A Glimpse into Chance The Rapper


Chance The Rapper is one of hip-pops most beloved personalities.  Born in Chicago, Illinois as Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, he began his rap career following a 10 day suspension from school which led him to produce his first full-length mixtape titled 10 Day.  After getting people’s attention from that, he eventually was featured on rapper Childish Gambino’s mixtape Royalty on the track They Don’t Like Me.  This opened up the doors for Chance and in 2013 he released his second mixtape Acid Rap which has over 1.5 million downloads.

As a rapper, singer, song-writer, philanthropist, producer, and activist he is one of the biggest breakout stars of the past few years.  He is changing the rap game in many ways but most notably by not selling his music.  He relies only on streaming and downloads and to this day, remains unsigned to a record label.   Chance is relatable to young teens and conveys a very positive message to his fans.

Social Media Presence:





Snapchat – mynamechance


Chance The Rapper joined twitter in August 2010 and currently has 6.81 million followers and is following 2,817 people.  His Twitter consists of many retweets from fans which I think is a good idea on his part because it gives him a chance to be more interactive with his fans.  He just released a Christmas album so almost all of his Twitter feed is about that.  If he himself tweets it is usually about his music not a lot of random tweets like many other celebrities do.  Chance has been making a lot of media appearances and performing so he retweets their platforms as well such as MTV, Okayplayer, and billboard.  Overall, Chance The Rapper posts pretty frequently throughout the day and maintains interaction with his fans and the media he is featured on.


Chance The Rapper’s Facebook does not quite have as big of a following as his Twitter.  Currently he has 1,914,598 likes on his Facebook page and 1,918,464 people following his page.  It seems like celebrities only use Facebook to post important events or things that their fans want such as merchandise or big media apprentices.   That is exactly what Chance does with his Facebook, he has posted about his new Christmas album, merchandise, and he was a host on Saturday Night Live last month so there are multiple posts about that.  He does not post that frequently on his Facebook, only when there is a major event happening.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 1.12.39 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-21 at 1.13.19 PM

In the end, Facebook is not really an interactive platform of social media anymore.  Many celebrities use platforms like Twitter or Instagram to interact frequently with their fans.  Chance uses Facebook for posting about big events or something that he is involved such as being featured on Saturday Night Live.


Chance The Rapper has a wide variety of material on his Instagram.  He has a whopping 7.2 million followers and over a thousand posts.  Chance is from Chicago and does a lot to help out the city.  Many of his posts relate to where he is from whether it is a new up and coming artist from Chicago or whether he is doing something to help the city.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 1.29.58 PM             Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 1.27.56 PM

Chance also overloads the cuteness scale with numerous pictures and videos of his two year old daughter Kensli.  A lot of his feed is his daughter which I think keeps his Instagram entertaining and enjoyable to scroll through.   Just like many other musicians Chance posts frequently of his performances, videos and pictures. I did notice that he only posts on Instagram 2-4 times a week, where a lot of other celebrities post every day.  Although he is not as active as he is on Twitter, his Instagram is still entertaining and still continues to convey his message.


Chance’s YouTube channel has 951,000 subscribers.  This is where he solely posts about his music, like many musicians do.  His most recent posts were every song on his new Christmas album.  Almost all of his his YouTube videos are of his music or music videos.  Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 8.24.04 PM

Digital Footprint:

Chance the rapper is definitely a different artist from what we are used to seeing.  He has gained more popularity this year and has made more television appearances.  Since he has become very successful in such a short amount of time, there are many articles pertaining to that subject when I google searched “Chance The Rapper”.  The first links that come up is his website chanceraps.com, along with his social media accounts, along with popular videos.  There are news articles talking about his recent success since he just won a Grammy.  Basically a lot of the articles talk about how he is different from other rappers and his originality.  One of the articles is an article from billboard, there is a quote from singer-songwriter Jeremih that really captures the essence of Chance The Rapper.

“He’s just one of those humanitarian-type of individuals,” says Chicago singer Jeremih a couple of days after Chance joined him onstage at the Pitchfork Music Festival. “There’s not a record he can’t hop on, a genre of music he can’t relate to. I don’t know too many people who could go on Jimmy Fallon one night and go to a peace rally the next day.”

It is pretty apparent how successful Chance The Rapper became this year.  Along with writing great music, he continues to help the community and strives to make people happy with his music.

Comments and Recommendations:

I think Chance the Rapper utilizes his social media well, but I feel like there is still room for improvement.  Having a Snapchat is a great way to be interactive and close with fans.  It is a lot different than other social media since it is more real time.  As for his other forms of social media, he could post more on his Instagram.  I feel like 2-4 times a week is not enough since he is so popular now.  On the other hand, he does keep his Instagram lively and entertaining.  As for Twitter, that is probably his most active form of social media.  One thing I did notice is that he does not tweet many things not related to his music.  His Twitter feed was mostly retweets from media appearances he made or something related to his work.  While I think it is important for an artist to post material relating to their work, I think it is nice when you see celebrities tweeting about random, funny, everyday things.  I do think he is good with interacting with his fans on Twitter because he retweets and replies to a lot of them which still gives him a good image.  I do not really have any recommendations on his Facebook because that is not really a platform that a lot of artists post regularly on, I think Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat are better for that.  Facebook is useful for posting important things like tour dates or releasing new merchandise.




Chance The Rapper’s Twitter









Snowboarding: My Favorite Winter Sport



Something that I love and enjoy doing is snowboarding.  I have been snowboarding since I was 13 and have loved ever since I first tried it.  When I was younger I was always active and played sports like basketball, softball, soccer, and even skateboarding.  I first got into winter sports when I joined my elementary schools ski club in fourth grade.   When I joined ski club, I skied and did not snowboard.  I took skiing lessons and eventually skied on my own after my lessons were over.  A year later my aunt had an old snowboard that she never used and passed it down to me.  Snowboarding has always intrigued me because I’ve been skateboarding since I was little, so I thought “sure, why not?”  My first few times down the bunny hill were pretty rough, I fell on my face numerous times and almost crashed into a crowd of people.  I thought to myself; “how do people do this?  This is the hardest thing I’ve ever tired!”  While I was learning I had the help of a few friends and they thought it would be a good idea for me to go down the black diamond, which is the steepest trail and the most difficult.  Going up the chairlift looking at the black diamond I was terrified, but my friends were reassuring me that I would be fine.  Obviously, I did not believe them and I thought they were crazy for having me try it.  Going down the trail I was basically sliding down with me board horizontal, praying I would not crash into a tree.  Finally, my friends and I all got to the bottom and they congratulated me for making it down which helped boost my confidence to go again and again.  Eventually, I kept practicing and gained some knowledge and skill.  I have come a long way since then and snowboarding taught me a valuable lesson, if you work hard and put a lot of effort into something, good things can happen.

A few of my favorite snowboarders are Shaun White, Louie Vito, Hannah Teter, and Anna Gasser.  They inspired me to keep snowboarding, and to take risks.

Anna Gasser was the first female snowboarder to perform a Cab Double Cork 900 in 2013.


One of my favorite brands is Burton, I have never had any problems with there snowboarding products.  Also, they founded the Chill Foundation, which helps underprivileged kids by using board sports to boost their self esteem and help them with life skills.




Case Study #4: Miley Cyrus

Kameryn Hall

Professor Bauer

Social Media

4 November 2017

Case Study #4 – Social Media Usage

The celebrity that I chose to analyze their social media is Miley Cyrus.  I have always been a big fan of her, her music, and what she stands for.  It is pretty evident that Miley has a fanbase that stretches across the globe.  Her Facebook page has a whopping 45,752,154 likes, her Twitter has 37.5 million followers, and her Instagram has 72.8 million followers.  Miley Cyrus joined Twitter in March of 2011 and follows 375 people.  She has tweeted 8,978 times since she joined.  On Instagram she follows 542 people and has posted 6,616 times.  It is pretty clear that Miley has a massive following on her social media.  Although, out of all of her social media, Instagram seems to be the platform that she uses the most.

Facebook URL – https://www.facebook.com/MileyCyrus/

Twitter – @mileycyrus

Instagram – @mileycyrus

Miley Cyrus just recently came out with her new album Younger Now, so all of her social media profile pictures are her album cover.  Her Facebook cover photo is always her album cover with print next to it saying “New Album Younger Now Available Now”.  When you look her “About” page on Facebook it gives basic information about Cyrus.  This includes her birthday, genre of music she plays, hometown, the record label she is signed with, a short bio saying what she does, gender, and current location.  Adding onto that, her about gives the link to her album.  Her story is just different links to her social media.  Many of her recent popular posts are about her new album.  Also, she has been doing a lot of media such as Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon, so a lot of her popular posts are clips from those shows.  Many of the clips have close to a million views.  Many of her posts contain pictures to and either of her, or her family.  A lot of the pictures she posts on Facebook she also posts on Instagram as well.  In general, a lot of her posts are promoting her new album or the new season of  “The Voice” since she is featured on that show as a judge.  Her Facebook seems to be more geared to her work and the media that she does.  There is not a lot of candid photos on her Facebook like there is on her Instagram.  I think it is well put together and it is good how it is not as candid as her other social media.  Her Facebook is definitely the more professional part of her social media platforms.

Just like her Facebook page Miley Cyrus’s  Twitter profile picture and cover photo is her album cover.  Her bio is simply just says that her new album Younger Now is out and provides the link to buy it.  Miley’s Twitter is similar to her Facebook because many of her tweets are what she is doing on the TV show The Voice or what media she will be or has been featured on.  She does not use Twitter like a lot of people and tweet random things or things that are unrelated to her work.  Most of her tweets are pictures and videos as well, not many of them are just text tweets.  I think her Twitter might be more interesting if there was less pictures and videos, especially tweets relating to The Voice and the media.  I feel like fans like seeing sides of celebrities that are more down to earth and candid.  If she tweeted more about things that were unrelated to her work, it may make her Twitter more interesting to look at.  Obviously, big named celebrities get tweeted at constantly, so they cannot respond to every one.  Although, when celebrities tweet back at their fans it can make them seem more interactive with their fans which is a positive look.  Miley does not seem to tweet back at her fans very often, which I think makes her Twitter a little boring.

Miley’s Instagram is more candid than her Twitter and Facebook.  Although there are a lot of posts relating to her work such as The Voice and media that she is in, there are more posts that are more impromptu.  When Miley was in the spotlight a lot less than she is now there were more posts that were random and impromptu.  Personally, that is when I liked looking at her Instagram the most because it gives you a different look into the artist’s life without all of the press and media.  I think it is better when fans see that different side of their favorite celebrity.  On her most recent posts there is hundreds of thousands of likes and views.  When I scrolled through the comments many of them were positive or people tagging others in the comments.

I think her Instagram has the most followers on it because she is the most interactive on that platform.  Her fans see a different side of her for the most part and it is more appealing to look at.

Blog Analysis: 4 The Love Of Animals


One thing that I love and I am really passionate is animals.  I looked at a few animal blogs, but one that really stood out was 4 The Love Of Animals.  It incorporates a vast majority of topics that include; tips for owning a pet, animal news, do it yourself projects for your pets, pet supplies reviews, and more.  It is a very informative and up to date blog about all things animals.  I think it can be very helpful for first time pet owners as well.  They also advertise pet products and a portion of their advertisements gets donated to Best Friends Animal Society, and other animal welfare causes that they support.  It is also interactive as well, one can email them having any questions or request for certain pet products to be reviewed by them.  Adding onto that, if you have come up with a pet product idea, you are able to work with them and have them help you get your product idea noticed and advertised.  The blog is affiliated with Amazon as well, so you can shop for various items, not just for your pet, but for yourself too.

Web Address: http://4theloveofanimals.com/blog/

The layout of 4 The Love Of Animals consists of a header that has the title of the blog, and a subtitle that reads, “Celebrating the bonds between people and animals!”.  The header also includes cartoon animals that reinforces the lighthearted feel of the blog. The colors are the blog are very basic, neutral colors that really capture the essence of the blog.  Below the graphic, directs you to the menu you bar of the blog.  There is various directories that lead you too the home, about me page, reviews, and more.  4 The Love Of  Animals also has a right sidebar.  This side bar includes a link where you can get in touch with the authors by sending them an email, a search bar, various advertisements of what they support, and links to websites that they support.

The body of the blog is the home, and it consists of the most recent animal posts.  Each blog post has a titles, but not all of them include a picture.  Some posts also include videos as well.  Many of the pictures look like stock photos, not a lot of them have citations under the picture.  At the end of the blog posts, the author includes links for more importation pertaining to that article which I think can be helpful for users.  Also, at the end of every post the author provides the links where the article is also posted in different parts of the blog.  You can also leave comments on every post too.  The blog also contains a footer that just brings you back to the home page, and a link to a designer dog collar seller.

In my opinion, all of the blog posts are very informative and interesting.   The “About” page is somewhat useful, it gives a brief description on why the creators of the blog started it, but it does not say who they are and how many people are behind the blog.  I think the author could explain more on the “About” page.  What I think the author does well is, that they do a good job of interacting with the user.  The user can leave comments and even contact them via email.  Users can also work together with the authors and help them sell their product, which I think is good idea because it benefit both parties.  They have their contact link and search bar at the top of every page which makes it very easily accessible.  Overall, the blog is very easy to navigate and is very informative and great for first time pet owners or even upcoming entrepreneurs.  It has a very light hearted theme to it and the authors provide a lot of variety for the user.