Selena Gomez



Selena Gomez is a worldwide known actress and singer. She began her career on Barney and Friends in 1992 and continued to appear on the big screen in movies such as Spy Kids 3 in 2003, Walker, Texas Ranger in 2005, and House Broken in 2006. Gomez moved to California to keep her career rolling. She stared on her on Disney television show called Wizards of Waverly Place in 2007 and continued to be in countless movies. In 2009 Selena Gomez released her first album and launched her singing career. She has a huge fan base and is loved by millions.



Selena Gomez has 124 million followers on Instagram and 1,352 posts. She holds the record for the most followers on that social media platform. She posts multiple times a day to keep up with her fans. Gomez posts videos and pictures of herself and clips of her own music videos. She doesn’t make comments on her fans posts but will like them!

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Gomez has 60,011,769 followers on Facebook. Her posts are mainly her music videos and advertisements. Occasionally she will post a selfie but she never comments back to her fans on this media site. Her Facebook is mainly for sharing her creations and easy access for fans to get tickets to her concerts.




On Twitter, Selena has 49.9 million followers and 4,245 tweets. On this media site, Gomez shares her newest music and retweets her fans and followers such as IHeartRadio, who tweet anything related to her and her career. She really interacts the most with her fans on twitter than any other social media site.




YouTube is for videos Selena Gomez has a VEVO channel for all her music videos. She use to have a private channel when she was younger that she ran with her long time friend and costar Demi Lovato. Gomez has 13,486,788 subscriber’s to her current channel and 116 videos posted. Millions of people have liked, disliked and commented on each video both positive and negative feedback. Gomez never replies to them on YouTube though.



Just by typing “Selena Gomez” into the search engine of Google, all her social media sites pop right up. First you see her official page where fans can buy tickets to her shows. Then comes her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, in that order. Google also shows her Wiki page to the right, showing you who she is where she’s from, and all her more personal information. Articles and interviews also pop up on Gomez’s google search about her mental health and career.

Overall, Selena’s social media platforms appeal to all ages. Her posts are all appropriate and loved completely by her fans. She shows herself as a strong, independent, woman figure and a role model to girls of all ages around the world. She’s a young woman who, despite her health issues, has overcome addiction and hard times while in the spotlight. She has shown women worldwide that anything is possible, no matter how difficult.  Gomez does her best to be active on all her sites and to interact with her fans as much as possible. Happy fans is all she is looking for.

Thomas Luther Bryan

LUKEBRYANThomas Luther Bryan is best known as Luke Bryan. He is a 40 year old country singing sensation! Be began his career in the early 2000’s with his first album Spring Break. Since then he has released five more albums, picking up quite the fan base. With singles such as Country Girl, Kick the Dust Up, and Play it Again. He is a family oriented man with the goal to make music and spread happiness around like confetti.


  • URL:
  • 8,702,579 Likes on Facebook
  • Instagram: lukebryan
  • 3.7 Million followers on Instagram
  • 612 Instagram posts
  • Twitter: @LukeBryanOnline
  • 9,085,372 followers on Twitter
  • 3,946 Tweets
  • Joined Twitter in October of 2008


LukeBryan_HFE_FBYoastLuke’s Facebook page contains many posts about topics such as concert tours, merchandise, concert images, special announcements, and even his own personal images and videos. You can see that the majority of the posts are made by him and he even sponsors people like Chevy on his Facebook page.

His profile image is a professional photograph of himself showing off those pearly white teeth. He is wearing a grey V-neck t-shirt with a jean jacket and some blue jeans. very causally dressed. He looks as though he is back stage at one of his concerts. His cover photo is an advertisement for his latest concert, Hunting, Fishing, Loving Every Day. Luke Bryan looks like he his on stage in a casual t-shirt and a backwards hat off to the left if the advertisement.

Luke Bryan’s Facebook has multiple tabs across the top to get you to different sections of his page. The home link shows you everything post-wise. The about link tells you his genre of music, home town, record label and even his biography! The events link shows you his concert yours. The photo and video links have all his images and home videos as well as professional ones. He has a shop link for merchandise and a community link to show you all his likes and followers. He has a lot to offer on his Facebook!


LukeLuke Bryan has an Instagram with 3.7 million people following him. His first post was from April 8th, 2013. He has a total of 612 posts and most are family oriented. his profile picture is another professional photo of himself in a casual grey t-shirt. The usual for him. His bio only contains his current tour, which automatically links you to a page to buy tickets. (I’ve seen him in concert three times).

Most of his posts are about his family. Whether is be his wife and kids of the dog. He also posts concert pictures, videos of him talking to his fans, and advertisements for his tours. His audience is very nice and supportive! You rarely see negative or mean comments on his social media accounts. Luke gets most of his likes on his personal posts.


Luke Bryan joined the twitter world back in 2008. His profile picture this time is juts a man and his son dressed in camo, fishing on a rock. The banner is the same as his Facebook cover photo, advertising for his Hunting, Fishing, Loving Every Day tour. The bio consists of the music album that is currently available and his home town. Very generic.

Mr. Bryan is a fan of his own fans. He re-tweets their tweets as well as sharing videos and photos in relation to him and his music. He does contests on twitter page and like all his other social medias he is open about his personal life. He sponsors Chevy on all his social medias and you can tell that he makes the tweets. He tweets at his friends, family, and other celebrities but very rarely will you catch him tweeting at a fan. All his posts are positive and most made about him are too!


Overall, Luke Bryan is very connected to the outside world. He shares everything with his fans and stays connected as well as anyone can. I think he should put more into his bio on each social media because they are all very generic and simple but other than that, he gets a lot across to his fans and family in each post.


Take a loot at this and visit the site below!



Analysis: One Brilliant Blog


Bookwraiths ( Is a blog dedicated to fantasy, sci-fi, and graphic novels through reviews! The author is a man by the name of Wendell who grew up on classic comics and books. He is not only an avid reader but a lover of sports and online gaming. Wendell is happily married with children, living in the U.S.




The layout contains a header and a footer along with the use of darker colors such as blues, greys, and black. The background is a grey, chain-like image and the blogs themselves have a white background. The header contains an image of a man on horseback. Its dark and eerie, really grabbing your attention. “Books! Where are the great books?” Is the tag line. Directly under the image is a menu that lists out “Book Reviews”, “Comic Reviews”, “Author Spotlights”, and more.  

The most recent posts are shown first on the featured page. Listing the title and author of “said topic”, genre, series, publisher, length, and rating, along with an image shown even before you start to read the article. The body of the page contains the posts, located on the right hand side. Multiple paragraphs with an image along with it. To the left are widgets such as social medias, tweets, popular posts, and blogs worth your time. This blog gives you easy access to exactly what you are looking for!


One of the widgets is titled “Popular Posts” , allowing viewers to see the most popular topics on the blog. The top posts on Bookwraiths are listed as follows:  

  • The Longest Fantasy Series  
  • Overlooked Fantasy Series  
  • Best Reads Of 2016 
  • Best Standalone Fantasy Novels (Updated) 

The Longest Fantasy Series was actually posted in 2014! I’ve read the article and #25 was the only book I had read from that list. I thought with my love of books that there would have been more I had known. So far, this blog has introduced me to many titles I had never heard of before, opening up my reading options! 41 bloggers liked this post whereas only 20 liked Overlooked Fantasy Series, posted in 2013. I think time definitely has something to do with that.

Each one of Bookwraiths blog posts has an interesting topic, with a featured image and multiple images along with the actual post.  

Each post ends with possible social medias to share the post on and related articles as well. Other bloggers are also more than welcome to make their comments underneath all of that.


Bookwraiths Is a well written blog for anyone who likes to read.  

The blogs layout is easy to navigate, and is very informative. The viewer has no problem finding exactly what they are looking for, especially with the tabs such as book review, written along the top. Each post is appealing to the eye. I love how a cover of each book is posted alongside the review and even where to buy the book in some cases. The blog titles are fun and draw the readers right in! I wish there was more to say on the origins of the blog and about the author. I love hearing when and how something came to be. There’s plenty of book action going on and I would suggest this blog to any lover of books.


Enter If You Dare: Maze Runner Series

James Dashner captures the extremes of our fragile society in The Maze Runner series. He paints a picture in our minds of this unearthly dystopian society that leaves us wanting more. A society filled with mistrust and misguided teens put in countless positions where only the fittest will survive. It’s survival of the fittest at its finest and I loved it!

Maze r.jpg
The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, The Kill Order, and The Fever Code constantly keep us on our toes. I loved every second of this adventure. I easily fell in love with the characters and came to strongly dislike a few as well. Newt was the most intriguing to me, his personality and way with words winning me over. Teresa on the other hand drove me crazy. Dashner will not only make you smile with the bonds of friendship that form between the characters but also tear your heart out as you discover some of your favorite characters are not immune to the disease destroying their world.

We learn about the Flare and what is left of the world in the first two novels and then we start to discover the pasts of specific characters and what led them into the hands of WICKED in the prequels. The third book in the series, The Death Cure is sure to make you cry. *cough* *cough* page 250 *cough*. This series gave me a rollercoaster of emotions. You undoubtedly become a member of the glade community and feel as though you are transported into the dystopia yourself.

I was ecstatic to receive my autographed copy of The Fever Code the day it was released. I am a sucker for a good book. Sitting outside, a nice beverage in one hand, a Dashner novel in the other and I am set for life. I am sad to see the series come to an end but with the films on production I am extremely excited to watch it all play out on the big screen.

Here is a video of the author talking a little bit about his book!

Here is a wicked awesome website that will really connect you to the world of the maze.