Overwatch In a Nutshell

Overwatch is a competitive shooting game made by the game company Blizzard, also known for making popular game franchises such as Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. Risen from the ashes of one of their scrapped projects (Titan) it has become one of the most popular games currently played. The game has quite a following with “hardcore” and “casual” players. With it’s diverse cast of characters ranging from an old Egyptian grandmother to a cybernetic Japanese ninja you are sure to find a character that you would want to play.


Every character has unique abilities that make them  feel individual and has an ultimate that will dramatically change the fight. Even though all the characters are extremely unique you must work as a team to win. Teamwork is essential to the game, so good communication and attitude is a must if you want to succeed.

There are a few different game modes that the game consists of, escorting a cart around while the enemy tries to stop you and a control the point game mode are the two competitive modes. But there are also unique game modes that are cycled out and game modes that are made for special events for certain holidays  that can have you do different things from playing soccer to killing zombie robots. But the game really shines when you play and watch it competitively. They really are pushing the whole esports (electronic sport aka professional gaming) aspect of it by having a league for pros to play in and actively balancing the game. There was also a World Cup a few months ago for the game!

With new characters and maps being added semi frequently to the game and a very active player base the game is sure to be around for the upcoming years!