Jared Leto


Jared Leto is a 45 year old singer, songwriter, director, and actor. He is most commonly recognized from his band Thirty Seconds To Mars, or his roles in Suicide Squad and Dallas Buyers Club. On social media, Jared primarily brands himself through his work. Most of his content is pertaining to his band or film related releases. Jared is especially impressive because he did not make success in just one market, he excelled at all three markets.

(Here is a clip of Jared in his role as The Joker in the 2016 movie, Suicide Squad.)

Jared has a impressive social media presence. Across all of his social media accounts he has over 19 million followers. He uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A great aspect to his social media is that he is not afraid to post personal and lifestyle photos. Most celebrities of that caliber use their social media pages solely for promotional purposes or entirely for lifestyle purposes. Jared has a good mix of both.

(Not only does Jared do the vocals for his band Thirty Seconds to Mars but he also directs their music videos.)

On Facebook, Jared has about 6 million likes on his page. His posts are primarily movie trailers for upcoming films, movies he directed, new music releases for his band, and occasional personal pictures. He posts every two days or so but posts more than once on those days. He does not seem to engage with fans comments and he gets anywhere between 10-60 thousand likes per post and 200+ comments. The content he posts is almost always photos and videos, not text. Jared does a good job of promoting his upcoming films and music by sharing the videos on Facebook because I am sure he realizes that video sharing on Facebook is very beneficial. The one thing I think he could improve on is replying to some of his fans comments, especially the top liked comments.

On Twitter, Jared has about 3.8 million followers and is following 91 people. His content is primarily selfies and photos of himself as well as the usual band and film related clips. He posts every other day but usually posts multiple times in that same day. He does not reply to fans directly but he does retweet sometimes.  Each tweet gets anywhere between 3-7 thousand likes and 400-900 retweets. Jared continues doing a good job of mixing his promotional posts with his personal posts which I think engages the average fan well. His twitter could be improved by posting more organic thoughts via text instead of only pictures, videos and retweets. I think this would let fans see his actual personality though his social media.

On Instagram, Jared has about 9.7 million followers and is following 10 people. He posts mostly the same content as Twitter and Facebook but he definitely posts most of his personal photos here. It seems Jared is most comfortable on this social media platform because he doesn’t focus so much on the promotional advertisements for his music and film. He posts about every five days but posts more than one photo on those days most of the time. He gets anywhere between 200-500 thousand likes per post and between 2-6 thousand comments. Like the rest of his social media sources, Jared does not seem to reply to any comments on his Instagram page either. I really like how Jared does his Instagram most out of all of his social media pages because it doesn’t seem like he only wants to post promotional photos and videos. I would say the only things on his Instagram that need improvement are his lack of replies to comments and he could post more often. 


Jared’s digital footprint is definitely well thought out. When you search his name into Google it has very impressive search results. It is well organized with new articles including him on the top, showing recent news for whatever is going on in his life whether it is his music, movies, directing or even personal. To the right, is his quick Wikipedia bio which includes a description of him, his accomplishments and all of his social media links all in one place. Below the headlines, the first regular link that shows up is his website. After the website are direct links to his social media pages, IMDB page and Wikipedia full page. Overall he does a great job of prioritizing what he wants fans to see first.

Jared Leto does a great job of staying active on social media. He does his promotions in a subtle way which doesn’t make the user feel like they are following an advertisement page and also keeps a large part of his personal life posted so the fans can feel a connection to him. Being a big part in three different types of the entertainment industry must give him a pretty busy schedule but he still finds the time to make posts on his social media accounts to stay connected to his fans.

Sources: Getty Images, youtube.com, and the Daily Mirror

Case Study #3 Aaron Gillespie


The celebrity I have chosen is Aaron Gillespie. In the grand scheme of things he is not a major celebrity but he is well known within the music community. Aaron’s Facebook URL is: https://www.facebook.com/AaronRGillespie/ and he has around 45,000 likes on his Facebook page. Aaron’s Twitter username is @aarongillespie, he has 8,024 tweets, 76,000 followers and follows 141 people. Aaron joined twitter in May of 2009. Aaron’s Instagram username is @aarongillespie. He has 63,000 followers, he is following 226 people, and has posted 622 times.  
On Facebook, Aaron’s page is very well put together. Organized, full of great content, and professional. The most successful posts are mostly about his music and show dates for his music projects. His about section has a short biography about his struggles which led him to his solo project as well as some contact information for booking purposes. His profile photo is his album artwork and his banner is a banner promoting an album with purchase information. Most of the posts have photos or videos involved because it is a music page and what would a music page be without music. The audience interaction from the pages followers on his posts is good, hundreds of likes and a good amount of positive comments. The page only likes a few other pages which are primarily Aaron’s other music endeavors. Other than posts on this page he does a good job of having a good amount of photos and videos uploaded as well. Overall I think this pages presentation and functionality is very good. The only thing I would recommend to him would be to post more often. This would help gain his exposure even more and engage his audience better.  Facebook
On Twitter, Aaron primarily posts his thoughts as most do on Twitter and well as retweets of his music news. His profile picture and banner are the same as Facebook with the album art as his main photo, and the banner with purchase information for his album. His bio has only his twitter join date, the website for his music, and a joke location. All tweets are written by him and retweets are usually from his bands pages which he could be writing as well. His most popular tweets are usually him asking his fans direct questions that he gets tons of replies on and usually his tweets do no include media unless he is posting something about his music. The audience interaction is actually very interesting as he usually only replies to people he seems to know except on occasion directly to fans. Most of the time it is positive but it seems sometimes when discussing the politics of religion it can get controversial. Overall Aaron’s Twitter is actually kind of laid back but I think that is the point. It’s a place for his fans to talk directly to him instead of addressing him through his band all the time. 
Twitter Page
On Instagram, Aaron only posts band related photos, whether it is him on his drums or a promotional photo from his solo project. It really depends what he is doing on his current tour and that reflects what is posted to his Instagram. This keep his post relevant to what he is up to. His profile photo is the same from his Twitter and Facebook and the bio simply has a link to allow you to access his music. The most popular content he has is definitely professional taken photos from his concerts which have thousands of likes and a lot of comments. As far as audience interaction, he does not reply to many people on his Instagram, he keeps it simple and either uses Instagram’s new like feature of doesn’t reply at all. Overall, Aaron’s Instagram is exactly as you would expect after seeing his Facebook and Twitter. Quality content, and a lot of followers. It is organized well and he takes time making sure each photo is worth posting providing exactly what his followers want. 

Aaron’s social media presence has always been most successful on Twitter. He is very vocal about his opinions whether it be about religious related things or just everyday life things. IT is clear also that his Twitter is most successful just based on his follower count alone. He has almost as many on Twitter as his Instagram and Facebook combined.  

Case Study #2-Sykonews

The blog I have chosen for analysis is Sykonews here on wordpress. This is a blog written by the wordpress user Joshed. This blog is about the authors opinions and reviews of video game consoles and games. The blog can be found here.
The layout of this blog is interesting. It is well organized and easily accessible but the header and banner do not make much sense as to what the material they talk about is. In fact, all the small data forms like the about me page, header and banner are all still in their default wordpress forms because the author has not changed them around. My only thought about this is that maybe he posts his blog posts from his mobile device and he is not able to change those things without the use of a computer. Overall there is minimal information as far as appearance and professionalism are concerned. No social media links or contact information. It would seem as though the author does this blog for himself.  
The good aspects to the layout that this blog has are the organization of posts and ease of access to be able to navigate to older posts that are not displayed as widgets on the homepage. If the article you are looking for is older than the current month’s worth of posts on the home page his footer is dedicated to the archive of previous months posts and articles. This footer is key to organizing the posts and accessing older posts. 

This is easily the best part of this blog. The writing is compelling and informative yet opinionated (in a good way). The author is very good at explaining how the public may have rated a game or console versus his opinions and why. He covers a lot of the major current news in the video game market from new console releases to games that people are trying out for the first time.  
The most popular posts are definitely the new console related posts. The author uses photos from the web to make the post seem more official although it may be his own opinion in some cases. The author does a great job of engaging his small, yet niche audience by allowing comments and sharing as a option for his posts. His most recent post was his reaction to the public reactions of a new video game system.  This gives the reader a different perspective on a current topic. 
Overall the blog has its strengths and weaknesses. Its strengths are definitely the writing ability, style, archive, and content chosen to write about. Weaknesses being the layout of the page, contact information, and overall presentation. The author could definitely use a nice bright, inviting banner making people want to hear what he has to say and grabbing their attention about a specific topic which he writes about. The author could also use a great blog title and more ways of his possible readers to find his blog.

Live Music And The Local Music Scene

Since I was 13 years old I have played in bands and done live concerts. It is crazy to think that for half my life now this has been a part of it. For me it is the ultimate form of expression and a way to let your emotions out in the form of a art. Growing up and watching the genre that I am a part of develop made it seem like anything was possible in my life. If I wanted to succeed in music then I could, I just had to keep creating it. As I got older it stopped being about “making it” and became only about the expression. In a weird way, this I believe improved the quality of my music and gave me a different outlook on my art. Since the beginning I have followed acts like: Saosin, Underoath, and Norma Jean. Letting them inspire me in my own songwriting has been a privilege in itself. Being a songwriter and performer going to concerts to see other bands is a big part in the inspiration process. I used to go to concerts 4+ nights a week when I was in high school but after that I am only able to attend maybe 1 a week if I am lucky. That is all part of growing up I guess, but I still plan on attending as many as I can in the future no matter how busy my schedule gets.

Here is a photo from a recent concert I attended:

About six years ago the local music scene trailed off a bit and the newer generation did not care as much about the local shows. In its hayday you could find a concert to go to locally almost any day of the week with a larger act as the headliner and local bands as the openers. Most of the time these took place in VFW’s and rock bars. Nowadays, you only get that bigger named act on a weekly or biweekly basis making it harder to see upcoming bands play in your area. Recently a site called Bandsintown created a way for you to click the artists you would like to follow and they notify you when that band will be playing in your area.

The video I have chosen explains more of what I am referring to except the video takes place in New York instead of Massachusetts where the same sort of thing was going on in the 2000-2011 era.