Sam James Fit


Sam James Fit is her social media name. she is a 20 year old woman who is a college student and lives in Maryland. She is a vegan and a fitness guru who motivates people through her social media platforms by sharing her fitness journey. She is sponsored by 2 companies one which is a rising fitness wear company called Gymshark and the other company she is sponsored by is WomensBest which is a up rising supplement company.

when googling Sam James Fit you find all of her social media platforms. she is actively interacting with her fans on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and her own website.


When looking Sam up on Twitter her name is @sjames_fit sh has 13.9k followers and shes tweeting daily. She reaches out to her flowers by interacting with them by answering their questions are responding to their tweets.


When finding Sam on Instagram the name she goes by is sjamesfit she puts a few things about herself in her bio, lists her 2 sponsors, and puts her email for people to contact her. She posts about every other day and has a total of 835 post thus far. she has a total of 177k followers currently. Sam is very good at interacting with her followers on Instagram she is always replaying to their comments and answering their questions. Sam posts pictures of her fitness journey, fashion, videos of her workout routines, pictures of her dog, and posts about her sponsors.


Sam has a website that has a collage of her fitness pictures, food, and workout videos. she shares a place where viewers can email her with a message to ask questions or just talk.


The last social media platform Sam uses is YouTube. She post about her vegan recipes, vloges, workout routines, and different fashion try on videos. she doesn’t post as frequently on YouTube i think this is something she should work on as a public figure.She has 36,739  subscribers and has posted 43 videos in the last year.



Case Study

OVER VIEW: One of my very favorite fitness idols is Katy Hearn, so i thought this is a good opportunity to share the person that helped inspire me to be involved in the fitness world. Katy Hearn is a 25 year old woman who is a fitness model, trainer, blogger, business owner, and wife to Haydn Schneider. She is an online personal trainer as well as owns her own gym and has a prep meal company called Bite Meals. She is an inspiration to may people world wide who are trying to get into shape. Her Facebook account has 61,730 likes. This is the least amount of followers she has on her social media accounts. Her twitter account has a following of 79.1k but she only follows 107. Katy has made 26K tweets and joined Twitter in January 2013. Katy’s biggest social media plat form is her Instagram account, she has a following of 1.6 Million. She follows 332 accounts and has posted 2,187 times.


Katy’s Prep meal company BiteMeals
Analysis: Katy’s Facebook profile picture is her in a bikini and her cover photo is her in a different bikini. She is sponsored by a bathing suit company called Ravish Sands. When i looked under the about tab there wasn’t much to find here. She listed her email, website, Instagram, gender, and that she is an athlete. Her most popular timeline photo was of her in a white one piece bathing suit. Katy mostly posts various photos of her and her workout videos. All of her posts are created by her and it seems like she doesn’t like other pages. He audience is very involved and love her. She is what most girls would call body “Goals” and strive to be like her. of course there will always be a few “haters” but that comes with everything. What i think she could do better is adding captions to her pictures. I think her followers would like to know what shes doing but she just post pictures without any description.





Katy’s Twitter profile picture is a selfie and her banner image is of her and her husband on their wedding day. In her bio she tells us four things about herself, she sates that she walks fast and likes wearing all black. She then breaks and tells us her Instagram account where she has most of her following then proceeds to tell us she is “Super married”.  Katy’s tweets are different she posts about things she wants people to relate on, things going on in her life, her businesses, her fitness journey, and her just living life. I think Katy is doing a lot of things well on her Twitter she gets involved with people who tweet at her and a lot of people retweet her tweets. A lot of her feed back from her followers are positive.



Katy and her husban Haydn at the gym
Katy’s Instagram is where she is most popular. Her profile pic is a side profile of her taking a selfie. Her bio includes her two businesses which is the Katy Hearn Gym and BiteMeals. she also has her business contact information and a website for her online personal training. Her most popular posts are her workout videos by far. but her most popular photos would be pictures of her like various selfies. She does a really good job with her Instagram account by putting captions with her photos asking us questions to get her followers involved and by posting everyday. Katy gets hundreds of comments on her photos and mostly all positive. I think she could work on answering back to her comments to get more involved with her followers.

Conclusion: I think Katy’s Instagram account is most appealing because it seems like she spends the most time with it. She posts everyday and the images are appealing to the eye of the followers. Instagram is an app not only for pictures but short videos clips as well which i think is a huge help with showing off her workout routines. The clips are sped up so you are not spending hours looking through videos to try and find a new workout to try. as far as connecting with the audience i think she was most successful on Twitter for that. I saw the most interaction on this sight with her followers.

In Competition With Yourself

I make it a point to go to the gym everyday not because I have to but because I want too. I’m in competition with who I was yesterday. I’m not at the gym to waste my time but to improve and better myself. Fitness is my passion and my hobby.

When I get to the gym it’s just me, my mindset, and the weights. The way I like to train is heavy weights and 20 minutes of cardio everyday. It’s rare I miss a day at the gym if I do it’s due to muscle soreness or a mental test day that is well deserved.

I like to push myself to my limit because when I do this I see my results. Results don’t come over night so when you do see a change in your physique it’s a very exciting moment. 

This is a picture I took a few days ago and I have made some big gains in my back in the last two months! I’m so thrilled and it keeps me pushing harder than ever.

My fitness routine consists of muscle isolation. I like to hit two muscle groups at a time when I work out. For example I’ll hit back and biceps or chest and triceps. I lift heavy because im looking to gain strength.

Another aspect to my fitness routine is nutrition. In order to keep my gains I have to keep my diet relatively clean. What I mean by clean is if it’s made in a factory or put in a box (aka processed foods) I’m probably not eating it. I eat fruits and veggies and a lot of protein to keep my gains! But we all have our cheat days haha.

I want to make sure i drink a lot of water to flush out the stored fat that i am burning up in my workouts. As well as staying hydrated is very important, I mean our body’s are about 75% of water anyways. I have my gallon in this picture that I drink.

For people who are just getting started who don’t know much about nutrition I’d suggest buying Bite Meals. These will help you understand portion control as well as what are important foods to be fueling your body with when you are training. This company is big on macro counting which I do not do but is simple to understand.

If you need a jump start on how to workout or get need new exercise you’ve never tried I’d suggest watching Whitney Simmons on YouTube. She’s supper informative and keeps it real.

The big thing I learned after looking at social media sights and wanting to look like other girls is that it’s not about the other girls it’s about ME. Who I want to be and who I’m working to be. No one is the same and we all have different goals. So take  progress picture stay motivated and compete to be the better you.