Final Project: Walmart’s Digital Footprint

An Introduction to the Business

Walmart is a company whose headquarters are out of Bentonville, Arkansas. This company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 with a vision of helping customers in the communities they live in help save money in order to live a better life. With an ever changing face of retail, he saw that with lower prices and great service, people would come back based on that great experience. He succeeded with this philosophy and now today social media keeps that vision alive. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram and more, Walmart continues to help people save money to have that better life by staying connected to everyone.

Sam Walton



Walmart’s Facebook account has over 32 million followers. Their Facebook page includes a link to their website  The activities shown on their Facebook page include shopping, videos, photos and posts. The shopping area showcases items with links to them on their website to actually buy these items. This is a great method of directly being able to purchase an item from their website. Below the shopping area, there is a video area. The video area has a link that will allow the viewer to see the latest Walmart circular. Viewers can see what items are on sale for the week from this handy video. This is an excellent marketing tool to keep followers up to date with the latest sales information from Walmart. The area below videos is an area of photos provided by the company. The photos depict employees helping customers, views from inside and outside their stores, delicious food items that can be purchased and even pictures from the holiday season with Santa. These are all positive, friendly looking photos that make their followers feel good.

The area below photos is the posting area. Walmart seems to use this area to post news items related to their company. The most current post shares news about the company raising the minimum wage for all United States employees to $11.00 per hour. Plus additional benefit information and bonus information is provided. Their use of posts like this shows a very forward looking company willing to help employees and their families. Another post from Walmart shows young children eating healthy snacks purchased from them. With a smile on a toddler’s face, it lets the viewer know these taste good. Since they post almost daily, followers can immediately react and comment. This particular post shows in interaction with “thecoffeemom0617” letting Walmart know her children enjoyed these healthy snacks purchased from their store. It is posts like these on their Facebook page that put the company in a positive light.



Walmart’s Twitter account has 918,000 followers and they in turn follow 4,139. They have over 492,000 tweets and joined Twitter in November 2008. Under the company logo, they state “Save money, live better. Follow us to learn about tips, solutions and limited time specials.” This keeps in mind with Sam Walton’s philosophy for his company. The most current post is about Walmart holding a wellness day complete with free blood pressure screenings and blood glucose screenings. They are encouraging followers to join them so they can stay healthy.


Their whole wellness day promotion shows a company being proactive in keeping their customers happy and healthy. As with Facebook, this showcases the company in a positive light. Other tweets from Walmart include beauty items, bedding, food and company announcements such as Walmart raising their minimum wage. With the use of their digital platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, they have been able to get this message out to the public.

In Walmart’s Twitter replies, they do respond almost hourly to questions and comments from followers. Various replies range from thanking customers for their comments, to answering questions about problems and issues and showing appreciation for customers doing their grocery shopping at their stores. Walmart often retweets news items from the separate Walmart news Twitter account. The news account showcases news worthy announcements from the Walmart public relations team. A resent retweet from the Walmart News account showed how the corporation is taking a stand on opioid disposal. Proper disposal is important for everyone and by Walmart posting this information on the social media accounts, they are hoping to help the cause. This is a positive step in helping the fight against opioid abuse in the country.


Overall, Walmart’s Twitter account is an effective and prompt way of getting their news announcements out to the public quickly and effectively. Their social media team responds quickly to comments and questions. For the company, they are able to see immediate response to their posts and whether or not the public likes or dislikes them. It keeps them connected to their customers.


Youtube is another social media platform that Walmart uses to connect with their customers. This account only has 21,000 subscribers so it is not their most popular social media account as compared to Facebook and Twitter. The videos on their Youtube channel exhibit company initiatives like internship highlights, hurricane emergency help, and how they are making slow and steady progress in Puerto Rico. This is a nice medium for illustrating through video what the company is doing to help and improve the lives of employees and customers.


Much like their YouTube account, Walmart uses Instragram to send videos and pictures out to the followers. Their Instagram account has 1 million followers and 1,255 posts. Theses posts are mainly videos and picture which customers can comment on and like. This account is not so much used as a corporate messenger but depicts real people enjoying food, beauty items, their pets, and just having fun. The pictures and videos show happy people laughing, playing and enjoying life. From the cute dog sporting a sweater to keep him warm to delicious party food, all this make the viewer know these can all be purchased from Walmart. This Instagram account seems to be an effective product marking tool using visualization.


One way Walmart stays connected on social media with its employees is with Linkedin. Walmart has over 282,000 employers on Linkedin. These employees help play an important part is shaping the company and other industries. Employees are encouraged to share their profile resume with the company and through them other links can be found and formulated. It is these connections that give Walmart over 1 million followers on Linkedin. This is a good medium for Walmart to promote jobs within the company and connect with others for career opportunities.


As with Walmart’s other social media platforms, Pinterest highlights an abundant amount of pictures and content. With over 140,000 followers, there are posts from shared recipes, Christmas ideas, clothing choices, beauty favorites and more. These posts provide a great visual to see products, ideas and give the consumer the feeling that they too can also participate. The posts are colorful, fun looking and pleasing to view for all kinds of ideas.

Google Search

When running a Google search of Walmart, the first result that comes up is This is expected as the corporation would want any person searching them to have quick access to their website to shop or look around. The next result shows Walmart in the news. The most current media announcement regarding Walmart’s recent stance concerning free opioid product disposal. Following any Walmart news items, a link to their Twitter account is the next item shown. It too showcases the most current Tweet regarding Walmart having a wellness day coming up. Immediately after the link to Walmart’s Twitter account, is the link to its Facebook account. It is clear that Walmart’s two favorite links to their social media accounts for Twitter and Facebook. This is not surprising given that they have the most followers of the company. By having these links right under their website search, people can gain access quickly and promptly to both popular social media forums. This is very effective planning on Walmart’s part.




All social media platforms that Walmart uses support the activities in conjunction with the company’s branding. This branding, which focuses on the improved overall value of goods to the customer, has been a winning strategy for the company. This keeps within line of Sam Walton’s vision of helping customers save money in order to live a better life. With Walmart advertising their goods as low cost to the consumer, they are able to reach out to the public via all social media platforms to deliver their message. Whether they are showcasing a product or promoting an initiative, they use every platform they are on to get the word out quickly and effectively.

The company has worked very hard to promote a positive image across their social media formats. All products are shown in a positive, healthy and fun manner that the consumer would want. Initiatives like having a wellness day for screenings makes people feel they really care and want people to be healthy. Also taking a companywide stance in raising their minimum age shows they care about their employees to have a better life. Walmart at times had not had the most positive image. They were often seen as paying their employees low wages. Through feedback on social media, they have worked to turn this image around. The most recent announcement of the employee wage increase is a result of social media pressure.

One area of social media they could improve on is watching to make sure they are not over promoting. While Walmart wants to use every social media platform there is, they do run the risk of lacking an understanding of how to be a brand on social media. They need to understand more of how customers want to really engage a brand on these platforms. The content they post should connect with their customers. Thinking of their social media platforms as a way the community can help customers connect with each other is important. Of course, they want to sell items but heavy promotion doesn’t always work. Social media is formatted so people can participate and connect. This is where Walmart needs to use this approach to their fullest.

In conclusion, overall Walmart does a very good job across their social media platforms. They keep true to Sam Walton’s vision to help customers in communities live in help save money and have a better life. By presenting products, community initiatives and company news, they get their message across to the customer. Social media is every changing and they will need to keep pace with it across all their platforms. In doing so, it will help keep Walmart in a positive light.


Case Study #4- Pepsi

This case study is for the Pepsi company. Their Facebook URL is  and their number Facebook likes is over 37 million. Their Twitter username is Pepsi. Pepsi has 3.1 million followers and has almost 34,000 number of tweets. They joined Twitter in December 2008. Their Instragram name is Pepsi as well. They have 1.2 million number of followers on Instragram and 171 posts.

Pepsi’s Facebook account is pretty comprehensive. Their profile picture has their signature red, white and blue circle logo. The banner showcases 3 bottles of Pepsi ready to crack open and drink. Their “about” tab on their Facebook page contains business information and contact information. It states they were founded in 1898 and includes a direct link to the website If you have a product question or comment, there is also a link to their Customer Relations.

Pepsi’s current Facebook video post is a video featuring model Cindy Crawford. Back in the early 1990s, she did an infamous Pepsi commercial that aired during the Super Bowl that year. Now many years after Cindy Crawford will return for another Super Bowl commercial for this year’s Super Bowl. This video has been seen over 6200 times. They also have posts with pictures of Pepsi enjoyed with food like hamburgers. There are some video posts with NFL players enjoying a Pepsi product to drink as well as everyday people enjoying a nice cold Pepsi product.

Not only are their pictures and videos of Pepsi products on their Facebook page but also there is an even tab. When clicking on this tab, it will bring you to a list of Pepsi sponsored events throughout the county. These include the NFL’s Super Bowl, concerts and other events throughout the upcoming year. There is also a tab for career possibilities in the United States and abroad. The Facebook page includes a tab link to their Instagram page as well. Under the Notes tab, there are various sweepstakes that Facebook followers can get involved with and register to win prizes. The last tab is a Community tab where followers can upload and share their photos enjoying Pepsi products for all 37 million followers to view. Expect for this Community tab, all content appears to be posted via a company representative.

Much like their Facebook account, Pepsi’s Twitter account includes their longtime red, white and blue circle logo. Their Twitter banner illustrates 3 bottles of Pepsi ready to drink. Their bio states “Enjoy a taste of Pepsi’s world with an exclusive look into music, sports and entertainment.” This show their involvement in many aspects as Pepsi is a sponsor to the NFL and the NFL’s Super Bowl including the big halftime show which will feature Justine Timberlake this year.

`           Most of Pepsi’s tweets are promoting their drink products for certain occasions like watching football, New Year’s Eve celebrations and just having fun. They seem to respond to customer complaints by telling their Twitter followers to direct message them about the issue. Their tweet generally do not have a lot of likes and are usually under 100 likes. They do tend to retweet tweets from the NFL and these usually get more likes. It seems the most popular tweets are ones with picture and/or videos of their drink products and people enjoying them. Most tweets appear to be written by a company representative. As mentioned, people will tweet the company if they have an issue and they respond back very quickly. They request a direct message to handle any issues one on one. Overall the tweets promote a positive image of an enjoyable drink product.

Just like their Twitter account, Pepsi uses the red, white and blue circle logo as their profile picture. The red, white and blue are the same colors of the American flag and are always very recognized colors to the American people. Most of the pictures on the Instagram account show the Pepsi product with food such as onion rings, burgers and ice cream. These are “feel good” type pictures show the drink product goes with just about any food. The food pictures get the most likes with over 10,000 likes. No videos are on the Instagram account and this is where I think they can improve. By placing a few videos, it would show the product being actually consumed and how people react to the taste of it.

All the posted pictures have gotten comments for them and typically are under 100 comments per picture. The food pictures with Pepsi get comments like yum, I’m hungry and thumbs up emojis. I save very little negative comments under the pictures. Like I said, most comments were positive and they really liked the product to go with food as a drink.

In conclusion, Pepsi is certainly making the best use of social media to get their message out that their product is a very enjoyable drink. Their Facebook page is full of content for everyone from pictures, videos, events and more. This is clearly their main medium for social media due to all the content. Their Twitter account is also just as good and reaches many with quick replies. As for their Instragram account, I feel this is the one that could use the most improvements with more videos for content. Just pictures alone are not generating enough responses. Overall Pepsi has done a fantastic job managing their social media accounts.

Case Study #3

For this case study, I have chosen to analyze ‘celinedejesus’s blog post on word press titled “Concerts & Vacation!” I am choosing to analyze this blog because while reading it, I remained very interested in hearing what she wrote about the more I got into it. The topic of her blog post is concerts and traveling. I, too, also love to go to concerts and occasionally travel if I have the money and freedom of time to go somewhere. I really liked the layout of this writer’s blog. I thought their blog had just the right amount of information and details to keep a reader intrigued. It includes an exciting header and title. I would say this person’s blog post is one of the most interesting ones of the COM 125 word press page. The post contains both pictures and a video to keep a viewer fascinated and interested in their topic. I don’t think I would ever be able to see eight concerts in one year. I can now completely understand that this writer must work a lot in order to be able to do these kinds of things. And some of the artists that she had seen in concert I listen to pretty consistently as I like them. The artists that I like that she saw in 2016 are Travis Scott, Kanye West, J. Cole, and Drake. I have heard a lot about the Coachella music festival that she went to and I would even think about maybe going one year. I think it is really cool that some people obligate time of their lives to travel because you only have one life to live and what day could be your last. This blog explains very well and shows that you can enjoy your live with fun and exciting things to do outside of school and work. This summer I am looking into and hopefully going to make my first ever trip to Martha’s Vineyard with a few friends. I have also been to a festival like the writer of the blog post I analyzed has. I’ve been to The Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts twice and saw country artist Cole Swindell for a performance there. I am also going to a couple country concerts this year including Cole Swindell with Chris Janson next month and Kenny Chesney with Dierks Bentley in August. But back to my analyzation of the writer’s blog post, I think they did a well job and kept a reader interested.


Introductory Blog Post

One of the most funnest things I always enjoy a ton is taking trips to New Hampshire to see cool places and do a little exploring. Some activities that I extremely enjoy and always have for a very long time are going to the July and September Nascar races in Loudon, NH at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. I love going to see the races up there because I have a huge love and passion for stock car racing and sounds the cars make when they accelerate. My parents took me to my first race at the track back in 2005 and ever since that day I’ve loved the sport of stock car racing. So NHMS has had two big races every year and a lot goes on during the weekend of a Nascar race. The main cup race takes place on Sunday’s but there’s many things that happen on the days leading up to the race. On the Thursday before the cup race, the haulers that carry the race cars arrive at the track and park in the infield cause that’s just what they always do. On Friday before the cup race, the team crews and drivers arrive in the morning to unload their cars off the haulers and practice them during a scheduled session that the speedway has for them to drive. When I say the teams practice the cars, what happens is the drivers make laps around the track to get a feel of the race car and how much speed it has to be a good contender for racing and winning the race on Sunday. If the driver isn’t liking the way the car is running, then the teams can make adjustments and do certain little different things to the cars. Usually late Friday afternoon the drivers qualify their cars to determine where they are going to start the race on Sunday. After qualifying on Friday, some of the drivers might have appearances to sign autographs for their fans at various locations. On Saturday there’s another practice session, sometimes two, for the cup cars, and on Sunday there’s the main race. It’s truly a lot of fun to me and I really enjoy it because all the events that take place leading up to and including the race are very fun to watch and be there. Another activity that I also very much enjoy is visiting the mountains in northern New Hampshire. It’s fantastic to take a trip up there because you can take many beautiful pictures and enjoy a cool experience walking through terrain on a comfortable day. So those are just a couple things that I enjoy doing! Before I wrap up, I would also like to say that over recent years, Hampton beach’s tourist travel has been increasing a lot and more and more people take visits to that beach each year. My personal favorite beach is short sands in York, Maine because it’s very peaceful and relaxing on the right kind of day. This summer, I’m looking into taking a trip up to North Conway in New Hampshire and also hopefully going kayaking on Lake Winnipasauke.