Analyzing the Boston Bruins on Social Media By: Chris Walker

The company I decided to pick for the final project was to analyze the social media presence of the Boston Bruins. I picked the Boston Bruins because they are a popular “company” in New England and have a large social media presence as well. For this project, Ill analyze the Facebook, twitter, instagram, and the digital footprint of the team.

The first platform I looked into for the Bruins was their Facebook account. The page has 2,233,994 likes and has 2,096,685 followers out of the total likes. During the regular season, the page will post game stats following a game with a picture to go with it followed by a link. During the offseason, the club will post updates regarding the players or league news that pertains to the Bruins. In hockey playing with an injury is normal thing so players around the NHL are always having offseason surgeries to correct those injuries gained in the regular season. The Facebook page will always let its followers know if certain players had surgeries at the end of the year and how they went.

pic 1


Whether its player updates on injuries, trade alerts, free agent signings, each post has a picture and an article from a writer from summarizing the points.

pic 2

The page also posts videos interviewing players, coaches, managers, on things like what to expect against their next opponent. Other videos include them (the players) bonding with the community at charity events and sponsorships.

The page posts daily during the regular season and playoffs but the page posts weekly in the offseason due to the fact there isn’t much going for the team over the summer, unless a trade or a signing happens. Unlike most pages, the Boston Bruins Facebook does not really interact with fans because Boston fans can be brutal meaning people will always complain after the team looses and there are not really times where the page can respond because people do not ask questions.

Moving forward, the second platform I looked at was the Boston
Bruins twitter account.

pic 3

As you can see, they have 1.2 million followers and tweet almost daily; like the Facebook account they’ll tweet team updates, game notifications, and player interviews. Recently the Boston Bruins have been knocked out of the cup playoffs and with a draft a month away there is not much tweeting about the big club. However their AHL team (American Hockey League) the Providence Bruins is still playing their playoff battle in the minor league so the team will tweet constant updates about the games and practices.

pic 4

Other tweets from the club include statements from the teams president, general manager, and owner.

pic 5

As you can see, team president Cam Neely talks about the expansion draft coming up for the League’s latest team in Vegas and how the club is prepared to pick players to protect in the upcoming expansion draft. Like their Facebook page, the twitter account doesn’t usually interact with fans; its like an all business admin running the page if I cold explain it accurately.

The third and final social media account I looked at for the Boston Bruins was their Instagram account. The page has roughly 825,000 followers with about 3,856 posts. The account mostly focuses on capturing in game pictures to share with fans.

pic 6

The account is different from the Facebook and twitter account because instagram is about taking pictures and showing them off. Its a great way to see the game

pic 7

Through art; meaning its cool to see moments captured through pictures up close and in detail. The instagram account posts daily during the regular season and then every few days in the offseason. Sometimes the account will post facts about the team just so followers will have a reason to check the page out during the offseason.

pic 8

The page will post pictures like almost all the time, including throw back pictures to some of the greatest bruins games and players in the teams history.

After analyzing the Team’s social media accounts, I took to Google to find out what their digital footprint is like. After running a typical Google search I found a few things. A bunch of Facebook fan pages popped up and as I scrolled down it became videos of Bruins highlights; the most famous one of Bobby Orr flying through the air after scoring was the top video. I scrolled further down to find articles written by NHL insiders about the Bruins on player surgeries on Rask and Bergeron, how their prospects are doing and the strides they’re making, and who they are thinking about taking in the entry draft next month.

To wrap up this assignment I had to analyze how each account individually, their use as a whole, and their digital footprint. First I found that their posts, pictures, and videos are very appropriate towards their brand. The page interacts with fans when they do ticket giveaways or other promotions and it looks professional to me. Second, The media accounts project a sports team to its audience and seems to draw attention from all age groups. I absolutely believe that the Boston Bruins are making the most of their social media presence; they have even built a fan base in other parts of the world due to it. One thing they can improve on is interacting with followers; I see other team’s pages respond to other fans whether it’s a question or a joke. Teams that they can learn from are the Los Angles Kings, The Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Dallas Stars. In my opinion those are the best three teams with fan/follower interaction. Their digital footprint showed me how popular they are on the Internet; they have so many fan club pages and endless pages of results on Google regarding their name. I do believe that their digital footprint does in fact contradict their branding as a hockey team.


Case Study 3

Chris Walker
Social Media
Case Study

For case study three I have chosen to review the social media accounts of Texan’s defensive end, J.J Watt. I will break down his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in that order.

To start, his Facebook page is more of a fan page than a personal account but he still runs it and signs off on his posts. His page has 1,877,546 likes/followers and his bio is short only containing the quote, “dream big, work hard”. His page doesn’t appear to have a popular post but most of his posts appear to have him promoting his charities or posts of him in game. To be specific his game pictures are of him during the moment and wanting to get back on the field later this year due his last season ending early with a back injury. He has also posted videos of his crazy workouts and his recovery process from his most recent injury. To warp up, his other posts are normal like any one of us. There are pictures of him with family, friends, of his dog, Houston etc. He also posts pictures about meals, his charity work, just hanging out, and other normal things. Very rarely does JJ interact with the followers in the comments section however, he does answer DM’s and will post them from time to time for everyone else to see. For example, a few years ago a mother sent JJ a DM saying how her youngest daughter (Can’t remember how young) was a huge fan and wanted to meet him. JJ answered the DM and gladly agreed to meet her but he went above and beyond for this fan. He not only showed up to her house with a jersey and other gifts, but he also hung out with her for the day. It was one of those feel good stories and it shows the pure class of JJ Watt.

Next, I took a look at his twitter account (@JJWatt), which has 3.2 million followers while following 409, and has around 8,500 tweets. His bio once again is short stating, “J.J. Watt Houston Texans #99” he also has a link to his charity which is His main profile picture is of him in his Texans uniform from a home game looking like a beast. His avi is of him from what I believe to be from one of his charity events. He is wearing a full firefighter uniform laughing next to another man who I assume is an actual firefighter. This does not surprise me because JJ is a proud supporter of first responders around the country, not to mention the city of Houston. Once again, there does not seem to be a popular/pinned tweet but a few months I remember he had one pinned tweet saying, “Success isn’t owned, its leased, and rent is due everyday.” Most of his tweets are of retweeting things mostly sports: college football to be exact and they’re just his thoughts on certain tweets. JJ interacts a lot more with followers on twitter by quoting their tweets and answering their questions etc. Followers will tweet at him things like good luck with his recovery or talking about his charity. His tweets with the followers are all positive and it seems no one hates the guy (I don’t know why they would either) JJ has always been about the community twitter helps him interact with them in a big way.

Lastly, I took a look at his Instagram account (justinjames99), which has 2.5 million followers while following only 1. His profile picture is the same on as his twitter from a game day shot. For the third time, his bio is very short only stating “Houston Texans #99” He has 482 posts and they’re all related to either football, training, or with friends/family. His videos are mostly shout outs to kids that his charity does work for; the smaller portions of videos are of his shoe line he’s trying to start. His pictures are pretty normal besides the fact most of them are about his time on the field or training. Other pictures include more of his dog, Houston and hanging out with his friends and family. Every time he gets comments on his pictures I swear they are all 100% positive, no one seems to be negative towards him. People even go out of their way to write about how much they look up to him and how much he inspires them. JJ will reply to a few comments leaving shout outs or bonding with other people who play football. Overall he is a like person on all of his accounts versus other athletes who get a mix of positive and negative comments. Meaning athletes like LeBron James and Stephan Curry have a mix of both but JJ doesn’t seem to have any negative comments.

The G.O.A.T

For my very first blog, I decided to write it on one of my favorite Boston sports heroes, Tom Brady. Tom Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2000 in the late end of the 6th round (199th) overall. Originally, the Michigan college quarterback was never viewed as a potential starter, in fact every scout had little faith in him. Most NFL scouts viewed Tom as a career second or third string QB who wouldn’t last long in the NFL. He would not see the field until the 2001 season when Patriot’s starter Drew Bledsoe went down with an injury. Bledsoe would not take the field again that season as a starter due to the unexpected rise of Tom Brady. Led by Brady, the patriots would go on to finish 11-5 on the season and to upset the “Greatest show on turf” the St. Louis Rams in Superbowl 36. The 2001 season was a first of many for the future hall of fame quarterback and showed hope to a struggling team looking to win. Brady and the Patriots would win two more super bowls in three years and the dream of a dynasty was a finally a reality. However, the debate was still in the air whether or not Tom Brady was greatest of all time or not. In 2007, Brady had his best year statistically throwing for 4,806 yards and 50 touchdowns. He also won MVP that year carrying his team to a perfect 16-0 record on the year. Unfortunately, it was all forgotten after losing the Superbowl to the New York Giants 17-14 and finishing the year 18-1. He came close again in 2011 by reaching the Superbowl for a fifth time but once again, the New York Giants found a way to steal another ring from him winning the game 21-17. Add those two losses and the controversy around deflate-gate and many people began to think he would never reach Terry Bradshaw or Joe Montana.


In 2014, Brady took exception to the doubters after an embarrassing blowout loss on prime time and led the patriots to another incredible season followed by a Superbowl win over the Seattle Sea-hawks. After falling short of a repeat to the hands of the Denver Broncos, Brady made short work of the NFL the following season. After serving his four game suspension (which was completely unnecessary) he once again brought his team back the Superbowl for his 7th appearance. It did not go as planned, the Patriots found themselves down 14-0 and following a pick six thrown by Brady, that fifth ring was looking less realistic. After falling into a 28-3 hole in the third quarter, Brady would make every chance count and mount a comeback for the ages. After tying the game at 28 late in the fourth quarter, history would be made as the game would head to overtime. When the Patriots won the coin toss and chose to receive the ball, I knew Brady would deliver. They would proceed to drive down the field and score the game winning touchdown and creating a historic comeback. Tom Brady is now the G.O.A.T; no other quarterback could bring their team back from a 25 point deficit in the biggest stage in the NFL and go on a near perfect drive in OT to win it. That is why Tom Brady is the greatest of all time and no one will ever top what he has done.