The WWE is an American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company that deals primarily in professional wrestling, with revenue also coming from film, music, video games, product licensing, and direct product sales. The WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, this is one of the only things that I watch.

Social Media:

The WWE has many different social media platforms including:










The WWE Facebook page has almost over 38 million likes. Also, over 37.7 follows. The WWE has grown so much over the past 10 years. John Cena, being one of the top paid superstars has finally come to his time in his career where he can work the WWE part-time while being a full time actor. Not to mention how many people who have “Retire” have made yet another comeback. Not to mention even the woman wrestlers who used to be known as “Divas” are now considered female wrestlers, or female superstars! The posts on their page is a mixture between a Reality TV Show called Total Divas which have some of the male superstars as well as most of the woman’s division.





With a total of 13.9 million followers and them following 378, the WWE’s Instagram page has nothing but the top superstars man and woman. It’s amazing to see just how much the company has changed in just a short 10 year period.





On the WWE Twitter page they have over 9.86 million followers and are only following 378. They contain photos, videos, texts, and conversations between the company and the fans. It also goes over all the different pay per views that they have. Whether Raw is a better brand or Smackdown Live, Team Red VS. Team Blue. They all have storylines that they need to follow by, if they break the story line at all they could get a huge fine.





The WWE has reached their goal of getting 20 million subscribers, it took over 2 years to reach this point for them.



On the WWE’s LinkedIn page it mainly has career opportunites to get into the company. I always thought this would be such a great company to work for, but they have so many rules you have to abide by.


The WWE doesn’t have their own Snapchat name a lot of the superstars have their own, where they post videos about their upcoming matches or even about their life outside of WWE. I’m currently following Nikki Bella on snapchat and she is always posting stuff saying she’s with her twin sister Brie and they are starting to plan the wedding. She is getting married to John Cena. John Cena proposed to her at WrestleMania 33, it was an amazing experience to watch!




Nikki Bella- Case Study #4

Heather DeMeo
November 6, 2017
Social Media
Case Study #4

Facebook likes: 7,775,642

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BellaTwins?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
Followers: 3.36 million
Following: 838
Number of Tweets: 23.1 thousand
Date Joined: November 2008

Followers: 6.5 million
Following: 343
Posts: 5,228

Nikki Bella is a professional wrestler for the WWE. I’ve been watching her since 2012, she debuted with her sister Brie Bella in 2008. On her Facebook page she talks about her journey through Dancing with the Stars, and what it’s done for her/taught her. She did extremely well on the show. I was actually really impressed with how well she danced, all I’ve ever watched is her wrestling which is what she’s really good at. Unfortunately, she got voted off the show last week, but one of the videos she posted most recently she announced she’s coming back for the finale for one last dance. She also talks about her YouTube channel and her two reality TV shows; Total Diva’s and Total Bella’s. In case you don’t know about what these shows are about; Total Divas is about all the girls in the locker room that have an agreement basically with the WWE to be on the reality series, they talk more in depth about their lives and it shows them with their families and such. They also talk about their careers and what the company has done for them with championship matches. This season of Total Divas goes into details about the first ever ladder match for TLC for the woman’s division. Total Bella’s on the other hand is a spin-off of Total Diva’s but based off The Bella Twins they call themselves in the WWE, so Nikki and Brie Bella. Her page has pictures and videos, not so much links to articles. I want to say it’s her page but it also could be the company’s Facebook page for her. I don’t see any posts that she’s liked. From looking at her page I don’t see anything I think needs improvement, I liked how well she engaged in her audience and did live Q&A’s with what she calls her Bella Army! She had all positive feedback from all the audience.

On her Twitter page, she talks about the same thing as her Facebook page. She talks about her launch of her sister and hers new clothing line called BirdieBee. An hour ago she posted something about taking a Salsa Dance class because she loves dancing so much. She shares her Twitter account with her sister Brie, if Nikki posts she signs the post with the letter “N” at the end. Their profile picture is of the both of them, and their cover photo a picture of their Youtube channel and them saying thanks for all the subscribers! The bio talks about what they do and gives there Instagram name. The most popular tweets are the ones she posts about Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). On their twitter page they do the same thing as facebook with the Q&As with their Bella Army and interact with them and answer questions, positive feedback.

Nikki’s Instagram profile is based off WWE, her clothing brand, her fiancé John Cena, and her family. Her profile picture is a picture of herself, her bio is the same as twitter. She includes that she is the longest reigning divas champion. Her most popular photos are with John Cena. I think even though she does interact with her audience maybe do it more, answer people’s comments rather than wait for a Q&A. Her Bella Army loves her and are huge fans, they always say how much they love her. The audience does participate, her top 5 pictures have a lot of likes ranging between 33,000-150,000.