and unfiltered attitude. If I had to say that she was trying to convey a message to her fans, it would be to stay real and true to yourself.

Social Media Presence Overview

Cardi B uses the main social media accounts and has a combined amount of 19 million followers on these sites:

Analysis and Evaluation


cardi fb

Cardi B has 3,701,221 followers on Facebook. Her posts are a mixture of text, pictures, and videos. A majority of the posts are pictures with very short texts. Cardi B posts a lot of memes and selfies.  A few recent posts include a the cover of her new single Bartier Cardi with the link to purchase the song, pictures of her at the Jimmy Fallon Show, and a Billboard cover.

There is an average of about three Facebook posts a week. Some posts have 600 likes and others have 10,000. There are comments on every post.


cardi t

Cardi B has 1.88M followers on Twitter. Most of Cardi B’s page is made up of text tweets. She doesn’t post too many pictures on Twitter. She retweets people often and is always replying to people. Cardi B has recently just dropped a new song so a lot of the retweets are about her new song.

Sometimes Cardi may clap back at haters and other times she is just having fun talking with fans about music and other things. Cardi usually tweets a few times a week and when she gets on Twitter she is on for a while talking to people and retweeting tweets.


Cardi B has 14.5m followers on Instagram. Most of her posts are promoting her music, an event she is doing, or memes. Ocasionally she posts selfies and fan related pictures or videos. The content that gets the most attention are pictures and videos of herself. A video of her performing or a selfie is more likely to get more interaction than a meme or a picture promoting an event. Cardi B’s captions are usually short and to the point. Once in a while she might write a longer caption for something she is happy or excited about.



Cardi B has a following of 1 million four hundred six thousand seven hundred seventy nine subscribers on Youtube. Cardi B’s videos consist of audio’s for her most recent mixtape, music videos and mixtapes. It looks as though her Youtube was created around this time last year because the oldest video is 11 months old. There are not too many videos on her channel but the last upload was last night.


Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is a Nigerian-American makeup and beauty guru and Youtube superstar. Jackie began pursuing her career in makeup at a young and and started out working Makeup Art Cosmetics in 2009 followed by Mac and Bobbi Brown. Now as of December 2017, Jackie has 1.8 subscribers on Youtube and has a collaboration with Artist Couture and is teaming up with Too Faced to expand the brand’s range of foundation shades to be more inclusive of all skin tones and undertones. Jackie Aina has found her place in the makeup industry and is a major influencer to the beauty industry. 


  • # of Facebook likes= 110,106 likes
  • Facebook URL=
  • # of Twitter followers= 235k followers
  • Twitter URL=
  • # of Twitter users the celebrity/company follows= 621 following
  • # of tweets= 38.8k tweets
  • Date the celebrity/company joined Twitter= Joined December 2010
  • Twitter username= @jackieaina
  • Instagram username= @jackieaina
  • # of Instagram followers= 731k followers
  • # of Instagram users the celebrity/company follows= 660 following
  • # of Instagram posts= 3,522 posts

Facebook Analysis

Looking at Jackie Aina’s page you can tell she doesn’t really do much on it. Most of her posts are pictures and videos. She does not have any text posts, and a lot of the picture posts are ones from Instagram that she shared to Facebook. All of the posts are created by Jackie herself. Some of the posts contain links. If she is telling people to go check out a new video she includes a widget and link to the video. The cover photo is is the same as the header on her Youtube channel. The cover photo has a plain white background and a with her name in the middle, a picture of her to the side of the name and her usernames which is the same across all her social medias. The page does like other pages and they’re mostly made up of makeup companies such as Ben Nye, Nars Cosmetics, and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

On each post there is at least 2 comments. A lot of the posts have around 30 comments and looking at the most recent posts there is not one negative comment. All the comments are positive. They range from questions to a reply to something she said or a comment on a picture.


From looking at Jackie’s Twitter page it looks like it is used more often and less formal than Facebook. She has a different header and profile picture than the one on her Facebook page. The header and profile picture match and are of very high quality. The font on her page is green, and she is Nigerian so it is possible that this was done purposefully to represent the colors of her flag (green and white). In her bio she has a very short summary of what she likes/does “wigs, youtube, and makeup”. She also has her favorite passage from the Bible, her business email, her snapchat username, and the Nigerian flag. She does have tweets that contain pictures. The pictures can either be selfies or reaction pictures (memes). She promotes her Youtube videos often and tweets something every time she drops a new video. It is not possible to put a video and picture on the same tweet.

All of the tweets are written by the celebrity and she does retweet things. When Jackie tweets she gets a good amount of retweets and replies. Jackie does not respond directly to all tweets because that would be a lot of tweets for one person to respond to. Jackie only responds to certain people. She is more likely to respond to someone she follows than just a random fan who replied, but there are occasions when she replies to fans. Jackie retweets lots of memes and funny posts. She also retweets tweets about social justice and retweets things that have to do with makeup, skincare, or hair the most. Most of the tweets are in a positive light. Jackie does a good job at showing a more personal side on her Twitter account than on her Facebook. She could interact more with fans since its easier to reply in a quick moment.

Jackie’s Instagram contains very high quality, and aesthetically pleasing photos. The most popular photos are of her and her husband. Her most popular videos are the makeup tutorials and the fashion related videos. The profile picture she has on her Instagram is the same one that is on her Twitter account. Jackie is really good at capturing high quality photos of her fashion and makeup. She could do better at posting pictures that tell stories and make you wish you were somewhere she is!

The audience interaction is very strong. Each post has at least one hundred comments. All of the comments seem to be positive. Jackie has no haters apparently! She could do better with replying to people in Instagram comments.


In conclusion I would say Jackie is the best at interacting with the audience on Twitter. She is more real and talks about personal life and is more relatable and funny on twitter. Instagram is very appealing and beautiful because of the pictures. The pictures are very eye-catching but I would say Jackie is the best on Twitter because it is a mix of everything. She tweets funny stuff, interacts, promo, and posts pictures.


Case Study #1


The former “Glee” star, and Big Sean’s ex-fiancé, Naya Rivera was arrested on Saturday after an altercation with her husband of three years, Ryan Dorsey. A police deputy responded to a call for a domestic violence complaint at a residence in Chesapeake, West Virginia on Saturday. Dorsey told police Rivera struck him in the head and face, and his bottom lip while they were on a walk with their 2-year-old son. Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office told PEOPLE that they won’t be releasing details of the incident besides what is in the charging document, but did say the couple were arguing over their child. Dorsey managed to capture video of the attack, and he showed deputies a video made during the incident. The officers saw small injuries that support Dorsey’s claim which reportedly led to Rivera’s arrest around 9:30 p.m. Rivera was arraigned and released on a $1,000 personal recognizance bond.

Soon after Big Sean’s ex-fiancé was arrested and charged, he logged onto Twitter and tweeted a video which seemingly held the purpose of commenting on the situation without really saying anything. Big Sean and Naya Rivera dated back in 2013 and became engaged six months after them getting together and soon after released a statement calling off their wedding. Big Sean didn’t tag or mention Naya Rivera, but people were quick to put two and two together and realize the meme was directed towards Rivera. In the video, a girl is saying “I told ya’ll nigg*s. I told ya’ll nigg*s. Ya’ll thought I was playing but I told ya’ll nigg*s.”

A lot of users were quick to react, replying and sharing their own memes.Some people came to Big Sean’s defense and laughed about the tweet while others criticized him for being shady and commenting.

 Ethical Concerns

The problem Big Sean posting this video and throwing shade towards his ex-fiancé Naya Rivera is that he isn’t keeping his emotions in check and is publicly shaming. His reaction makes him look petty and less than courteous. Then again it is not like this isn’t expected because of the song he released after their breakup called “I.D.F.W.U.” It’s believed that he took shots at Rivera in the song and was basically saying he wasn’t afraid to say how he felt about someone. The video goes hand in hand with a line from his song “I.D.F.W.U.” which said, “dodged a bullet from a crazy b*tch.” Some people did not take too well to his reaction, and it comes off as insecure and petty.


There was no response from Big Sean regarding his reaction to his ex-fiancés arrest. He did not own his mistake or make any comment about the situation and so I can’t say whether not he had a professional and/or acceptable response. To make things better, Big Sean could have definitely avoided saying or posting anything about Naya Rivera’s arrest to avoid the mixed reactions that he got from fans. His reaction seemed petty and immature, and even though Naya Rivera is in the wrong it is not his place to have this petty reaction. It is always a good idea to watch what you post online and keep your emotions in check.


In conclusion, I think it would be best to avoid commenting at all, even if Big Sean didn’t directly mention Naya Rivera because people could infer that he is directing it at her. It makes him seem insecure in his relationship with Jhene Aiko because it seems as though he is still worried about Naya Rivera, and it also seems insecure. At the same time, saying that Big Sean should be silent about domestic abuse is unfair. Women can be dangerous and abusive like men, and Naya Rivera’s actions should not be downplayed. Abuse is abuse no matter the gender and regardless of how anyone feels about the situation and Big Sean’s reaction, assault is a serious matter. Big Sean could have reacted differently and replied in a more professional way than the petty “I told you so” video. I would advise others in this situation, to have a more professional response and comment to the situation in support of male victims of assault.

Case Study #3


Bisous Natasha ( is a fashion, photography and lifestyle blog written by Natasha Ndlovu. The blog was started in 2013 and attracts thousands of viewers daily. Natasha is a model, blogger, and photographer based in London, England. Bisous Natasha has been featured in multiple online and print magazines such as Vanity Fair and British Vogue and has collaborated with Jimmy Choo, Topshop, and Asos.



The layout of Bisous Natasha is very easy to navigate and appealing to the eye. At the top her logo is on the left and to the right there are tabs to navigate the website. You can navigate through categories, archives, shop or look at the gallery.

bisous home

The blog has a simple white background with black letters and buttons. This makes it easy on the eye and not too overwhelming. The blog posts are also in white and black. Above the header there is a search button where you can find blogs with a keyword. Under the “Bisous Natasha” header and tabs, there is a slide show which showcases feature photos from recent blog posts with their titles.

This is followed by her current fashion favorites which are linked to where you can buy them if you’re interested. Natasha has a style that I look up to, it’s very street meets bougie designer style. To the left Natasha has buttons which lead to her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin, and Youtube.

When you scroll down, you see the most recent posts with a title, feature picture, preview of the post, tags, comments, a button to view the post in its entirety and under that button, links to share the blog post on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This is followed by pictures which are linked to where someone could get the same or similar items.

“Just when I thought I would not buy another checked blazer, this one showed up. To be fair, I blame my friend Beverly for running late to meet me. This then caused me to have to “kill time at Zara” like we all do, which led me to discovering this blazer slash dress of a beauty. Do you know how… “

Under the blog posts you can click “Older Posts” to… view older posts. Following this is the footer which contains her latest YouTube video, social media links, and an advertisement for the store Mango.

This is followed by another row which contains the links to her social media accounts once again. Underneath the banner with her social media, previews of her Instagram account with the most recent photos. Under the footer is a black background with her copyright and the name of the WordPress theme.


The main page shows you the most recent blog posts with pictures and a preview of the blog posts. The most recent posts are:

The content on this blog is actually one of the reasons why I chose to write about it. Bisous Natasha is a fashion blog. She tells a little story to go along with the photos. All of the posts contain photos. Some of the photos are pictures of her wearing the pieces and other photos are from fashion shows. All the photos have a very nice professional look to them, as they are very appealing to the eye. The titles aren’t exactly what I’d call compelling or enticing. They are short and to the point. The author could probably make the titles more interesting to draw in readers.

Aside from the blog entries Natasha has a section where someone can shop all the clothing on her blog and clothing featured on her Instagram page. She also has a gallery of professional photos taken of her. This shows the variety she spoke of on her about page. The blog is more focused on the pictures, and the fashion inside the picture and the blogger is good at keeping our focus on the pictures by not saying too much, but also saying just enough. The design is very pleasing to the eye and not distracting at all. The content and the photos are of high quality and interesting to readers. Her writing style is clear and easy to read.

The audience seems like it does interact. Some of the people who comment also link their blogs so interacting could be another way that other bloggers get new readers to their blog. Based on the most recent posts the blog seems to average about 13 comments per blog. The posts give you the option to share but it doesn’t show you how many times, or how many people have shared the blog post. There are floating widgets on the left side which direct you to her social medias and also widgets you can share the blog post with at the bottom of the post. There is also another banner with her social media links. You don’t really see any encouragement to subscribe and this might be because she has a good following and might believe the subscribers will come on their own.

I think overall the blog is very nicely done. It is pleasing aesthetically and simple. The blog does a good job at catching your attention with the featured image and getting you to click to read the story. The pictures are very artsy and professional and make me want to purchase the piece of clothing or skin care that she is writing about. The blogs are short and to the point, and most of them have a little story to go with them to keep it interesting. The writing is very clear to read and understand and I like the tone of her writing. Although I liked that the blogs were short and to the point, some blogs could’ve used more explanation.



Rihanna! Taking Over the Makeup industry?

When I first heard about Rihanna’s makeup line coming out I was ecstatic! Rihanna, the fashion icon, singer, and actor? I knew 100% that I would make sure I would get my hands on at least one of her products. I (guiltily) ended up spending around $130 on her products even after I said I’d only get one.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty caters to a large amount of people with different skin tones and undertones. As a women of color she understands the struggle of limited makeup selections and committed her brand to diversity and inclusiveness.

The foundation comes in a # of shades from pale paper white skin tones, to the deepest shade of chocolate.

It’s believed that companies don’t typically cater to different skin tones because they believe they’ll profit more off lighter skin tones, but with the release of Fenty Beauty, this belief was proved incorrect. Black women, and deeper skin tones are a great market and makeup companies cannot ignore this!


The foundation shades managed to sell out in online Sephora stores. This is important because it sends out a message to other brand that they need to step up their game. After the release of Fenty Beauty and the positive reaction the line received for the large selection of foundation shades (40 shades) with more to come, companies attempted to compensate and remind people that their companies also have a large range of foundation shades.

Makeup Forever is an example of one of these brands and Rihanna went so far as to comment saying their shades are “still ashy.” I’ve purchased a Makeup Forever foundation before, and I’ll say this quietly, but I have to agree with Rihanna on the ashiness!

Before buying my foundation I made sure to watch plenty of Youtube videos and reviews on the foundation. My favorite beauty influencer, Jackie Aina, did a full review on all the Fenty Beauty products. She gives a very honest review with some entertainment so if you were interested on learning about the products she is a great person to watch! You can watch the video here: 

Here is the link of Rihanna commenting on Makeup Forever’s Instagram post: