Adventure 69 Degrees North: Analysis


Adventure 69⁰ North is an outdoor adventure blog maintained by Inger and Tor, a couple who is passionate about photography and the outdoors. The blog,, combines their three primary interests of travel, photography, and the outdoors. The blog describes different trips across North America – the United States and Canada – and Norway. The name of the blog implies the adventures along the 69th parallel in the northern hemisphere, for which many of their posts indicate.



The layout of Adventure 69⁰ North is simplistic. It is spread across two dominant pages, adventure and photography. Its header is simple black-and-white emphasizing the title “Adventure 69⁰ North” and its subtitle “Adventure and Photography – Passion for the Outdoors.”


In the right-hand corner appears simple links directing visitors to their page to their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages respectively. While its design is simplistic, the blog feels like a magazine as you, the visitor, scroll through each adventure story categorized by date published on the main page. Below the header appears six individual blue and white tabs highlighting the purpose of the blog that include Adventure, Photography, Contact, USA, Canada, and Norway.  The right column features a brief section about the bloggers, it allows viewers to follow the blog via email, indicates which posts are most popular, and invites readers to join the adventure on either Instagram or Facebook. At the bottom of the screen appears in the same color scheme “© 2017 Adventure 69°North.”


The blog merges two dominant passions: travel writing and outdoor/landscape photography. Many, if not all, of the posts are written by Inger, while the photographs for each post may have been taken by either blogger. With few exceptions, this blog provides completely original content. One more recent exception was “Berlevåg and hiking to Tanahorn,” a post where they utilized an old 1942 photograph and a YouTube video for   The top five blog posts are:

  • Hiking to Norway’s iconic Pulpit Rock
  • What you need to see when you visit the North Cape
  • Talkeetna – at the base of Mt.McKinley
  • Morning glory at the Fishing Cone in Yellowstone
  • Homer – A drinking village with a fishing problem


The titles of the posts vary in length from as little as two words, “Old Faithful,” to as much as 11 words: “What you need to see when you visit the North Cape.” While each post contains compelling and relevant information about their most recent outdoor adventure trips, in Norway or in North America, the titles seem less interesting. For example, if you read “Route 888 to Gamvik,” you learn about Inger and Tor’s most recent trip in Finnmark, the sparsely populated county in Northern Norway where the North Cape, Gamvik, Trollholmsund, and Kjøllefjord are located. Inger writes of the fascinating local histories of the tiny fishing villages on the way to Garvik, of the thousands of reindeer that call Finnmark home, and the mythical stories of trolls prominent throughout Norway when discussing Trollholmsund. For comparison, she states that Finnmark is “twice the size of Massachusetts.”

Audience Interaction

While their posts are sporadic, they do have a dedicated audience who actively engage in the content. The majority of their posts receive at least thirty to fifty comments on average. At the bottom of each post, social media links are provided to share their travel stories via various platforms. It does not appear that any of their posts are shared from their viewers, despite maintaining a steady following and posting on Facebook and Instagram as they update their blog. I found out about their blog via Instagram, since I interact with several Norwegians on that platform.

The stories are also generally short and sweet. While many visitors do not re-share their content, they have built a following on Instagram with 12,100 and a smaller following on Facebook with just over 200. Just as many follower’s comment on their Instagram post as the average amount of comments on their blog posts. It is also good to note that they encourage readers to join them on Facebook and Instagram or to subscribe to the blog via email, as it appears on all pages on the right-hand column throughout the blog.

About the Authors

Adventure 69⁰ North is maintained by Inger and Tor, a Norwegian couple whose passion for the outdoors and photography are apparent throughout the blog. On their Contact page, Inger and Tor appreciate the support from comments. Additionally, they encourage readers to follow on Twitter or Instagram with direct links to the respective pages before providing a brief description of who they are (ie, “not full-time travelers and have regular day jobs”), so they request patience with any inquiry you, the reader, may have.


Adventure 69⁰ North, an outdoor adventure blog, that is maintained by a Norwegian couple, Inger and Tor. The blog features stories from their adventures in Norway and North America. The blog, while visually pleasing, needs some improvements including updating their About Us section, changing headlines to be more compelling, and at some point, taking a more active role in maintaining it.

  • About Us: Their About Us snippet is extremely short. Because of their personal storytelling, I think it is important to know a little bit more about the outdoor adventure traveling couple.
  • Compelling Headlines: Another aspect that may need some TLC are their headlines. Because they are writing travel stories, I think it is important to find something compelling about it within the headline. There might have been some improvement throughout the years, but it would still be necessary to improve site traffic and engagement.

The layout is both clean and simplistic, something that works well to support their overall theme: outdoor adventure and a simple life. Something I would surely advocate for.

Poetry: The Art of Life

Poetry is a lesser known art form. Anyone can write it; anyone can feel it; and anyone can tell their story. That is one perhaps one reason why I enjoy writing poetry. But knowing what is good and what is not is equally challenging for the editors perusing thousands of submissions on a daily or weekly basis.

Poets can specialize in spoken word, micro poetry, long-form, and more. Some poets enjoy maintaining a rhyme and rhythm within each stanza. Others, like myself, enjoy breaking the rules with various forms of poetry to find our own voices, spoken or not, in what is termed as free verse. Poets also vocalize meaningful topics such as looking up by Gary Turk in this video: Or David Bowden speaking about who he is in this one: It is not surprising that either of these YouTube videos are critically acclaimed.

Pictured above are recently posted poems on my personal Instagram account @ebm_poetry. They were written for challenges in which I am trying to emphasize strength and vulnerability, respectively. I have learned that one sentence can have a monumental impact on someone else’s life.That is the beauty of writing poetry.

That is the beauty of writing poetry. It gives the writer the power to tell his or her story in a unique way. It can shed light on tough issues, on their personal lives, and on the beauty of nature, among other things. Personally, I am writing a collection of poems inspired by “friluftsliv”: a word with deep cultural meaning that inspires Norwegians to explore their country’s marvelous natural landscapes.

Several websites support the growing online community of poets on Instagram and other platforms. They include literary magazines like Her Heart Poetry and By Me Poetry, both staffed with editors and writers passionate about serving the community and finding incredible talent to feature. It is a platform to speak up, to be heard, and to voice your opinions. It fosters hope, it bridges communities, and it unites us.

It is an art of life.