Majid Jordan


Majid Jordan is a Canadian R&B duo, composed of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. They are signed to OVO Sound the record label founded by Drake, Noah Shebib and Oliver El-Khatib. The duo started making music in 2011 out of their dorm room and Jordan’s basement. If you listen to Drake then you know one of his hit singles called “Hold on we’re going home”. Majid Jordan was apart of the making of the song. Majid Jordan does not only sing but they produce music as well. Majid actually does the singing while Jordan focuses on producing. Their branding promotes their fans to do what they love. They make music they are happy to make rather than making music to make money. One of the big reasons that make them great artists is the freedom to make the music they want to make.

Social Media Presence Overview

Their social media platforms are:

Digital Footprint

mj goog.JPG

On a basic Google search it just shows their social media accounts respectively and their Wikipedia page. It does not show much in terms of articles, but just information on them and where to purchase their album or concert tickets.

Analysis and Evaluation


Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 8.46.05 PM.png

Their Instagram consists of everything they do. Pictures of them after they performed at a concert, photos of other OVO members, photos with each other, and just photos of them touring the world because of their passion in music. They promote their recently released second studio album The Space Between in their bio and also have snippets posted on Instagram. They do not post frequently the last post was on December 10th, 11 days ago.


mj twitter


Their Twitter Consists of essentially the same thing. Promotion of their new album as well as promotion of their fellow artists signed to OVO Sound. They have roughly the same amount of followers, 285k, compared to their Instagram, 273k. Their pinned tweet is a link to buy their album or stream it online with Spotify or Apple Music. They also use Twitter to promote their upcoming tour with North American dates and world dates as well.

mj twit.JPG

They retweet Roy Woods another artist signed to OVO Sound promoting his debut album. They do not post frequently on Twitter, it has been 4 days since their last tweet.


mj fb

Their Facebook is one of their least updated social media networks. They have essentially the same content on their Twitter and Instagram. They have a few more things like promotion posters for concerts and posts promoting their fellow artists and their album. They also have videos for their “Body Talk” music video

mj fb2

They only have roughly 125,500 likes on Facebook compared to their followers on Twitter and Instagram with almost 300,000 likes respectively.


Their website takes on a contemporary theme. It contains their recent videos posted on YouTube and their drop down box consists of Home, Live, and Shop links to each part of their site respectively. It also has shortcuts to each of their social media platforms. Live shows their tour dates for their upcoming tour following the release for their new album The Space Between. Shop brings you to their online store to purchase apparel and their vinyl and hard copy of their first album Majid Jordan.

mj website

The main page on their website is just a series of recent videos form their YouTube channel.

mj web

Their social media use as a whole is pretty consistent. They post seldom if at all every few days up to weeks even. Their interaction with fans is minimal even on their personal accounts. The image portrayed to someone looking at them solely form their social media is more like a minimalist group. Everything they do conforms to the contemporary minimalist picture. They let their work explain themselves rather than to explain who they are and what they do they just have their work show for it. They are making the most of what they want. They want loyal and loving fans and despite the lack of substance their social media platforms have they know their work makes up for it and fans stay loyal. They can improve more by having some more fan interaction, but having seen them perform they show it with their performances. Their digital footprint is shows only their social media and where to purchase concert tickets. There are a few articles about 2 pages into the search mostly about their new album and who they are as artists. Their digital footprint does not contradict their branding it actually remains consistent with everything. Fans can search them up and find everything they need to know and a little more but otherwise, it is just that.

Commendations and Recommendations

Their doing well in terms of their branding. They get what they want their fans to see. Tour dates, album links, and thanks for their fans support.

majid twit

Majid tweets to his fans to have a happy holiday season and the importance to give in the season of giving. They take the minimalist approach while also giving more. They give fans what they need to attend concerts, and how to support them, but also give peeks into what they are working on as well. Their Instagram stories consists of snippets of beats or new songs in the works. They  also

jordan twit

Majid tweets his thanks and appreciation after his performance in Boston in October for their album release. During a Louis Vuitton fashion show earlier this year the playlist had an unreleased song from their new album. Giving fans a new song to listen to. One of the big reasons that make them great artists is the freedom to make the music they want to make. They are able to do what makes them happy in turn making great music that fans love. Their branding is positive and do not show anything that would contradict what they are trying to portray.

In terms of doing things differently I think they can add more to their digital footprint in general. If I was a new fan just typing their name in the search bar I want to see insight on who they are and not just their work. Seeing who an artist is and how they are is quite beneficial to supporting them. I would not want to support anyone that I would disagree with. For example, they could do more interviews regarding their music, current project and current goals. Seeing how they are, what they are working on and what they want to accomplish is good for fans.

I would improve on a few things. The most important one I think would be fan interaction. As much as they show their appreciation for fans interaction through social media is one of the best for praises for their fans. They do meet and greets for every concert for those that purchase the ticket to attend the meet and greet. They can increase their digital footprint. Increasing it would be beneficial for exposure. Trying to get songs out and album release exposure. Many have heard their single “One I Want” featuring fellow OVO Sound artist PartyNextDoor on the radio otherwise their music has not been played a lot. I think more exposure like that can prove beneficial. Considering their demographic are “millennials” I understand their main social media networks are Instagram and Twitter, but people also use Facebook. I think they can keep that updated as Facebook has some capabilities that Instagram and Twitter does not. Facebook can reach millions of people as well as Instagram and Twitter, but Facebook has a quicker reach in my opinion. Utilizing Facebook to its fullest potential is crucial for exposure and branding. Increasing digital footprint as well. For example, they did something with Red Bull Music giving insight on the new album and the meaning behind it. You can watch it here. They talk about why they make the music they make and how they started. With Noah one of the co-founders of OVO Sound narrating their experiences and their journeey to stardom. More content like this would be great for them because fans like to see where they come from. They want insight on a life they look up to. “The space between is the moment that we are always chasing. When we’re not touring and not performing. We’re chasing that same feeling when we’re making music. I want to see it grow and reach and inspire as many people as possible.” – Majid Al Maskati That was a quote form the video with Red Bull Music. Personally, I and I know many other fans like to see things like this video. Picking their brain on why did a certain thing or why did something a certain way. Why they did the music video for this song a certain way. Trying to see form their eyes and think like they do is cool and a lot of people would like to see that.

Their digital footprint is consistent with their image and branding. Showing the minimum amount required but at the same time doing the most to show what they can.






Brent Faiyaz is a 22 year old R&B singer who made his jump to fame within a relatively short time. At the beginning of the year he had only a few hundred thousand streams on Spotify but now he has millions of streams. He is notoriously known for wearing “clout goggles” a new fashion trend that has these sunglasses plastered everywhere. Brent has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but is mostly on Twitter and Instagram. You can check his Facebook here. He has almost 7,000 likes on his Facebook page but don’t let that fool you, he is on his second tour. His Twitter can be found here. His Twitter username is just his stage name @brentfaiyaz. He currently has 32,000 followers while following 87 people. He has almost 1,300 tweets. And joined in September of 2011. As for his Instagram which can be seen here. He has 49,000 followers while following 594 people. He only has 34 posts.

clout gogglesBrent with clout goggles


His profile picture is his album cover and the cover image is a picture of himself. His posts are his original content or reposts from his R&B group Sonder, with producers Dpat and Atu. He promotes his most recent album Sonder Son and his upcoming tour. He also occasionally posts pictures. There are videos of him in the studio with the rest of the Sonder crew making music and performing at shows. He likes another page called BBC Introducing in London, that is the only page he likes. The comments and interaction from fans are positive. Everyone asks about whether the show in their area is sold out or if tickets are still available for the event.Under his About section it shows all links to contact him and links to his other social media and where you can listen to his music

Things to improve about the page would be to add more interaction for Facebook. Not everyone has a Twitter or Instagram some only have Facebook and due to the limited updates on his Facebook they won’t be as up to date. For example, he announced that some shows were sold out on Twitter, but on Facebook, there were no posts notifying which shows were sold out. Being that i don’t use Facebook as often that is the only problem I see with his page.


His profile picture is the same for his Facebook, his album cover, and the banner picture is another picture of him. For his content he replies to some fans and also retweets critics that review his album. Brent generally speaks his mind on his Twitter. In his bio there is just a link to his website Some tweets do contain pictures and other forms of media. For example, he has retweeted videos of him performing live and posted pictures of himself in the studio or on tour. His tweets are a combination of his own and retweets. He had negative feedback to a tweet many misinterpreted, but once clearing things up the fans who lashed out negatively were in the wrong. As for what he can improve on, I don’t really see anything that needs improvement. He keeps fans updated on Twitter daily and is one of his most active social media accounts.

People tweet Brent everyday but when it comes to responding he only responds to a select few. He retweets fans that have supportive messages or ones that have videos of him performing. He retweets people promoting his album or giving reviews. He also retweets people that he works with helping them get bigger using his platform to give them exposure.


His profile picture for his Instagram is like the other accounts, his album cover. His bio promotes his album, Sonder Son, and has his website linked to it. His most popular post was a video of him and the rest of the Sonder crew going on stage in Washington D.C getting 12.7k likes. His most popular picture is a candid of him getting a haircut with 11.1k likes. I think he could improve his Instagram with more pictures. Give more depth into who Brent is or at least what he does. I understand he tries to keep it minimal and being a celebrity he would like to keep his life secret.

As for his audience interaction, on his most recent picture he got 41 comments and they were all positive. Other posts with over 100 comments all have positive comments. Comments are all about how they love his music, how they listen to it with their kids everyday, or that they are just huge fans.


Twitter is his most active account. Fans are more likely to get a response from him on Twitter than Facebook or Instagram. I would say his Twitter is more appealing because it shows that he is actually active. He can go days even weeks without posting on Instagram or Facebook. His Instagram is rather plain looking and his Facebook is too. It looks as if it is managed by someone else. Just updated when needed. Compared to his Twitter he is active, it shows that it is actually him. It shows his character, it shows that it is run by him rather than a corporate person.

Battle Driven


Battle Driven – David Kim

A blog mainly focusing on the photography of race cars in California.

You can visit the blog here.

Another blog similar to my introductory post but more centered around Southern California rather than international coverage. David doesn’t cover car shows instead he is the media photographer of Vtec Club in California. I came across this blog when I asked my boyfriend what blogs he frequents the most this being the second one. This blog is about David’s ventures and coverage of  race events that Vtec Club hosts. He captures the cars and the people at each event.


The layout of the blog is very minimal, it just says “Blog” at the top followed by posts. His header is at the bottom followed by his drop-down menus where he sells his pictures in prints to those that would like to purchase. In his “About Me” there isn’t anything just “About Me coming soon”. He does have his social media and contact information available for anyone who is interested in. Pressing “Home” takes you to a front page where he showcases a slideshow of his work.

David’s blog isn’t very popular when it comes to interactions being that his fan base is comprised of people attending the events. An already small group of people in comparison to car enthusiasts as a whole. There are only a few likes and comments here and there but his content is nearly endless. Hundreds of pictures of each car racing up the track, in corners, and overall fascinating coverage of all the cars attending the event. All images are his own and are watermarked with his own logo. One of his more popular posts which had a good amount of comments from owners of the cars respectively, was “FIT to Race” oriented around the small economy car Honda made, the Honda FIT, when modified properly can be a fun nimble car on the track despite the lack in power. You can find that post here. David isn’t one to push people to subscribe, I think he posts his work up for those who attend events and want professional photos of their cars. He enjoys taking pictures and showcasing each car respectively. He even encourages people to download the pictures whichever their favorites are.

Audience participation although already addressed is quite minimal. The age of the blog is very young, about a year old. Within that time David has posted over hundreds of photos covering  multiple events. One of his more popular posts which was “FIT to Race”  received 2 likes and 3 comments. Although the response from readers aren’t high  I’m pretty sure the amount of visits the blog gets is high in number. The titles of the blog posts aren’t traditionally compelling, but from a car enthusiast standpoint “Super Lap Battle 2016” is compelling enough, seeing the coverage of that event is always great.

As always there is always something to improve. I think David could make navigation the site and going through previous blog posts easier. When visiting the blog page it only shows the 9 most recent posts and if you want to see older ones you have to click on the oldest post on the page and go back one by one at the bottom of the post. Personally, his content makes up for it. He provides download links to full resolution quality of each picture from the posts.


I think David’s blog is great with high quality content. He doesn’t really type much he really lets thee pictures do the talking, After all a picture is worth a thousand words. He can improve on the navigation I think someone visiting for thee first time would only think he has 9 posts. Albeit it took me a while to figure how to see the older posts they didn’t lack in quality. I think he could describe the day and talk about each car individually and how they performed for that event it would be nice. Giving more insight to how the cars perform rather than just seeing stills of each car. It is nice to look at, but it would be nicer to know if a specific car had a podium finish or if a car had some troubles during the day but still came out with a good lap time. His Instagram entails most of his words, he posts some of his favorite stills and talks about them on there. I think David’s blog is doing very well for being only a year old, and his content just keeps getting better and better. Although he can do something a little better they’re more technical than relating to the quality of his posts. David has done a great job in covering each Vtec Club event even some non Vtec Club events.

Here are some of his pictures.


Introductory Blog Post

Hello, I am going to talk about something that interests me a lot. Not so much interests me but my boyfriend is deeply into cars and racing them and I’m trying to look at it from his eyes. Trying to see what fascinates him so much about cars. He loves cars with a passion and he tells me that it started as early as 12 years old. He wants to race at race tracks one day and he almost religiously reads blogs and watches Youtube videos of people recording their track days. One person that he watches the most is Joey Lee of The Chronicles otherwise known as “stickydiljoe” on most social media platforms. I’ve looked at his content and his videography and photography are impeccable and his writing is detailed and thorough. You can check out his blog here. He writes about his adventures with his friends and his job as a freelance writer as well as a writer for a magazine about cars. I’ve seen him read blogs about cars for hours and he hates reading! He reads books online or excerpts from books about aerodynamics and downforce to understanding EFI** open source tuning. He attends events ranging from car club track days to exclusive coverage for some of the most prominent car shows! He is currently in Australia for World Time Attack Challenge and my boyfriend is getting antsy waiting for coverage and vlogs to be posted. He also is an avid photographer pictured below is one of the shots he took back in 2015 of his friend Yuta Akaishi lining up at the grid for Super Lap Battle.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

The picture featured above is of the Spoon Sports Civic Type R (FD2)*. I’ve noticed my boyfriends eyes widen when he first caught a glimpse of it. He is in awe at the engineering behind the vehicle. Pushing over 500 horsepower the Spoon Sports Type R posted a shattering record for the FWD Unlimited class at Streets of Willow with 1:45.585. Joey makes vlogs of his adventures you can find those here. After looking into why my boyfriend is in love with cars so much I can understand vaguely why but still am in shock when I see him go wild over a car that just drove by. He insists on just staring at it until he’s content.


*FD2 is the chassis code for the vehicle

**EFI stands for Electronic Fuel Injection