Kim Kardashian West

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Kim Kardashian West is well known for being a TV Reality star on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She is currently married to well known rapper Kanye West. They currently have three kids, North, Saint, and their new daughter Chicago. Kim could also be defined as  an entrepreneur with creating multiple companies like her makeup line KKW Beauty, her fragrance line KKW Fragrance, a children’s clothing line Kids Supple, and many more. Kim is vey popular on social media with millions of followers. Kim shines light in the fashion and beauty industry all over her social media.

Social Media Presence Overview

Analysis and Evaluation


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Kim Kardashian West has 106M followers with 4,099 posts. She follows 114 people. She is up there as one of the most followed people on Instagram. In her bio she includes her full name and her website to her cosmetic brand. Her profile picture is a picture of her from one of her KKW Beauty campaign shoots. Kim posts mostly photos on her Instagram but once in a while she will post a video on her page.

She does post ads on her page like a very popular one you will see Sugar Bear Hair. Kim also posts a lot about her products like her makeup line and her fragrance’s. What she mostly posts is pictures of her about fashion and what she is wearing, which is mostly Yeezy, a clothing brand created by Kanye. Kim is very well known to post controversial photo’s on her page like posting nude that gets a lot of talk in the press and on social media.

She does post on her Instagram story as well. Usually it is mostly from her snapchat but she does post stuff about her app and other stuff as well. Kim’s comment section is a mix of positive comments and hate. She is a very popular celebrity so it isn’t so surprising to see hate comments on her page. She gets over a million likes on each one of her posts.


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Kim has 58.4M  followers on Twitter and only following 131 people. She has 25.5k tweets in total. Her profile picture is a photo of her at what looks like either a red carpet event or just an event. In her bio it includes a link to her makeup brand and when she first joined which was in March of 2009. Kim tweets often about random stuff but also tweets a lot about her products like her game and her beauty lines. One thing that she does is live tweet with her fans while Keeping Up With the Kardashians is on. She does tweet at her fans often which goes to show that she likes to interact with her fans. What I noticed as well is that she retweets or tweets about charities or political issues going on in the world. Just like Instagram she does get a mix of love and hate but Kim mostly focus’s on the love. She tweets links to her app and photo’s but does not normally post videos, only retweets them. In addition, she tweets very often.


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Kim Kardashian West surprisingly has a YouTube channel as well! She has 1,000,859 subscribers and counting on her channel. She has posted around 185 videos in total. She has a few videos that have over a million views but on average she gets around 100k views on each video. What is mostly on her channel is little snippets of videos that her on her app that you have to pay for. When she came out with KKW Beauty is when she started actually posting videos that are around four minutes long. She has a bunch of makeup tutorials that you can watch like the one shown above of her doing her makeup using her products. It is very obvious that she does not film, edit, or post these videos which is understandable as a lot of youtubers nowadays have filters and editors for their videos too, she is a busy celebrity. Her comment section is disabled on all of her videos so you are unable to see what people think about her videos. She does not post often on YouTube as much as she does on her Twitter and Instagram.


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Facebook is probably the the least posted or kept up with platform Kim has. Kim has the same profile picture as her instagram profile picture. 30,115,150 people like her page and  29,212,889 follow the page as well. It stats that she is a public figure in Los Angeles, California. In her about section she has her birthday which she was born on October 21, 1980, a link to her app website, a quote saying, “where I’m meant to be…”, and her bio stating her official blog and the link which is her app website. You can only access the articles or posts unless you pay for the subscription. All of Kim’s posts are Instagram posts or tweets she has tweeted on her twitter. There really is not any original posts just for her Facebook. She gets around 30k likes on each of her post. Just like I have mentioned before that her comment sections are a blend of love and hate comments all around. She does not interact with her fans like she does on her Twitter page.


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This platform is probably the most used or popular platform Kim uses. With every snapchat she gets millions and millions of views. Unfortunately it is hard to find exactly how many followers she has currently but from an article from Daily Mail UK back in January 7, 2017 you can tell that she probably has…well… a lot. She snaps multiple times a day everyday. Since her new baby Chicago however, she isn’t on as frequent than usual. I am sure she just wants to spend time with the newborn baby rather than being on social media. Her snapchat profile video is what looks like she took on accident because you can only see the top of her forehead and moving around. The photo above is not what it looks like today. She does get some press for some of her snapchats she has posted in the past. You will always see on daily mail, a news site that can also be on snapchat where they post very often about the Kardashians. I myself follow kim and she posts a lot about her products and brands she has but as well as just her personal life like videos and pics with her family and kids.

Summarization of my Analysis

What I have found is that Kim runs social media. Kim has millions of followers on all of her platforms and its crazy. She keeps up to date and knows how to cater to her audience. Her creating and posting actual YouTube videos and collaborating with youtubers is such a smart tactic for her brand because YouTube is getting extremely popular. She also interacts with her fans, mostly on twitter which is very important if you want to keep your fan base growing. The one thing that she could work on is maybe her Facebook page. She does not post often and her posts are reposts from other social media accounts. Maybe her audience is mostly on other platforms and that is why she does not keep it updated but still it could help her grow. You can tell as well that she mostly post herself which is also important, it keeps her social media personal. All in all Kim Kardashian West knows social media like the back of her hand and knows how and what to do to get the publicity and audience she needs.

Digital Footprint

When you search Kim Kardashian West on google a lot pops up. The first thing I see are three videos from different news sites all about her new baby daughter Chicago because that is all the buzz right now. On the right you see her Wikipedia information with her biography, quotes, and links to her social media accounts. Furthermore, you see links to her twitter on the google search and also her Facebook Mostly what I see are all news sites reporting on Kim. One link was to her website When  looking at her google images it is mostly photos of her at events and paparazzi photographs. Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 1.09.20 PM

The photos are also pictures from news sites like US Magazine. Kim is always on the press and news for something that she does and like I have said she knows how to stir the controversy on herself and get out there. She is an A list celebrity and is extremely popular topic. She named her baby Chicago. Obviously this is going to be all over the news and gossip sites are going to take about this. Only celebrities name their kids weird, crazy names, I would never name my kid Chicago or North. Who knows if she names her daughter because she loved the name or just something the public can report about her. Either way Kim loves the attention and this is how she gets paid.


Case Study #4 Chance The Rapper





  • @chancetherapper
  • 6.99M followers/ following 2,817
  • 42.6K tweets
  • joined August 2010


  • chancetherapper
  • 7.3M followers/ following 739
  • 1,304 posts



Chance’s Facebook profile picture is the same picture as his header, which is his recent album he came out with Coloring Book which was released in 2016. In his about section the information included is his hometown (Chicago, Illinois), genre (hip-hop), a list of band members, a link to his website, his manager’s contact information, and his Instagram and twitter. The page posts a variety of different posts whether it be pictures, videos, links to articles about Chance, and regular posts. However it seems that Chance posts some of the posts and that someone else posts for him as well. Some Posts you can tell are posted by him because the writing seems personal while others that are advertising a mixtape or show he will be on must be posted by someone in his advertising team.

It is hard to tell what were the most popular post and to figure that out I would have to scroll for days but some posts that seemed to be popular was pictures with his daughter, a picture of Chance holding 3 grammy’s that had 94K likes, and a video of Chance surprising his mom with her favorite artist at one of his concerts for mothers day with over 2 million views. A couple of pages that Chance’s Facebook liked are Ricchezza which looks like a clothing line and a musician Knox Fortune. What the page does well is include a lot of different posts, I think variety rather than posting the same thing constantly makes the page more interesting. In addition, that not every post is made by someone in advertising, it seems that some posts are made by him which fans will love and appreciate. One thing that needs to be improved is probably to be updated. His last post was on December 19th.

From the looks of his audience Chance The Rapper gets a lot of positive feedback and a lot of loving fans. On his posts he does get a lot of shares and likes, especially on videos he posts. His most recent post has 12K likes for promoting a Christmas mixtape he came out with. on average of his first five posts they get around 13K likes on them which isn’t bad. What I have noticed in his comments section is fans posting art or pictures they made of him which is pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 4.53.35 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 5.30.25 PM


Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 5.49.19 PM.png

Twitter seems to be where Chance The Rapper posts the most on. His profile picture and header is just the same as the one of Facebook. In his bio. it includes his group the Social Experiment and his album Coloring Book, when he joined, a location I have never heard of (Dusable’s dystopian bohemia), and a link to his website. His pinned tweet is also his recent Christmas mixtape he came out with. Chance personally tweets on his twitter and I feel like his fans really love that the most. He is always on Twitter’s trending when he tweets about something controversal or does something funny. Something that Chance does right on Twitter is personally tweeting on his page and tweeting to his fans. He also posts stuff that he likes and videos and articles that he is also in which I mentioned before in Facebook that it is good to have variety. Below are pictures of some popular tweets chance has tweeted.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.11.53 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.15.56 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.54.48 PM.png

This video goes with the tweet above.

Like I mentioned earlier Chance interacts with his fans on twitter a lot. He will retweet fans and tweet at them which is really nice. He also likes a lot of his fans posts as well. Chance also tweets at other celebrities and interacts with them. For example, he tweeted if anyone else watch the Netflix show Peaky Blinders and rapper KYLE responded back. Chance responded to KYLE after too.


Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 7.05.40 PM.png

Chance the Rapper’s profile picture is the same as the other two accounts. He includes, like twitter The Social Experiment which is a group he is in. What is different from his other accounts is that he includes hashtags like #10Day #AcidRap which are his first two mixtapes. Chance includes a variety of pictures and videos. He posts lots of videos of his daughter. Chance also posts instagram stories as well. In addition, he will often go live on Instagram to interact with his fans which is pretty neat.

 His pictures are mostly pics of him performing, with other celebrities or artists, and with his family. His fans give him lots of likes and even celebrities like Drake will like and comment on his posts. You can tell that Chance The Rapper posts on his Instagram. Although he does not post everyday he posts an instagram story I would say about everyday. One thing I have noticed is that he does not get many or never any negative comments. Chance comes off as a very nice, sweet, generous person. He posts about charity work he does and donating to his community in Chicago. One thing that would be beneficial to his Instagram is if he had a theme to it. Instead of scatter posts he could post pictures with the same aesthetic which would make his account more appealing.  Below are some popular posts on his Insta. feed.


The social media platform that I personally feel is more successful is Twitter. Yes Chance does have more like on Instagram but you can’t beat the interaction he has with his fans. Chance tweets everyday and even multiple times a day. He does not just tweet about promoting himself he tweets about personal stuff too which gives a bigger connection to the fans. Fans love when celebrities take about what they personally like and what their interests are because you get to know them more and can compare how they are like you. He talks to fans on twitter and really appeals to his fans. his least would have to be Facebook. He is not personally posting on Facebook much and it does not stay updated as much as his Instagram and Twitter. More of his fans are mostly on Instagram and Twitter anyways.

Blog Analysis: I Covet Thee


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3.19.15 PM

This blog is called I Covet Thee. The author of this blog is Alix Coburn. She is in her mid twenties and is from England.This is where she shares her love for beauty and fashion, as well as on her YouTube channel. This blog has a very clean, modern look to it with its neutral tones.


This blog is laid out very organized. On the top of the blog it has tags to the home, browse which includes topics of her blog like beauty, style, travel, lifestyle, and food, contact where you can contact her, videos which links you to her youtube channel, and shop my wardrobe with pictures that link you to different pieces of clothing. Also at the top and the bottom of her blog are links to her social media accounts. As you scroll down it shows  her recent blog posts. At the bottom of the page there is a shop my jewelry section, my handbag collection, latest videos, and a place to enter your email to follow the blog. At the very end is a shop the feed which has pictures she posted and when you click it are links to wear you can buy what she is wearing or what is in the photo which is pretty neat.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3.18.41 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3.18.51 PM.png

The blog posts are all written by Alix. Every blog post includes many photos that correlate with the post topic. All of her images are what seems to be images taken or of herself.  Most of her recent blogs are mostly about beauty and fashion and her other topics are not as up to date. You can tell that she has a theme to her blog by the color scemes of her photos and layouts which adds a balanced touch. At the bottom of each post is her comment section and also a section that is called you might also like which includes a few of her blog posts that maybe a reader would also enjoy. The blog also includes videos from her YouTube channel. The channel mostly covers topics about beauty and fashion like her blog is mostly about but it also includes some vlogs as well to make it personal.  One thing that is challenging to find is her top blog posts. Here are a few of her recent blog posts I have found:

  1.  Hello,2018
  2. What to Buy in the Boxing Day Sales
  3. Styling a Check Blazer

What I have noticed in her blog posts is that she does get a lot of comments on her posts. On average per blog post she gets between 12-40 comments. Which to me is a decent amount of comments. All of the comments seem to be very positive and that she has a pretty good fan base.

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I personally really like the blog. For someone that does not really read blogs or know of any blogs I enjoy Alix’s page. Her format and theme of the blog is right up my alley because I love neutral colors and just the fact that it looks so neat and clean. Furthermore, her blog is very organized and I did not have any trouble going to different blog posts, especially that they are categorized helps very much. In addition, I love that the blog posts and the blog have links in what she is wearing in a picture or products that she is into so that you can just click the picture and it will take to all the sites which makes it easy for me if I am a reader and I like something she has. I love that her pictures are taken herself and not photos taken from online because it makes the blog very personal.

Even though I like the blog there are a few things I had trouble finding when doing this case study. One thing that I really wish she had on her page was an about me section or if there is I really couldn’t find it. I wanted to know what she is about before I looked at her page so I can get a better understanding. Also, There wasn’t a widget, link, or something on her posts that showed how many shares a post got, you can only see the comments. To go with that I could not see what her top posts were. I would have to read every post and go by what post got the most comments to find out which one was the top post. All in all I really enjoyed this blog and this might not be the first and last time I check out a blog for me.

True Life: I am Addicted to Makeup

To some people this hobby may be an addiction but to me its more of a passion. Makeup has been apart of my life for about eight years. It has been there for me through my ups such as Prom, music festivals, and going out in the town. To the downs crying about some sort of drama in my life and waterproof mascara has my back, not making me look like a racoon. Even to escape from reality and the problems in my life, sitting at my vanity listening to some Frank Ocean or Chance the Rapper and painting a canvas…on my face. Who would have thought as a little girl growing up as a tomboy I would be into putting on makeup and even pursuing a career in it.

Where my addiction began was going on YouTube, little no confidence me watching these beauty gurus posting tutorials and seeing them go from bland to glam made want to look like they did. I would even watch special effect makeup transformations and thought it was the coolest thing. With the two palettes I had I would look up photos and try to recreate them or follow a tutorial. I would hide in my room and create these eyeshadow looks in secrecy. Eventually I would post some to my Instagram and people thought they were cool. Either they were lying or at the time they looked good because I look back now at my looks and I die laughing and cringe a bit.


As time went on I started wearing makeup to school. I felt more confident with it on and felt pretty. With more tutorials and videos I watched, practicing almost everyday, I noticed how much better I got and how much I loved it. I would buy all the hottest makeup products and even thought about how this could be a career for me.

I am not that kind of person that can sit at a desk all day and stare into a computer. Like the boring job I have now. I want to have a career where I wake up everyday and I am doing something different and creating something new. I decided to practice on my skills and collect makeup to build a kit while I go to college, just so if this thing doesn’t work out I have a degree to fall back on. Once I graduate I would love to move to California or New York City and get my name out there. Yes this is a big dream and risk to take but life is about taking risks. I do not want to be that person that stays in a job they are miserable at and wished they were working their dream job.


When I started doing makeup I did it to make me look pretty and to build my confidence. Yes those things are true but as years went on, the more I did it I learned that I did not need makeup to feel pretty and grew confidence to wear no makeup out in public. I just liked that when I did makeup I can change the way I look and make myself into anything, have creative freedom. I don’t care what people have to say or think about what I do. Normally when I post pictures or I am out in makeup people give me so much positive feedback. I constantly get asked by my friends to do their makeup or what products to buy. Where my addiction is a problem is I own so much makeup my palettes have a drawer in my bureau and mini drawers full of different products. My mom constantly nags at me why I have so much but realizes this is my passion and as long as its neat and organized she’s ok with it. I love what I do and one day will my addiction become a dream job.

Here is a makeup tutorial from one of my favorite Youtubers NikkieTutorials: