Cutting Edge Gaming: Razer


Razer is an international gaming company that was founded in Singapore. Razer was founded my Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff in 2005.  Razer has a headquarters in Singapore and another US based headquarters in San Francisco.  Additionally, Razer has offices in nine other locations across the globe. Razer offers award winning, high performing gaming equipment and software. An example of some of the items offered by Razor are:  keyboards, mice, laptops, phones, headsets, and apparel. Razer not only sells gaming equipment and software but they also help promote the gamer using their systems.

The logo of Razer is very recognizable in the gaming industry. Three snakes intertwining offers instant brand recognition across the industry.  This brand recognition was very well thought out; this brand recognition stands out against the competition and helps keep Razer’s revenue growing.




Razer uses a variety of social media platforms.







SnapChat – Mobile App only



Razer Facebook

Immediately when viewing the Facebook page of Razer you recognize the brand easily with the logo being prominent. With over 8 million followers (8,195,325 to be exact) this social media platform is the most popular. Each post that Razer has on their Facebook page has over 1,000 likes per photo except for their announcements of new products which has over 30,000+ likes. The Facebook page has a Shop Now feature which takes you directly to another site to buy their products. There is a link to the corporate website of Razer included on the page. Razer does not offer quick links on its Facebook page to other social media platforms. This lack of connection hinders Razer from expanding their Facebook audience to the other social media platforms easily. Razer is relying on their audience to find these other platforms on their own. The Facebook page has over 17,000 photos that have been added by users other than Razer, meaning their followers are posting the images.



Razer Twitter

Razer has a corporate Twitter page that highlights the company and Min-Liang Tan has a personal Twitter that references Razer, so you can say they have two Twitter accounts. With over 3 million followers the Twitter page is very active. The Twitter account has a link to Vine with over 21 million people who accessed the content located on that platform. Since Vine is no longer an active platform, Razer should update their page with more relevant information. The corporate website for Razer is listed on the Twitter account but no other links are provided. Most of the content that is contained on the Twitter account it the same as the content on Facebook.



Razer Blog

The corporate Razer website has a quick link to their blog, the Razer Insider. You can also access this by Googling Razer’s Blog. The blog is actually a forum, a community discussion board. This blog is used to answer questions about their products and it gives you updates about their product. This blog is more like an active community forum for technical support and help. The blog has an area that specifically states Razer Community. This area has links to all their social media platforms and corporate website. Of all the social media platforms, this blog is the only one which is linking all platforms together assisting in brand recognition between platforms.



Razer Instagram 

The Instagram page of Razer features many different photos of the products that Razer offers. There is a quick link for their corporate website but no other links. The have over 2 million followers. There are also various videos listed which are mainly high lighting the products offered. The Instagram page of Razer feels like it is an afterthought and it is not being highlighted in a way that would help make the brand additional revenue or stand out. If you scroll through the many tweets that Razer has you will see a tweet to link to their Snap Chat account. In this instance they are marketing their other social media platforms but they are not making it easy for others to use after that tweet runs to the bottom of their feed.



Razer YouTube

Razer has a very active YouTube page with over 1 million subscribers. Razer has utilized this social media platform to its fullest. Not only are they showcasing their product line, conventions they have been at, competitions that they are in but they also have linked all their social media platforms. These quick links are helpful to allow subscribers to link to other platforms which assists with brand recognition.  The videos that are showcased on the site go into detail about their product line. This is very helpful when doing research on their products.



Razer LinkedIn 

The company Razer has a LinkedIn page that offers company information with brand recognition. There are several jobs that are posted on the LinkedIn page. There is lots of information about the company culture for perspective employees. While the LinkedIn page does offer some product high lights it is more professional in nature. This shows the types of things you could be working on if you worked with them. This seems to be more of a corporate run website that is very serious in nature where the social media accounts are more fun.



Razer SnapChat

Razer has a SnapChat account but they are not very active on SnapChat. This offers an opportunity for razer to interact with their audience. This is a social media platform that Razer should put more time and effort into since it is a newer platform. The demographic that uses this platform the most is the younger generation which will grow up to become product users.  The downfall to this platform is it is mobile based which means you can only access and use it to its full potential on a mobile device.



Razer Twitch

Twitch is a very interactive live stream social media platform and Razer’s is no exception. Razer has over 116 videos currently saved for viewing. These are all past streams that have been saved. The beauty of Twitch is it allows gamers to broadcast any game they are playing. Razer uses this to showcase how their products are reacting to game play utilizing people they are affiliated with. The below screen shot is of IIJerichoII, one of Razer’s affiliated partners, who is live streaming the Xbox game PUBG. This platform allows other gamers to view gameplay and get tips and tricks for the next time they play.



In general Razer has branded all their platforms. Their use of very recognizable graphics helps their brand. This brand recognition assists with helping the audience transition from one platform to another. They post a lot on all platforms about their product lines and how to use their product. This marketing technique helps with revenue generation. Razer does have some work to do with adding quick links to their platforms that would allow for easy clicking to other platforms by their users.  Razer has done a great job using social media to assist in marketing their products and brand considering they are a young company. It appear their growth rate with the gaming demographic can be contributed their social brand use targeted at gamers.


When using Google the very first hit that comes up is the corporate website for Razer, There are several top stories that come up between the first hit and the second hit. These top stories high light the top product lines being offered. When I did my search is was the new Razer cell phone. The second hit is the link to Razer’s Twitter account. The third hit is the Wikipedia page and the fourth hit is the Instagram account for Razer. The last hit on the page is Amazon. Ironically the number one social media, Facebook, does not come up on the first page for the Google search. Moving on to the second page of Google showcases Twitter again, Best Buy and other places to buy their products.




As I mentioned in my synopsis of each social media platform, Razer needs to do a better job of connecting each platform. I feel that by interlinking all of their platforms together this would increase their audience and potentially their revenue. The content that they are displaying is very consistent from one platform to the other and their brand is extremely recognizable. They use lots of bright colors with dark backgrounds when high lighting their product line which really makes it pop.  If Razer continues to update their social media platforms on the same consitant basis as they are doing now they will keep their current audience base and also earn more followers.












Gigi Gorgeous Social Media Review

You can discover a lot about a person by the social media accounts that person has. Each social media account offers a different look into the life of the owner of that account. Let’s look into the life of Gigi Gorgeous and analyze the differences in the social media accounts she has. Gigi Gorgeous is a public figure that was born a male but has always identified as a female. Gigi documented her transformation on social media and in a documentary, which was released in February.  


Looking at the Facebook account of Gigi Gorgeous offers a small glimpse into her life. Gigi’s Facebook account is part public relations and part get to know me. The cover photo is a caricature of herself, this tells me she does not take herself too seriously. Her profile picture however shows a different side of Gigi with a beautiful photo of someone with confidence. She has a large following with 2,105,921 people like this Facebook page with 2,054,293 people actually following this Facebook page. Reviewing the feed, you see that Gigi posts on a regular basis. Most of her post contain information on LGBTQ+ community with a focus on transgender. I really liked the positive and inspirational messages contained on her feed to love yourself. I did not see negative comments but based on the sensitivity of the transgender society I would imagine this page is monitored regularly and negative comments removed. Gigi has liked other Facebook pages which gives you the insight to some of her other likes, for example she likes Demi Lovato and The Advocate Magazine. The about me page contains information to her other social media accounts with links, a short biography and birth date. Gigi has tons of photos of herself and the things she enjoys. She also has a large number of videos on the page. The events page offers an opportunity for folks to see her latest appearance’s. Also, Gigi has a very active following with many comments, many of which she has replied to. This makes the audience feel personally connected to her. You can view her Facebook page using this link:

The Twitter account of Gigi Gorgeous offers a different view than her Facebook page. Although some of the photos are repetitive on Twitter and Facebook, such as the banner page and profile pic, you do get a different perspective from the feed. The Twitter feed offers a different type of personal look into Gigi’s life. Her bio offered a more direct approach stating that she was an activist, this is very evident in the philanthropy shown on Twitter raising money for transgender youth. Her Twitter account has 315 thousand followers and 296 likes. The Twitter account is less popular than her Facebook account. In looking at Twitter replies and re-tweets there is a very good combination of personal replies to individual Tweeters and re-tweets that contain information about her. The feed consists of photos and videos of her brand. She ties in her other social media platforms, including YouTube. Brand recognition is evident more in her Twitter feed than on her Facebook account. She has a link to her YouTube page but no other social media links, which is something she should add to connect all media outlets for fans to access. You can view her Twitter feed using this link: “ 

The Instagram account of Gigi Gorgeous is her most followed social media platform other than her YouTube account. If we review the amount of popularity based on how many “likes” she receives, her least number of likes was 30k, which is considerable in my book! The most likes she has received is over 200k. Her bio features a link to her Snapchat and YouTube, this again is an area that I feel she is underutilizing. Her Instagram page offers different photos and videos than the other social media outlets reviewed. Instagram photos receive more comments than other platforms. The Instagram account seems to be more personal which could be the reason why it is the most popular out of all her social media accounts. Gigi seems to be more active on Instagram than the other social media platforms but she is very active on all. The Instagram page offers a positive message which is consistent with all platforms. You can view her Instagram feed using this link: 

Overall Gigi Gorgeous has brand recognition and uses social media to catapult her success. She has shared her story and figured out a way to become a prominent public figure using social media. Her most appealing social media account in my opinion is her Instagram account, as it offers a quick look into her life in a precise manner. She is very savvy in how she does connect certain accounts to other accounts keeping the photos and information consistent yet different among the accounts. Using social media in different and similar ways has allowed the general public to understand who Gigi Gorgeous is and what she stands for.  





The Traveling Ginger Blog Review

The Traveling Ginger ( is a blog by Nikki that is dedicated to her various travels and cooking/eating experiences on those travels. Nikki has been posting on her blog since 2014. Nikki posts travel destinations around the globe and specifically the United States are she tries to visit all 50 states before she turns 30. The blog is very comprehensive on the travels Nikki has taken over the past years with detailed information on the sites she has visited. Nikki has also reviewed several places which a travel can visit in the areas she blogs about. Her post include a wealth of knowledge on the places she has been, things to do and cost to several things during
I looked for a blog on traveling since this is something I really enjoy. I found The Traveling Ginger in my search. When I clicked on the blog link from google I was immediately directed to a post regarding visiting Six States in Seven Days New England Road Trip USA. She used a catchy tag line on how she did the road trip in seven days and visited the six states. I really enjoyed reading the trip that Nikki took and seeing the sites she highlighted in her post.
The header is very simple with a photograph, the blog title and photo of a redheaded lady.Under the header on each of the posts is the title of that post and date of the post. This header is very similar on all the pages with the exception sometimes the photo does not contain the redheaded lady. The title of this blog “The Traveling Ginger” was very catchy when I was searching for a blog. The title of this blog made me want to click and find out more about it.
The layout is very simple and minimalistic. This layout caught my eye and made me want to stay on the site and look around. The white background makes the photographs and posts stand out. The photos that Nikki uses seem more vibrant with the white background. There is also a header bar with a menu at the very top of the page which allows the viewer to switch between pages very easily. I really liked the layout and the use of the menu bar at the top of the page allowed me to jump around the website very easily.
The layout of each destination section is set up differently. Some destination sections, such as, Asia has very large thumbnail photos and large titles with a summary horizontal. This layout is pleasing to the eye and allows the viewer to glance and review quickly. The layout on the Africa destination section has smaller thumbnail photos with large titles with a summary horizontal. The layout for Central and South America, USA, Europe and the Middle East have smaller thumbnail photos in a grid pattern with the title and summary underneath the photos.This grid pattern is still pleasing to the eye but makes the page feel clustered and cluttered. 
Nikki included links to several of her other social media pages. These links were locatedat the top right hand side of the menu tab. Each link took you directly to that social media page,which allowed me to find out additional information on Nikki. I clicked on the Pinterest link andsaw she had lots of pins regarding traveling.
The about me page for Nikki was very comprehensive. I felt that I was able to get to know Nikki as a person and why she started this blog. The work with me section of her blog offered a different look into Nikki. Here I learned that she does product reviews yet I did not see many on her page under her review section. The review section felt like an afterthought that was created on a whim to fill more space on the blog.
The photos used in the blog are amazing and they seem to all be photos that Nikki has personally taken on her travels. I looked up her most popular post which was a trip she took to the Taj Mahal. looked to be Nikki’s most popular post which had roughly 16 comments. It was a very informative blog with fantastic pictures. I actually learned how to get to the Taj Mahal if I were to visit which I appreciated. 
There was a place on the right side of each blog post to subscribe to her blog but I did not see a section to share a post. I really liked that the blog was about the experience and the photos not about trying to get additional subscribers are every click. This made me want to stay on the pages longer and actually read her travels.
In conclusion I felt that Nikki’s blog was very informative and visually pleasing. I really liked the non-commercial aspect of the blog. I felt the blog was something that Nikki was using as a creative outlet and not as a money making tool which appealed to me. I found her photographs to be stunning and her post to be full of very useful information about traveling to that area, expenses and information on the area.

Using a Drone in Cinematography

There are many new ways to capture footage for cinematography for the home filmmaker. One of the ways I like to use to capture footage is with the use of a drone. Drones under $500 from a local retail organization offer a crisp video with high resolution. Drones can be used to help showcase the wide-angle aerial view of the surroundings for the area you are filming. They can also be used to create dramatic shots. There are many movies currently being made in Hollywood that are using inexpensive drones for their aerial footage.

Before running out a buying a new drone there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Drones are illegal in certain areas due to federal aviation regulations. Always check the area you are flying in to see if it is legal to do so.
  • Drones take time to learn how to fly. Patience is key to learning how to fly.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings to make sure you are not running into anything.
  • Always keep in mind the weather. Flying drones in wind, snow or extreme cold is not recommended.
  • Range anxiety – Drones all have different range limitations, always keep in mind your drones range limit when flying.

I personally have the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Here is a photo of this drone. drone

I feel this is a great starter drone for the home filmmaker. This drone easily connects to any smartphone which allows you to see what you are capturing. The controls on the remote are very touchy and it takes times to learn how to control the drone. There are drones on the market that have features that help stabilize the drone making the learning curve easier.

Here is a YouTube video from DLSRGuide which has tips on how to film when using a drone. DLSRGuide is a guy who post instructional videos on YouTube with tips and tricks on filming in general. You can view a sample of his work with this link:

Want more information on how drones are changing the way films are being made? Check out this website:

This is a small sampling of some aerial footage of my home that I recorded when I first got my drone. Link: