TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics from science to business to global issues and in more than 100 different languages. TED as I stated earlier is a nonprofit organization and does not sell any products online all of their videos can be found on YouTube and other channels. If you want to attend live in conference TED TALKS that is where they get you! Live in person conference talks are very expensive. Some conference can run you eight thousand dollars for five days of conferences. TED talks strategy and approach is to simply reach many people by use of their talks. They want to inspire and spread their knowledge on specific topics that people are always looking for answers to.


Twitter Account

  • They mainly post videos and articles but the articles do come with a headline photo
  • It is hard to put into time how much they post but there is almost something new every hour to read or watch. There is constant new activity.
  • Interaction is pretty consistent with fans, they are always tweeting back out to their fans and making sure they are letting it be known that they are posting something new that relates to that individual they are tweeting to.


Facebook Account

  • Videos are the majority of posts but links to articles are also posted as well.
  • I would say that on average there is something new posted every day to two days
  • Does not seem to be much interaction. Most of the communication is comments from the fans and followers.

YouTube Account

  • 7,030,432 Subscribers
  • Videos are the only type of activity posted on this type of social media account
  • On average I would say there is something new posted every couple days to the site
  • There is no real interaction with fans other than the posting of the videos that go up



TED utilizes there social media pretty wisely. It all starts with their twitter account which has over 9 million followers. They reach a lot of people with the tweeting of clips and full videos of their talks. They also use it well to respond to their followers as well be able to tweet directly to someone they know who be interested in a specific talk that they recently did or found in a past talk. The next social media account they utilize wisely is their YouTube account which has nearly 7.1 million subscribers. YouTube has a large viewership and allows them to go and watch millions of former TED talks with a few simple clicks all for free. On a smaller scale TED utilizes a Facebook account but has a fraction of the followers as their other accounts with only 91,953 followers. They post a few photos as well as some of their videos that are newer or want to bring attention to an old video that is becoming relevant again.

On a larger social media scale TED utilizes their social media accounts very well and reaches a lot of different followers in many different ways. TED has become as popular as it is due to the use of all their different social media accounts and without them may have not become as popular as fast or maybe not as popular at all.

When searching the companies digital footprint there was many different articles, videos, blogs and much more information. If you go back far enough you can see the stardom of the company and how fast it grew in the eyes of the public reader.

I believe what TED is doing well is supplying their viewers with lots of free videos for them to watch but then also allow people to come to live conferences for a fee which in returns help fund the company and keep it growing and becoming better.

I am not sure there is much I would have them do differently as a company, besides possibly makes their live in person conferences a little cheaper to attend. People are always easier to inspire in person but a lot of the people who could use the inspiration are unable to afford the high ticket prices to attend the TED conferences.

I would grow the companies social media presence by focusing on growing each of their viewership’s on each site. Right now it is manly twitter and YouTube and all the other social media sites are semi underutilized. If they can grow their followers on other accounts such as their Facebook and Instagram accounts they can start to grow even more than they have.











Tom Brady: Irrelevant To GOAT

Tom Brady, now in most opinions the Greatest Of All Time was once Irrelevant! Tom Brady a 2000 6th round draft pick #199 overall was overlooked by everyone including the patriots for almost 7 rounds. The patriots took that chance on him though in the 6th round and it was the best decision the franchise ever made without even knowing it. Brady was as low as a 4th string QB in his rookie season and by the end of his 2nd season worked his way into the backup role heading into the 2001 season. Just a couple games in and a little bad luck by the starting QB Brady got thrusted into the started role of the starting QB of the New England Patriots and he never looks back. 16 years later Brady is a 12 time pro Bowler 5 Time World Champion and 2 time league MVP and arguably the best QB to ever play the game! Brady is an example of what hard work, dedication and perseverance can do for you if you just keep pushing and never give up. At 40 years old and heading into his age 41 season in 2017 Brady will seek to compete in his 8th SuperBowl and win his 6th ! Brady continues to prove doubters wrong even after all he has proved already which is one of the many reason that make him the best in my opinion, never settles with what he has accomplished and that has to be admired.


Tom Brady


Case Study #2


Rather Be Sweating (www.ratherbesweating.com) is a blog devoted to Bikram yoga, parenting, and overall healthy living.  The blog is authored by a friend of mine, Maria McBride.  Maria is the owner of a Bikram yoga studio and a mother of two young children.



The blog is laid out in an easy to follow manner.  The blog contains a simple catchy header “Rather be sweating” and also contains a footer with additional information about the blog and a place to sign up for email updates.

The footer also contains links to Maria’s social media accounts.  The header of the blog contains links to different pages on the site (home, about, business, food, mom stuff, yoga, contact page).  This provides easy navigation to the particular topics the reader finds most intriguing.  On the home page, the most recent blog posts are displayed.  The title of each post is displayed along with a photo and the first few sentences of the blog post.  Additionally, the date each post was published is displayed.  The about me page is easy to navigate to (link in header).  At the bottom of each blog post, are three related blog posts that the reader may be interested in.  On each page of the blog, it allows readers to subscribe to an email list for updates.  The footer contains icons that allow the users to share the blog post on several social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and Linked in.


The blog is mainly focuses on yoga, but also contains posts about Maria’s experiences as a parent and business owner.  In many of her posts, she aims to tie together lessons from yoga that have aided her in being a parent and successful business owner.  Some examples of her blog posts include:

  • Favorite Yoga Lessons
  • 11 Thoughts on Becoming a Mom
  • Bikram Yoga and Back Pain
  • Why Runner’s need Bikram Yoga
  • You Don’t have to be Flexible to do Yoga

Each blog post is around 5-8 paragraphs and contains several pictures from Maria’s life that are relevant to the topic.  The content and layout of each posts are strengths of each blog.  The posts are well written.  They are long enough to provide the reader with some unique insight into the topic, but short enough that they keep the reader’s attention.

Many of Maria’s posts contain comments from readers.  Without going through every post, I wasn’t able to determine which one contained the most comments, however most posts contained at least 2-3 comments.  Maria responds to every comment on her blog.  Many readers are asking questions related to the topic.  For example, on the post “Why Runner’s need Bikram Yoga”, a reader was curious about breathing improvements during running from doing Bikram Yoga.  Maria promised to follow up with a blog post on this topic.  From separate conversations with Maria, she has told me that many of her topics come directly from readers.  Maria has just under 1000 Instagram followers.

On Maria’s “about me page”, she provides several pictures (her husband, children and dog) and provides a brief summary of her interests and background.


Rather Be Sweating is a very well-written and easy to navigate blog that contains blog posts related to Bikram yoga, parenting, and overall healthy living.  The site is easy to navigate and easy for the reader to find posts that are most relevant or interesting to their lives.  The content of each blog post is the appropriate length and contains images from Maria’s life.  The content of each post is one of the blogs strengths.  Another strength is the time that Maria takes to respond to each comment left by a reader, and that she listens to her reader’s ideas for new topics.

I noticed in my review that Maria doesn’t have many followers on certain social media outlets (twitter for example).  I think this is one area of focus that could bring more potential readers to the blog.  I also think that while easy to follow, adding a brighter color to the header could make it more attention grabbing.  Overall, I think this blog is very well done.