Sony Corporation

The Sony corporation originated in Minato, Tokyo. Sony is known to be one of the biggest companies that provide entertainment. They sell products such as a variety of electronics and gaming. Although we may think of it as a company that sells electronics they also do provide financial services. Sony was founded on May 7, … Continue reading Sony Corporation

Case Study #4: Jimmy Fallon

Overview: I have chosen to do Jimmy Fallon for this case study. His Facebook URL is He currently has3,694,022 likes on this account. Twitter URL: Twitter name: jimmyfallon On Twitter Jimmy Fallon has 51.5M followers and follows 9,384 twitter accounts. Jimmy has posted 12.3K tweets. Jimmy joined twitter in July 2008. Instragram URL: reading Case Study #4: Jimmy Fallon

We need a Jane the Virgin Spin-off

During my free time I love watching movies and shows and spending time with my family. As I was getting ready to start a boring 45 minute cardio session, I thought to myself, what is a better way to distract my mind from looking at the time on the treadmill every two seconds. After hearing … Continue reading We need a Jane the Virgin Spin-off