“You get a car…everyone gets a car!!” -Oprah Winfrey.

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Everyone knows Oprah, either by her show or by her massive amount of money or even by launching her own T.V network, OWN. Oprah was born and raised by a single mother in a very rural area in Mississippi, where she had a very traumatic childhood growing up, twenty something years later she then moved to Baltimore where she began to host her first television ‘chat’ show People Are Talking. Afterward, she then moved to Chicago to host her own morning show which we all know is the Oprah Winfrey Show. She landed many important roles in great movies such as, The Color Purple, The Butler, Selma, Beloved, The Great Debaters, and many more. She also produced many movies as well. Creating her own T.V. network, having her own talk show, and also gaining ownership of ABC, soon gave her the millions of dollars she has now. Making her one of the richest women in the world. Several assessments rank her as the most influential woman in the world. In 2013, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President Barack Obama and on top of everything else she has honorary doctorate degrees from Duke and Harvard.

Social Media Overview:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

Analysis and Evaluation



Oprah’s Twitter is very active. She has many promotional tweets, giving shout outs to all her shows, and her T.V. network. In addition to the network she also has her newest movie A Wrinkle in Time posted there. Much like other celebrities, she has a an enormous following with 41.4M and like many famous people she follows very selected few, more specifically 289, selected few. Oprah is a person who truly cares about social justice problems and it shows on her twitter. Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.09.02 AM.png

Her tweets are at times topics that are ‘hot’ on the news. For example, her being on the front of Time Magazine, the massive fire in California followed by the mudslide. Another thing I have noticed that other then the ‘hot’ topics she also tweets things like winning the Golden Globes

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.12.36 AM

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 1.13.45 PM
@Oprah : Twitter feed

All in All, Oprahs twitter is very active. It also shows how caring she is on certain topics and of course a whole lot of promotion. 



Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 1.26.22 PM.png

Oprah’s Instagram Is full of vlog like videos that are about what’s going on in her on the daily. In fact she has more videos on Instagram than actual pictures. On this account she has 12.5M followers and she is following 0 people. Unlike her Twitter, her following is smaller than Twitter, which makes me think that she uses Twitter much more than Instagram. Her most liked post has 4M likes and it was a video of her commenting about the mudslide that happened in California. Her post also vary on the days. So she posted yesterday but the post before was five days ago. So they are not as consistent as her Twitter.



Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 3.02.15 PM
Facebook page: Oprah Winfrey

Facebook tends to be the social media platform that famous people tend to neglect the most. When going into her page the last thing that was posted was dated back a week or so. Much like her other accounts she has a quiet large following, coming in with 11,611,828. and 11,986,108 likes on her facebook page. Oprah set up her page so that it’ll be as consistent with everything on there will be cohesive. From her pictures it seems that she is very welcoming because she has tons of pictures with friends and family over her house. She also has in her about page all the different social medias she is on, and also her T.V. schedule. 



Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 3.14.35 PM







Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 3.16.53 PM

Oprah’s youtube channel is in fact hers however its actual a channel for her T.V. network OWN. She has about 1.6M subscribers and even though this channel doesn’t really show any content with her doing things like a vlog or like her Instagram. Her videos vary from the different shows she has on her network. Each show has its own playlist with short videos of the different episodes. This Youtube channel was first created back in January of 2006, and from there her views have gone straight up. She also shouts out several famous celebrities she has more than likely worked with.

Summation of Analysis

Oprah Winfrey is indeed someone to look up to. She is very inspirational, a role model , someone who cares for important topics, and stands up for what she thinks is right. She is all about spreading love, and knowledge. Creative and boss like, she stands among the powerful people in her industry like an equal. She does all this through the art of acting. Besides the acting and producing, she goes on tv with messages of hope to those who don’t have much of it left. Not only is Oprah one of the most influential women in the world but she also uses that to spread news and helps those who need help. I mean she was awarded the medal of freedom from our former President Barak Obama because of all the great things she has done, things that inspire others. AP696343092966 Her social media shows all that and more. And if you really look deeper into her Instagram and Twitter you can really see what she does, and say really do matter and it really does make a difference in how people react. 

Digital Footprint:

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 7.03.09 PM.png It doesn’t take a huge google search to find out information about Oprah Winfrey. Google, right away tells you everything you need to know about her. Like where she was born, when she was born, her net worth, her husband, and the latest news about her. One of the first things you see on Google is a whole page about her on Wikipedia. Which we all know has all the quick info on Oprah, whether it’s correct information or not. When you keep scrolling it shows you what her ‘top stories’ are. For example, the Golden Globe that she won a week ago or so, and how people really think she should run for President of the United States. Another thing that pops up is her website, http://www.oprah.com, and further more more sites about her bio. And lastly of course all her social medias, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube channel. 

Conclusions: commendations &recommendations

Looking into Oprah’s social medias and her digital foot print, honestly one can really say  Oprah is a Wonderful human being filled with loads of talent and heart. She is a great benefactor, philanthropist, and is a woman with vision, and power. All her hard work and time is spent on showing the world what having power, and money can do in a positive way. Her social media, also shows us that you really can do anything. Reading up on her struggle to get where she came from was truly inspiring and above all great! However, if I were to give her some advice is to be more equal on all her social medias. And I get that she doesn’t manage all of them but perhaps if she is more consistent on all her platforms she could possible get more followers. All in all she one of the popular women on the web, who has the connections of a lifetime.



Case Study #4: Liza Koshy #Littlebrowngirl

Liza Koshy


  Elizabeth ‘Liza’ Koshy is a 21 year old, youtube sensation. First starting off in vine she grew to become a hit star, starting in many different T.V. shows such as Freakish and Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween. Born in Huston Texas, daughter to and Indian father named Jose Koshy and ‘white’ mother named Jean Carol née Hertzler. She is very known for being ‘the Little Brown Girl’ as she is confused for a Hispanic girl. Liza is also very fluent in Spanish, and uses her life as ‘content’ for her youtube channel. Liza later into her career began her relationship with youtube famous David Dobrik, who is known for his crazy youtube videos challenging his friends to do crazy, dumb stunts. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 9.01.55 PM

Facebook: overview



  • Twitter Followers: 1.75M
  • Twitter users the celebrity/company follows: 1,075
  • Tweets: 33.2K
  • Joined Twitter: May, 2011
  • Twitter Username: @Lizakoshy

Instagram:Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 9.03.56 PM.png

  • Instagram Username: Lizakoshy
  • Instagram Followers: 15M
  • Instagram user the celebrity.company follows: 1,090
  • Instagram Posts: 1,689



Facebook: fb

Her facebook is not like other famous people facebook. It is quite business like, promoting all her different social media platforms, and her website in which she sells her ‘merch’ or merchandise. From the first glance on her homepage, I can see all her youtube videos that she has posted. I also see products that she has been featured on as well, like the Giving key, and Beat by Dre. As for her facebook pictures and background, I feel like she’s presenting what we see on her youtube channel. Just herself. Clicking through the rest of the page, she has everything set up so simple, that it makes me actually want to find out more about her. Her ‘about me’ tab just say, “Just a little brown girl with some big dreams”, and her website URL. That is literally all she has on this tab. Another tab that she has on her page is the ‘shop’ section. This has all the merch that she has created throughout the year. Other than that Liza’s facebook page is quiet in the sense that she doesn’t post many things on facebook. To me I think her top social media platform is youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. 


On Twitter, Liza is more free and creative just like her youtube channel. Like her facebook page, she has a very simple page. a tiny bio, and lots of promotional tweets. of her youtube page, and pictures of her other youtube friends, and her other characters she does on her own like Jet. However, unlike her facebook she has a very interesting twitter picture. She has a drawn portrait as her profile picture and as her banner she has a banner that says, “Nice twitter background…. thanks”. Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.33.24 PMother thank that her twitter is very funny. Her tweets, tend to be sarcastic, but in a fun way. Her retweets tend to be from her other youtube friends, I haven’t yet seen one from her fans. However, I do know she does polls and checks her dms for content on her videos. As for me I dont think I would change anything, mainly because her outlet is youtube. Which makes her focus more on making videos and short clip movies. 

Instagram: instagram_PNG9.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.54.29 PM.pngWhile looking at her Instagram, I did notice that she had more than one. She has @lizakoshy and @lizzzak. Her second account seems more fun, interactive, and her. She has pictures of her friends and herself having fun. While the first account is very simple black and white pictures quite modern, and her filters are very monochromatic.Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.56.21 PM.png

We as followers also get to see the character that she plays, Jet. Like her other social media outlets, she keeps it very straight forward with her bio, and she always starts it off with, “just a little brown girl..”. She has a huge following on both her pages. on the second one she has about 2.5M and the first one 15M. Can you guess how large her youtube channel is?  Taking a good look at her second page her most like picture is of her character Jet, coming in hot with 455K likes and 1,754 comments. As for her first page her most liked picture is of her boyfriend David Dobrik and herself, coming in with 2.8M likes and 20.9K comments. That says alot about her page. She does spend a big amount of time filming with David, which makes sense since they are both in the youtube world. However, I still don’t think Instagram is the social media platform that her fans are constantly checking. But all in all her huge following does love her, its all over her comments and it clearly shows from all the likes she gets on her posts. 


Liza Koshy is a role model to many people out in the social media world. She is after all famous for just being her funny self. And because of that she has won the heart or in this case the ‘likes’ of all her fans. While comparing all her social medias I think her use of Instagram is more than her other social medias. Mainly because her post are more up to date than the other platforms. One thing I think Liza could improve is probably being more equal, I suppose, in all her social medias. I know that her top 2 are Youtube and Snapchat. However, I find that she is doing her best in balancing all her different projects and trying to stay on the loop for her fans. So if anyone wants a laugh go ahead and watch Wednesdays with Liza!



Case Study #3: Stylefeen aka blogger, curl influencer, and photographer.


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.47.59 PM

Hortencia Caires also known as @Stylefeen is a 26 year old blogger, photographer and curl influencer who was born in the beautiful country of Brazil, and now resides in New York. With more than 3 million subscribers on youtube, 1k followers on twitter and 62k followers on instagram, she aims to show us her viewers what she loves to do the most. Stylefeen’s blog is all about her love for natural hair, her love for traveling, and life itself. She has also shown interest in fashion as well.



Following her on almost all her social media handles made it quite easy to find her blog page. Compared to other blogs I have gone on, the simplicity and cleanliness of her page made it so much nicer and better to navigate through. The first thing that pops up on her page is in a calendar format. The top of the main page is her well known username, Style Feen, and below that are pictures and dates underneath them, like I had mentioned before in a calendar format. She also has all her social media handles on the main page as well. She also has a menu bar in which are links to the other sections of her page. Her pages are divided into six different sections, which are beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, featured in, about, and contact info. Nearing the bottom of the page or the footer, shows once more her social media handles which are links to direct her subscribers to.

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Her whole page is made up for her viewers to get a glimpse of her everyday life. I did notice that the most looked at part of her page is the beauty tab. She has her youtube account linked there. This tab has everything a beauty blogger would have, advice on how to do a ‘natural look’ to what products work best for curly hair viewers. From the looks of it everything in the site is by her, down to the pictures.

I did say before that her page was easy to navigate but I also feel like she could so a bit more. in comparison to other beauty bloggers, I feel like she is more of a youtuber/ vlogger rather than a blogger who puts up new content or daily blogs about something. Her dates do seem scatter. for example, her last post was in December 3, and before that November 26. So it obvious she doesn’t post on a daily. That may be one thing I would change. Being a little bit more consistent with posting up new content, so that there is more traffic on her page from all her subscribers and viewers. One thing I did notice, much like other bloggers, Once entering the website the first thing that pops up is a little tab with the option to enter ones name and email to be in her subscribes list. This gives you the opportunity to receive emails about updates or receive any type of news that she has posted. Next up, I search for her ‘About Me’ just to see what it says, and to be honest it was a very short couple of sentences stating her name, where she’s from and what she does and that’s it. To be honest, I have learned more about her on her youtube videos, and her instagram posts then on her ‘About Me’. Something I think I would change about that part of her page. I’ve noticed she is more comfortable or stronger on the video aspect of her blog/ vlog life. I would have linked or set up one of her first videos she posted on youtube explaining what she loves to do, or just a little bit about her. That would have pulled me right in.

Anyone who comes to this page will be interested because her post are really fun to see and read about. However, I believe that a big part of her audience is women of color, more specifically women who have curly natural hair. One of the reasons why I started to follow her was because of her hair tutorials. Each post has hashtags and ways to share which ever blog post you wanted. As I was searching for a way to comment on her post all I actually saw was a like button at the bottom of each post.


Stylefeen is someone who isn’t afraid to post about her life and what she does. That very aspect make me like the blog more. She made me, as a subscriber, want to do what she gave us advice on. Her tutorials are very informational and her lifestyle makes me want to drop everything I’m doing hop on a plane and join her. Something I know is hard to do as a student! #StudentLifeRules! A couple of things I would change a bit is how frequent she post, and to add a comment box at the end of each post. I love giving back feed back on post but not having a box to comment on makes that a bit hard. Other than that its a solid blog! So if you’re looking for a curly hair genius, who loves to travel and fashion @stylefeen is the place to go!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQc1gwjbIsPOU02zQ7zZWFg/feed

Instagram & twitter: @stylefeen



Behind the Lens

Many people now in days’ love to take pictures. If it’s not a cute selfie, it’s a group ‘pic’ or a breath taking view of some kind. But it isn’t as easy as most may think it is. You don’t just pick up a camera or your phone take shots, slap on a filter and then post it. That is of course one way of doing it don’t get me wrong, but there’s more to taking a picture then just that. For me it’s an art. My love for photography started when I was about 10 years old. Started with one of those disposable CVS cameras that people would buy for vacations, then slowly but surely I began to experiment with different cameras and different locations as I grew older. And now taking pictures is one of the things that makes me relax the most.

14499140_2114641705428245_518558047623184384_n            When someone asks me to do a shoot for them I don’t see it as a job opportunity I see it as a way to better myself in what I love to do. Many have asked me, ‘why don’t you study and work to be a photographer?’ and my answer is simple. I don’t want to lose the love of my hobby. Taking a picture for me is a way of expressing how I feel.


Just like Pablo Picasso. He had different ways of painting what he was feeling due to what was happening around him. Now I’m not saying I’m Pablo Picasso, but I do love the way he used art as an outlet for his emotions. I’m not in it for the likes, or for the money, I take pictures for the pure joy of it. Yes, it sounds ‘corny’ or ‘cheesy’ but if you can only see the face I get when the picture I took came out 100 times better than what I imagined, it’s actually priceless.

Here’s a video of one of my favorite photographers Jordan Matter!