The Woman Who Has Conquered Social Mida. Her Name Is Lilly Sign (AKA: iiSuperwomanii).

By Eric McMahon

Lilly Sign is a social media star and content creator on YouTube. She is from Toronto CA and has occupied over 25 Million followers through all her social media. When she started her channel she was known as “iiSuperwomanii. However, she steers away from that name with her more professional work but obviously still goes by that name everywhere else. Lilly made a movie, she wrote a book and constantly supports charity, so much so that she even has her own company. Lilly also has a team of people that help her shoot her videos as well as run her campaign. It is called Girl Love and if focuses on empowering women by supporting one another and stopping girl-on-girl hate. A lot of her branding is meant to support her message of Girl Love and has raised so much awareness for this cause over 2 years.

Social Media Overview

Lilly Sign uses many social media platforms, some more than others:

Analysis and Evaluation



Lilly Sign has 5.29 Million followers on Twitter. Her posts are mixed with text, photos, and videos, as well as links to her YouTube channel and the videos she creates. The majority of this page is used for personal purposes, posting funny and random videos or life updates, etc. But, she does post links to all of her videos once they get uploaded, inspirational quotes or saying so her followers can get inspired and sometimes a thank you to her followers for doing something good to support her cause “Girl Love”. 

She has a pinned post and it is the link to her latest YouTube video called “How To Fix Any Bad Day”. The video is a comedy skit about the simplest thing can make a bad day better. Every time she uploads a video she pins it on her Twitter in order to get more views. 


She posts multiple times throughout the day and she posts about 21 times a week but that varies each week. Her tweets get around over 200 likes but can easily post something which would get 1,000 or more. Her three most recent posts have gotten mostly positive comments on them. I did not find any comments that were negative. Lilly Sign does not really respond to people on this account, at least to the people that reply to her through the thread of the tweet. She will retweet or respond to somebody who tags her in a photo or tweet, however. If her fans do this, she retweets those who do the action.



Lilly Sign does not have a public Facebook page I could have access to this post. She does, however, have a Facebook page that she advertises, that is what I looked at. Her page has 3,159,063 likes and has 3,149,470 followers. The posts on this page are a mix of text, photos, and videos, and the posts are usually linked to her YouTube videos. Lilly has links to her merchandise as the pinned post


She posts about 15-20 times a week and half of them are links to her videos, whether it is her main channel or her vlog channel. This platform is run both by her team and herself. When a video is uploaded to YouTube, somebody will post the thumbnail to whatever video was released that day and make a creative caption about what happened in the video to entice people to watch it. A quote that links to the video will also be made in the comments of the said post.


YouTube |

Lilly sign has two YouTube channels: the first is her main channel called “iiSuperwomanii” and the other is called “Superwoman Vlogs”. Her main channel is where she posts her skit/comedy style videos. This is where she makes the most impact and it is where she started. On this channel, she has over 13 Million subscribers. On her second channel, she has over 2 Million and she posts vlogs of her everyday life. What she calls her “Vlog Channel”, Lilly posts behind the scenes of her videos and other projects that she is a part of such as Girl Love. FableVision has 2,147 YouTube channel subscribers. Lilly uses both platforms to spread her message of self-positivity and Girl Love. WHenever she want to talk about something inspirational about Girl Love she will usually talk about it on her Vlog channel. Then, she will use her main channel to make people happy and talk about controversial topics using comedy. 

Her most recent video has been advertised through all of her other social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This video is a comedy skit about the smallest things can make somebody’s day better and it got 970, 000 views as of January 19th, 2018. It is called “How To Fix Any Bad Day”. This was already discussed in the “Twitter” section of the analysis but it seemed important to mention the video here as well.  Her most recent videos have gotten around 1 Million views or more. One of her recent videos, “An Intervention For Cheap People” got 1.1 Million views but some do even better getting around 5.6 Million views. Lilly Sign’s vlog channel videos get around 100k views with her most recent three getting anywhere from 89, 000 to 100, 000 views. 

Considering her brand focuses on encouraging people to find self-positivity and self-love, her activities along this social media really help sell it…especially her vlog channel. Her vlog channel focuses on her day-to-day schedule and she is very real in these videos. Whenever she feels upset or down Lilly talks about what she is feeling. But then she accepts those feelings and tells her viewers comforting and inspiring things to use those feeling to grow as a person. 

She does respond to her audience a lot on YouTube. Lilly posts two main channel videos a week, Monday and Thursday, and the first hour the video is posted she personally responds to the comments on those videos. She calls this process “Super-Sixty”. She will respond to people on her vlog channel as well, but not as much as she does with her main channel. However, she loves meeting her fans and sometimes she will invite them to be on her vlog channel. 



Lilly Sign has 7.2 Million followers on Instagram. She posts photos and videos and they usually have a cool description and/or hashtag. Her profile picture is one that was taken a long time ago. This photo was one of her first YouTube channel profile pictures and she kept it for years. Lilly posts on Instagram about once a day t Her posts mostly consist of small clips of her main channel videos, pictures of things that happened in her vlog, and some usual artistic posts. This is also one of the platforms she uses to write posts about women who have done amazing things for their community. Promoting someone’s videos on all of their social media is a great idea and Lilly Sign has accomplished that with everything she creates. 

She does not really respond much to her audience on this platform. She will like a picture if somebody tags her in it. Especially if the post is supporting her cause or projects.  

Websites |


Lilly is a published author and even a NewYork Times best selling author. When I typed in her name on the google search this, and her merchandise store popped up. The first website, her book’s website, is a place where people from all over the world can purchase her book. The second website is where she sells her merchandise. This site was posted on her Facebook as a pinned post. It was also advertised on all of her other social media platforms. Lilly even makes sure to link the merch store in all of her main channel and second channel videos as a way to make more business.

Summation of My Analysis

Lilly Sign is a very inspirational person who wants to spread her cause. Her entire brand focuses on self-positivity and equality and empowering women. She achieves this through her main YouTube channel where she makes comedy videos. As a way to make her goal a reality, she wrote a book called “How To Be A BAWS” which is “A guide to conquering lofe”. It is basically a self-help book that makes the reader evaluation their life decision, how they treat others and themselves. 

A lot of her posts are made for her projects like her YouTube videos, merchandise, or charity. But these are her personal accounts and while she may go on some more than others, Lilly does use them for fun. Just like anybody else who has social media, she uses it to see what people are up to, like posts she finds interesting and giver her opinion on important problems going on in the world.

Digital Footprint


One of the first things a person would see if they were to google “Lilly Sing” would be a website called “MetoWe“. It is a charity site that focuses on the power of Girl Love. Girl Love is a movement Lilly Sign created and the purpose of it is to empower women to become stronger and treat one another right. Ther one can buy her book, learn more about the cause, or purchase a handmade Rafiki that was created by women in Kenya. All proceeds go to those women so their daughters can afford to go to school.The next few hits when you search her name are her social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram (in that order). The fourth hit is her Wiki page where it talks about her career, her past, projects, businesses, etc. The remainder of the first page consists of her IMDB page, a new Time magazine article, and Interview with her.


There are no hits for her on the second page until the fourth and onward. The remainder of them consists more of her social media, some photos of the YouTube star, as many articles about her. But most importantly, there are links to buy the Rafikis to further help out that charity. (



Commendations and Recommendations

Lilly Sign is an incredibly smart businesswoman, writer, content creator, and public figure. She is very consistent with her posts and it all connects to each other because she uses all of her social media to promote her projects such as her YouTube videos, merchandise, and Girl Love. When she posts a video on YouTube Lilly makes sure to share the video using her other social media platforms. Lilly does really well with branding, constantly talking about her projects such as her book and her company. She knows what people want and she knows how to market. There was not one social media platform where she did not post a link to her videos. Wheather the platform is used personally or professionally, she makes sure to posts things in support of her projects. Those are probably the best things she does with her social media presence. She could improve on posting a bit more frequently on some platforms, like Facebook. She and her team do not post a lot on there but if they did it would bring them even more in views. 

What the iiSuperwomanii team is doing well at would be the content of Lilly’s projects. Wheather it is for her videos or merchandise, they always get the best quality. But, the price on all of her stuff is a bit pricey. As you could see in the Facebook section of this analysis, her clothes went for over $30. I would recommend lowering the prices on those because more people will buy them if that would happen. But for her social media presence, they are doing great!

Lilly Sign’s digital footprint is widely diverse with all of her projects and the things she is a part of. She is conquering all forms of social media as well as the business world. There is not much more than she needs.



Social Media Comparisson: Gabbie Hannah

By Eric McMahon

Screenshot_20180114-204715Gabbie Hannah is a YouTube content creator who makes videos about her life, interests, and makes her own music as well. She not only focuses herYoutube career but also on her music and poetry. She has created two singles so far and already has a poetry book released. She used to go by the name “The Gabbie Show” on YouTube but recently rebranded her channel. That is why you will see some of her social media accounts names are titled “thegabbieshow” or use a variant of both names in this analysis. Gabbie has gained a whopping 10.6 million followers across most of her social media: YoutTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  • Facebook URL:
  • # of Facebook Likes: 1,511,577
  • Twitter username: @TheGabbieShow
  • # of Twitter followers/ follows: 1.83M/4,424
  • # of Tweets: 18.6K
  • Date joined Twitter: July 2010
  • Instagram username: thegabbieshow
  • # of Instagram followers/ follows: 3.6M/368
  • # of Instagram posts: 891

Facebook Analysis: 


The overall content of Gabbie Hanna’s Facebook page consists of promotional posts for her music and Youtube channel. Her profile picture and cover image are the album cover of her latest single, “Satellite”. She has released two singles as of this article and will soon be releasing a full album. She does not include much in her “about” page. The only things posted there are links to her other social media accounts, her email and her Youtube channel where she is employed.  Gabbie Hannah does not seem to go on this site a lot. It is used for promotional posts: YouTube videos she has been in, new songs, and other promotional information. With so many promotional information posted, her most liked post was a profile photo change that got over 22,000 likes.

She has over 500 photos posted throughout this account and most of them are pictures of herself, album covers, or messages from her fans-which are taken via screengrab. This is Gabbie Hannah’s personal Facebook so everything posted is done by herself.

Gabbie Hannah does not go on this site as often as she should, maybe she will post something each month. However, that would be a good month. Facebook just isn’t the social media platform many people go on these days. Sure, there are a lot of people who visit the platform daily, billions in fact. But now of days, people are starting to use other platforms such as Twitter or Instagram as their go-to social media. She is no exception. With that being said, this account is mostly used to promote the projects she is working on so she could work on posting more content. That way she can build up her followers and grow this platform.

Gabbie Hannah has many comments on everything she posts but that tends to happen when an account has almost 1 million followers. She has gotten thousands of comments on her most recent posts to Facebook. Her most recent post, a link to a collaboration video between her and another content creator, there were over 500 people that commented. The majority of those comments were positive, stating how much they enjoyed the video, loved the creators, or thought the video was comical.  It was hard to find negative comments at first but I eventually found some and they were about the post. The remainder of her posts got around 40-60 comments and each was about her latest single.  Those comments were about fifty-fifty. Half enjoyed the song and the others disliked it, but that is the same with any singer.

Twitter Analysis: 


Looking at the Twitter page of the Influencer, it is vastly different from her Facebook-with a few acceptions. It is similar to her Facebook page because both use the same profile photo and banner. Otherwise, they are worlds apart. Gabbie Hannah uses this site a lot more than she uses Facebook, in fact, she will go on here at least once a day. There is not a lot said in her Twitter biography, just a phrase to get people to follow her and promote her book: “follow your dreams but also me. BUY MY POETRY BOOK!”

The most popular tweets that Gabbie Hannah has on her profile are those promoting her new song which got over 40K likes. She also tweeted a happy birthday message to one of her friends and included photos of the both of them, this got over 48K likes. Gabbie has thousands of other photos on this account, some are selfies, some are from events she has gone to in the past, and others were posted for promotional purposes.


Her Twitter does not stop with pictures because she also posts small videos to this account as well. These videos range from paid advertisements she has done, to random videos of her or her friends enjoying the moment.


She interacts a lot with her audience on this platform in many ways. People and fans tweet her thousands of times every single day, tagging her in tweets about her videos, posts, etc. Some people even take screenshots of how many social media accounts of the celebrities they have liked, shared, or retweeted in support of her. There have been many times where she had retweeted or quoted a tweet when someone did things of that nature. She gets thousands of likes and retweets on every single one of her posts. Considering she has 1.8M followers on Twitter,  this does not come as a surprise. Now, not everybody who tweets her is going to say positive things about Gabbie Hannah, that is just social media. However, the majority of times people tag her in their tweets are very positive.

Instagram Analysis:


Gabbie’s Instagram has the most followers out of the three analyzed in the post-she has 3.6 Million followers. Her profile picture is the cover of her poetry book titled “adultolescence”. This is a clever way to get people to buy her book because this account has the most followers. Each one could become curious about the profile picture and eventually find out it was the cover of her book. She also promoted her book in her Instagram bio. Not just that, but she also lists all of her other social media platforms she has created. It says “Follow ur dreams and also me.” then it lists her other social media accounts.

When I went further into her accounts I saw she has hundreds of photos on her timeline. All of them looked very artistic and each one was either a photo of Gabbie herself or something she was doing with her friends. All of her photos are taken in a very artistic way, leaving none that look bad. Then I came upon her most popular post that had over 600k likes and 27.6k comments. This post contained a  picture of Gabbie with a new hairstyle with the caption “got transformed by @guy_tang!” The comments seemed to have avery positive reaction as well.

The best thing Gabbie did with this account was made each photo look very artistic and professional. Some photos were shot with the intention to be artistic and others were just shot to show off her friends. Either way, all of her photos are edited and made to look aesthetically pleasing and that is something she has done right.

Gabbie interacts with her audience on Instagram, hosting live streams on occasion and liking the pictures and posts she is tagged in. But there is not anywhere near as much interaction as much as Twitter. There she retweets, likes and shouts out fans who support or tag her in their own tweets. But this platform does not seem to be the one she enjoys using for that specific purpose. It seems she uses this one to give her audience more of an update on her life and things that she is working on. That is a smart thing to do but she could work on interacting a bit more. Not everybody has a twitter so expanding the things she does on Instagram would compel her fans to be more active on this account.

The most recent posts of Gabbie’s are is a photo of her eating a grill cheese sandwich with the caption “I miss purple hair and carbs.” Before that post, she had posted a picture of her and a friend, an announcement that she will be nominated for an award, a picture of her new hair color and an artistic photo she took a couple weeks ago.  All of the comments I read were supportive and entirely positive. But who knows, there may be some negative comments hiding deep underneath all the others?



Gabbie Hannah is the most successful on Instagram, with a total of 3.8 Million followers, however,  she is not as interactive with her audience than Twitter. She always is quoting, retweeting everybody that she can to show how much she cares about her audience. With over 10 million followers across four platforms, it should e expected that one cannot get to every single tweet or post. But she does the best she can to support the people that have been supporting her. The people who have bought her book, her songs, and watched her videos. Those are the people that try to interact with her using social media and Twitter is the best place for her to do such a  thing.

Twitter is a lot more appealing than Instagram or Facebook, especially Facebook. There are so many things one can do on Twitter that people cannot on either platform. People can easily know what is in the news, all they have to do is swipe over to the appropriate tab on Twitter’s app. While both platforms have a way of messaging, Twitter’s is easily accessible because of the “message” tab on the top of the site. The tweets are also more organized than posts on Instagram, not to mention there are no photos required to talk to Gabbie on Twitter. The downside is the 140 character limit Twitter has for all of its tweets but in the end, fans can message the celebrity if they are allowed to by the user.

Here are her social media links:





Case Study #3: My Green World Blog Analysis

By Eric McMahon


My Green World: Wildlife Conservation Blog, Is a wildlife conservation blog created by the My Green World organization in 2013. Writers from this blog talk about important events that may be harmful to wildlife or to planet Earth. They are also partnered with many other organizations that help support their cause.  (


The overall layout of My Green World: Wildlife Conservation Blog, is to inform the public about environmental issues that are affecting the animals we hold dear. It is a two-column blog that uses a nice white background, it also has block option boxes which you can click on to take you to other places in the cite. It has a header and a footer, the footer is this nice gray color with multiple streaks forming diagonal lines. The title of each blog post is surrounded by a green border to keep up with the theme of nature. Screenshot_20180108-140803

The header has a nice flow to it, everything is translucent which creates a nice look for the cite. The header includes the title and logo of the organization, their social media pages and beautiful photos of an animal. Which is appropriate given the blog is all about stories that impact wildlife. Their social media tags are located to the far right of the logo that links to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The picture constantly changes when a different menu topic is chosen. For example, someone moves from the “Blog” menu to the “About Us” menu. The picture will change from a tree frog to an anaconda. The design of the title is amazing, as well. The “O” in “World” is turned into the planet Earth. That was a nice touch considering their goals for a better planet.

Below the header is the menu toolbar that has many options, they even have a “Kids Corner” section so their younger viewers can get involved with everyone else. The subheader even has a donations button on the far right. It is a great way to encourage people to get involved because they make it so easy to find. Info about the Author-The organization runs this blog and the page includes their mission, which is to

The body of the blog is like any other, it has a middle column and a right column. The middle column includes their latest blog posts and the right column contains widgets. These widgets range from sign-up information so people are able to follow the blog to the app store so they can sell their apps for the younger members.

The footer is simple but eye-catching, the first thing a person sees is another “donate” bare located right above the footer. The footer itself is quite nice, with a correlation of a gray and black background while the logo lies on the far right and contact information is located to the far left in the white text.



The blog consists of articles about humanities impact of wildlife, environmental concerns, trends in the behavior of wildlife due to climate change and so much more.  These are their most popular blog posts:

  1. Dear Ellen, Dory Needs Your Help
  2. Up Close with the Animal Justice Party
  3. The Woman Saving African Animals
  4. The No-Kill Debate: Animal Shelters
  5. World of the Wild is donating to Borneo Orangutan Survival

There are no comment sections in any of the posts found on the blog, so, if one wishes to find some they will have to go to Facebook. The highest shared post was Dear Ellen, Dory Needs Your Help is one of their most popular posts with 196 likes and 31 shares. Comparing this to the normal posts that get maybe 96 likes if they are lucky but most of the popular ones get 13 shares, maybe. A good example of that is World of the Wild is donating to Borneo Orangutan Survival which has 26 likes and 13 shares on Facebook as well. Neither post has more than three comments on them, however. Every post contains a photo relevant to the topic and in this case, it happened to be a picture of a starving puppy. Some others include YouTube videos and even more photos on the topics and at the end of each post call to action for all readers.


The blog posts are all created by writers that work for the organization, they have around eight writers working for them at this moment ( The titles of those blogs get to the point and let readers know what they will be talking about but they are compelling in that same way.

The “About Us” page explains the blog/organizations overall mission, their history, and their challenges. It was very useful in the sense that it provides people insight on what this company does to make a difference. They also challenge readers once again to Create, Connect Research and Support. All to solve the problem today’s world is making for the next generation.


My Green has a great way to interact with their audience, they have an app for children, multiple social media accounts and they are still posting things to this day. They also encourage readers to sign up for their newsletter to get notified of an upload or any other information based on the content of the site and people could simply follow the blog for more information. Finally, they can become a member of the blog, which gives the reader many benefits to make their experience better-it both supports the cite and their cause. Not to mention they do have donation encouragements all through the blog readers can participate in.


My Green World: Wildlife Conservation Blog, is an aesthetically pleasing blog with an important topic about environmental and wildlife concerns.

It is fairly easy to navigate through the blog, for the most part. The blog has a beautiful design and all of the photos used look incredible. Every blog post is so informative as the posts usually talk about what we as a humanity are doing to harm these animals. The best thing about this blog is they are partnered with so many organizations, this creates a larger platform in-which important posts such as The No-Kill Debate: Animal Shelters can be shared on a greater scale. The layout of the blog is absolutely beautiful minus a few small annoyances.

While the blog may have its strengths, there are things that can be improved. Take their blog posts for example, while there are plentiful amounts of them, there is no way to find out how popular they are unless someone goes to My Green World: Wildlife Conservation Blog’s Facebook page. There you will find many other blog posts that were not written on the original site but on other platforms. Another thing they could improve is the integration of a search widget. That would be helpful to those in search of a particular article, topic, or even a specific writer. A way to share the blog post itself directly through the website also would be something that could improve the cite. It was a really well-structured blog and it deserves 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Winter Photgraphy’s Beauty

Post and Photo by Eric McMahon

20160205_122736 (1)

February 2, 2016

Photography has many things a person can do with it, so any pictures that can be taken and so many ways they can be portrayed. Just like any hobby, all people have a preference for what kind of photos they take. Wheather it would be with people, of animals, plants, the ocean, buildings and there are countless ways each picture can turn out. The photographer could take a picture of a building at dusk than at night and each would look good based off of when it was taken. The lights could be illuminating that building when the photographer took the picture at night and the sun could be glistening behind the building if it was taken during dusk. For me, I most enjoy taking pictures of nature and it varies from season to season. My favorite season to take pictures is in the Winter time and that is where I will begin.

I enjoy photography, even though I do not always find the passion to take photos all the time. But when it starts to snow, something just comes over me and I have to go out there. The best pictures are taken after a fresh snow storm or after an icy rain. Everything glistens in the sunlight, everything refracts and everything looks beautiful. It has been a tradition for me to take a montage of pictures right after the first blanket of snow for the season but for some reason, I did not do that this year. I can’t explain why I was so…uninspired to do this? Maybe I got sick of it? Or maybe I was waiting, waiting for the perfect opportunity…and that I was. With the biggest stroke of luck, we got a blizzard and those are prime targets for Winter photography!

One moment everything is lush, green, and full color and then things start to change. Everything is white and everything stops. All life is suddenly equal but completely different. Every snowflake has its own personality and ever surface another story. I love to capture those stories. Stories the Earth is telling us through the snow, it is as if nature itself wants equality. I love winter photography so much I can go on forever, I can think of thousands of ways to describe why I love snow photos so much but I do not want this to drone on too much longer.

My favorite part of photography is finding the perfect angle and perfect position to take the photo. I  love the challenge shooting in the Winter gives me because I have to bury myself in the snow sometimes to get the perfect photo. It is worth it every time though, I always love how the pictures turn out. Sometimes I use photoshop to edit them and turn this beautiful photo into a piece of art. I did not always know how to edit in photoshop though, I was taught in high school and on campus but it has been so long for me I almost forget how. So, I enjoy watching tutorials to make things fresh in my head again. Combining the perfect position and the best editing makes for the best picture anybody can offer.

There are so many things that inspire me to take bigger and better photos. I look at blogs, videos, anything that shows someone else finding new angles and amazing shots to get the most out of Winter’s beauty…Steve Wilder is my biggest inspiration I look at all the time. His photos are elegant and beautiful and tell so much story in just a simple photo. I absolutely love photography in the Winter. There is so many people can do and so many different images that can turn into the most beautiful of photos.

Steve Winter’s Blog: