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Gordon Ramsey is a popular television show host, mainly of culinary shows. Ramsay has appeared on many popular cooking shows, including the ones he hosts himself, such as “The F Word,” “Kitchen Nightmares,” and “Hell’s Kitchen.” Ramsay, although born in the country of Scotland, was raised in the United Kingdom, in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon. As a child, Ramsay dreamed of becoming a professional footballer, or soccer player as we would say. However, this dream was cut short after getting severely injured on the pitch. After leaving behind football, Ramsay went back to university in London to take a course on hotel management. Ramsay had a natural talent in the field, and this led him to make many connections in the culinary environment. Some of these connections include the most famous chefs in London and France.

Celebrity Role

Gordon Ramsay’s role as a celebrity has been portrayed as the overly explosive, but internally soft and wholesome reality TV chef. In his shows, he is shown to get quite angry when in the kitchen, to the point of swearing at the chefs under him, and yelling and throwing items around when chefs show to be incompetent. Although their is a lot of focus on the fierce side of Ramsay, when the chefs, or sometimes kids on the show, in the case of one particular TV series, become emotionally distraught, he is shown to be quite soft on the inside. On many occasions helped people under emotional stress under the show, remain calm and cool headed. However, in most of his shows that are solely focused on him, he is shown to be very cool headed, and to be able to keep his composure very well.

Gordon and his family.

Personal Website/Blog

Ramsay has a blog page on his personal website, His website has many features to do with his career, such as a personal biography, a section about careers, gifts based on the TV personality, and classes taught by him. On the website, on the cover page, is a short blog hosting different things from multiple of his social media accounts. The page has news about some of his shows, like “Hell’s Kitchen.” There is a post about a new restaurant of his that is opening up, and there is an article about the “Ultimate Fit Food,” as designed by Ramsay himself. Below that, the blog features a few posts off of his Instagram account, showing pictures of himself, other chefs, and some high quality pictures of delicious looking food. Also on the page, is an interactive map with hotspots where Ramsay has recently traveled. This allows the audience to see where he has traveled, what he has been up to, and other details about his daily life.


The twitter account of Gordon Ramsay is especially interesting. Found at, it is an extremely popular account, hosting over six and a half million followers. The header is a picture of himself which is also an advertisement for his show “Hell’s Kitchen.” His profile picture is just a basic picture of himself with his arms crossed. His account personally follows thirty four thousand people, mainly followers of his account, who interact and send pictures or questions to his twitter account. Many of the posts on the account are pictures and advertisements for the restaurants which Ramsay owns and operates. As there is a large number of these establishments, these posts make up a solid majority of the content on his twitter account. Other posts on the account, are responses to pictures which followers on twitter send in pictures of food for him to review, in which generally is responded with a snarky or somewhat rude comment about the food. This is meant to maintain his explosive television personality, but is not really meant to actually be offensive. The joking nature of the activity allows for more interaction with his fans, and serves for a better public following and image.


On Facebook, Gordon Ramsay also has a very strong following. The account is found under the URL The account has seven million and six hundred thousand followers. This is more than any other of his social media accounts. Under his about page, includes a link to his personal website and blog, and a personal biography. However, the biography that is found on his Facebook profile, is also the same one found on his personal website. The banner and profile of the account is the same as his twitter account, including the advertisement for “Hell’s Kitchens.” Found under the photos section of the account, are advertisements for some of his shows, pictures of food, pictures of other chefs, and pictures of his friends and family. The content of his posts on the account are the posts which contain descriptions of the items in his photos, as well as video clips from his tv shows.


Gordon Ramsay’s Instagram, although popular, is the least popular of all his social media accounts. The URL to the account is The account has three million and eight hundred thousand followers. The account follows a little over two hundred accounts, mostly verified accounts of other popular celebrities and company sponsors. The account has a little under two thousand, eight hundred posts. Many of the posts are of pictures from his shows on television, as well as photos from places he has traveled to. Many of these photos are group photos with organizations, or groups of celebrities. There are also many high definition photos of food on the account. Of all the accounts, this one has the most photographs with Ramsay actually being the subject of the shot.


The YouTube account of Ramsay is less of a reflection of personality, and more of an informational and entertainment centered account. The account has five million and three hundred thousand subscribers, and can be found at The banner for this account is different from his others, and is a banner of his name, and two pictures of himself photoshopped onto it. The banner also links to his other social media accounts, and his personal website. The featured video on the account is an instructional video on how to remove all of the meat from a lobster. After that, are two groups of clips for different shows. One is for “Gordon Ramsay Restaurants,” which helps to advertise for his personal restaurants. The other group is for his show, “Hell’s Kitchen.” After that, is a section of compilation videos, from other shows and media appearances. Following that, are other sections of the channel for videos from his other shows, a popular upload section and, a section for recipe instructions.

Social Media Summary

In summary, the social media accounts of Gordon Ramsay generally serve to reflect the personality which is portrayed on television. However, the different social media accounts portray the personality in different ways. The twitter account represents the more explosive version of Ramsay, while the Instagram account shows the much more calm, cool mannered personality of Ramsay. His Facebook and blog are more mild mannered and bland, showing mostly the same content that is found on the other social media pages.

Social Media Footprint

The first hit that appears in a search for Gordon Ramsay on Google, comes up with the link to his personal website. The second hit, links to the top stories relating to Ramsay, which are the most popular news and blog posts about him. The third hit on Google, links to Twitter posts from Ramsay. After that, the next hit is a link to the Wikipedia page about him. Following this, is a hit which links to his YouTube account. The next link, lead to two links to his restaurant group, then his Instagram account, finally followed by his Facebook account. The last hits on the page are to popular news posts about Ramsay, from popular internet news outlets. There are also many photos and videos which come up for Ramsay, on the appropriate sections of the search engine.

Commendations and Recommendations

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Gordon Ramsay’s social media accounts are all put together very well. They are neatly organized, they have good content, and they are very good about interacting with the follower base. All of the photographs on the account are very detailed, and offer a variation in content, while still displaying new things which will be interesting to the follower base. The pages also add entertaining clips from the shows which Ramsay stars in, which both add to the enjoyment of the viewer, and allow the shows to gain more viewers from the additional following.

My biggest recommendation would be an improvement in the variation of the different social media accounts. A lot of the content on some of the accounts are the same, and are just a reuse from other pages. If there was a lot more variation between the content which each account produces, I believe it would have a good effect on the follower base for the different accounts, and encourage more people to follow each account, for the ability to see the varied content.


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Radric “Gucci Mane” Davis

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Gucci Mane, real name Radric Davis Jr., has becomes extremely popular in mainstream rap, gaining immense popularity after he was released early from a prison stint in 2016. Much of his social media accounts were on a hiatus during this time, but picked back up in use after his release, and subsequent regain of popularity. His Facebook page, at the url, is extremely popular, garnering 8.1 million liked, and 7.7 million followers. His twitter account, found under, and the handle “Gucci1017” is not as popular as Facebook, holding 6.7 million followers, and 19,000 tweets. His account follows only one other person, Keyshia Ka’oir, Davis’s wife. His Instagram account, under, however, is also very popular, holding a number close to the amount of followers on his Facebook. His total number of followers on Instagram is 7.5 million. It has 323 posts on it, and this account too only follows his wife Keyshia as the only account that it follows.


Gucci Mane’s Facebook account is rather bland, most commonly posting viral Facebook videos and other posts of the sort. Very little of it is original content. The about tab is very lacking in information. It shows that the page was created in 2009. It shows that his hometown is Birmingham, Alabama, and that his current city is Atlanta, Georgia. The page contains information about his recording label, 1017 BrickSquad / Warner Bros. Incorporated, and one of his most recent albums, Mr Davis, released on September 15th. It does, however, have a rather large biography section. It contains a very long description of how Davis came into rapping, and how he got popular. This description is clearly old though, as it contains main points about looking forward to what 2011 holds. An interesting thing to note about the page is the lack of interaction from it’s followers. Despite having more than eight million likes on the account, the posts on the account gather very little likes or comments from its followers. The most recent posts on the account have as little as thirty-three likes. This is astonishingly small for the amount of followers that the account has.

The twitter account for Gucci Mane is put together a bit better than his facebook. The profile picture and banner are both the same image, showing the cover of the newest album he released, “El Gato: The Human Glacier”. Below the name and twitter handle of the account, is a short sentence describing himself as a “major label recording artist, signed to Atlantic records.” It shows a link to an email for booking contact information below that. Pinned at the top of the tweets for the account is one which is hoping for a good outlook for 2018. Many of the tweets on the account are random small short sentences, and the occasional retweet of photographs of himself in the news or picked up by different blogs. This account is much more active in its interaction with it’s followers. Many of the pages likes are those of followers of the account, who tweeted things at it. Other likes by Gucci Mane’s account are on other popular twitter accounts, mainly other rappers. Some are also likes of articles about the rapper, and other things to do with rap music.

The Instagram account of Gucci Mane is also put together rather well. Under the name of the account, “laflare1017”, is a short description calling himself the “Bricksquad boss.” Also is a link to his newest album. There are 323 posts on the account, and many of them are very high quality. They are mostly consisting of pictures of himself. Scattered occasionally through the postings are clips from songs, images of the covers of new albums, pictures of his cars, and pictures of his wife. The most recent posts from the account are two clips from new songs, a picture of him wearing his jewelry at a basketball game, him and his new Mclaren, and a picture of him wearing a Gucci brand shirt. The account does respond to any of the comments on the account, but it does gather large amounts of likes, in the tens of thousands. This is the most attention out of any of his accounts.


The account which has the best interaction with its followers is almost certainly his Instagram account. Although it does not respond or like anything from it’s followers, it by far gathers the most interaction from it’s followers. It has by far the most likes, and the most comments on its content. Instagram’s platform certainly helps for this, as it is much easier to like and comment on these posts compared to Facebook and twitter. However, the posts are also of much higher quality in comparison, which is the largest contribution to it’s attention, even though it does not have the most followers of all his accounts.

An Alternative Method of Transportation

In an age where reducing the impact humans have on the environment is a hot subject, many people are looking for alternative methods of transportation to avoid using cars. Many people are finally breaking their bicycles out of the shed, and taking their bike to work or to school instead of driving. However, a newly popular alternative to using a bicycle, is called longboarding.

Longboarding is very similar to skateboarding, except worlds easier. A longboard is much wider and longer than a traditional skateboard, which allows for more leverage while pushing to move along. Longboards also have larger wheels, and more sophisticated bearings, which make it easier and more comfortable to use as a method of transportation. The improved bearings also allow the board to go much faster than a traditional skateboard.

Image result for longboard

Longboards are an intuitive way to get around in the nice weather. They’re relatively cheap, and can be a very fun alternative to riding a bike. Try out a friends, and see if you enjoy it. Maybe you’ll find yourself a new, fun way to take yourself to work or go get a coffee. And remember, always wear your helmet!

Delicious Food Made Simple

Minimalist Baker

The blog “Minimalist Baker” is a popular cooking blog. The blog is written by a woman named Dana. Her blog is described on the side, as being about making simple but delicious recipes requiring less than ten ingredients, one bowl, and thirty minutes of time. The page is very well made, and it makes very good use of a “minimalist” style. The links to the other parts of the blog are below the title. Below the links starts the recipe posts. They have the title in bolded capital letters, followed by large, high definition photos of the food. The web address of the blog is

The blog is very visually appealing. At the top, the title of the block is written in a fancy script, in a plain grey ink. It also features the year the blog was established, 2012. Below that, features either a plain horizontal menu, or a smaller dropdown menu, depending on the size of your browser. The options for other page on the blog are about, recipes, cookbooks, shop, blogger resources, and courses. The courses are food photography school, and food video school, taught by the author of the blog. There are also two downloadable cookbooks, also written by the author of the blog.  

The about page is very in depth, going into a lot of detail about the author of the blog, and her husband, who helped her to establish the blog. John, the husband, also apparently gives ideas and helps with the technical side of the blog along with the marketing and design. John and Dana created the blog because when they first started out, many blogs put out very photogenic food recipes, but many of them were intensely complicated. They formed the blog to provide recipes which look beautiful and are also easily reproduced. Further on the about page is a section which is about what goes into the recipes. They talked about how they enjoy cooking with plants, so that forms a large amount of their recipes. They also produce a large amount of gluten free and vegetarian recipes, due to a large amount of their readers that sort of diet. However, the author and her husband are not themselves, vegetarian or gluten free. They also include a section on their about page, on how they do not have any sponsored content on their blog. They feel that it is important to mention that they do not accept any free products or incentives to write their blog posts, as they “value our reader’s trust above all and aim to keep our content pure and honest.” This type of attitude can do very well to gather a following base of loyal blog readers.

AMAZING Orange Whiskey Ginger with Mint! A 6-ingredient, refreshing, naturally sweetened cocktail perfect for NYE and beyond! #NYE #cocktail #bourbon #ginger #orange #mint #minimalistbaker #recipe

The blogger resources section is also a very interesting read. It provides a lot of useful information for up and coming blog writers. Their blogger resource section provides information on all of the basics blogging. There is a section for hosting, which gives information on finding a place to host the blog. It provides multiple ideas for good quality and well known blog hosts. Next, it has a section on wordpress themes and content. WordPress is a very common place to host a blog, so this section adds a lot of useful information on making a wordpress blog look appealing. The next section in the blogger resources is the website tools section. This section is dedicated to third party website development tools, which help to make the blog and the website it’s hosted on run smoother. After that, there is a section on design and photography tools, and then camera equipment. Both of these sections are helpful to provide high quality, original photographs for the blog. The next sections are on business tools and then monetization of the blog. These sections provide detail on how an upcoming blog writer can earn money from their blog, and make their work worthwhile. However, the authors are not too keen on this section, as they believe too much money upfront can sway intent of the content that is produce. Instead, they link to other blogs which are completely dedicated to information on the monetization of blogs. The last section in the blogger resources is a section on inspiration. This section provides information on how to find enough ways to produce original content, and how to keep producing content even when their is no motivation to produce it, due to not reaching the growth or results a new blog writer may be looking for.

Having an unappealing blog can be one of the biggest reasons that a blog does not gain a popular following. Having a neatly organized visually appealing blog is key. is a prime example of a good quality blog. provides a clear description of their content, information about the author, and even includes information on how an upcoming blogger can improve their blog.