The Rock!

Joshua Guarnera

Professor Bauer

April 1st 2017

Case Study #3

The Rock


For my case number three I decided to do it on the celebrity Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock. His Facebook Page URL is and he has 57,853,735 Facebook likes on this page.His Twitter username is @therock and his full name is Dwayne Johnson that is also posted on his account. He has 11.1 Twitter followers only follows 119 Twitter users back with 17.8 thousand Tweets. He Joined Twitter on February 2011. On his Instagram his username is the rock. On his Instagram page he has 82.1 million Instagram followers and follows 174 Instagram users back. The Rock has 2,738 of Instagram posts.



On The Rocks Facebook page he has content such as his advertisement for released and upcoming TV shows and movies he is in, advertisement for his new clothing wear he is partnered with under armor, and positive post relating life and to keep a healthy life style with a positive vibe. His profile picture is of himself wearing one of his shirts he is partnered with under armor. His cover picture is a new TV show he will be in the begins 3/27 at 10pm on HBO. In his about tab it quotes “The official Facebook page for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.”

The Rock Facebook

The Rock has more of his own post and only a few repost that he has been in such as a ford commercial. His post contain of mostly pictures and videos with captions explaining them such as movies posters and trailers for advertising his new movie he has with Zac Efron. The movie trailers have links to youtube trailers and interviews. He has links on the side of his Facebook page to his Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. The Rock does a great job with advertisement while keeping the positivity and entertainment quality there to keep people interested and coming back for more. He has good audience interaction and participation with over 100 thousand likes on everything he post as well as several thousand shares and comments. The comments are very positive as well as the likes in his posts.

The Rock Instagram

On The Rocks Twitter account he has the same profile and the same banner picture from his Facebook page. His profile picture is of himself wearing one of his shirts he is partnered with under armor. His cover picture is a new TV show he will be in the begins 3/27 at 10pm on HBO. For his bio he wrote “Chivalrous gentleman.” which is very short and is not really a bio but explains his personality that he has to portray as a Hollywood star. His tweets are a mix between his own personal tweets and retweets. His personal tweets contain pictures just like his Facebook page of upcoming and released movies or shows and some sort of advertisement and as well as positive tweets basically saying stay strong no matter what gets in your life journey. All of his tweets and retweets are popular no matter what he posts. Most of his retweets are from Disney’s twitter containing information about there upcoming movie “Jungle Cruise” that will be staring The Rock. He advertises really well on his twitter account from posting constantly about projects he has made. I am not sure what he could improve on because he uses every course such as tweets, pictures, videos, retweets, advertisements, quoting, and etc.

The Rock Twitter

The audience interaction from his twitter is very strong. He replies to a lot of fans and gets roughly a thousand retweets and a thousand likes on whatever he posts that is a response to someone and is always positive. The Rock also get thousands of likes and retweets on his own post he creates.

On Instagram The Rock is the most popular comparing to the other social media platforms. His profile picture is the same picture as Facebook and Twitter of him in his under armor shirt because he is sponsored and partnered with them. His bio is “Chivalrous gentleman. /react-text react-text: 3314 /react-text”. All of his pictures and videos are popular. They all get around 500 thousand likes and 3 to 4 thousand comments. On his videos he posts they get roughly 1.5 million views. He post more on Instagram then any other social media platform. He excuses everything well with fun, ads on his jobs, brands, and positivity. His audience participation is incredible as we can tell from how many followers, likes, and comments he gets on each picture and videos posts. All of the audience participation comments I have read are all positive on his resent five posts.



The most popular, executed, and most appealing form of social media Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is Instagram because that is where The Rock has the most followers, audience participation, great positivity, updates for the people who are very interested in his life and projects, as well as seeing what he does from day to day.

My YouTube Channel

YouTube is something everyone loves to go on! People either love to watch videos, post videos, or both. I have two YouTube channels, one for my music I make and the other for everything else such as short films and projects. My YouTube Channel is something I enjoy doing very much because it lets me know who likes and dislikes the videos with comment and criticism. I just started my personal YouTube channel only a couple months ago to start a online resume in a way. I have a few videos uploaded so far and overall type categories of videos I like to post. One category is a type of video that is just me messing around and having fun with certain topics such as when I filmed and edited Monday Challenge Videos with my friends back in high school. Also making a slideshow of pictures I have taken and edited to show people other ways of seeing something and places I have been to. img_0755Another category of videos I post are more for resume and projects I have done throughout my years of practicing film. Doing this helps me see my growth of over the years and shows me what I am good at and what I need to increase my skills on. A PSA video for the Boys and Girls Club I made last year is my favorite video I have been apart of so far because it had a bigger meaning behind it than a class project. It was made to help the Boys and Girls Club recruit more volunteers as they gain more kids to the club everyday they need an adult for help on homework, goodness, someone to talk to, and also reserve smart life skills. A long term goal I have would be to get a good number on my viewings on my videos and help out as many people and communities as I can. It would be nice in the future with putting out more professional videos as a resume and get a job out of it. Those are just some of the reasons of why I enjoy YouTube and what it has to offer me.