Final Project

taylor project

Taylor Swift, 28 year old, singer/songwriter born and raised in Reading, Pa.Swifts grandmother was a famous opera singer and followed in her footsteps. Swift moved to Nashville, Tn at the young age of 14 to pursue her country music career. In Nashville, Swift worked closely with Liz Rose as an editor of her songs.Swift performed at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, later getting a contract with Scott Borchetta’s Big Machine Records. Her first single “Tim Mcgraw” was released in 2006 and reached top 10 on the country music charts.  She has produced 6 albums over more than a decade. Her most recent album, Reputation’s , on tour soon, lead single has topped the charts in the U.K and U.S. Swift uses her personal life experiences to inspire her song writing.


Social Media Presence Overview


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Website


Analysis and Evaluation



On facebook singer Taylor swift has a large follower base of 69,709,211 and a “like” total of 73,384,240. Swift does not seem to post every day or as much as you may see other celebrities postings

. Lately posts have consisted of announcements and rehearsal photos and videos for her upcoming tour Reputation. Swift does make a point to share fans and others postings about her music and upcoming tour. She maily posts photos and come short video clips. Most noticeably she advertises ticket sales for her Reputation tour. There is not any fan activity on this social media platform of Taylors other than comments on the posts made on this account. In which she does not respond to. Everything on her facebook is usually also posted on her instagram and the same things are talked about and shown on all of her social media platforms.



On Instagram Swift has a follower base of 107 Million but the singer does not follow any accounts. Her instagram is solely filled with photos and videos advertising her Reputation tour.

Swift also posts photos of herself on vogue and time magazine covers. She also goes out of her way to post photos of comments made by fans about the Reputation album. Her use of this social media account is about as often as the others, she does not post every single day and multiple times a day. Day by day she is now posting shota from her performing since the tour has officially begun. She has a few posts that are selfies with her beloved cats. Unfortunately she does not respond to her fans very often in the comments sections of her instagram posts.



On twitter Swift has a follower base of 85.5 Million and once again she does not follow and accounts. Although, she does retweet anything that mentions her and her tour/ album by fans and other celebrities.

Swift does not tweet very often either but when she does is regarding her tour and album mostly. She also announces new music videos and provides followers the link to go and watch the new videos as they are produced. She favorites anything that has to do with her tour posted by anyone in the world. Although, she does not retweet or respond back to fans very often like other stars make a point to do.



Taylors website as of today is dedicated to promoting sales of her newest album as well as promoting ticket sales to her tour. Her website also includes her music videos , merchandise and her music. Following sale promotions are a list of her event dates so fans visiting the site can see where the closest show to them may be taking place as well as the date and time and a link to purchase their tickets.


Digital Footprint:

After conducting a basic google search on “Taylor Swift” I was not surprised to find the first result to be tickets sales to her concert in Foxboro, Ma due to location settings on my computer. The following three results were also ads for ticket sales on other competing websites. Following ticket sales was a wikipedia page dedicated to her, her music, life, and how she began her career. Also, on the first page of results were links to her social media pages. After looking at the other result tabes I found that almost all the images and videos that appeared were of her, her music and her past concerts. Under the news results were some articles written about her.


There are not very many news articles pertaining to Taylor Swift as a person, mostly just about her Reputation tour as every other social media platform is currently dedicated to. There are no news scandals about her dating and personal life as there are for others that are in the same career base as her. Although there is still talk about her feud with Kanye from years ago at an awards show, but that is old news.

Commendations and Recommendations:


After researching and looking through all of Taylor Swift’s social media and identifying her digital footprint I have come to understand that she is not big into the social media posting as other celebrities are. Taylor keeps sort of a low profile and does not post very much about her personal life except in her song lyrics. I personally think for her fan’s enjoyment and branding reasons she should post more about herself and not always about her music and tours. Fans like to get to know an artist and if you did not know her from the beginning of her career and you are just now becoming a fan, you do not get to know her as well as you could before she deleted everything off her social media and dedicated it to her new album Reputation. Although it was good for sales and promotions her fan base may be affected by these decisions.

Some other suggestions I would make would be to make it a point to make sure fans know she is seeing and reading all the amazing things they leave in the comments secitons. It would definitely be a great thing to see her responding to more fans comments towards her and her music. Also, I would think to post different things on different social media accounts so everything is not the exact same but also post about the same things too. Keep each social media platform original and not a duplicate of the other accounts.





Intro Blog

One of my few but favorite hobbies is taking walks with my dog and finding new paths, parks, ponds, rivers, or trails to take him to and explore together. I rescued my German shepherd Pitbull Mix puppy in December of 2016 when he was 4 months old and we have been inseparable since the moment we met each other. Zeus loves to be outside, running and exploring just like I. We find new places to walk and tend to go 2-3 times per week in the nicer months but we tend to stay away from the outdoors in the cold! Walking is definitely a way we both relax in our own ways. We love to find trails in the woods, such as Cat Rock in Weston, Ma, that lead to some sort of pond or lake to play in after a long hot walk together! We go to Horn pond in Woburn, Ma a lot because it is very local and sometimes I have a very busy schedule but I always make sure I find time to spend with him doing our favorite thing.

On the left is a time Zeus and I explored the woods behind our house in on of the crazy snow storms we had this winter! The right is Zeus posing during one of our walks at Horn Pond!

Walking, not only with a dog, is very beneficial for ones health and companionship with their pet. Benefits include weight control, creating a healthy bond with your pet, decrease blood pressure, increase energy levels and increased physical and mental health.


Case Study #4 Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato is a musician and actress that I really enjoy and that is why I have chosen her for my case study. On Facebook ( Demi is very popular. She has a large follower base of 35,988,458 followers as well as 37,632,935 likes on her Facebook page. Her twitter is just as popular. Her username is @ddlovato and she has 56 million followers but only follows 544 accounts and a large sum of 16.8 million tweets on her account. On Instagram I find her account (ddlovato) to be her most popular social media with 66.7 million followers. She follows about 374 accounts and has posted 2,506 photos and videos.



Demi Lovato’s Facebook is mainly promoting her current #tellmeyouloveme tour with DJ Khaled. She posts many tour photos and videos of her preforming in every city she is in. She keeps her fans updated on where she is with her posts. She also makes posts about mental health and supporting those who are struggling as she has in her past and even co owns a recovery center that she talks about sometimes and brings up on tour, I attended her concert on March 26, 2918 in Boston, and it was definitely put together very well. All of her comments are people thanking her for her music, complementing her and her music and telling her what an inspiration she is to them each and every day. I personally did not see many negative comments, but I may have just missed them due to all the amazing comments her fans, including I, make on her Facebook posts.


In her “about” section she has her birth date, as do many. She also includes her website and a link to her newest album. She then lists her record label, gender and location or residence. Some of her photos are kind of inappropriate for some of her fans, young girls, and show a slight message of showing too much in photos. Other than some photos her facebook page is well put together for fans to stay updated on her tour and her life.


Demi’s twitter is full of videos and photos of her tour that she and others have posted. She retweets a lot of posts from fans that have attended her concerts and posted with her “#tellmeyouloveme” tour name. . Many of Demi’s followers tweet her each and every day and you can see that demi makes an effort to respond to some, as we all probably know it isn’t that easy to be a celebrity and interact with fans all day long as she probably wishes she could. She does retweet a lot of posts made in regard to her tour that fans post.


Demi’s bio on twitter says she is a singer, song writer, actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist (a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes). About half her tweets are retweets as the other half are things she is posting herself. Her profile picture is the same as the rest of her social media.


Demi’s Instagram is her most popular fan base. Her profile picture is the same as her other social media accounts. She posts a lot about her tour and where she is. Something I would suggest would be posting some more personal phots (friends, family, selfies, etc.) instead of all professional photos and tour pictures and videos. Demi’s Instagram bio is the exact same as her twitter bio.


Her most popular photos and videos right now are those from her tour that she is constantly sharing with fans. Fans are constantly commenting inspirational comments and telling her how well of a job she did on her concert as well as telling her how beautiful and amazing she is.


I think on twitter Demi is most interactive with her fans. It is easy to retweet something someone tweets to you or about you with a catchy “#” like the one for her tour. Which she does a lot of each day and after each show she performs. I personally like her Instagram most because the pictures she posts are amazingly photographed whether it be by her or her team. They do a great job capturing the moment whether it be just her walking down the street or her performing at each venue on her tour.

demi 2