Case study #3


For this case study I’m going to compare this football player whose name is Dimitri Payet on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and tell you about how those three websites show a different perspective of his life and his club and football.
First of all for Facebook as soon as you go on his page you can or put a little nice note or contact him and like his page. You can also share it with your other friends, he posted some new videos about his new club of this year. If you are interested in how popular, he is you can also see how many people like his pages! Photos of his pasture are as well posted on his page. On the top left of his page you can look at his history photos videos and publication. Fb likes: 81260 likes

In order to improve a bit his popularity, he should be more professional without being too much serious about it. But just by showing how much he cares about asking his fans happy and believing in him; make them dream, be their hero. Then most likely people will even maybe go more to his matches, and even support him more often.

For Twitter his page Mentions his Facebook personal profile his Twitter account and Instagram titled in blue with his club logo. Followers: 453K following: 172 tweets: 513 twitter username: Dimitri Payet date of joining twitter: July 2013
All the way on top of his Twitter account a picture of his head wearing the new club shirt is showed. As a profile picture on the top left picture of the Marseille stadium is showed. On the bottom of this picture information about where it’s located the stadium, the date he joined Twitter, and his birth is showed as well. After that going below you can give a tweet to this player, you can also see the followers that you have in common. Going more below you can see all the pictures and videos posted from him. Secondly on his main pages you can see tweets, followers, following. Below that you can see what his national soccer team posted as pictures and videos. Moreover, you can just simply see people tweeting to him or him tweeting his emotion and feelings of the day. Very similar to Facebook.

Moreover, I think he can improve his twitter account just by putting more video of his goals and more picture of his fans and himself. Because just 26 picture including videos for a famous soccer player now is kind of low for the public to know him or even like him. It also seems a bit childish, in a way that it is not that much professional, and gives us the thinking that he doesn’t care that much about his soccer professional life. And people will maybe not want to follow him , because they want something spicy and more entertainment.
Now for Instagram it’s very simple. Just a simple profile picture of him on the top left, right next to it on the right side you can see his Instagram name with the number of posts

Instagram username: payerdimitri27 ; follower : 1.8 m ; following : 99  ; posts : 103 and following.
Right below that on his main page you can see what he posted as pictures and videos that’s all.
As a summary comparing those three websites about this soccer player, you can see the Twitter and Facebook are very much similar to each one another. On my own opinion the only difference is that Twitter he cannot talk to his friend directly unlike Facebook you can! For the pictures and the comments on his pages Facebook and Twitter are very much the same, as well as the people who are following him is represented differently on Facebook from Twitter by the likes.
Instagram is very much different than those two website. Instagram only has a profile picture of him that is very similar to those other two websites and also the posts followers and following are very similar as well, just represented differently from the two others. but the difference is really only you can see videos and pictures of him.
So basically Instagram is only to post pictures and to follow people or make them follow you. Twitter and Facebook accounts are very much similar.

In conclusion which social media website is this soccer player the most popular on? If we look mainly on of many people likes him or follows him, because both are very similar I think, it would be Instagram. One thing tough that can and is very confusing with Facebook, is that this particular player has like 4 difference pages of him. So we do not know which one is the primary page for him.

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