The Princess of Pop

Britney Spears


Britney spears also known as the princess of pop, has been an iconic pop legend since her chart breaking song and music video “…Baby One More Time” was released in 1999. With more than 13 million copies sold of this song is really when Britney became an international success, but she’s been singing and acting since age 11 on the Mickey Mouse Club. She is widely known for having a mental breakdown in 2007, yet overcoming it and getting back into making music and preforming. She just finished her four-year show (and 249 performances) “Piece of Me” preformed at the AXIS auditorium in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has also stared on many shows such as “The X-Factor”, “Britney and Kevin: Chaotic” and “MMC”, as well as many documentary’s made about her. She also has many fragrances that she created and sells as well as her own lingerie line called “Intimate Britney”. Britney spears is known to have a net worth of $200 million. Britney was named fifth-highest-earning female artist according to Forbes.


Social Media Presence Overview





YouTube VEVO


Facebook: Britney Spears @britneyspears

Likes: 38,993,599

Britney posts very frequently on her Facebook page. She shares all of her posts from Instagram onto her Facebook. She promotes her fragrances, on January 8th she announced she is coming out with a sent called “Sunset Fantasy”. She promoted a lot of her Vegas show that just ended such as tickets and show dates. She posts a lot of photos as well as videos with her two sons doing fun things and spending quality time, such as going on vacations, walking the dogs, and eating on holidays. Britney also promotes working out and is known for being in fantastic shape at age 36 years old. It does not look like Britney responds back to fans on Facebook.

britney spears



Instagram: @BritneySpears

Followers: 18.4 million

Following: 86

Britney’s Instagram is known for showing off her tight abs and family.  Britney is verified and in her bio description she has “Thank you Vegas! <3” she also has a link to which is a website where fans can subscribe to Britney and keep up with news as well as updates about her. The two most recent posts say “Britney Spears gave the first televised music performance of 2018 on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year.” And “Britney Spears announces new Sunset Fantasy fragrance.” Her website also informs us that Britney’s show piece of me just won 4 best of Las Vegas awards. She posts many photos frequently of herself with her boyfriend, @SamAsghari, and her two sons. She also has videos of herself singing, modeling clothes, working out, and taking snapchat filter selfies. Britney does not seem to respond back to fans as she has millions of people contacting her daily, but one time a direct message went viral of Britney putting a rude fan in their place. The reported fan messaged her nagging about why she canceled her performance for the PCAs and went on to say that Britney does not care about her fans. Britney went on to say “I am sick in bed!! My doctor advised me to stay home I care about my fans you don’t know me stop acting like you do. That was absolutely rude of you to say… You’re not a fan.” Way to go Brit!


she’s also super funny! And shows us that she’s human, even though she’s always so busy she enjoys being lazy too.


She’s in just as good shape as she was when her iconic music video dropped in 1999. And she has had two kids!



Twitter: @Britneypears

Followers: 56.6 million

Following: 388.5 thousand

Tweets: 5,368

Britney recently tweeted two insanely great photos that one of her sons drew, with the caption “Proud mommy moment!” She tweets her sons skateboarding a lot. Britney quoted a tweet that her sister Jamie Lynn Spears tweeted announcing her second child. Britney quoted this and wrote how happy she is for her sister and congratulated her. If you go through Britney’s social media you would come to find out she has many posts with Jamie Lynn’s daughter Maddie and is super close to her. Britney has quoted many fans tweets who have tagged her, such as a family dancing to Britney spears with their young daughter and Britney wrote “Awwww your family is so adorable!!! Merry Christmas to you all.” Britney does an amazing job of keeping her fans updated with her fun everyday activities.



Snapchat: @BritneySpears

Britney spears has only been on snapchat for about a year now. She claims that her sons introduced her to snapchat and she loves it. She posts very frequently and most of her pictures and videos she takes on snapchat she uploads to Instagram.


YouTube: Britney Spears

Subscribers: 296,272

Britney has 76 YouTube videos but she has not uploaded in about a year. She has many clips from her Vegas shows, she has commercial videos promoting he fragrances, lingerie, music videos, dancing videos, and fans meeting Britney. Britney’s YouTube channel is less about her personal life and more about her career. Her boys are not on her YouTube channel.

Britney also has another YouTube account that is also verified: BritneySpearsVEVO

Subscribers: 5.1 million

This account has 90 videos, and also has not had any uploads in a year. I believe this is because Britney’s last single “Slumber Party” came out a year ago, so YouTube was definitely for promoting that. This channel is strictly for her music, as her other channel shows more “behind the stage” footage of Britney’s career. “…Baby One More Time” has 318 million views. And was posted on YouTube in 2009, that’s ten years after the song was already released.


Summation of My Analysis

All of Britney’s social media platforms share similar aspects of her life on them. Her social media has definitely changed over the years as it used to be more of her modeling and promoting her music. Hollywood definitely wanted Britney to keep a certain look to the public eye, which was a young sexy pop diva. I believe that since she was so pressured, that is what drove her to her breakdown. But now that she is older, and settled down, she can actually be herself and seems extremely happy from what we see that she shares on social media. It is now more of a look into her life with her and her two little boys.




Digital Footprint

When you google search Britney spears, top stories (rumors) come up such as “Its been a Decade Since Britney Sears’ Breakdown-and Thankfully the Mental Health Conversation Has Changed.” And “Britney spears is Ready to Marry and Have Babies with Sam Asghari”. These are obviously all rumors that Britney has not confirmed yet, but this shows how much Britney is still in the spotlight and new stories are constantly being made about her every day.


Wikipedia comes up with many facts about Britney such as where she grew up, her hit songs that started her off to her fame, as well as her show that just ended in Vegas.


Britney’s links to her twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook also come up. Britney’s website also comes up. And we can’t forget her breaking charts on


as well as a rumor that she will be preforming soon again in Vegas for Park Theater inside Monte Carlo Resort in 2019.




Commendations and Recommendations

Britney spears has been in the spot light her whole life. Britney has cleaned up her reputation and is a good role model and mother.  Britney shows that you can get through Hollywood and still be yourself as well as overcome struggles of growing up with people watching your every move. According to people magazine Britney stated that she’s in a very great place right now and that she’s the happiest she’s ever been. Britney’s social media platforms all have a fun positive vibe to them. There is a post going viral on Facebook about Britney spears claiming that her Instagram was the most peaceful place on the internet this year. She modeled, she “gave Lebron a run for his money” while she was shooting hoops, she sang her heart out, she turned into “Picasso” as she was frequently painting (usually outside in a nice sunshine setting) she worked out, played with snapchat filters, recorded her own personal runway shows for us, twirled once a day, she danced, and all around seemed to be In a positive good mood. There are many trending memes with Britney spears’ face in them. Britney has been around for so long that the world has been able to see her grow as well as her social media. When Britney first became the princess of pop back in 1999, there was no such thing as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The world has clearly loved Britney even without social media. I believe she does a great job portraying herself online and keeping fans updated with her shows, things she’s selling, personal life, and activates. To improve her social media maybe she could interact with fans more. She should also post more on her YouTube channel but I am sure when she comes out with new music in the future she will be sure to post it. Many people want to meet and talk to Britney, including myself, but her meet and greets are so expensive! I am determined to meet the princes of pop one day!

Britney most peaceful person on Instagram viral video









Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner is a 20 year old social media sensation, family member of the reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, as well as creator of “Kylie Cosmetics”. Kylie is the youngest sister of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, as well as Kendal Jenner. People say she has “Taken Kim’s spotlight” as Kim was always the most popular sister the media was following, the roles have reversed and it seems like Kylie is who the paparazzi targets to these days. There are so many rumors that Kylie is pregnant, that she could be the surrogate of her older sister Kim and her husband Kanye’s baby, as well as that her whole body has had work done/ plastic surgery.

Facebook: Kylie Jenners Facebook

Likes: 20,491,158 people like this

Twitter: Kylie Jenners Twitter

Tweets: 12,400

Followers: 24 million

Following:  1,162

Joined Twitter: January 2011

Instagram: @kyliejenner Kylie Jenners Instagram

Posts: 5,345

followers: 100 Million

Following: 125


Facebook: We know this is Kylie’s account as it is verified, all her social media platforms are verified. I was surprised to look through her cover photos and notice that they are all relatively old photos. The only recent one in her cover photos was the most recent one, a black and white photo of her laying in a chair with a designer outfit on. We can tell this is a newer post, by the date, but as well as Kylie’s signature “Plumped” lips. Kylie is known for her crazy plumped lips that she got overnight and calmed it was lip liner, but months later she finally came out and said she got her lips done. The only other pages liked by Kylie Jenner are all of her sisters pages, as well as “Kylie Cosmetics” “Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E!” and “Peeks Entertainment”. It has her cosmetics website link connected to it as well as all her sisters Facebook pages. I believe this Facebook page does a good job promoting her as it has so many likes and is followed by many. I wish they would post more often as her last Facebook post was about a month ago saying Merry Christmas with a photoshoot she did. Kylie focuses more on Instagram and snapchat, as she has said herself before in an interview i had watched a while ago. There are many photos of Kylie along with videos of her as well, mostly modeling. She also has dropped music videos of her doing small skits while promoting her makeup line. I remember when one of her music videos dropped called “Three Strikes” and no one could find the song playing in the background anywhere. My friends and I would stream it over and over again on youtube to listen to the song in the background. Rumors  spread that it was Kylie singing in the background, but months later it was finally known  that the song was made for her by a band called Terror Jr.

Twitter: Kylies profile picture is a selfie of herself in what looks like very  nice natural sun lighting. Her banner imagine is a modeling photo of her in a two piece outfit. In her bio she has links for her makeup website as well as her website called “The Kylie Shop” where she sells things such as bathing suits and phone cases. She does not promote the Kylie Shop on her Facebook or Instagram as much as her makeup website. 90% of her photos on twitter are promoting her makeup and notifying people on different deals she has going on. When people tweet at Kylie photos of her makeup they received or have on she retweets it, and she does not reply to any fans or customers. Fans reply back many different responses to her tweets. Her last post received 1.2K retweets and 500 replies of mixed opinions.

Instagram: Kylie has also not posted on her Instagram account since December 25th with the photo attached to the featured photo on the top of my blog post. I used to always watch the Kardashians growing up and have followed Kylie for years on Instagram. Kylie used to post anywhere from one to a few times a day. now with the so called rumors of her being pregnant, sources have said she’s decided to take a break from the spotlight for awhile. When the Rumor started, Kylie and her sister Khloe were reported pregnant, and Khloe has come forward announcing her pregnancy as Kylie has not. People are all going crazy waiting to know if these rumors are true or not, as her as well as her family have not confirmed any rumors. The Kardashians do a great job of knowing how to keep the public going crazy over them. Her Instagram contains mostly selfies, and promoting her Kylie cosmetics website where she sells makeup. Her makeup line has been known to “Break the web” as whenever she drops something new, it seems to sell out in seconds. Fans know exactly when it drops because she promotes it mostly on her Instagram. Kylies profile picture is a photo of her wearing heavy makeup and a big nose ring, it is very eye-catching. She has different photos of herself for all of her social media platform profile pictures. In her bio she has her snap chat user name as well as her makeup website. Kylie is the second most followed person on snap chat right behind DJ Khaled. Instagram is the only platform where we see Kylie reply to fans in the comment section from time to time.

Conclusion: Instagram is the social media platform that Kylie interacts with her fans on. I believe that Instagram is the most appealing as she is a model, and creates makeup, so photos are the best way she can show off her interests and what she has created for her fans!





Blog analysis

Over View

Picks of the litter, by Dr. V, is a section of her personal website that includes many blog posts about dogs. All animal lovers would enjoy everything that this blog has to offer. Dr. V is an author, veterinarian, intrepid adventurer, and huge time dog person! Her first blog post was created in 2009, and they range from why vet care is so expensive, to where your dog goes when he/she passes away. She is one of the most widely known veterinarians on the web in the world.



Layout: Dr. V’s layout is very intriguing.
She has her own website with pretty tiffany blue colored tabs to choose from on the top of her website. The background is white with pretty faint blue stripes. I believe this layout is every appealing to the eye, the vibrant colors keep it cheerful and fun. There is also a cartoon dog that represents her website Pawcurious. She has a beautiful video of a black and white dog prancing around on the beach during sunset hours on the top of her website. Her website is very easy to understand and navigate to find what you are looking for. In Her blog section, the reader can choose to pick “picks of the litter” or “most popular blogs”. She has a caption for each of her blogs along with a small photograph to see what the blogs all about. She has over 100 blog posts to choose from on her website. She also has a tab on the top of her site where one can easily access her Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, mail, YouTube, and a few other social media sites. Her web designs are all created by moxie design studios.





Dr. V’s most popular blog posts on her website include “Help! My lab ate an M&M!” “Doctor…..Do Dead Pets Watch Over Us?” “The Dying Pet’s Bill of Rights” “Merry Christmas from Brody” “No Obamacare for dogs”: 5 things you should know about the vet ER” and “What your Natural Health Magazine Doesn’t Want You To Know”. Like I stated above, she has over 100 informative, fun, inspirational blogs to choose from that mostly link to her strong knowledge of animals.



all of her posts usually include a few pictures and sometimes even a few short videos. Some of her photos are hers, and some are taken by other people, where she will include the owner to the photograph and appropriate link. The titles of all her blog posts are very compelling. She has many tags at the bottom of her blogs such as the name of her dogs, as well as things that relate to the blog. If you are a dog or animal lover like me, then these topics will definitely draw your attention and have you hooked learning more about our favorite furry friends. I believe the author, Dr. V, does an amazing job of informing people about things that we had no knowledge on before. For example, “The Truth About Media Mobs, Vets, and You.” And “Don’t Be That Vet.” Even blogs about a dog named Emmett who helped save someone from depression, to a post about who needs working out when they have a dog, I believe this is very drawing to the type of audience who views her content. She has an amazing cover page on her website with a professional photo of her telling her life story. By checking out her blogs and website, we can learn that she is a very inspirational woman, hard worker, and has achieved many accomplishments in her life. On Facebook, Dr. V has 31,027 likes, Instagram 1,467 followers, twitter 25.6K followers, along with 13.8K tweets. She has a very popular post called “Merry Christmas from Brody”. About her dog named Brody that was in the hospital around Christmas time with cancer and they did not think Brody would make it. It’s a very touching blog, as well as inspirational.



A story that her dog survived a Christmas miracle when the doctors, and almost everyone did not think he was going to make it. She adds that this is the best Christmas gift she has ever received. In this blog she uses the tags “Cancer sucks” “Daily Life” “Featured posts” “Brody”, and “Christmas.” People are always responding, almost all of the time positively. Many people responded back to this blog as “powerful” and said that it helped them cope with their pet having cancer and being able to keep hope. Many people writing back to Dr. V wishing her dog body a speedy recovery and that they keep him in their prayers. I believe blogging is a powerful way to interact with strangers that all have a similar interest, empower people, come together and make the word a better place.


I believe that the blog is very amazing. She had so many interesting topics that I couldn’t stop reading them! Something I believe that Dr. V could do better is to blog more often, but I am sure she is very busy being a vet and running other parts of her website such as her books and public speaking she does.



Something that i love to do every summer for enjoyment is go parasailing. I have gone many times as well as many different locations. Parasailing is a water activity where typically one to four people are strapped into a seat that is connected to a parachute. It is also known as Parascending or Parakiting. The parachute is connected to a boat that pulls you while you enjoy “flying” in the air. I have gone parasailing in Aruba, Bermuda, Florida, Puerto Rico, as well as many times in Maine and New Hampshire. I do not love heights, but for some reason parasailing does not bother me. I love the beautiful view over the ocean that i get to experience. It is like something out of a movie or a dream. When going parasailing, on average the riders are able to choose if they would want to go 800 feet in the air or 1,200 feet in the air. I have done both but prefer the 1,200 as it gives you more of an adrenaline rush. Many People who run these businesses and drive the boats will do tricks that send you rushing down from the air, dipping you into the water and than sending you back up into the air. Parasailing has been around since 1974.  I have had a few parachute rides that the people who ran it gave us a GoPro. A GoPro is a mini action camera that is usually waterproof and has its own apps as well as video editing software. This is so cool as you get to re-watch your amazing experience in the air after you are done. I believe i love parasailing so much as the beach is my favorite place in the world. I love everything about the beach and believe it is the most relaxing place to clear your mind and enjoy nature. Going parasailing allows you to see the beach in ways you never would imagine.  parasailing facts youtube video of parasailing