Kim Kardashian West

Introduction We all know the Kardashians and how they do absolutely nothing important and still stay famous somehow. I am analyzing Kim Kardashian West’s social media accounts for my final project. While the Kardashians became famous for no reason, they all have become even more famous for their multiple companies that they all have. Kim … Continue reading Kim Kardashian West


Kylie Jenner on Social Media

Overview The celebrity I’m choosing to analyze is Kylie Jenner. I chose to analyze her because I’ve always been a big fan of her and her skincare/makeup lines. Her Facebook profile has twenty-two million one hundred and eight thousand and twenty-nine likes. While this is a lot of likes, the number was still increasing as … Continue reading Kylie Jenner on Social Media

Hiking, an Exciting Outdoor Activity

This summer, my boyfriend and I have been hiking a lot. This is because we enjoy being active and there are so many great views in New Hampshire that we never knew about! Not only is hiking great exercise, it's a very fun activity in general. We mostly enjoy the hikes that offer beautiful waterfall … Continue reading Hiking, an Exciting Outdoor Activity